69 New APIs: Google, Rackspace and PassHound

This week we had 69 new APIs added to our API directory including a pass and ticket creation service for PassBook, eCommerce diagnosis and analytics service, advertising campaign management service, quality control service for crowd-sourcing websites, server storage extension service. We also covered an API that streamlines event planning. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

Aiaioo Labs VakTextAiaioo Labs VakText API: Aiaioo labs is provides research services with applied A.I. They identify intentions in text messages as well as offer sentiment analysis tools in ten languages. The Aiaioo Labs API service is comprised of the VakTest APIs which include VakIntent, VakSent, and VakEvent. The API requires an API Key for use. A Key can be obtained by creating a free account to test the service.

AmberCartAmberCart API: AmberCart is an eCommerce service that allows users to add eCommerce functionality to websites and applications. AmberCart allows users to accept payments online and ship products.

The AmberCart Shipping API allows developers to access and integrate accurate shipping rates from USPS, UPS, and FedEx with other websites and applications. Public Documentation is not available; API access comes with account service.

Anime News Network EncylopediaAnime News Network Encylopedia API: The Anime News Network (ANN) is a news hub for information concerning magna and anime. Founded in 1998, it is now one of the largest, online English hubs for all things anime and magna. Content includes: forums, videos, encyclopedia, news feeds, press releases and more.

The API allows access to the ANN encyclopedia two ways: basic reports and more detailed results. You can build a basic database for your third party app using the Reports portion, or you can include more complete information by using the Details part of the API, which also includes the ability to batch results (caching is encouraged). Returns from the API are formatted in XML.

You must reference ANN in any public website that utilizes the API.

AtMailAtMail API: Atmail offers an email, calendat, contacts, and communication service. The linux based service can integrate with Outlook and other mail services and offers advanced messaging and collaboration features. The Atmail API facilitates adding, modifying, deleting user accounts, domains, admins and more from the Atmail service. The service uses REST protocols and will return XML and JSON.

BarzahlenBarzahlen API: Barzahlen is a german based payment system that allows users to shop online, select Barzahlen as a payment method, print out a purchase form or receive a purchase form by SMS, then pay in person at a Barzahlen partner store. This approach aims to make online shopping more secure by allowing online selection, but in person payment. The Barzahlen API is available to allow users to integrate online shops with the Barzahlen payment system and includes merchandise management and Back-end systems. For documentation, contact Barzahlen.

BitPay Payment GatewayBitPay Payment Gateway API: Bitpay is an online payment service that uses bitcoins. Users can submit orders in over 30 currencies, display payment instructions, receive payment notifications, and receive payouts to banks in 9 countries. The BitPay API allows users to create an invoice, Fetch an invoice status, and receive invoice status updates. The service uses REST calls and will return JSON. SSL and an API keys are used for Authentication.

CachedailydealsCachedailydeals API: Cachedailydeals is a daily deal service for Cache Valley and Smithfield (at present). Save over 40-90% on deals in the Cache Valley when you subscribe to their daily deal email. Recent deals have included: Restaurants, Fitness, Massage, helicopter rides and more.

The Cachedailydeals REST API lets you develop third party applications that can interact directly with Cachedailydeals.com. Response formats are available in JSON or XML with an API token required for all inbound requests. The API allows you access to dates and times, currency, and images for a list of deals in a given division along with a variety of other calls.

CarmalinkCarmalink API: Carmasys provides an engine monitoring system that can be installed into a users vehicle. This collects engine data as the user drives and stores it for later analysis. The Carmalink API allows users to build collected data into applications. The API uses REST calls and uses SSL for security.

Change.orgChange.org API: Change.org is a petition Platform that enables users around the world to create positions to instigate change, and share that issue with other users to gain support. The Change API is offered as a free service and allows users to check petition targets, signatures, reasons for petitions, update petitions, create petitions, check signed petitions, and many other requests. The API uses REST calls and returns JSON. An API key is required for use.

ChurchCommunityBuilderChurchCommunityBuilder API: ChurchCommunityBuilder provides a hub to foster community, communication, and connectedness for churches. They have a platform for online giving, group and ministry finding, event registration, forms and surveys, and calendar services. The ChurchCommunityBuilder API allows administrators to choose how users interact with the hub, exchange data between other software and the hub, and other services.

Clean Power EstimatorClean Power Estimator API: The service provides a tool for estimating cost savings and environmental benefits from renewable energy system installations. It is available both via a customizable web interface and a SOAP API. It accepts inputs such as the location of a proposed system and its likely performance parameters such as technologies employed, specific models and numbers of equipment to be used, and similar project specifications.

API methods support analysis of project characteristics to generate estimates of economic benefits and environmental improvements. Specifications to be input include equipment, quantities, and costs as well as other relevant estimates such as natural gas prices, electric service rates, weather data source, and financing details. The API generates summaries of system cost and financial performance, expected utility bills and system cash flow, and power load along with reduction in emissions from conventional electricity generation.

Clean Power PowerBillClean Power PowerBill API: The service provides estimates of energy cost and expenditures related to investments in energy efficiency or renewable energy systems. By calculating probable energy bills with and without those investments, it can help demonstrate cost savings and return on the resources invested. Calculations are based in part on utility services available and rates at a location, as well as electrical load profiles.

API methods support varying procedures for calculating probable electric power bills based on assumptions, including current utility rates, specified in a request. The API gives access to detailed calculations such as hourly load profile, total energy consumption over a period of time, and detailed line items expected in an electric service bill, among others. Methods can adapt and provide estimates based on only partial information.

Clean Power SolarAnywhereClean Power SolarAnywhere API: The service provides accumulated data about solar energy potential and weather relevant to solar energy production for specified locations. It helps to estimate the effectiveness of solar power installations, including photovoltaic (PV) technologies. A PVSimulator Function provides analysis of aggregated data to project likely behavior of a PV system installed at a specified location. Data provide hourly readings recorded by weather satellites.

API methods support submission of a location specified as latitude and longitude to retrieve measures of solar irradiance, measured as direct normal irradiance (DNI), global horizontal irradiance (GHI), and diffuse horizontal irradiance (DIF). Related data provide measures of weather conditions such as cloud cover, precipitation, and temperature that can also affect solar power production.

Copac SALT recommenderCopac SALT recommender API: The service provides recommendations for resources of interest to a user based on selections that previous users have made. It links resources and generates recommendations based on circulation data collected over 10 years beginning in 2001 by John Rylands Library at the University of Manchester in the U.K.

API methods support submission of a query containing an identifier for a Resource of interest, either ISBN or a local workID value, along with a numerical threshold for the number of users who have accessed a pair of resources. Returned data provide links to records for up to 40 resources accessed in combination with the resource of interest.

EDIT CDM LibraryEDIT CDM Library API: The EDIT Platform for Cybertaxonomy is a collection of tools and services that cover all aspects of the taxonomic workflow. The CDM (Common Data Model) is a repository for data produced by taxonomists, and it forms the core of the EDIT platform. It hosts information such as taxon names and concepts, literature references, specimens, distributions, and structured descriptive data. The CDM Library REST API provides programmatic access to all resources stored in the CDM.

Email Center ProEmail Center Pro API: Email Center Pro is an email management service for customer service teams. Because it is entirely web-based, employees can log-in and work from anywhere. The service provides a variety of useful features including the ability to save answers to FAQs as one-click templates, link email conversations with cases in a bug tracking system, measure email traffic both in and out of the system, and view a complete record of every action taken on any email.

Email Center Pro also provides services for managing employees. Administrators can add new employees, assign permissions, assign emails to specific employees, and keep track of each individual's workload and response times. A spam filter comes already in place, and the intensity of the screening can be adjusted. Many of Email Center Pro's features are accessible using a RESTful interface.

EMP ClimateEMP Climate API: The service provides measures of solar energy available at specified locations on the earth's surface. Data give monthly mean values of solar irradiance measures for locations around the globe. Data reflect satellite observations and meteorological observations and analyses from U.S. government agencies, the National Center for Environmental Predictions (NCEP) and National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). Separate observations are rationalized by data fusion techniques.

API methods support submission of a global location as latitude, longitude, and elevation. The API returns solar energy measures such as downwelling shortwave irradiance along with low, high, and average readings for air temperature and relative humidity.

Environmental Life Cycle Impact AssessmentEnvironmental Life Cycle Impact Assessment API: The service from the Center for Energy and Processes (CEP) in France provides estimates of environmental impact of photovoltaic (PV) technologies over their complete life cycles. It assesses impact of PV solar electricity technologies and installations based on a number of established computation methods. Calculations of cost and benefit over the life of an installation help to guide decision-making and justify the investment.

API methods support estimates of photovoltaic technology performance both at a geographic point on a map and within a defined area of interest (AOI). Life cycle cost and benefit are then estimated from the Ecoinvent database. Mapping data comply with the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) protocol.

EventPointEventPoint API: The EventPoint platform provides resources to help event planners manage and promote their events. EventPoint's core services include robust reporting, mobile versions of everything, a business intelligence data Feed, and a personal website.

All of EventPoint's services can be accessed using either RESTful or SOAP-based APIs. This means that programmatic methods can be used to retrieve and edit information on events and attendees as well as to access event evaluations and the site's messaging service.

FoodEssentials LabelFoodEssentials Label API: FoodEssentials is a service that provides data on food products. FoodEssentials provides a database of food label information.

The FoodEssentials Label API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality and data of FoodEssentials with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include accessing food product information, searching for food ingredients, and retrieving allergy information.

ForWhereIAmForWhereIAm API: ForWhereIAm is a real-time, localized, short-lived information service that notifies users of announcements and deals based on where they are and what they are in the proximity of. The ForWhereIAm API allows the retrieval and rating of announcements being made by your business for a user's location. The API is available in a client-side flow or a server-side flow using JavaScript or a variety of programming languages.

FyndiqFyndiq API: Fyndiq is a fast-growing, ecommerce merchant hub and product warehouse. Products run the gamut from housewares to consumer electronics and clothing. These items are listed and aggregated from web shops and merchants all over Sweden.

The Fyndiq API is REST based with JSON responses and allows you control over your resources as a Fyndiq merchant. From GET (retrieve products in store), PUT (change products), POST (create products) and DELETE methods to control your listed products. Orders and account information can also be manipulated using the API.

Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange SellerGoogle DoubleClick Ad Exchange Seller API: Google's Ad Exchange supports diverse ad buyer business models by providing multiple ways to access and buy impressions. Users can set up and manage campaigns, automate actions, bid for inventory in real time and automate real time bidding. The Ad Exchange Seller REST API allows developers to get reports on Ad Exchange earnings and manage Ad Exchange inventory. With the API users can retrieve existing ad clients, ad units, URL channels, and custom channels and obtain reports and their account's performance. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

Greek Republic Ministry of Finance GSISGreek Republic Ministry of Finance GSIS API: The Greek Republic Ministry of Finance GSIS (General Secretariat for Information Systems) provides APIs that allow users to retrieve information on persons or traders using their TIN (taxpayer identification number), ID (identity card), or name. Information can be retrieved for individual or non-individual traders on the Greek markets as well as for people registered with the Information Registry for Natural and Non-Natural Persons.

GridspotGridspot API: Gridspot can link up idle computers (instances) across the world to provide large scale efforts with the computing power they require at affordable prices (0.1-0.3 cents/CPU hour).

These Linux instances run Ubuntu inside a virtual machine. You are able to bid on access to these instances and specify the requirements of your tasks or jobs. When your bid is fulfilled, you can start running the instances using SSH anywhere you'd like. There are grant options available to defray costs for researchers and non-profits.

The Gridspot API allows you to manage instances and identify new ones. You can list available instances, access them, and stop the instances if you so choose. Each API call requires an API key that can be generated from your account page

HaleyMailHaleyMail API: HaleyMarketing's HaleyMail service provides email, print and web marketing in an easy to use platform. HaileyMail functions as a virtual sales rep for your company: HaleyMarketing provides all the content: newsletters, eCards, promotional emails and articles written by a trained staff. HaleyMail sends all the materials out on your behalf and manages and tracks the results. Available in various packages, you can contact HaleyMarketing for an estimate to see which package fits your company's needs.

The HaleyMail API allows you to extract data from and input data into the HaleyMail platform . If you're planning on developing, you need to contact a HaleyMarketing client for an API Key. The API utilizes a REST protocol with a JSON response data format.

HelioClimHelioClim API: The service provides estimates of solar energy potential for sites in Africa, the region surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, and the central part of the Atlantic Ocean. It refers to a database of solar radiation estimates based on images taken over a 20-year period by the Meteosat satellites. In addition to estimates of solar energy production, the data may provide useful input for climate studies.

API methods support submission of location coordinates to retrieve estimated values for solar irradiance there. Each request can specify either a single geographic point or multiple points. Separate services are available for the period 1985-2005 and 2004-2005.

HerbáriaHerbária API: Herbária is a Hungarian company that sells medicinal plants and herbal teas. They buy wild-grown and cultivated medicinal plants primarily from herb collectors and domestic farmers. Raw materials are analyzed and certified by the Research Institute for Medicinal Plants before being sold.

Herbária's API enables administrators to retrieve and update site user information (including shipping information), manage newsletter subscriptions, and retrieve product information. The Herbária website is provided in both Hungarian and English.

HighWire PressHighWire Press API: HighWire Press is a leading ePublishing platform that partners with independent scholarly publishers, societies, associations, and university presses to facilitate the digital dissemination of journals, reference works, books, and proceedings. HighWire Press provides access to COUNTER reports on its publications through a SOAP-based API. COUNTER (Counting Online Usage of NeTworked Electronic Resources) is an international set of standards and protocols governing the recording and exchange of online usage data.

Hydro1KHydro1K API: The service provides a digital model of terrain elevation and slope based on a database of terrain features compiled by the EU-funded MESoR project. Elevation and slope affect the efficiency of solar energy collection and electricity generation via photovoltaic (PV) power plants. In addition to the data service, a mapping function allows for interactive consideration of sites for solar power plants.

API methods support designation of an area of interest as a mapped bounding box or specific location. Returned data provide mapping data to represent elevation, slope, and other topological features.

IHS Energy EditorialIHS Energy Editorial API: The service provides daily updated information about markets for petroleum and other energy sources. It delivers news and analysis from the provider's industry experts covering activities in oil and gas, as well as electrical power generation and renewable energy and water supply. The provider's expertise covers exploration and production of fossil fuels, government energy policy and legislation, environmental effects, and risk assessment.

API methods support queries against the service for content matching specified keywords and/or for the newest available news and analytical reporting. The API provides mapping capabilities to integrate data from the service with external geographic information services (GIS).

Irish Rail RealtimeIrish Rail Realtime API: Irish Rail is Ireland’s national railway operator, providing passenger and freight rail services. The Irish Rail Realtime API provides realtime station and train data including estimation of train times based on current train location. This is a REST API returning XML formatted data.

KDF Billion-TonKDF Billion-Ton API: The Knowledge Discovery Framework (KDF) service from the U.S. Department of Energy provides summaries and research data on energy production by conversion of biomass. It gives projections of production and supplies of biomass feedstocks, which may represent business opportunities such as building a refinery for biomass energy. The service summarizes feedstock crop potential, transportation routes, and related factors to facilitate analysis of the most profitable opportunities for developing biomass energy facilities.

API methods provide data such as the market prices of refined biofuels, the prices of agricultural crops with potential for conversion to bioenergy sources, and similar variables for specified time periods. Methods also support analysis of probabilities for certain supply and price combinations within particular time periods.

KoliseoKoliseo API: Koliseo is a free ticket-selling platform for events of all sizes. Koliseo provides a RESTful API for retrieving information on events and users from the website. The API documentation is an ongoing project, and only stable features have been made public. The functions available thus far enable programmers to retrieve show information and the performances within a show and to retrieve a given user's shows, venues, and ticket purchases.

LandsbankinnLandsbankinn API: Landsbankinn offers corporate customers internet banking services along with consultancy services on how to use internet banking to streamline their operations. Landsbankinn's online banking services provide access to all main payment types, as well as extensive access control and maximum security. Users can personalize the appearance of the main page and organize key information to suit their needs.

Landsbankinn provides SOAP-based programmatic access to its services. The website is provided in both Icelandic and English.

mrecordmrecord API: mrecord is a medical records technology provider that facilitates the creation interaction, and management of medical records. The API allows users to integrate with billing, scheduling, or health information systems, Interface with appointment reminder systems and mobile application service providers, create unique programs to import data, and perform many other tasks.

NCEP ForecastNCEP Forecast API: The service provides aggregated 3-day weather forecasts for several surface measurements of meteorological conditions, including wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, temperature, relative humidity, and precipitation. It also provides forecasts of solar irradiance. Estimates are updated every 3 hours. The data come from the National Centers for Environmental Prediction, part of the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

API methods support designation of a location by latitude, longitude, and elevation along with the types of weather observations desired. The API returns aggregated forecasts for the specific meterological measures at the requested location.

Netregistry ResellerNetregistry Reseller API: Netregistry's reseller program allows you the ability to expand web services (web hosting, domain names and more) to your clients at wholesale prices reduced up to 30% from Netregistry's retail. Technical support is available 24/7 through TPP Wholesale.

Netregistry has created an API for resellers wanting direct access to their Account level or Domain level console via their own methods, rather than using the Netregistry console page. The SOAP-based API allows resellers to access, directly, their account or domain level console independent of the Netregistry console's page.

Users can check financial statistics (order status, account balance), update name servers and WHOIS information, submit transfer and registration requests, and change domain authorization codes.

NREL Alternative Fuel StationsNREL Alternative Fuel Stations API: The service provides listings and locations for stations providing fuel for vehicles powered by technologies other than gasoline and diesel engines. These alternative fuel stations can be rare and widely distributed, making them difficult to find and reducing the appeal of the technologies. The service is intended to counterbalance that effect by publicizing the locations of alternative fuel stops.

API methods support queries against a database of alternative fuel stations. Results can provide either complete listings or the locations of the stations within a particular radius or nearest a location specified by street address, city and state, Zip Code, or latitude and longitude. Returned data provide the station name and location along with particulars like fuel types available and payment methods accepted.

NREL SolarNREL Solar API: The service provides data collected about potential and actual solar energy collection along with analytical services for evaluating solar resources. Mapping functions generate averages, both monthly and annually, for solar resources at a specified location. The toolset includes a mapping tool and performance data for photovoltaic (PV) arrays to support planning in light of the expected efficiency of solar electricity installations. Another tool calculates potential energy production and cost savings from PV arrays connected to conventional electrical energy grids. Its estimates describe hypothetical benefits of PV installations for individual residences and small businesses.

API methods support calculation of an estimate for solar electricity generation, measured as watt-hours per square meter per day, for a location specified as latitude and longitude. Methods also give estimates of efficiency for PV panels at a specified site. Another tool evaluates productivity and cost savings of PV panels feeding power in excess of local needs back to a regional electrical power grid.

OfficeRecoveryOfficeRecovery API: OfficeRecovery is a provider of tools for data extraction from dozens of email, database and office productivity application file formats. The tools can be used to recover and restore lost emails and mailboxes, repair corrupted databases, fix damaged Office documents and retrieve files from crashed hard disks and Flash drives.

The OfficeRecovery Web API provides functionality allowing developers to embed the OfficeRecovery Online service into their own sites and to use service resources for remote recovery of corrupted data. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

OMNIASIGOMNIASIG API: OMNIASIG is a Romanian home insurance company that provides online insurance quotes. OMNIASIG insurance can be applied to residences and holiday homes, which may include both houses and apartments. Some structures are excluded from coverage by their component materials. Insurance quotes can be retrieved programmatically using the OMNIASIG SOAP API.

PassHoundPassHound API: PassHound is a service for developers for Passbook Integration with their applications. Developers can create passes and tickets for Apple's PassBook.

Public documentation is not available; interested developers should request more information here:

Project TroiaProject Troia API: Project Troia is a quality control service and algorithm for crowd-sourcing applications.

The Project Troia API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Project Troia with other applications and websites. Some example API methods include retrieving worker costs, managing account information, and loading and managing jobs.

Proofeditors.comProofeditors.com API: Proofeditors.com is a URL shortener focused on providing security and transparency. The Proofeditors REST API allows developers to automate shortening and expanding URLs, and tracking short links. Available result formats include JSON, JSONP, XML, or plain text.

Qualita PA Mettiamoci la FacciaQualita PA Mettiamoci la Faccia API: Mettiamoci la Faccia is an initiative of the Department of Public Administration that seeks to determine user satisfaction in a systematic way through the use of emoticons. It focuses on determining the quality of public services rather than business services.

The system allows citizens to express an opinion on a public service in a simple and immediate manner every time they received the service, but only after its completion and only once per use. Administrations that adopt the service are able to monitor customer satisfaction continuously in real time.

Mettiamoci la Faccia can be accessed programmatically using SOAP calls. The service's website and documentation are provided solely in Italian.

QueekyPaintQueekyPaint API: Queeky is an online drawing platform that allows users to create animated drawing, watch how others draw, collaborate with other artists, and participate in many other art related activities. The QueekyPaint API enables users to add QueekyPaint to blogs and websites. An account is required with service. With an account, users will be given a personal API Key and the javascript code required to implement QueekyPaint.

Rackspace Cloud Block StorageRackspace Cloud Block Storage API: Rackspace Cloud Block Storage delivers storage performance for I/O-intensive applications. The storage is offered in two capacities, one for standard volumes and one for SSD volumes. Cloud Block Storage (CBS) allows users to extend the storage capacity of their Next Generation Server without the need for increasing Server power. Users can interact with CBS programmatically via an API. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

Real Estate Transaction StandardReal Estate Transaction Standard API: The Real Estate Transaction Standard (RETS) is a common language spoken by systems that handle real estate information. This enables systems such as multiple listing services to easily integrate real estate information from multiple sources. RETS was developed by the Real Estate Standards Organization. The standard can be accessed programmatically using SOAP calls.

Ride On Live TransitRide On Live Transit API: Ride On is Montgomery County, Maryland’s public bus service. The Ride On Live Transit API provides a RESTful interface for read-only data on bus stops, bus routes and trips, schedules, arrival times, and bus stop sign messages. Results may be formatted in JSON or XML.

Segment.ioSegment.io API: Segment.io provides web analytics focused on user segmentation. The Segment.io API provides a RESTful interface for two simple methods: identifying users and tracking user events. Results are returned in JSON format.

Servertastic ResellerServertastic Reseller API: Servertastic Limited has a reseller program for SSL certificates. The program uses a points system as credit to make purchases. The more points you purchase up front, the lower the price. Yearly plans are also available. Servertastic tries to be as inconspicuous as possible with no emails containing branded materials. Resellers can place orders in the web interface or through the API.

The Servertastic API is built for developers or resellers and utilizes GET requests for placement, management and oversight of orders. Using the API, clients can place automated orders for their customers. Data defaults to XML but can also be returned in JSON.

ShadowShadow API: The service provides estimates of reduction of efficiency of solar energy installations due to shadows cast by terrain and other objects at a location. Estimates are based on data collected during the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM), which created highly detailed images of surface topography. For a specified location, the service can project interference with solar irradiance by naturally occurring and constructed terrain features.

API methods support submission of a location's coordinates to receive an estimate of the relief shadow effect on solar resources there. Shadow effect is stated as a percentage of the day that solar irradiance will be blocked. Methods also provide esimates of global horizontal irradiance and direct normal irradiance under clear-sky conditions.

Shopping Cart Diagnostics Shopping Cart Diagnostics API: Shopping Cart Diagnostics is a solution designed to make online stores error-free. This online service will analyze all types of inaccuracies and issues within a user's shopping cart, store website, and even customer behavior to provide timely and precise resolution scenarios.

Shopping Cart Diagnostics offers:

- Store checkout testing and overall User Experience monitoring
- Web page performance analysis
- Store security check
- Server environment tracking
- Shopping cart configuration diagnostics
- Website SEO and content testing
- More than 100 other checks

Customers may access their Shopping Cart Diagnostics account data via an API. Public documentation for the API is not available.

SingleHopSingleHop API: SingleHop is a server and cloud hosting service. They offer dedicated servers, private and public cloud hosting, and an array of managed hosting services. The SingleHop API enables users to build applications to interact and exchange data with the server management, ticketing, and billing systems. The API uses REST calls and will return JSON. The service requires an account and an API key for access and features over 150 API calls.

Snip.itSnip.it API: Snip.it allows you to curate the World Wide Web and connect with other Snip.it users who are doing the same.

You can "Snip" articles, movies, pictures from the web and gather them in your own collection to share with your followers, subscribers and friends. Snip.it also includes an analytics dashboard to monitor your influence on your Twitter & Facebook shares. You can "Resnip" articles from other user's libraries and place them in your own, connecting you with the original sharer.

The Snip.it API is REST based and allows you to interact with the Snip.it service through GET calls for Snips (retrieving), Users (get a single user), Folders (Or "collections", return a specific folder, subscriptions to a folder, or all the folders of a user), Favorites (list), and Comments (get Snip comments).

SOLEMISOLEMI API: The Solar Energy Mining (SOLEMI) service provides measures of solar energy available at locations across Europe and Africa, along with selected parts of Asia, Australia, and South America. Measures of solar irradiance data are derived from images taken by Meteosat satellites over the period 1991-2005 for locations in Europe and Africa and 1999-2006 for Asian locations. Measures are available for hourly increments with a spatial resolution of 2.5 km.

API methods support submission of a location and date range for which irradiance measures are desired. The API returns measures for global horizontal irradiance (GHI) and direct at normal incidence (DNI).

sonicAPI.comsonicAPI.com API: sonicAPI.com offers an API for audio effects and music processing engines to web and application developers. Some of the API methods include accessing effects such as reverberation, time stretching, and pitch shifting, and analysis engines for the detection of tempo, loudness, and musical key. They enable developers to build services for automatic audio database tagging, for creating mash-ups of songs with different tempo and key, and for applying effects to their recordings.

Sound of the CitySound of the City API: Sound of the City is a map of user-generated sound data in the city of Luebeck. Participants install the application on an Android device to record, geo-tag, and upload noises (for noise avoidance) and sounds (soundscapes). The Sound of the City API provides public read-only access without login, while uploading data requires an API key. This is a REST API returning JSON, XML, or HTML formatted responses.

SPEEDY Express Delivery ServicesSPEEDY Express Delivery Services API: SPEEDY Express Delivery Services is a Bulgarian shipping company that provides door-to-door courier and transportation services throughout Bulgaria and around the world. SPEEDY also provides insurance for shipments, temporary storage, online shipment tracking, and packaging services. Many of SPEEDY's online services are accessible using SOAP calls. The website is provided in both English and Bulgarian.

SRTMSRTM API: The service provides a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) build from data representing terrain features as detected by the Shuttle Radar Tomography Mission (SRTM). Elevation affects the efficiency of solar energy collection, including photovoltaic (PV) electricity production. By modeling terrain features and elevation, the service helps to improve accuracy of estimates of solar energy production at a location.

API methods support specification of an area of interest (AOI), either a bounding box defined by mapped coordinates or a single location. Methods return high-accuracy elevation data for use in solar energy production estimates.

SynchroteamSynchroteam API: Synchroteam is a mobile workforce control service that aims to optimize costs, dispatch, and schedule a workforce. It allows workflow customization based on a business's needs, tracks worker locations, schedules and dispatches teams, and generates reports. The Synchroteam API allows data to be retrieved from or pushed into a users Synchroteam account so that it can be integrated with CRMs, invoicing systems, and other business software to prevent data duplication. The service uses REST calls and will return JSON or XML.

teleNetworkteleNetwork API: teleNetwork is a leading provider of outsourced technical support services and help desk solutions. They have successfully provided support and customer care solutions for industry leaders such as Dell Computer, Compaq, SBC Communications, AT&T, Verio, Frontier Communications, and many others. The SOAP-based teleNetwork API enables users to apply for work at teleNetwork programmatically.

TransperthTransperth API: Transperth is the public transport services provider for the greater Perth area. The Perth Transit API provides unofficial read-only access to the Transperth data, including information on bus times, bus stops, and smart rider accounts. Data is returned in JSON format.

TripleseatTripleseat API: Tripleseat is a web-based event planning and booking service for venues and their customers. The Tripleseat API provides a RESTful interface for developers to create, update, and delete data on their Tripleseat account. Results are returned in either JSON or XML format.

UserCluesUserClues API: The UserClues platform enables customers to monitor and measure user activity, with a focus on user engagement and behavior. The UserClues API provides developers with a RESTful interface to the data reported from their application and users to UserClues.

WirecardWirecard API: Wirecard is an online payment processing solution that offers, personal, prepaid, wireless, and corporate payment services. The Wirecard API is offered as an option for integration in it's e-commerce payment processing service. The API allows users to accept and deliver payments, process returns, offer subscription payment systems, and other functions. For documentation and information about the service, contact wirecard.

xbrlGlobalLedgerxbrlGlobalLedger API: xbrlGlobalLedger is the developer side of FreeAccountingSoftware. The site provides free accounting software to individuals and business along with free support from actual accountants. The API provides applications with the ability to post accounting information and retrieve xbrl data. Additional features include importing schema data, performing admin functions, and generating XML reporting data such as financial reports. The API uses REST calls, returns XML, and requires OAuth for authentication.

YippieMoveYippieMove API: YippieMove is an email migration service that allows users and organizations to change email servers and email providers in batches.

The YippieMove API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of YippieMove with other applications. Some example API methods include managing user accounts, managing moves and migrations, and accessing provider and price information.