69 New APIs: Google Street View, Bing and PBS

This week we had 69 new APIs added to our API directory including a TV schedule data service, social media monitoring service, Bing webmaster data service, street view image service, legal practice management service and a movie discovery and search service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

Aden Forshaw's The CatAden Forshaw's The Cat API: The Cat API is a simple service that lets users pull random pictures of cats. Users supply a call specifying the return format, the number of cat pictures to return, the type of picture file to return, and the category of picture. The API uses RESTful calls and response are formatted in XML, HTML or the src to use in an img tag.

ADI TimeADI Time API: ADI Time offers a suite of workforce optimization and management software. The suite includes software for scheduling, time cards, absence management, payroll, compliance and more. The ADI Time API lets users access their organization's time and attendance data. With the API, developers can customize and extend their ADI solution to their own specifications. The API uses HTTP and SOAP calls and responses are formatted in XML.

AffinityLiveAffinityLive API: AffinityLive is an online project management and client relationship management Platform. AffinityLive can be used to manage sales, track projects, and keep track of client relationships.

The AffinityLive API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of AffinityLive with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include managing company information, creating and managing customer data, and tracking and managing issues.

AlianzaAlianza API: The service provides a hosted broadband platform for voice communication, especially voice-over-IP (VoIP). Cloud-based services are delivered via shared network infrastructure to distribute capital costs for hardware and network resources among users which reduces risk of VoIP implementation.

API methods support creation, updating, and deletion of user accounts to control access to the platform. Methods also handle calls placed by users, phone numbers used including extensions, and devices involved. The API allows for control by geographic area and policy, such as user account permissions and 911 access.

AllTrustAllTrust API: AllTrust is the maker of Paycheck Secure, the leading biometric check cashing solution. Paycheck Secure uses biometric fingerprint technology to help stop check fraud and make check cashing transactions faster. The API allows developers to integrate Paycheck Secure and other AllTrust solutions into their applications. The solutions that can be integrated using the API include Check Cashing, Check Guarantee, Bill Payment, Prepaid Services and Identity Management with optional biometric ID. Public Documentation is not available.

AnnotQTLAnnotQTL API: AnnotQTL is a tool designed to gather the functional annotations of genes for specific chromosomal regions. It provides the locations of genes in a specific region using NCBI and Ensembl data. Then, it adds the functional annotations from other databases such as Gene Ontology, Mammalian Phenotype, HGNC, PubMed, etc. The AnnotQTL API makes these functions available to users via SOAP calls.

AXA BanqueAXA Banque API: AXA Banque is a French bank that offers its customers banking services, such as checking and saving accounts.

The AXA Banque API allows developers to access and integrate the data from AXA Banque with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include retrieving customer information, retrieving account information, and returning transaction details.

Beevolve CrawlerBeevolve Crawler API: Beevolve offers users a social media monitoring platform. The service monitors brand conversations across social networks and determines the sentiment. The Beevolve API allows users to download the crawled data to their servers. That data can then be integrated into a third party application or web site. Public documentation of the API is not available.

Binary CanaryBinary Canary API: The service monitors specified online resources, including websites, email addresses, and domain names, and generates messages to specified user contacts if problems are found. It is intended to provide rapid detection of downtime or slow system response, with immediate alerts to trigger corrective action. Alert events and notification contact data are configured for the user account, then monitoring checks are conducted automatically.

API methods support account creation and configuration and creation of monitors for basic server ping, HTTP response, and FTP uptime. Methods also allow updating and deleting existing monitors, retrieving contact settings for a monitor, and reporting on event detection history.

Bing Webmaster ToolsBing Webmaster Tools API: The Bing Webmaster Tools API provides a variety of tools for analysis and data capture to help web developers leverage data gathered by Bing in a programmatic fashion. The API gives webmasters structured access to data gathered by the various Bing Webmaster Tools, allowing the data to be used in other programs and applications.

BlocksiBlocksi API: The Blocksi API provides three main features: web URL categorization Web Service, web filter configuration repositories and web analytic
URL categorization web service supports 79 categories that are organized into the six main groups, like Controversial, Potentially Liable, Security Risk, Personal Interest, Bussiness Interest and Unrated.
Some sub-categories exaples are Adult Materials, Pornography, Child Abuse, Discrimination, Drug Abuse, Proxy Avoidance, Malicious Websites, Phishing, Spam URLs etc.
Full list is available on http://block.si/ .

The Configuration API provides support for central repositories for web filter configuration settings. Settings can be grouped per organization and for different users.

The Analytic API provides daily, weekly and monthly reports for:
- Total request count
- Top100 visitied URLs
- Top100 blocked URLs
- Most popular categories

The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON. Public documentation is not available for the API. The provider should be contacted for more details.

CartGenie OXCartGenie OX API: The service books online orders and allows retrieval, updates to item quantity and other details, and processes credit card payment. Orders can be handled within the service or imported into other applications. After updating and processing an order and completing payment, the service emails customer confirmation messaging.

API methods support retrieval of orders for a specific merchant matching criteria in the request and updating of specified orders. Methods also support processing of credit card payment and communicating order fulfillment to customers.

CASPURCASPUR API: CASPUR, a biology database access site, provides several SOAP-based APIs for performing structural analyses on amino acids. One method returns a set of adjacency lists, each of which contains the referential amino acid and 'x' couples. Once created, these adjacency lists can be used to build 3d graphs. Another Function allows users to find surface atoms from a 3d Protein Data Bank model.

ChictopiaChictopia API: Chictopia is an online fashion blogging community. With over 200,000 registered users Chictopia is a leading online fashion network offering members fashion inspiration.

Chictopia offers partners a free API that lets them pull images from the site and created branded style galleries. Users can access these images through JSON data feeds. Public documentation is not available.

Click&PledgeClick&Pledge API: The service interacts with the Trio payment and administrative engine to process pledges and donations to charities and other not-for-profit organizations. The system is compliant with PCI standards and enables payment across web connections and from mobile devices for simple fundraising, membership, and donation transactions.

API methods support creation and submission of payment requests, payment receipt and processing, and related messaging to donors and partner systems. Methods also support interaction via web-form submissions. Reporting functions return cumulative payments across an account, simplified single-factor "thermometer" results, and social network interactions.

ClioClio API: Clio is a legal practice management system aimed at solo practitioners and small firms. It offers a suite of tools to help users manage their practice including document management, time tracking, billing, scheduling and more. The Clio API allows users to access functionality of the system and data stored within. Functionality includes operations on activities, bills, contacts, matters, tasks and users. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

Coderwall ProfileCoderwall Profile API: Coderwall is a community based social network created with the purpose of allowing users to create light-weight profiles that display achievements in coding and development. Users gain publicly displayed badges, such as the T-Rex achievement for "having at least one original Repo where C is the dominant language" or the Octopusy achievement for "having a repo followed by a member of the GitHub team". Users can also join and create company teams to compete for the highest score.

The Coderwall Profile API simply exposes a JSON representation of every profile that can be retrieved via HTTP. When a valid username is included within the GET request, a response consisting of profile information and a list of achievements will be returned in either JSON or JSONP.

CSA/NBII Biocomplexity ThesaurusCSA/NBII Biocomplexity Thesaurus API: The CSA/NBII Biocomplexity Thesaurus Web Service allows users to query the Thesaurus for matching and relating terms using a variety of search operators. The Biocomplexity Thesaurus is a merger of the CERES/NBII Thesaurus and the CSA Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries, Life Sciences, Pollution, Sociological, and Ecotourism thesauri.

Dasient Anti-MalwareDasient Anti-Malware API: Dasient is a web protection suite that is designed to protect websites and the visitors of those sites from malware. Dasient's protection suite also offers an API that allows customized on-demand scans of specific domains or URL's. This option allows online, programmatic access to Dasient's malware protection services, employing user-defined scanning practices to provide higher levels of customization for their web-based scanning services. The Dasient API operates over JSON- RPC, and has tiered pricing that is based on the number of scans executed per day.

deutschlanddeutschland API: The Deutschland API lets users access information about elected officials. This information includes candidates, mandates, internet links, social profiles and more. Methods include politician, petitions, people, spatial data, committees and more. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML, JSON, JSONP, CSV and Key Values.

EliteElite API: Elite offers legal practice management software. The software automates accounting operations and gives access to critical financial and operational data. In addition to practice management, the software also provides performance monitoring tools. The Elite XML API allows third party systems to integrate with the software allowing sharing of data between the two systems. Public documentation is not available for the API.

FreeGeoIPFreeGeoIP API: The service provides search access to a database of geolocation information for IP addresses and host names. An application can query with an IP or host name and retrieve the geographic location of the associated server.

API methods support submission of a query specifying either IP address or host name and the desired output format for the data. Returned data include the city code and name, the region code and name (e.g., U.S. state or Canadian province), the country code and name, postal code, latitude and longitude.

G-language GAEG-language GAE API: G-language Genome Analysis Environment (G-language GAE) is a set of Perl libraries for genome sequence analysis. It includes more than 100 original analysis programs and tends to focus on bacterial genome analysis. Programs are provided for identifying binding sites, analyzing nucleotide composition bias, analyzing the distribution of oligonucleotides, analyzing codons and predicted expression levels, and visualizing genomic information.

These functions are offered via REST and SOAP APIs to promote interoperability with other programming languages and bioinformatics software tools.

gnTEAM Full TextgnTEAM Full Text API: The Full Text Web Services are a collection of text editing and bioinformatics data retrieval APIs provided by gnTEAM at the University of Manchester. Text editing functions include text cleaning, PDF-to-text conversion, sentence splitting, article section splitting, and article section classification. Bioinformatics-related functions include finding relationships between proteins and metabolites mentioned in a text, finding cell- and tissue-types in a text, and retrieving data and documents from PubMed.

Googe Refine ReconciliationServiceGooge Refine ReconciliationService API: The service returns potential matches within a dataset for a specified name or label text. The match may be approximate so it helps to link ambiguous text strings to well-defined records or data entities. The service, based on the Freebase relevance service, functions as part of the Google Refine platform for data analysis and clean-up.

API methods support submission of a query term, with limits on the number of results returned, the types of entities included in the result set, and technical details. Returned data include records from a dataset loosely matched to the submitted query string.

Google Street View ImageGoogle Street View Image API: Google's Street View Image API lets users retrieve Street View panorama or thumbnail images with parameterized HTTP requests. This web service allows these images to be embedded into a web page, without the use of JavaScript.

The viewport size, direction, location, pitch, and field of view (fov) can all be manipulated by parameters included in the HTTP request. Since the size of the image and the fov can be specified, users can effectively control the zoom level of the image. Finally, there is a parameter that can specify the request is coming from a device with location sensor information, enabling the service to be integrated with, for example, GPS enabled mobile phones.

HIV Drug Research CenterHIV Drug Research Center API: The HIV Drug Research Center provides a pair of APIs for predicting the susceptibility of mutated HIV to a variety of drugs. One API predicts the susceptibility of mutations in HIV protease to amprenavir, atazanavir, indinavir, lopinavir, nelfinavir, ritonavir, and saquinanvir. The other predicts the susceptibility of mutations in HIV reverse transcriptase to lamivudine, abacavir, zidovudine, stavudine, zalcitabine, didanosine, emtricitabine, and tenofovir. These APIs are available to users via REST and XMPP.

HMMERHMMER API: HMMER is an online service that is used to search sequence databases for homologs of protein sequences. Users can choose from seven sequence databases to search against. HMMER can also perform protein sequence alignments. Its methods use probabilistic models called Profile Hidden Markov Models. The REST-based HMMER API makes these functions available programmatically to users.

HubsoftHubsoft API: The service provides order management for online purchases. It accepts submission of order information, then verifies product availability and buyer's credit status. Inventory management functions allow for reorders from prior purchases, immediate and deferred purchases, and related transactions that anticipate future availability.

API methods support processing of purchase information and payment for immediate purchases. Methods also support checks against customer authorization, credit limits, and other seller purchase policies. The API handles orders associated with dealers and sales representatives for proper commission payments and reduced-price employee purchases.

JinniJinni API: Jinni, a service powered by the Jinni Entertainment Genome, is a service that tags and categorizes video content. Jinni offers a content discovery solution applied to movies that lets users search for movies and recieve recommendations based on their preferences.

The RESTful Jinni API exposes some of the functionality, broken into three sections, of Jinni to developers and works on catalog and other data supplied by customers and partners. Functionality includes powering search, content discovery and content recommendations.

MercatusMercatus API: Mercatus Technologies is a software development company that offers cross-channel marketing capabilities for retailers. The Mercatus Concierge for Mobile is a customizable mobile application service that features Near Field Communication (NFC) and Quick Response (QR) technologies. The Concierge API allows retailers to present a consistent face to customers, across all marketing channels. They can also get faster feedback about their customers' behavior. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

MoviePosterDBMoviePosterDB API: MoviePosterDB is an online database of movie posters with over 400,000 posters for over 75,000 movies and TV shows. Users can download a 300 pixels wide jpeg file for free and are asked to upload a poster in return. The API allows developers to use posters from the site in their own web site or application. An API Key is required and users must contact the provider with details of planned use of the API.

MutalyzerMutalyzer API: Mutalyzer provides a suite of services that check variant sequence nomenclature according to the guidelines of the Human Genome Variation Society. These services allow users to assess the correctness of sequence variant descriptions, or to generate valid descriptions of their own. Batch checkers are also available for assessing multiple sequence descriptions. These services can be accessed programmatically via SOAP calls.

MxitMxit API: Mxit is a social networking application for users in Africa. Users of Mxit can share updates, chat with friends, text message, and upload images and media, among other things.

The Mxit API allows developers to access and integrate Mxit with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include sending and receiving messages, listing and retrieving elements, and managing user accounts.

MyCaseMyCase API: MyCase is a social practice management platform for legal professionals. It allows lawyers to access their documents, emails, client contact information, billing data and other core applications. The Open API enables developers create technologies for the MyCase technology platform. Full documentation is not publicly available.

MyFlame.atMyFlame.at API: The service allows creators of fractal flames to share their works. It works with flames created in the Apophysis fractal flame editor or a compatible application. Data distributed by the service includes parameters for displaying and rendering shared fractals.

API methods support submitting the fractal flame data to the service database, as well as lookup, retrieval, and parsing data packages. Methods also support applying descriptive data and browsing submitted fractal flames by owner, descriptive tags, and other criteria.

MyGene.InfoMyGene.Info API: MyGene.Info provides a simple REST-based API to retrieve gene annotation data. Such data is currently available for seven species: human, mouse, rat, fruitfly, nematode, zebrafish, thale-cress, and frog. MyGene.Info was designed to power web applications which need to query genes and obtain common gene annotations.

NBIC PeregrineNBIC Peregrine API: Peregrine is an indexing engine, a piece of software that can be used to recognize concepts in human-readable text based on a database of known terms. It can recognize multi-word terms as well as single-word terms. If terms can represent multiple concepts, Peregrine will attempt to disambiguate them. Peregrine's functions are available as a REST-based API.

NetBase InsightNetBase Insight API: Netbase is a social media monitoring service. The service monitors social media sites to see what people are saying about a business and combines this with natural language processing to deliver sentiment analysis and social insights.

The NetBase Insight API allows users to utilize NetBase’s functionality including sentiment, opinion, emotion, and behavior analysis. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON. Full public documentation is not available. More info can be read here:

Network Analysis Tools (NeAT)Network Analysis Tools (NeAT) API: Network Analysis Tools (NeAT) provides a suite of modular programs for analyzing biological networks. In addition to performing statistical analyses and assessments, NeAT can also generate graphs and other visualizations. It provides methods by which to create and work with contingency tables and position-specific scoring matrices (PSSM). NeAT can also perform position- and pattern-related calculations on oligonucleotides, seed nodes, and other important units of biological data.

Neuroscience Information FrameworkNeuroscience Information Framework API: The Neuroscience Information Framework (NIF) is a dynamic inventory of web-based neuroscience data, materials, and tools. A unique feature of the NIF is its ability to issue direct queries against multiple databases simultaneously. Its methodology allows it to retrieve content that is largely hidden from traditional search engines. The NIF allows users to search for resources that match a given keyword or concept via REST-based APIs.

NWQMC Water Quality PortalNWQMC Water Quality Portal API: The National Water Quality Monitoring Council (NWQMC) provides the Water Quality Portal web service to provide users with programmatic access to the large quantities of water quality data in various national databases.

Queries are constructed and submitted through the addition of REST-like parameters to one of two base URL's. Location can be searched by latitude and longitude with radius, coordinate boxing, state, county, and country. Specific site ID's can be used to target an individual station, and searches can be made by other criteria such as site type, organization, and date.

openModelleropenModeller API: openModeller is a program for performing species niche modelling simulations. It does so by building a representation of the ecological requirements for a species and extrapolating those requirements into a geographical region. openModeller makes its ecological niche modelling functions available as a SOAP-based API to facilitate standardized online use.

OpenToxOpenTox API: OpenTox is a framework that can be used in the creation of predictive toxicology applications. It can be integrated with other APIs to provide users with access to a variety of distributed toxicological resources including data, computer models, validation, and reporting. OpenTox is working to meet the requirements of the REACH legislation for providing alternatives to animal experiments for toxicity testing.

OPIS OPIS API: The Oil Price Information Service (OPIS) is the world’s most comprehensive source for petroleum pricing and news information. They maintain a database of U.S. wholesale petroleum prices, receiving more than 70,000 rack prices each day. The OPIS API lets users connect to a web service to query the site database. The Database is updated in real-time and the data can be integrated into a user's web site. Documentation is not publicly available.

Parcel ProParcel Pro API: Parcel Pro is a shipping provider that offers insured shipments to the jewelry, wristwatch, and collectible industries. Packages can be insured up to $150,000, pick-up services are available at business locations and drop-offs are available at any carrier staffed center. Parcel Pro's API allows third party systems to be integrated with their own shipping module. The API also can be integrated with online retailers' systems. Public documentation is not available for the API.

PBS TV SchedulesPBS TV Schedules API: PBS offers the TV Schedules API to allow developers direct access to TV schedule metadata. The methods exposed by this API make a variety of types of data available, including air dates, program info, station info, and future schedules. This free service operates via REST, returns data in JSON, and requires an API key for access.

Pin DropPin Drop API: Pin Drop is a web and mobile application that allows users to "drop pins" on maps of places they want to remember. Pins can be private to the user only or users can share some of their pins with others. Pins can be organized by categories and tags, and Pin Drop also allows for importing data from other geolocation applications, such as Foursquare.

The Pin Drop API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality and data of Pin Drop with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include managing user information, managing and retrieving pins, and adding images to pins.

PingERPingER API: PingER (Ping End-to-end Reporting) is a project for monitoring the end-to-end performance of Internet links. It was originally used by the High Energy Physics community. However, it is now focused on measuring the Digital Divide from an Internet Performance viewpoint. PingER uses the ubiquitous ping facility to gather measurements on internet speed for over 700 sites in over 160 countries. Data is gathered using the HTTP GET method. New participants for the PingER project are actively being sought.

PiplPipl API: Pipl is a search engine that searches for people on the web. Pipl searches in the "deep web" to find more results for people searches.

The Pipl API allows developers to access and integrate the Pipl functionality and data with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include searching for people, searching by phone numbers and other information, and retrieving the search results.

PriceCheckIndiaPriceCheckIndia API: PriceCheckIndia is a comparison shopping site. Users can compare prices of phones, cameras, TVs, and appliances across all stores in India to find the best deal online. Users can also read reviews of the products and dicuss them with others.

The API lets developers integrate the site's functionality into third party applications and web sites. The API supports price comparison across major e-commerce stores in India. Users can also request the addition of any store for comparison on request. Additional functionality includes comparing prices by specification and searching products by keyword, category and features. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML, JSON and YAML.

QuickBloxQuickBlox API: QuickBlox is a cloud-hosted backend solution service for mobile applications. QuickBlox allows users to integrate their various functionalities, such as location and chat, into mobile applications.

The QuickBlox API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of QuickBlox with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include managing users, creating and managing content, and retrieving location information.

QUOTE.fmQUOTE.fm API: QUOTE.fm allows people to recommend articles, books, and videos through the sharing of user-chosen quotes from the source being recommended. The social aspect of QUOTE includes the ability to share quotes with anyone - be it an old friend or someone with the same interests as you. Users can also follow people and sites, and engage in community discussions revolving around quotes posted by other users.

The QUOTE API exposes GET methods for programmatically interacting with the service. Users can get recommendations by id, article, or user. Other GET operations can be made on pages, users, articles, and categories. This is a free API that operates over REST and returns data in JSON. Please note that this is a German based start-up, so some of their pages require translation.

RimzuRimzu API: The service provides social rankings based on survey answers from a person's online friends and associates. While online personality tests typically ask users about themselves, the service surveys friends and calculates personality rankings based on that input. Rankings are displayed in social graphs accessible only to the person being ranked.

API methods support issuing social network invitations and processing responses, then posing survey questions to generate rankings of an individual's characteristics. Methods also support building and updating network contact information for user accounts.

SABIO-RKSABIO-RK API: The System for the Analysis of Biochemical Pathways - Reaction Kinetics (SABIO-RK) is a web-based application that uses the SABIO relational database. This database contains information about biochemical reactions, their kinetic equations, the equations' parameters, and the experimental conditions under which these parameters were measured. The SABIO-RK API provides SOAP-based access to this information in XML format.

semanticSBMLsemanticSBML API: SemanticSBML is a collection of online tools for viewing and editing biochemical models in SBML format. Users can work with models from the BioModels Database or upload annotated models of their own. SemanticSBML can display models' XML code and network structure, add Systems Biology Ontology terms for kinetic laws and parameters, and insert standard rate laws with balanced parameters. Most of the functions of semanticSBML are accessible through a RESTful interface.

Sen.seSen.se API: Sen.se is an online platform that is open and free for users to develop, create, and try out devices, applications, and prototypes. Sen.se also has testing capabilities for users to test their products and ideas.

The Sen.se API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Sen.se with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include managing user information, creating and managing events, and retrieving device and event information.

Send Word NowSend Word Now API: Send Word Now is a provider of emergency notifications and incident management. Their solutions are tailored for on-demand alerting and incident response for both emergency situations as well as for everyday, time-sensitive organizational communications.

The Send Word Now API allows developers to integrate the Send Word Now functionality with the existing third-party applications their organizations use.

The Group Contact Management API allows users to automatically add, update, or delete the data stored in the Send Word Now database from withing their organization’s HR data management system.

The Alerting Web Services API allows users to automatically trigger alerts from existing business applications based on defined conditions or thresholds.

The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

Skimlinks MerchantSkimlinks Merchant API: Skimlinks is a technology that helps users monetize online content by converting normal product links from thousands of retailers into their equivalent affiliate links.

The Merchants API is the main interface for publishers wishing to know statistics about the merchants on our networks. The Merchants API returns all merchants that Skimlinks works with. Information exposed includes commission rate, conversion rate and domains associated with the merchant. The API can also be used to conduct searches for merchants. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML, JSON and PHP.

Skimlinks ReportingSkimlinks Reporting API: Skimlinks is a technology that helps users monetize online content by converting normal product links from thousands of retailers into their equivalent affiliate links.

The Reporting API lets publishers look up their commission information both current and historical. Methods include Report Commissions History, Report Commissions, Report Days, Report Merchants and Report Days by Merchant. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

StesCodes Social Event ManagerStesCodes Social Event Manager API: StesCodes is a web solution provider. As part of their portfolio of services, StesCodes offers several APIs. The StesCodes Social Event Manager provides the ability to create one click buttons from which the user can give access to StesCodes to manage their calendars across various social networks. Using the API, events from StesCodes will be placed in the user's calendar. The API uses HTTP calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

StesCodes Social LoginStesCodes Social Login API: StesCodes is a web solution provider. As part of their portfolio of services, StesCodes offers several APIs. The StesCodes Social Login provides the ability to login the user in clicks. It's functionality includes getting an access token and an Authentication URL as well as getting information on the user trying to login. The API uses HTTP calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

TextportTextport API: The service helps to integrate SMS/text messaging into applications by providing databases of phone number prefixes and carrier data. A local application can define message content and parameters, and the service routes the traffic for delivery. It assists with automated alerts and announcements via text message, as well as other bulk communication like promotional messaging and invitations.

API methods support submission of message requests with desired text and recipient phone number. Methods also support ping verification of network access and verification of authentication success.

TreeBASETreeBASE API: TreeBASE is a database for information on phylogenetic relationships. It contains phylogenetic trees and data matrices, along with information about relevant publications, taxa, morphological characters, sequence-based characters, and published analyses. TreeBASE provides a REST-based API that allows users to search for and retrieve desired phylogenetic information programmatically.

TSO MobileTSO Mobile API: The service provides remote tracking of fleet vehicles operating independently on highway systems. It indicates the geographic locations of a tracked vehicle, the times of visits, the fuel used, available fueling stations, etc. The service can interact via API with Garmin GPS web services.

API methods support secure authentication and Integration with affiliate systems. Methods also support logging fuel purchases and use as well as available fueling stations.

Umini.meUmini.me API: The service converts long URL strings to short, manageable "linklets" that redirect to the original URLs when accessed by users. The linklets are intended to be easy to remember and post to social media and other environments for online interaction, while still retaining functionality to reach web resources with unwieldy identifiers.

API methods support submission of a long URL as a URL variable and return the shortened version generated by the service in plain text. Methods also support submission of a URL generated by the service and return the associated long URL to allow redirection to the original web page.

Unofficial AlloCineUnofficial AlloCine API: AlloCine is the leading European provider of cinema information and e-commerce services. Originally based in France, the site is also known as Screenrush in the UK. This unofficial API exposes the data stored on the AlloCine site. This data includes movie information, listings of showtimes, movie reviews and more. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON or XML.

Unofficial JeuxVideoUnofficial JeuxVideo API: JeuxVideo is a French website dedicated to video games on both PC and consoles. It offers news, previews, tips and tricks, forums and more. The unofficial API provides users with access to the information stored on the site. This information includes search, game details, game previews, video footage of games, lists of tips and mroe. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

WegoWego API: Wego.com is a travel search engine where users can look for discounts on hotels, flights, vacation packages, activities and more. Wego compares and displays picing and availability from leading travel sites worldwide all in real-time. Wego offers affiliate partnerships to interested parties and the use of their API to access site data. Developers should contact the provider at affiliates.support@wego.com. Public documentation is not available.