7 APIs for Surveys

Have you been asked to take a survey lately? Your answer is likely, yes. A business or organization may want to survey people to conduct broad market research, drill down specifics about a customer, or spot trends. And in recent years, a Digital Transformation has changed the way surveys are conducted.

Online surveys have become more streamlined, more efficient, and more likely to keep a survey taker engaged. Personalization, social media polls, pulse surveys (such as single-question pop-up surveys), rewards for taking surveys, data sharing of results, analysis tools such as Net Promoter Score or compiling survey results over time, privacy concerns, and added visualization for better looking surveys are all components the latest survey technology.

Developers wishing to add survey functions to applications, or use survey data in their own applications, need to find the proper Surveys APIs to utilize.

What is a Surveys API?

A Surveys API is an Application Programming Interface that enables developers to programmatically interact with survey data, or insert survey services into their own applications.

1. Alchemer API

Alchemer provides enterprise online survey tools. The Alchemer APITrack this API enables developers to interact with survey data, create polls and surveys, survey contacts from a particular database, create image heatmaps of responses and more. Alchemer was formerly known as SurveyGizmo.

Alchemer API

Screenshot: Alchemer

2. Survicate API

Survicate is a Platform for collecting customer insights. The Survicate Data Export APITrack this API enables developers to get data about surveys, responses and visitors, and integrate that data into CRM and other applications. Data returned includes name, address, email address, country, website, company, comments, survey answers, survey lists and much more. The Survicate Webhooks API offers notifications from the platform about survey question and answer events.


TSAPI is an industry standard for Transferring Survey data, via REST APITrack this API. This service returns a list of available surveys, fetches metadata for a specific survey and fetches interview records for a specific survey. Bayes Price provides this API and offers data connection, analysis, visualisation and insights to the Market Research and Business Intelligence communities.

4. LimeSurvey API

LimeSurvey is an online survey tool that enables users to work with complex validation rules, conditional logic and quota management. The LimeSurvey RemoteControl APITrack this API integrates surveys into applications and enables developers to control specific functionality of LimeSurvey from any other application. It is available with JSON and XML formats.

5. Aweform API

Aweform is a platform for surveys, quizzes, and polls. The Aweform APITrack this API enables developers to access survey, quiz, and poll form responses which can be added to a CRM or to send customized email to respondents.

6. Guestmeter API

Guestmeter is feedback management software for the hospitality industry. The Guestmeter APITrack this API enables users and partners to send surveys bia SMS or email to recent guests, encouraging a review of their experiences.

Guestmeter API

Screenshot: Guestmeter

7. OfferDaddy API

OfferDaddy is a mobile or website "offer wall" of discounts earned by users for taking surveys, installing apps, taking quizzes or or other actions. The OfferDaddy APITrack this API returns monetization features like coupons, surveys, videos, and tasks data to implement into mobile applications. API responses in JSON format include tracking link, amount, image URL, countries, categories, and devices.

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