7 Java Resources for Mashups

If you want to write mashups in Java these libraries might save you a lot of time. Just as with the 12 Ruby Resources we looked at last week, these resources can greatly simplify access to major APIs. Some are officially supported by the API providers themselves and others are independent, open source efforts.

  • Facebook Java Client: Wraps the increasingly popular Facebook API. This library was recently updated in March.
  • flickrj: A Java wrapper for the Flickr API.
  • Amazon E-Commerce Applet: Java applet that demonstrates how to use every AWS 4.0 operation in REST and SOAP.
  • Java Developer's Guide for the Google Calendar API: Detailed examples for using the Java Client Library to work with the Google Calendar service including examples of adding events, updating events, deleting events and querying events. Note that Google also has a brief Java Developer's Guide to Google Technologies.
  • Google Base Java Client Library: "Google provides an extension to the Google data Java Client Library that helps connect to the Google Base feeds and interprets the result. This client library is by no means the only way of connecting to the Google Base API server. You can achieve the same result using an Atom parser, such as Rome, or a command-line tool, such as curl coupled with an XML parser."
  • Drest: Java API for popular web services. At the moment it supports Bloglines, Twitter and YouTube services.
  • Yahoo! Mail: SOAP wrappers for a variety of languages including Java, PHP, Python and .NET.

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