7 New APIs: Augmented Reality, SMS, Payments, Voice, and PDF

This week we had 7 new APIs added to our API directory. They range from 2 different payment APIs (mobile and recurring), one that lets online web forms that output PDF files, another API lets you control phone calls in the cloud, one lets you dynamically update mobile augmented reality apps, and there's an SMS API that also features an email to SMS gateway. More on each of these new API listings below:

ChargifyChargify API: Chargify is an online payment service featuring recurring billing. The Chargify API allows developers to integrate the service into their application or website using a RESTful interface.

CloudvoxCloudvox API: Standards-based phone API Platform. Control phone calls with existing Asterisk client libraries (Adhearsion/Ruby, Asterisk-Java, PHP AGI, StarPy/Python, etc), or HTTP and JSON, or SIP. They describe it as a bit like "Asterisk in the cloud".

DoculiciousDoculicious API: Doculicious.com is a Web Service for creating online web forms that output PDF files. The Doculicious API provides users with the tools to query entries saved to their forms, and also submit entries from their programs or web forms. Using the API, users can fill in PDF files from their own web forms.

LayarLayar API: Layar is an augmented reality application on your mobile phone which shows what is around you by displaying real time digital information on top of reality though the camera of your mobile phone. Content Layers are the equivalent of web pages in normal browsers. A layer is the digital view that is added to the camera view. The Layar API allows developers to create new layers. A layer consists of three parts: The layer definition, the list of POIs (Points of Interest) and each individual POI.

mPayymPayy API: mPayy is an online and mobile payment service. The mPayy API is REST-based and offers SSL support for secure payments.

Social EntrepreneurSocial Entrepreneur API: The Social Entrepreneur API is an open database of information about social entrepreneurs who have won fellowships and awards from social enterprise funders. The tool allows users to find social entrepreneurs based on keyword, location, and more.

TextMagicTextMagic API: The TextMagic API is a web based text messaging solution for businesses. TextMagic's Email to SMS service lets you can send and receive text messages via email. It works with any email account and can be used as an email based API. The SMS Gateway API is secure and can be integrated with TextMagic ready made SMS scripts.

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