7 New APIs - Aviary, Google and ProgrammableWeb

This week's new API entries came from both very large and quite small organizations. Google released two notable APIs, the Google Analytics API and the Google O3D API, both of which we reported on earlier this week (here on Google Analytics and here on Google O3D). The slick image editing service Aviary now offers an API, we've added another financial web service from the folks at Xignite (over 40 of their financial web service APIs are listed here), there's the FuncNet service for those in the computational biology community, and our own ProgrammableWeb API that gives you an API to find APIs. Here's the full rundown:

AviaryAviary API: The Aviary API gives access to Aviary's online image editor, vector editor, effects editor, and color swatch tool. You can edit images, create effects, design logos, find colors, and collaborate.

FuncNetFuncNet API: FuncNet is an open Platform for the prediction and comparison of protein Function. It is a free service for the computational biology community, provided by a consortium of bioinformatics groups, and using industry-standard web-service protocols throughout.

Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics API: The new Google Analytics Data Export API lets develop client applications that download Analytics data in the form of Google Data API feeds. Your client application can use the Data Export API to request data from an existing Analytics profile for an authorized user, and refine the results of the request using query parameters. Currently, the Data Export API supports read-only access to your Google Analytics data. The current feeds in the Data Export API contain two general categories of Analytics data: Analytics accounts and website profiles; Analytics report data from a single profile.

Google O3DGoogle O3D API: O3D is a new, shader-based, low-level graphics API for creating interactive 3D applications in a web browser. O3D runs on multiple operating systems and browsers, performs well in JavaScript, and offers the capabilities developers need to create a diverse set of rich applications. O3D has an open-source JavaScript API for creating interactive 3D graphics applications that run in a browser window: games, ads, 3D model viewers, product demos, and virtual worlds.

mobiAPI mobiAPI API: mobiAPI is a data reporting solution for mobile applications creators to make profit-generating decisions. Used to gain insight into your user's behavior, patterns and data usage in real time. mobiAPI works with all mobile devices, does not require the Integration of foreign code, or infrastructure maintenance.

ProgrammableWebProgrammableWeb API: Our API for APIs. Use it to find web services and mashups. The ProgrammableWeb API gives you a simple and structured way to access the well known registry and repository capabilities of PW. The PW API is based on open standards like OpenSearch and the Atom Publishing Protocol. This lets you get up to speed quickly, and if you're familiar with Google's GData APIs you've got an even better head start. See our examples page for some ideas and Source Code in PHP, JavaScript, .NET and Java. We'll have more to say about this API soon.

XigniteSecurityXigniteSecurity API: This Web Service provides securities master information for companies listed on U.S. stock exchanges. You can use XigniteSecurity to lookup and validate the names, ticker symbols, CUSIPs, CIKs, industry classifications, exchange listings, dividend and split history, etc. This web service allows you to lookup securities master information on -demand without the need to maintain the stocks and mutual fund master lists yourself.

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