7 New APIs: From DreamHost to Map Visualization to Short URLs

This week's new API entries, like last week's, are a diverse bunch. They range from the DreamHost API which lets you managed details of hosted accounts, to the r.im API, the latest of a seeming infinite number of URL shorteners, all with APIs. But sometimes who will offer an API is not always predictable, like with the ThemeForest API which gives you access to their marketplace for buying and selling website templates and CMS themes. For more, the list below has the latest APIs:

ActiveActive API: Active.com is "an online community for people who want to discover, learn about, share, register for and ultimately participate in activities about which they are passionate. Users can search and register online for races, team sports and recreational activities; interact with others who have similar interests; start online training programs; and access nutrition, fitness and training tips."

DreamHostDreamHost API: DreamHost is a well known web hosting provider and domain-name registrar. The DreamHost API provides access to the site's mailing list functionality: add/remove subscribers, make an announcement, get usage.

geocubesgeocubes API: geocubes is designed to visualize a large number of geo-points on your maps without the usual performance problems. With geocubes, you can cluster your geo-points and get well-structured representation, add and remove geo-points in realtime to your map, fasten your map search, and reduce the load time of your maps. geocubes displays your data on the map either as one marker per data point or a graphic with a number representing the number of points in that square.

Hexillion WhoisHexillion Whois API: The Hexillion Whois API provides a single, consistent, programmable interface to the Whois system. It automatically queries the correct Whois server, breaks the Whois record details out into separate fields and returns it as XML

r.imr.im API: r.im takes a URL and outputs a shorter one. The resulting URL can be shared via social networking sites (Twitter of course), email, instant messaging, and blogs. Create URLs using the shortest domain name.

ThemeForestThemeForest API: ThemeForest is a marketplace for buying and selling website templates and CMS themes for all sorts of products, like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. Files are priced based on the complexity, quality and use of the file.

WhereIsNowWhereIsNow API: WhereIsNow, a small Italian startup, wants to facilitate searching for the latest version of any shared document. It is not a document archive and does not store any documents. The system is designed to give information publishers the opportunity to tell the world where the latest version of their documents can be found by providing a unique Publisher+Document key for each document indexed in the WhereIsNow database and one or more addresses where the latest version of that document can be found.

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