7 New APIs: Flash Maps, Favicons, Domain Name Search, Email Marketing, and Jobs

This week we had 7 new APIs added to our API directory ranging from an API for managing email marketing campaigns, an API for searching for available domain names, an API for finding facvicons, an API for Google Sites, a ringtone search API, a social recruiting Platform API, and an API for creating embeddable maps (which we covered in Map Any Image With New UMapper Release). Below are details on each of these APIs:

Contactology Email MarketingContactology Email Marketing API: The Contactology Email Marketing API is a "Web services-based email delivery and tracking service that allows companies to send emails and check statistics on reader receipts, bounces, opens, click-through rates and other relevant data". It uses the SOAP protocol and XML responses to allow applications to make remote calls against their Email Management system.

DomainrDomainr API: Domainr is a tool used in searching for available domain names. Domainr has two external APIs: an HTML forms API for website Integration and a JSON-based API for web services and client-side implementations written in JavaScript.

Get FaviconGet Favicon API: Retrieves the relevant favicon for a URL, or returns a default icon should it not be able to find it. It can find favicons specified by an HTML page's link element.

Google Sites Google Sites API: The Google Sites Data API lets developers access, publish, and modify content within a Google Site. The API is available to both Google Account and Google Apps users. As Google notes, here are some of the things you can do with the API: "Retrieve, create, modify, move, and delete pages, comments, attachments, and other content. Review the revision history across the Site. Monitor all add, modify, and delete activity for a Site. Upload/download attachments and files. Create customized gadgets for your users."

Motime ChartMotime Chart API: The Motime Open Access platform is an affiliate program based on the APIs of the Motime service, that allows partners/affiliates to advertise Motime content on their own web and/or mobile sites and earn money for each referral given to Motime. The chart API uses a REST protocol to allow users to list ringtones categorized by a variety of charts by music genre.

Peerlo JobGeniePeerlo JobGenie API: The JobGenie is a social recruiting platform as a SaaS application. The JobGenie API allows developers to integrate with their service. Full Documentation is not available on the site however an API Key is needed in addition to an account with the site. The API uses OAuth for Authentication.

UMapper UMapper API: UMapper allows users to create embeddable Flash maps. The API provides the tools to help integrate the various features into websites or apps. The basic features are offered for free, and developers can pay to get more premium content in the API. From their site: "UMapper is the first application of its kind; it is a visual, universal, web-based map authoring application. UMapper makes it easier than ever to create embeddable maps for Adobe Flash and distribute them through a website, blog, or social network. UMapper's visual map editor enables users of any skill level to add points, draw shapes and add interactive overlays to a map."

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