7 New APIs: Jobs, Payments, Mobile and Government

Even though our latest round-up of new APIs was only a few days ago, there have already been a dozen new APIs added to our API Directory in the past four days. This new set of web services includes APIs for job seekers, e-commerce payments, notifications, mobile media services, url shortening (again), and a government API from down under. Here are the details on 7 of the newest APIs:

JobMotelJobMotel API: JobMotel allows users to discover web developer jobs, contract, permanent and freelance vacancies listed. JobMotel pulls its results from a number of sources and aggregates them into one resource.

nd urlnd url API: ndurl allows users to shorten URLs to share and transfer content to mobile. ndurl "facilitates sharing of shortened URLs with a wide variety of services, including bookmarking, social networking, and news sites. ndurl offers a public API for generating short URLs and viewing destination of short generated URLs."

Glue Glue API: Glue works automatically as you browse popular sites about books, music, movies, wines, restaurants, gadgets, stocks, actors, tv shows and other everyday things around the web. The Glue Bar appears right on your current page to show you friends who looked at the same things and what they thought. The Glue API "allows you to create your own applications that utilize the Objects, People, and Interactions on Glue in new ways." For more details on this service and API, see our recent report on Glue API: Social Networking Across the Semantic Web.

Notify.MeNotify.Me API: Notify.Me "delivers notifications that interest you in real time. It eliminates the need to constantly check on classified listings, blogs or social networking sites. Notifications are delivered to your destinations of choice such as instant messenger, mobile phone, email, desktop or web application. Notify.Me can be used with services such as Craiglist, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, among others. The Notify.Me API provides developers with a mechanism to retrieve account information, and create and edit sources for an account. Applications built with the Notify.Me API can be used to create sources for use on Notify.Me."

OpenAustraliaOpenAustralia API: OpenAustralia.org aims to make it easy for people to keep tabs on their representatives in Parliament. OpenAustralia maintains a database of information about representatives, senators, debates, and government news. The OpenAustralia API returns lists and details about all of these components.

Payment Vision PayPayment Vision Pay API: The Payment Vision service has a payment plug-in that works with receivables software, shopping carts, billing websites, and many other payment applications. Payment Vision also has a suite of built in payment capture applications. PayAPI is a SOAP-based XML web service, designed for software publishers to add payment processing functionality to their software applications in compliance with PCI-DSS. PayAPI can process one-time and recurring credit card, debit card and ACH payments.

PlayPhonePlayPhone API: PlayPhone "provides personalization and entertainment content to mobile consumers in the form of ringtones, and mobile games. The PlayPhone API, updated weekly, gives you access to mobile download databases. Using the API, you can display mobile content from PlayPhone's content catalog on your website with dynamic search and RSS feed capabilities."

We'll review the rest of the newest APIs in a follow-up post later this week.

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[...] this week we reported on 7 new APIs added to our directory, and by today another 7 have been more added, bringing the total for the [...]

[...] this week we reported on 7 new APIs added to our directory, and by today another 7 have been more added, bringing the total for the [...]