7 New APIs: Music Artist Data, Barcodes, SMS, Menus, and Mobile Expense Tracking

This week we had 7 new APIs added to our API directory. These latest entries include an API for music artists data; an API for finding restaurants, menus and reviews; another SMS API; an API to get addresses from postal codes; an API to dynamically generate QR and DMX codes; an API for mobile expense tracking and management; and a new multimedia API. Below is more detail on each of these new APIs:

ArtistDataArtistData API: ArtistData is "building solutions to automate the updating of artist websites, social network profiles, concert databases, Twitter, official news feeds, iCal, local press, fan newsletters, and even tour books. When an artist updates our site, we update all their sites." The ArtistData web service provides secure XML feeds to partners "interested in getting information from the artists who use the ArtistData dashboard. The current information available through secure XML feeds is shows, news and blogs."

Menu ManiaMenu Mania API: Menumania lets you find restaurants, menus, food photos and reviews in your area. The MenuMania Developer API is a REST API that allows you to access our extensive database of restaurant information to display within your own website or application. Using the Developer API you can interface directly with the MenuMania database and allow your site visitors or application users to search and view restaurants. Output is in XML or JSON format.

MessageMedia SMSMessageMedia SMS API: The MessageMedia SMS API enables real time delivery of inbound texts, delivery tracking to the cell phone, replies flagged to correspond to outbound message, and HTTPS/SSL secure mode.

Postcode ITPostcode IT API: The Postcode IT web service provides functions to obtain address(es) from postcodes. To keep "the method calls tidy, the service makes use of SoapHeaders. Set up your SoapHeader with your CustomerId, LicenceKey and MachineId."

QR and DMX Barcode GeneratorQR and DMX Barcode Generator API: This API lets you dynamically generate QR and DMX codes. With it, you can implement two dimensional code in web pages by using tag img with appropriate attributes. You can set alternate image sizes if the default is not suitable for you.

WiqetWiqet API: Wiqet is a multimedia player to make an easy presentation. An online user can add photos, voice message, webcam recording or videos into the Wiqet. Websites can integrate the Wiqet tool by using the Wiqet API and offer Wiqet to their users.

XpenserXpenser API: Xpenser offers mobile expense tracking and management. The Xpenser API allows users to enter expenses into Xpenser.

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