7 New APIs: Music, File Sharing, Real Estate, Travel and Gov Services

This week we had 7 new APIs added to our API directory including web services for file sharing via Twitter, payment processing, music community and sharing, travel tour and hotel bookings, as well as programmatic access to government 311 call center services. Here are details on each of these APIs:

FileSocialFileSocial API: FileSocial provides a way to share files on Twitter. With it you "can upload any kind of file, from pictures to videos, PDFs or PowerPoint. Share your files on Twitter easily, securely and completely free. You can integrate FileSocial into your own service, or create plug-ins, web applications, and interactive widgets. FileSocial's API lets developers create their own applications based on FileSocial."

PayLeapPayLeap API: The PayLeap API lets merchants process electronic payments in real time. The PayLeap service "allows companies to manage transactions made at a physical location, wirelessly in the field, and online through an ecommerce store. Streamlining your company's payment processes increases efficiency and lowers cost. PayLeap is highly customizable with options that allow developers build full solutions with gateway support and administrative control."

People's Music StorePeople's Music Store API: People's Music Store is "an independent company set up to give music fans the power to champion and promote the music they love. The People's Music Store API exposes functionality for developers to include in their applications and web services. The API supports searching and previewing music."

RezgoRezgo API: Rezgo is tour operator software designed for companies who run tours, activities, and attractions. Many of the companies using Rezgo for their on-line bookings include: whale watching tours, river rafting, kayaking tours, bicycle tours, city guided tours, bus tours, boat tours, helicopter tours, special events, and more. Rezgo "helps tour operators organize their tours and gives them all the tools they need to accept bookings on-line. As a tour operator system, Rezgo helps tour operators increase their on-line bookings while keeping them organized and reducing their administrative burden and costs. Rezgo supports inventory management, real-time availability, rich media (like photos & videos), pricing & availability rules, on-line vouchering, and even 2D mobile barcode scanning."

sletoh.comsletoh.com API: sletoh.com "compares over 65,000 hotels in Europe and Australia. Our XML API gives partners access to all our inventory and hotel pricing from 10 websites in one search."

SongkickSongkick API: As they describe: "At Songkick we've spent a lot of time collecting data about live music, and now we want to see what you can do with it. We're currently putting together an API to allow access to much of the data available on the website." As we covered in our post this week on Music Hack Day Takes the Stage, this weekend the Songkick team is expected to release details on this new API.

Washington DC Open 311Washington DC Open 311 API: Open 311 API will allows you to programmatically submit and query service requests to the Washington DC Mayor's Call Center (311). The Open 311 API "will support variety of types of service requests (e.g. broken signal, trash pickup, pothole, etc.) Each service request will have list of fields describing the service request, some of them are mandatary (e.g. location field, tied to DC GIS MAR), some of them will be optional (e.g. description, link to service request info in external system (such us future community website, built as part of Apps for Democracy))." More coverage at our ProgrammableWeb story on Gov 2.0, D.C. Style.

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