7 New APIs: Music Recommendations, Rental Listings, Museum Data, Tweet Hooks and Twitter Topics

In addition to the 9 new APIs we outlined over the weekend, there were another 7 APIs added to our API directory last week. These new APIs include a music recommendation service API, a remote code execution and memory storage service API, an API for a real estate pricing service, an API for twitter search and data retrieval, an API for museum collection access, a microblogging platform API, and a twitter analysis service API. Below is more detail on each of these new APIs.

MeeMixMeeMix API: MeeMix services "enable businesses to personalize their music and media portals, stores or applications with the goal of optimizing conversion and customer retention and significantly boosting long-tail sales". MeeMix Web Service enables partners to synchronize their own media libraries with the MeeMix database, and subsequently suggest musical recommendations and playlists to both unregistered and registered users. MeeMix API makes our core technology accessible from virtually every web-integrated device. It supports both SOAP and REST web service protocols.

RemotelingRemoteling API: Remoteling provides remote code execution, memory queues and memory storage over a RESTful API. Remoteling allows you to "quickly and easily offload big calculations from your hardware onto ours".

RentRange Rental RateRentRange Rental Rate API: The Rental Rate API provides real estate or rental listings for developers. The RentRange API provides low, median and high rental rates for individual properties or by zip code. Using a REST-based protocol, the API lets you pass a property address or zipcode and provides resulting data back in XML.

tweethooktweethook API: TweetHook allows users to set up a continuous Twitter Search and retrieve the data automatically. The TweetHook API allows users to manipulate the settings for the searches in their account in a programmatic way. All API calls are made over HTTP.

Victoria & Albert MuseumVictoria & Albert Museum API: The Victoria & Albert Museum API is designed as a RESTful interface to our collections and what we know about them. It returns all items in the database (paginated) in XML or JSON format. The purpose of the V&A API is "to maximise access to all our collections and encourage use of them".

Yahoo MemeYahoo Meme API: Yahoo Meme is a light blogging platform from Yahoo that allows users to post Photos, Text, Videos and Audio. The Meme API is built with the Yahoo Query Language (YQL) making it simple and easy to create mashups and new stuff with other Tables on YQL.

ZutualZutual API: The Zutual RESTful API takes two twitter usernames and returns a JSON list of the topics they both discuss. The API uses advanced natural language processing to analyze tweets and calculate the mutual topics of interest.

John Musser

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