7 New APIs: Realtime Search, GPS Sports, London Transport, and Nabaztag Electronic Rabbits

If you want to see just how wide ranging web service APIs can be, this week's 7 new APIs in our API directory can show you. They range from APIs for social networks, to on-demand data transformation services, to realtime search, to geo and GPS services for sports activities, and even an API for controlling Wi-Fi enabled ambient electronic rabbits. Details on each of these are below:

BlellowBlellow API: Blellow is a microblogging platform and social network "with a mission to encourage open collaboration and the sharing of knowledge". The service provides threaded replies, groups separated by topic, jobs and projects board, meetups, as well as other features.

BluyahBluyah API: Bluyah is an on-demand data transformation service that allows you to connect to MySQL, XML, RSS/Atom, and/or Google Docs and transform that data in real-time into any format ( RSS, XML, Google Map, Chart, spreadsheet) suitable for embedding in a website. Every report created is by default available in HTML, CSV and XML formats. Bluyah lets you connect and map data formats like RSS, XML, Google Docs Spreadsheets, an application API, or your own application database easily and transform the data on-the-fly - in real-time - to another format you choose.

Map My TracksMap My Tracks API: Map My Tracks lets you "accurately track and share your sporting activities or sports events live. In real-time, friends, spectators, coaches or sponsors can follow the action as it happens. Map My Tracks turns your mobile phone into your personal real-time GPS tracking device. Using a mobile phone with built-in GPS or an external GPS receiver you can map and track your location in real-time. Map My Tracks brings a new insight into your sporting activity, provides a competitive edge and makes training fun. Map My Tracks let your friends, competitors or parents know where you are right now. The Map My Tracks API provides a simple interface that allows developers to access and update their activity data. You can use this API to make your own widgets or applications that seamlessly integrate Map My Tracks with other services."

NabaztagNabaztag API: Nabaztag is a Wi-Fi enabled ambient electronic device in the shape of a rabbit. The Nabaztag API allows you to activate, from a third-party application, an event on your Nabaztag. For example: controlling the movement of the ears, commanding the LEDs, sending messages in TTS (text to speech) or with a Nabcast. With the Nabaztag API, users can send text messages to a rabbit, send choregraphies to a rabbit, send any nabcast to a rabbit, get the ear position of a rabbit, stream MP3 to your Nabaztag/tag (webradio, podcast or personal music), and retrieve information about the status of the rabbit and the account

OneRiotOneRiot API: OneRiot is a realtime search engine. As the web's most interesting content focused on what people are talking doing right right now this service crawls the links people share on Twitter, Digg and other social sharing services. It then indexes the content on those pages in a few seconds. The information available through the OneRiot Realtime Search API matches the information presented on OneRiot.com. Given a query, our API will return relevant realtime results. Our default sorting for results is by PulseRank - this is PageRank for the realtime web where results are ordered by relevance using OneRiot's PulseRank algorithm.

Transport for LondonTransport for London API: Provides information on all forms of public transport in London, routes, maps, journey planner and online tickets sales. Includes guide to what to see and do and visit. The 'Tube this weekend' feed contains information on planned line and station closures for the coming weekend. This allows people to plan their journeys and avoid disruption. The 'station location' feed is a Geo-coded KML feed of most London Underground, DLR and London Overground stations. The findaride KML feed contains details of licensed London minicab and other private hire operators. It is based on the same database as the award-winning 'Cabwise' service.

WebnodeWebnode API: Webnode is "a free tool that helps people create their own websites. Webnode website editing requires no technical skill, nor software installation. The Webnode API allows developers to place Webnode content onto their webpages. It is also possible to get included in widgets offered directly in Webnode administration for popular and interesting apps."

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