7 New APIs: Search 1.5 Million Jobs, 130,000 Schools, or 1,618 Live Video Streams

Want an API to search 1.5 million jobs? Or an API to search 130,000 K-12 public and private schools in the US? Or an API for getting diagrams and flowcharts via code? Or perhaps an API that lets you search for live video streams. These are 4 of 7 newest entries in our ProgrammableWeb directory from the past week. Here are details on all 7 new APIs:

CareerBuilderCareerBuilder API: CareerBuilder API allows you to integrate their database of over 1.5 million jobs with your software or website. The API provides methods for basic job searching, retrieving data for a specific job, and applying to a job. These services are free to use and available to anyone.

Ericsson Mobile Java Communication FrameworkEricsson Mobile Java Communication Framework API: The Mobile Java Communication Framework allows developers to build communication services. The framework inludes messaging and presence. Client frameworks for JavaME, Android, server framework for JEE. By a set of RESTful APIs it is also possible to build browser based clients.

Ericsson Labs is "a concept for open innovation. The site holds APIs, resources, offerings, and various expert commentaries, produced by Ericsson. This assortment provides technologies and communities for developers and makes it easy to get in touch with a variety of experts from different fields."

GliffyGliffy API: Use the Gliffy flowcharting and diagramming API to include flowchart and diagramming editing features in your software. After a user has created a diagram, you will typically want to show an image of that diagram somewhere in your app, so the Document Entity enables you to get a copy of your diagram in the JPEG or PNG format. Use the Account entity, which is an organizational entity primarily for billing and tracking usage. Use the Document entity to access a single Gliffy document or diagram. The User entity gives you access to a named user who is a member of an account. Use the Folder entity to organize documents and control user permissions.

Issuu SearchIssuu Search API: Issuu turns your documents into online publications. Features and benefits include: "Upload your documents and turn them into professional online publications. Explore a living library with the web's publications. Post and embed your publications anywhere online (Facebook, MySpace, Blogger, etc.) Create a custom viewer design and integrate your publications on your website."

Justin.tvJustin.tv API: The Justin.tv API includes "all the basic building blocks a developer needs to create an application that can browse channels, play live streams, allow users to broadcast live video, and interact with the Justin.tv social network backend." The API is composed of two distinct parts: Flash components, and the REST API.

SchoolFinderSchoolFinder API: The SchoolFinder API from education.com gives you free school data on more than 130,000 public and private K-12 schools across the 50 U.S. states. Use this web service "to get comprehensive information about a school's academic performance, a school's test scores, student demographics, teacher stats, and reviews from parents." Documentation available after you sign up for an API key.

Twitter GraderTwitter Grader API: Use the Twitter Grader API to programmatically access some of the data that Twitter Grader has collected. Twitter Grader "tries to measure a Twitter account's power, reach and authority; it tries to answer the question When this user tweets, what kind of an impact does it have? The grader algorithm is based on the Number of followers, Power of followers, update frequency, update recency, follower / following ratio, and engagements (number of retweets, etc.). Twitter.grader.com has a list of Twitter Elite, where it shows top users, top in location, top cities, top U.S. states, and top countries."


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