7 New APIs: From Thumbnail Generation to Email Marketing

We had over a dozen new APIs added to our API directory this week. As with last week's additions, it's a mixed set both in terms of functionality and company size. Functionally these new ones include two APIs for video streaming, a document sharing API, and others for email marketing, URL shortening, semantic term extraction and online-centric functions like OpenID, web site thumbnail generation, as well as IP-to-geo mapping. Here is a rundown of 7 of these new APIs:

ApideoApideo API: Apideo is an API-centric service you can use to put video into your website. They focus on live streams like video chats. A Flash-based player can be embedded and programmed via the service and API.

DocstocDocstoc API: Docstoc is an online community to find and share professional documents. Docstoc provides "the Platform for users and businesses to upload and share their documents, and serves as a repository of documents in variety of categories including legal, business, financial, technology, educational, and creative. All documents on Docstoc can be easily searched, previewed and downloaded for free. The Docstoc API includes functions for registering new members, uploading, downloading, updating, and searching for documents, manipulating a member's folder structure, and setting up ads."

Email Data SourceEmail Data Source API: Email Data Source "enables successful email marketing campaigns by providing market intelligence from a Resource of 16,000,000 top marketing emails. Email Data Source provides four services: alerts, market insight, search, and comparison. The Email Data Source API supports the search service, allowing users to search emails, markets, and get access to the corresponding emails."

Google OpenIDGoogle OpenID API: The Google OpenID API "lets third-party web sites and applications let visitors sign in using their Google user accounts. The OpenID standard allows users to nor have to set up separate login accounts for different web sites, and conversely, frees web site developers from the task of managing login information and security measures. OpenID achieves this goal by providing a Framework in which users can establish an account with an OpenID provider, such as Google, and use that account to sign into any web site that accepts OpenIDs. This page describes how to enable a web site or application to accept a Google user account for federated login."

iplocationtoolsiplocationtools API: iplocationtools "provides web services that use an IP address to look up geolocation and fraud detection. The IP Address Location API returns the address associated with an IP address. The Block IP by Country API returns a list of IP addresses associated with a country. The Fraud Detection API compares the billing address location with the IP address geographic location."

PageGlimpsePageGlimpse API: PageGlimpse is "a service providing developers with programatic access to thumbnails of any web page. The thumbnails can be used in any kind of applications that require the display of website screenshots."

SensebotSensebot API: Sensebot Semantic Cloud API "features extraction of semantic concepts from a page; creating "semantic cloud" of concepts describing a group of documents; generating a multi-document summary of a set of pages; multiple parameters to control the type and format of results. It is now deployed in the Amazon computing cloud. This gives it virtually unlimited Scaling capabilities to support client applications."

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