7 New APIs: Track the NY Senate and UK Parliament, Filter Spam, and Run with Twitter

Want to build apps that use government data, filter spam, or use Twitter for sports? You can find those and a couple more things in the 7 new APIs added to our API directory this past week. This set includes an API for the NY Senate and one for tracking expenses of UK parliament members, an API for managing documents in the cloud, an API for filtering email spam, and an API that lets you track your running by using Twitter. Below are more details on each of these (and for those keeping score, there are now 1,421 APIs on ProgrammableWeb):

DrawloopDrawloop API: LOOP API allows you to "merge, convert and combine documents on the Web. Automate the creation of sales proposals, sales contracts, quotes and virtually any document package required to sell or service your products. Convert and fill (merge) a number of file types. For example, fill a Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and/or XML file and merge into one PDF."

NY SenateNY Senate API: The NY Senate API gives developers and other users direct access to New York state data and. By placing the government data in the public domain, the NY Senate "hopes to engage citizens in policy creation and dialogue. Some of the features of the API include access to bills, committees, and more; new data sets continue to be added to the site."

SendGridSendGrid API: SendGrid "keeps your emails out of spam folders, provides a cloud service that grows with your email demands, and provides email analytics to track opens and clicks." For developers the service lets you "Get details on events such as bounces, clicks, and unsubscribes; Send multiple emails and customize plugins; Write plugins to alter emails or deliver to other mediums."

TimetricTimetric API: The Timetric API gives you access to the various worldwide statistics and data available on their site. Timetric "offers a wide array of datasets pertaining to worldwide trends over time. In addition, users are given the opportunity to upload their own data and use the resulting time series analysis. The API lets you integrate these datasets in your own site."

tinyPMtinyPM API: tinyPM is a "light and efficient tool allowing your teams to enhance the software development process with agile practices: using user stories as requirements, backlog management with user stories estimated in points, iteration planning with easy user story assignment, sharing task boards across distributed teams, tracking agile project metrics, and using wiki to document team's knowledge. The API allows developers to build applications that communicate with tinyPM using XML messages over HTTP."

TweetARunTweetARun API: TweetARun is a service that utilizes Twitter to help users keep track of their running by having users tweet their runs along with comments. The TweetARun API gives users of TweetARun access to their user data. The API gives users that data in various modes, such as a long-term chart, and totals

What They ClaimedWhat They Claimed API: The What They Claimed API gives developers access to the information database of expenses made by the UK members of parliament, published by Parliament in June 2009. The original data "is being transcribed starting with high profile members of Parliament, but new members and expenses will continue to be added. Claims can be read by category of claim, person, date, and more."

John Musser

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