7 New APIs: Twitter Add-on APIs, United Nations Data, and Stock Tweets

In addition to the 6 new APIs we reviewed yesterday, another 7 were added to our API directory this week. These includes APIs for collaborative, social translation of site content, a service for personalized apparel, an API for sharing music links on Twitter, a microblogging service that lets users share information by answering the question "What are you trading?", and finally a very useful API that gives you access to the rich datasets from the United Nations and the World Health Organization. Here are more details on each of these services:

qr.cxqr.cx API: qr. CX provides a basic API which can be used to harness qr.cx's URL shortening service for other applications. This works by accessing a particular URL on the qr.cx site which accepts the long URL you would like shortened as a parameter. The shortened URL (or various error conditions) will then be returned in the HTTP response."

QuoquQuoqu API: Quoqu is a "microblogging service for traders to share ideas, charts, and information. Quoqu provides market analysis information from user contributions. Quoqu users share information by answering the question "What are you trading?". Users can further interact via Quoqu forums and chat features."

Social TranslatorSocial Translator API: Social Translator is a social community for translation, where words and phrases get translated for the benefit of everyone. Help translate information in the context that it's meant to be translated in, even help translate YouTube videos. Social translator provides a JavaScript widget API that allows your visitors to translate your website using human translation mixed with Google Translation. Google Translation can be selected if no human translation is given.

SpreadshirtSpreadshirt API: Spreadshirt is a worldwide creative Platform for personalised apparel. Spreadshirt web services "allows you to extract the information from your own Spreadshirt store in XML format which you can transform using a scripting language so you can display the information in any way you want. The main use is to create a shop entirely on your own domain (not in a frame) with entirely your own interface. This means you could build a shop using Flash or JavaScript to create a more interesting interface. It also means you could also make a mashup with another Web Service, such as Amazon, and sell products from both on the same page.

TwivatarTwivatar API: Twivatar is a RESTful API to a Twitter user's avatar built out of frustration of external Twitter apps breaking when the avatar url is stored, and then changed by that user later on Twitter - the result is a broken image on that app unless they constantly check for profile changes.

twt.fmtwt.fm API: twt.fm lets you share music, artists and tracks on Twitter. twt.fm generates a track page for you using your twitter page design and you'll be able to tweet it to your followers. The twt.fm API allows users to create tracks on twt.fm.

UN DataUN Data API: The UN Data API project is an unofficial API version of the great data made available by the United Nations on the UNDATA site. The aim is to "make this data accessible and reusable in a variety or ways so it can be easily mashed up and recombined into new applications or analysis. The service uses a straightforward REST API hosted on Google's Java AppEngine and makes UNDATA sets easily queryable from any application. Currently we have 62 datasets from the World Health organization on line and we will add more over time. The service is free to use and publicly accessible you just need to sign up for an account to generate access keys. Standard accounts have some limits on usage but if you need more just contact us and we will arrange a higher limit."

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