7 New APIs: Twitter Voice Phweets, SMS Bots, and URL Shorteners

In addition to the 6 new APIs we just highlighted, there were another 7 added to our directory last week. What were they? They include APIs for voice calls for Twitter users, online image editing, URL shortening (again), SMS bots, video streaming and help desks. Here is a rundown of these 7 new APIs:

mtny.mobimtny.mobi API: mtny.mobi is a URL shortening service. mtny.mobi allows users to "specify whether or not their shortened URL is accessible via mobile devices. When a mtny.mobi-shortened URL is accessed with a mobile device, the user has the option of viewing the resulting page in a mobile-friendly format".

PhweetPhweet API: A Phweet "makes conversations and conference calls possible between Twitter friends and across other social networks. Phweet enables voice conversations through unique hyperlinks which expire when the session ends. A Phweet is a link to an external directory listing. Phweets simply enables voice conversations between two or more profiles without sharing any additional information between the parties."

PixlrPixlr API: Pixlr has a suite of online cloud-based image tools: Image Editor and Photo Express. Pixlr is built for non-professionals, users that have basic editing needs. Pixlr is "ideal for editing web images to be posted on blogs, news sites, social networks, and image sites. The Pixlr API enables developers to integrate Pixlr services into their own web services or applications."

Spot2beSpot2be API: The Spot2.be API and service tries to "solve the location, addresses, maps and directions hassle by combining all important data it all in one simple tiny link. A spot is a mapped location accessed by a simple URL."

udefnudefn API: udefn is a SMS service which lets you "define keywords or shortcuts to your favorite bots. It turns your phone into a remote control. Just text your command. Customize your profile to read the latest news, see RSS updates, or even trigger your backup. The API allows external applications to send and receive these SMS text messages to and from their users."

vzaarvzaar API: vzaar allows businesses to upload video to the vzaar Platform. From there, vzaar streams the video to the business website or online market product listings. vzaar hosts their own video player for embedding content on the web. vzaar is intended for ecommerce usage and the API exposes vzaar's key features to web applications that would like to build custom solutions on top of their video platform.

ZendeskZendesk API: Zendesk is a "professional-grade help desk system. It has been designed using ITIL best practices". The Zendesk REST API allows developers to hook into Zendesk and connect it to third-party applications including plugins and internal applications.

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