7 New APIs: Weather, Politics, Maps, and Code Sharing

What's new on the API front? Here are 7 of the latest APIs added to our API directory including another weather API, this time from Weather Underground (a total of 6 weather APIs), one political data set via the NY State Legislature API (the latest of 9 NY Times APIs, and the Snipt API for sharing code using short URLs. All 7 are listed below:

BlogamaBlogama API: IP geolocation API with streamlined data based on the MaxMind API. Blogama has reduced duplication and surprisingly has a database of only 1.2 million records that is still incredibly accurate to the city level. You can also load the data into your own database for speedier access. More at our report on 3 Free Ways to Geolocate by IP.

Brooklyn MuseumBrooklyn Museum API: The Brooklyn Museum Collection API is a set of services that you can use to display Brooklyn Museum collection images and data in your own applications. More in our coverage on Hack the Brooklyn Museum.

MaponicsMaponics API: A GIS data provider offering neighborhood boundaries datasets via an API. Also an API for neighborhood boundaries, zip code boundaries and postal carrier route boundaries.

New York Times NewswireNew York Times Newswire API: With the Times Newswire API, you can get links and metadata for Times articles as soon as they are published on NYTimes.com. The Times Newswire API provides an up-to-the-minute stream of published items.

New York Times NY State LegislatureNew York Times NY State Legislature API: With the NY State Legislature API, you can get lists of New York State Senate and Assembly members, as well as member details and committee information. Vote data will be added in a later release.

SniptSnipt API: Snipt is a tool for developers and non developers alike. It allows you to post long pieces of text or code (Snipts) and share them with people using convenient short URLs.

Weather UndergroundWeather Underground API: Weather Underground provides real-time weather information via the Internet. Weather Underground provides weather reports for cities across the world as well as local weather reports for newspapers and Web sites. Much of its data comes from the National Weather Service (NWS), as information from that agency is within the public domain by federal law (also with an API of their own -- more details at our NOAA Weather Service API Profile).

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