7 Top APIs for Torrents

A Torrent is a peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing protocol also known as BitTorrent. The technology can distribute files without depending on a single server, so when users download files, they will come from Decentralized sources. A torrent program (client) is required to share files in this way.

Files typically shared in this way could be music, podcasts, or other audio files; movies, TV shows, or other video files; software including games; images, ebooks and other large data files. Though it happens, it is important to note that it is illegal for copyrighted material to be shared this way.

Developers looking to create applications that integrate with Torrents can check out the ProgrammableWeb directory for resources such as Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs. The Torrents category contains APIs for integrating with several different torrent providers, for finding content such as movies, anime, dark web content, searching torrents, and more.

In this article we detail the seven top APIs for Torrents based on web site traffic to APIs in our directory.


YTS is the official YIFY Movies Torrents website. The YTS API integrates torrent movie search features into applications. It is available in JSON and XML formats with username Key. Endpoints are available for managing movies, movie suggestions, reviews, likes, bookmarks, users, and comments.

2. HorribleSubs API

HorribleSubs is an entertainment and torrent Platform for anime and animation movie shows, titles, and series. The HorribleSubs APITrack this API allows users to develop applications that communicate with the HorribleSubs platform. API methods are available to manage users, providers, torrents, fan art, collections, and much more.

HorribleSubs API

Screenshot: HorribleSubs

3. DarkSearch API

DarkSearch is a free darkweb search engine that has indexed nearly half a million Tor pages. The DarkSearch APITrack this API allows developers to query the darkweb search engine. The API is limited to 30 queries per minute.

4. OneOm API

OneOm is a torrent search engine. The OneOm API returns torrent files, magnet links, and subtitles for TV shows. Methods include listing TV shows with runtime dates and images, searching for TV shows by title, and obtaining TV schedules for a specific date.

5. Catbox API

Catbox is an online file sharing and torrent service. The Catbox APITrack this API returns upload data for files and URLs. With the API, developers can upload up to 200 MB, manage, edit, and delete albums with uploaded folders.

6. Bitport API

The Bitport platform is used to download torrents to the cloud, and play them online. The Bitport APITrack this API allows developers to create torrent related extensions and plugins. Also, torrents can be accessed anywhere, and big torrents are downloaded faster. All the work is done by Bitport's servers; so, the user's IP address is kept secure.

7. Searx API

Searx offers a metasearch engine solution that consolidates the search functionality of websites. It offers users secure browsing and online anonymity options. The Searx Administration APITrack this API and Searx Search APITrack this API send requests in HTTP format and return results in a variety of multimedia types that include video, images, torrent, and map.

Check out the Torrents category for more APIs and other developer resources.

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