7 Top Subtitles APIs

Subtitles are an important part of any online video strategy. Film and video subtitles are important for accessibility for hearing impaired persons, offer language help for non-native speakers, improve content comprehension, offer important metadata to improve SEO, and are also proven to increase audience engagement and overall watch times.

Developers wanting to add subtitles functions to applications will need to discover suitable Subtitles APIs.

What is a Subtitles API?

A Subtitles API is an Application Programming Interface in which developers can utilize to integrate subtitle services and data into their own applications.

The best place to find these APIs is in the ProgrammableWeb directory. This article highlights the seven most popular APIs found in the Subtitles category of the ProgrammableWeb API directory, as determined by reader web page visits.

1. Happy Scribe API

Happy Scribe is an automatic transcription and subtitle generator. The Happy Scribe APITrack this API enables users to automatically submit files for transcription, and manage existing transcriptions. The API supports more than 120 languages and variants. This Platform supports video and audio files, offers advanced punctuation, and identifies speakers.

HappyScribe API

Screenshot: Happy Scribe

2. Speechtext AI API

Speechtext AI APITrack this API enables applications to transcribe audio from media files into text. The API can recognize multiple speakers in many languages and add word-by-word timestamps, punctuation, and casing to transcription results. Its speech recognition technology enables users to improve the accuracy of automatic transcription for industries such as finance, healthcare, legal, IT, HR, and others. SpeechText AI supports almost all common media file formats and can transcribe audio/video files stored on a hard drive or files accessible over public URLs ( HTTP, FTP, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.).

3. Kaltura API

Kaltura is a video cloud platform with pay-as-you-go APIs for developer implementations. The Kaltura APITrack this API offers full rich video experiences with methods for ingestion, trans-coding, subtitles, metadata, playback, distribution, analytics, accessibility, monetization, security, search, interactivity, and more.

4. Rev.ai API

Rev.ai provides speech recognition, human transcription, and speech-to-text transcription services. The Rev.ai APITrack this API provides speech-to-text recognition services that can make audio and video content searchable and accessible. Rev.ai automatically adds punctuation and capitalization to transcripts to make them easy to read. It can recognize multiple speakers and attribute text to each. Rev.ai Streaming APITrack this API is a new service that allows real-time audio transcription.

5. OneOm API

The OneOm API returns torrent files, magnet links, and subtitles for TV shows. Methods include listing TV shows with runtime dates and images, searching for TV shows by title, and obtaining TV schedules for a specific date.

6. GoTranscript API

The GoTranscript APITrack this API can add transcription, translation, captioning, and subtitling features to applications. With the API, developers can implement languages, comments, turnaround times, number of speakers, and transcription file formats into applications.

7. Opensubtitles API

Opensubtitles is an online service to find the right subtitles for movies and TV shows in multiple languages. The Opensubtitles REST APITrack this API offers methods to query and download subtitles in different languages. Methods are also available to get lists of the latest subtitles, most downloaded, popular features, and more.

Find more APIs, plus SDKs and other developer resources in the Subtitles category.

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