70 Development APIs: Algolia, iKnode and Temboo

Our API directory now includes 70 development APIs. The newest is the Bynd API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Heroku API. We list 18 Heroku mashups . Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of development APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and JSON lead the way. There are 51 development REST APIs and 5 development SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 20 development XML APIs and 49 development JSON APIs.

The most common tags within development are 31 development backend APIs, 17 development tools APIs and 16 development Internet APIs

On the mashup side, we list 5 development mashups. We profiled the Achivy mashup as mashup of the day in January.

For reference, here is a list of all 70 development APIs.

30Loops API: App hosting and development Platform

Acquia Cloud API: Cloud based Drupal web site development platform

Agile Bench API: Agile project management tool

Algolia API: Search platform for developers

API O MAT API: Mobile application backend service

Appcelerator API: Application development platform

Applicasa API: Mobile backend platform

AppNowGo! API: Web app building platform

backbeam API: Application backend service

Birdback API: Payment card linked application development platform

Blue Mountains Development Applications API: Local development application status tracking service

Bynd API: Backend service platform for building websites and apps

Cabana API: Mobile application building and backend service

Cloudbase.io API: Mobile application cloud hosting service

CloudBees HTTP API: Java application development platform

Cloudfier API: Business application development platform

Coderbits Profile API: Social and professional network for developers and designers

ContinuityApp API: Application deployment service

Crossrider API: Cross platform extension creation service

CSS Sprites Generator API: CSS Sprite generator

Embarke API: Developer tools for social communications

EventSockets API: Cloud based push service

FatFractal API: Application backend service

Gamedonia API: Social game development platform

Geeklist API: Online programming community

Google Issue Tracker Data API: View and update issues on Google Project Hosting

Heroku API: Ruby cloud application platform

HockeyApp API: App testing platform

HTML5 Please API: Developer tools for modern browser features

Hubify API: API and application development service

iKnode API: Application backend service

Inflectus API: Webhooks implementation service

JSON Blob API: Parallel client/server development service

Kagilum iceScrum Cloud API: Agile development platform

Kiuwan API: Application quality management service

Koality API: Code writing and testing platform

Kony API: Mobile application development and backend service

MobileIgniter API: App development platform

Mock Response API: Mock HTTP responses

Mocky API: REST API testing service

MTPS Content Service API: Access to Microsoft Documentation and related content

Ninja Blocks API: Platform allowing apps to communicate with hardware

Nive API: Web application hosting and publishing service

OIPA: Openaid IATI API: International development aid database

OneDesk API: Product management platform

Open Desktop API: Free desktop community

PHP Object Generator API: PHP object generation service

PiCloud API: Cloud computation service

Pieceable API: iOS app testing platform

Rally API: Application development platform Integration service

Renao API: Online web design and hosting

Ritc API: Cloud and SaaS integration service

Runscope API: API support tools

Scringo API: Mobile and tablet application feature provider

Scrumy API: Agile project management tool

Sencha API: Mobile application backend service

ShepHertz App42 Cloud API: App development support services

ShoutEm API: Mobile app development software

Sonatype Nexus API: Development repository manager

Spark API: Real estate software development platform

TastyPie API: Django Interface Design Service

Temboo API: Application development tools

tinyPM API: Service for agile software development teams

topoos API: Application development platform

Trigger Forge API: Cross-platform app code generation service

USDA Economic Research Service API: USDA content for economic and policy issues

Web Form Factory API: Web form generation service

Webshell API: API integration platform

WhateverWeb API: Mobile Development Service

Zubhium API: Android application management platform

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