70 New APIs: Amazon Glacier, American Express and SproutVideo

This week we had 70 new APIs added to our API directory including a cloud based data archiving and backup, video hosting service, comment spam prevention service, American Express payments and transactions processing, webpage classification tool. We also covered an API that looks to transform customer service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

AkvoAkvo API: Akvo creates open source software and Builds partner networks to change the way development aid is allocated and reported, allowing funders to see where their money goes. Akvo Real Simple Reporting allows partners and funders to embed a project’s details on their sites. The Akvo RSR API is a read-only interface providing Akvo data to partners and other interested partners.

Alterian Dynamic MessengerAlterian Dynamic Messenger API: Alterian helps organizations engage their audience through its integrated marketing software Platform. The Alterian platform combines campaign management, web content management, email and social media monitoring tools. Alterian Dynamic Messenger lets marketers manage multiple email campaigns in an effort to increase interaction with their customers. It incorporates analytics, engagement and campaign management, content management, social media monitoring and online response management with email deployment. All functionality of the Dynamic Messenger is available via a Web Service API. Full Documentation is not publicly available.

Amazon GlacierAmazon Glacier API: Amazon Glacier is a cloud based storage service that is optimized for data archiving and backup. The service is meant for data that is infrequently accessed and for which retrieval times of several hours are suitable. Amazon Glacier functionality is available via an API. With the API users can create vaults to organize the archives uploaded to Glacier, upload and retrieve archives, monitor the status of Amazon Glacier jobs and configure a vault to send a notification via the Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) when a job is complete. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

American Express Payment SDKAmerican Express Payment SDK API: The American Express Payment Software Developer Kit ( SDK) gives users the tools needed to build applications on the American Express network. The SDK allows developers to manage the communication and compliance elements for secure Integration and transaction processing. The SDK interfaces with American Express’s Payments API platform Internet Direct allowing merchants to avoid processing fees and minimize potential points of failure.

Assay DepotAssay Depot API: Assay Depot is the world's largest online marketplace for pharmaceutical research services. Researchers from around the world use the public research exchange to find, compare, and purchase research services and to request information from thousands of global vendors.

The Assay Depot API gives read-only access to information on vendors and services. This API uses RESTful calls issued in JSON format.

Astroboa Resource Astroboa Resource API: Astroboa is an information management service that provides a data services platform. Astroboa aims to cover the complete lifecycle of information management, from dynamic modeling to automated exposure of information as web resources. Astroboa makes its services available through JAVA, REST, and SOAP protocols. The API currently uses HTTP Basic Authentication but future releases will also consider OAuth.

Barbershop TagsBarbershop Tags API: Barbershop Tags is an online Resource for downloading, uploading, and ranking over 1,946 Barbershop 'tags'. A tag in Barbershop music is a short arrangement towards the end of a song, similar to a coda in classical music. Freely available tag downloads and music videos are also available through the site and interactivity with the user community is encouraged with contributor stats posted on the main page.

The simple, HTTP based programmer's API allows you to: browse the tags and their associated videos as well as retrieve informational details and rate the tags for creation of third party apps on multiple platforms.

BilbusBilbus API: Bilbus is an e-invoicing/financing solution that allows users to monitor what their customers owe as well as set up loan services for managing unexpected monetary gaps. Users can arrange financial service connections from Bilbus matched commercial lenders in the Bilbus Working Capital Hub.

The SOAP based API features returns in XML and allows third party applications access and the ability to manipulate invoice data stored within Bilbus as well as customer information. Calls include: Create/Update customer. Fetch customer (according to filter setting), Create/Update invoice. Fetch invoice (according to filter setting)

BioWeb.meBioWeb.me API: The service provides persistent URLs for science applications to maintain access to them as their hosting environments change over time. Based on a finding that URLs change for almost half of all scientific web services within 5 years, the service defines an access URL that forwards to a current access address. Forwarding information can be updated if access information changes, so the service's URL continues redirecting to the updated location.

API methods support submission of an encoded URL and return a shortened URL at the service's domain. Submissions can also specify a desired URL tag, and the API will return either the shortened URL using that tag or an error message if it is already in use.

BoingnetBoingnet API: Boingnet is a web based, 1 to 1 marketing platform. Marketers can use the platform to create data driven personal URL, email, social, QR, mobile, and direct mail campaigns. Many of the platform's features are exposed via an API. Functionality exposed includes pURL and campaign management, and reporting including summary, detail, daily and click reports. The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

BrightpearlBrightpearl API: Brightpearl is a remotely accessible business management tool, providing a single point from which to manage all aspects of a business: eCommerce, inventory management, accounting, order processing, and CRM. The Brightpearl API allows customers to access the data held in their Brightpearl account and make use of the platform’s functionality from within their own applications.

BrightrollBrightroll API: BrightRoll is a video delivery platform and network. Its solutions are designed for advertisers and publishers to streamline their content delivery means. For advertisers, BrightRoll offers analytical tools and an extensive network of publishers to work with. Publishers can use the network to leverage their position with high-volume content creators. BrightRoll offers an API that exposes integrative functions. It is a RESTful API that can return XML or JSON-encoded data.

BringItBringIt API: BringIt is an app and media engagement solution. They provide an engagement-as-service-platform that increases user retention and monetization capacity. BringIt integrates mini-games and challenges to apps and web media. Also included in the BringIt toolkit are social features: gift giving, leaderboards, and more. BringIt offers three APIs that expose integration, customer service, and analytical functionalities.

BTCMineBTCMine API: BTCMine is a pooled Bitcoin mining server. Pooled mining allows many miners to work together and thereby reduce the variance in their Bitcoin reward over time. This is achieved by fairly distributing the reward from any blocks found by the server according to how much each individual miner has contributed.

The BTCMine API enables users to retrieve information such as the current pool stats, the current balance for a user, and the current statistics for a user. This API employs REST calls in JSON format.

CallsupCallsup API: CallsUp! is a mobile applications that automatically detects the best call mode to give the user the best rate for a given call. The service also is avaialble for landlines and mobile phones without Internet access. An API is available for developers to offer their customers the service's functionality directly from their website. Public documentation is not avaialble.

Cambridge Dictionaries Online Cambridge Dictionaries Online API: Provides RESTful access to Cambridge Dictionaries Online search, Word of the Day, Thesaurus, Pronunciations, etc., including several Learners' Dictionaries, British and American English data, and a Business Dictionary.


Chronicless for the Secret WorldChronicless for the Secret World API: The Secret World is a massively multiplayer online game created by Funcom. Chronicless is an API created to allow players to access character and cabal data to display on 3rd party websites and integrate into 3rd party applications.

ClickHQClickHQ API: The service provides customer relationship management (CRM) functions, including customer database, easy customer communications with contact tracking to log interactions over time, and sales lead generation to identify prospects for new product offerings. Integration with other applications enables company functions to recognize a specific customer's history and tailor interactions based on that experience.

API methods support customer record creation, retrieval, update, and deletion, along with reporting on customer purchases and other activities. Methods support identifying sales prospects among existing customers as well as routine interactions around e-commerce transactions.

ClobucksClobucks API: Clobucks is a Russian affiliate marketing platform. Affiliates use the platform to select and place promotional material and statistics across a wide range of parameters are used to determine payments. The Clobucks API allows developers to create their own online store through with to conduct their marketing efforts. The API uses XML- RPC calls with results in XML.

CompendiumCompendium API: Compendium is a content marketing platform that allows marketers to capture and create content original content that can then be branded for distribution to any marketing channel. The platform offers features such as automatic categorization, topic suggestions, social integration and the ability to capture customer stories.

The Compendium API allows developers to integrate with Compendium's corporate blogging application. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

CRONOSCRONOS API: The service provides access to data from North Carolina's Climate Retrieval and Observation Network of the Southeast (CRONOS), a record collected and maintained by the state of weather observation data from the surrounding region. It is intended to eliminate concerns with database structure and query syntax needed to interact with the database directly. Instead it provides URL-based access to particular chunks of data.

API methods support retrieval of weather observation data in plain text for a specified collection station and date range. Methods also allow specification of observation intervals desired -- minute-by-minute, hourly, or daily -- and application of quality control checks.

CubeDriveCubeDrive API: The service provides online applications for standard office productivity functions such as word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and project management. Users interact with the online service to create, modify, and manage their documents, which remain securely stored in the remote system. The API allows applications to integrate these functions, which can be implemented either via the web service or through an installed instance.

API methods support create, retrieve, update, and delete ( CRUD) functions for a range of office document and application types. Methods also manage synchronization of separate sets of changes to support collaboration among users in preparing documents, with notifications of changes. Mobile access is available for spreadsheet content.

Diffbot Page ClassifierDiffbot Page Classifier API: Diffbot analyzes web documents using bots, algorithms, computer vision and Artificial Intelligence to process various content. The Page Classifier API takes any web page link and automatically determines what type of page it is from 20 categories using the visual robot.The categories include product, map, social networking profile, event, FAQ, article, discussion thread and more. Interested developers should contact the provider for access to the API.

Easy-forexEasy-forex API: Easy-forex is a currency trading company that allows traders to trade currencies and commodities using any internet enabled platform. The easy-forex API gives developers the ability to integrate the functionality of the trading platform into their own applications. Exposed functionality includes streaming rate feeds, execution and market information services. Full documentation is not publicly available.

ELMdbELMdb API: The ELMdb API provides a programmatic interface to the ELM database. The ELM database contains descriptions of functional sites, representations of functional sites, and known instances of ELMs (eukaryotic linear motifs). These ELMs are currently specified as patterns using Regular Expression rules. The ELMdb API can be accessed using SOAP calls in XML format.

EpomEpom API: Epom provides creative solutions for publishers, advertisers, and networks; namely, an integrated platform for digital ad-campaign management. The advanced ad serving and managing platform allows users to plan, buy, optimize, and analyze their ad campaigns all in one place. The Epom API enables users to retrieve campaign analytics data programmatically using REST calls in a variety of data formats.

EventarcEventarc API: Eventarc is an online event registration service that allows users to set up and administer online event listings as well as ticketing services for the events they have listed. From small events to events ranging in the 10,000 attendee range, Eventarc is user friendly and intuitive enough for anyone to set up an event with invites as well as establishing a ticketing system for attendees. A solution for people wanting a hassle-free, inclusive service for events managed online.

The Eventarc API is currently in beta, but methods include: address, attendee, checkin, event, group, image, payment and user. A PHP Library for the API is available on GitHub.

EZX iServerEZX iServer API: EZX is an online trading platform that offers integration into proprietary trading screens, excel spreadsheets, or the EZI applications. The EZX iServer API is designed to facilitate algorithmic trading. The API enables FIX normalizing, FIX routing, excel integration, and a low latency connections. EZX supports tool kits in Java, .NET, COM, and RTD.

FacetlyFacetly API: Facetly provides a product search engine that can be used to search for products on websites. Facetly is using Go language (Golang) as its main language development and Lucene as its search engine technology. The Facetly API makes functionality available to developers to integrate the Facetly search engine technology with their online store.

Frengly TranslationFrengly Translation API: The service provides a machine translation of any text from one language to another. It accommodates auto-detection of the input language and specification of the desired output language. The API implements some functions of the underlying web service.

API methods support submitting a text passage with source and destination languages. Returned data provide the machine translated version of the submitted text.

goo.imgoo.im API: Goo.im (formerly Goo-INsi) is a file mirroring site, hosting mainly Android-related files. It provides a place for users to upload and download files to be used with their mobile devices for free. The site now mirrors official CyanogenMod builds, hundreds of ROMs, radio and firmware updates, and other miscellaneous files used for the development and rooting of Android devices.

The goo.im API provides a JSON Feed that can be used to show a list of selected ROMs on a website or to provide a continuously updated Google apps listing.

HealthData.gov catalogHealthData.gov catalog API: The HealthData.gov API is used to provide software developers with programmatic access to the contents of the data catalog. The API can be used to find recently added datasets on all types of health statistics, to search the catalog, to download the contents of the catalog for analysis, or to build a new data catalog tool

HealthJibeHealthJibe API: HealthJibe is a personal health platform. It allows users to track conditions, assess progress toward health goals, and more. Users can register through participating employers to create a personal information center called a HealthVault. Users add and monitor pertinent information as they go. HealthPoints are accumulated and can be redeemed for incentives from employers. The HealthJibe API is a RESTful service that exposes functionality for integration with other health services and devices. It returns JSON-encoded data.

HireAbility ALEXHireAbility ALEX API: The service provides a processing routing for résumé documents submitted by job seekers, structuring the content for integration with HR and recruiting applications. It extracts unstructured text and breaks it down to standard fields for processing and tracking job applicants. Without additional human effort to copy and paste into database forms, this processing enables both automated data capture and advanced search against selected fields.

API methods support parsing of text from submitted document files or from URLs supplied by applicants. Methods also allow application status checks and retrieval of job seeker records based on submitted criteria.

ImpressionwiseImpressionwise API: Impressionwise is a data hygiene provider specializing in cleansing data. The service is used for email verification by identifying spam traps and complainers. Data is scanned on-demand against a global view of real-time feedback at the time of the actual cleansing, utilizing no data from aged repositories.

The Impressionwise Data Feed Platform provides batch cleansing of email addresses in real-time. The platform is exposed via a RESTful API. Public documentation is not avaialable.

IncapsulaIncapsula API: Incapsula offers enhanced security and performance features to websites of all sizes. The Incapsula API allows partners to automate their customer on-boarding process and supports enterprise customers in managing multiple sites or pulling system events directly into their monitoring and SIEM systems.

KeypicKeypic API: The protects against spam and other fraudulent and unwanted use of an application's interactive features, such as submitted comments, without forcing users to solve CAPTCHA puzzles. Rather than confronting users with a test to prove they're human, the service aims to make that determination by evaluating their activity on the protected site. It is implemented as a plug-in for WordPress and other platforms and via API.

API methods support interaction with the web service to report spam and verify the form submitting requests. Methods also support requesting code to detect spammer behavior as an iframe or embedded image.

LexicompLexicomp API: Lexicomp is a provider of drug information and clinical content for the healthcare industry. Lexicomp offers an Internet based solution for providing clinicians this content. Information from the databases and modules in Lexicomp Online are made available via an XML API and can be used in third party applications. Full documentation is not publicly available.

Markit DataMarkit Data API: Markit is a pricing and valuation service focused on providing end-of-day services that aggregate valuation information on credit default swaps. The Markit Data APIs give developers access to the data collected by Markit. Currently, there are APIs available for Company Lookup, Stock Quotes, and Timeseries data. The APIs are available in REST and SOAP protocols and will return XML, JSON, or JSONP. Full documentation, code samples, and demos are available on the site's GitHub page.

MEDgleMEDgle API: MEDgle is a Big Data solutions provider. They deal specifically in data from medical and health sciences fields. Their service acts a platform between consumers and vast amounts of medical and health data. Patients find information about their symptoms, medications, and more. Health and medical enterprises can build services off of MEDgle’s information platform to improve their health-care delivery. The MEDgle API is a RESTful service that exposes the information and expert search to enterprises. It can return XML and JSON-formatted data.

MetropixMetropix API: Metropix is a supplier of floor plan based products for the real estate market. Its products include 2D and 3D models, basic floor plans, and Google Earth 3D models among others. The Metropix API enables users to access floor plans, create a new floor plan, print, edit, query property info, and other functions. The service is available in both REST and SOAP protocols depending on integration needs.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Quotes Neil deGrasse Tyson Quotes API: This site provides a simple API that gives users access to a library of Neil deGrasse Tyson quotes. The quotes can be accessed using RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON. Code is also provided for embedding the service onto a website.

NephoscaleNephoscale API: The service provides remote, cloud-based application hosting and data storage under Windows and Linux servers. It includes full controls for provisioning and removing functions within a customer's hosted infrastructure as well as managing currently active functions. Examples include defining storage structure within purchased storage space, installation of applications and utilities, and configuration of security and other access restrictions.

API methods support using all of products and services offered by the platform, including server definition and configuration, containers and objects within storage space, and a proprietary "CloudScript" language for managing infrastructure as a service (IAAS) resources.

Open Exchange RatesOpen Exchange Rates API: The Open Exchange Rates API provides programmatic access to currency exchange rates. It is not a currency conversion service. Open Exchange Rates was designed to provide a free and reliable place for developers to access exchange rates for use in their own apps and projects. Exchange rate data is updated hourly, and historical conversion rates are available as far back as 1999. This API uses RESTful calls in JSON and JSONP.

openSNPopenSNP API: openSNP allows customers of direct-to-customer genetic tests to publish their test results, find others with similar genetic variations, learn more about their results, find the latest primary literature on their variations, and help scientists to find new associations. The openSNP API enables users to retrieve information on users, genotypes, and phenotypes from openSNP using JSON calls.

PaymentwallPaymentwall API: Paymentwall provides a solution for globally monetizing digital goods and services, assisting game publishers, dating sites, rewards sites, and many others in monetizing their digital content. The Paymentwall API allows customers to install customized Paymentwall widgets into their applications.

Pearson Peachpit Visual QuickStart GuidesPearson Peachpit Visual QuickStart Guides API: Visual QuickStart Guides have been a vital part of the computer book category for years and are a trusted resource for accessing information and guidance. Visual QuickStart Guides contain concise, step-by-step explanations of core tools and tasks, with helpful screen shots. The Pearson Peachpit Visual QuickStart Guides API allows users to access and view sections, articles and books from the Pearson database to find the correct guide.

PlaymobPlaymob API: Playmob is a charitable giving integration platform. It allows developers to create the means for players to give to charities through their apps. Playmob has a network of charities for developers to partner with and direct user traffic to. Developers can integrate payments for in-game objects with donations to charities so that portions of the items’ cost goes to a generous cause. The rest of the integration is completely invisible, being worked into the app’s UI, store setup, and player account management system. The Playmob API exposes the entire functionality of the app-to-charity functionality. It is a RESTful API that returns JSON-encoded results.

PredixionPredixion API: The service provides tools to integrate the provider's cloud-based predictive analytics calculations with other applications. It can accept data from a business intelligence (BI) system or from web traffic analytics, CRM, or other packages, then generate predictions of future trends and outcomes for use in business reporting. Capabilities to interact with VBA Macros allow Excel-based access to the service.

API methods support exchanges of data with the service's AnalyticsClient to generate calculations of probable future values based on input of past or projected results. Methods also support interaction with Microsoft Excel to generate enhanced reports reflecting the service's predictive calculations.

Radish Systems ChoiceViewRadish Systems ChoiceView API: Radish Systems is the maker of ChoiceView a service that allows businesses to share visual information in real-time during smartphone conversations. The service has the capability to send pictures, graphics, or text to users' smartphones while they talk. With the ChoiceView API, developers can create a fully functional visual IVR and integrate it with live assistance or existing IVRs. The API is available in RESTful format, full documentation is not publicly available.

RouteSMS JavascriptRouteSMS Javascript API: RouteSms is a mobile messaging and bulk SMS solutions provider. They offer solutions such as SMS hubs, enterprise level messaging, bulk SMS, reseller platform and more. The API lets developers integrate the RouteSMS platform into their JavaScript applications.

ShipStationShipStation API: ShipStation is a web-based shipping solution that streamlines the order fulfillment process for online retailers. ShipStation integrates with USPS, UPS, and FedEx for retrieving rates, creating shipping labels, and much more. The ShipStation API allows you to feed orders, customers, and products into ShipStation in addition to querying on a wide variety of data.

SigimeraSigimera API: Sigimera is a crisis information platform that combines reports from official sources with on-the-ground information in order to support people in and around natural disasters. Sigimera can be used to host multimedia data such as images or videos of the scene after a natural disaster, or the statuses of useful locations (e.g. whether a hospital or airport is intact or over-crowded). Sigimera also provides a list of missing persons and their current statuses (missing/found/dead).

The Sigimera API allows users to integrate information from Sigimera into other applications. RESTful calls can be used to retrieve crises, images, missing persons, and locations in a variety of data formats.

SpamWipeSpamWipe API: The service scans a comment posted to a blog, social networking site, or other interactive application and identifies it as a legitimate post or as comment spam. It prevents spammers from posting irrelevant and unwanted text and links via the protected site's interactive controls.

API methods support submission of an attempted comment post for evaluation as spam. Parameters allow the request to specify the name, email, link URL(s), and other relevant details posted with the comment, along with the comment content itself. Returned data identify whether or not the comment appears to be spam, allowing the application to block those that do not pass the check.

SproutvideoSproutvideo API: SproutVideo is a simple and easy to use video hosting service for businesses. Features include security options, HD video support, customizable players, playlist creation and customization, analytics, and mobile support. The SproutVideo API allows businesses to interact with their SproutVideo account through a RESTful interface to upload, list, modify and delete videos, tags and playlists.

Supertext TranslationSupertext Translation API: Supertext is a language translation service with more than 300 select translators, editors, authors and proofreaders. Services offered by Supertext include revision and proofreading, text creation, translation and adaptation. The API allows users to get quotes and submit job orders. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML or JSON.

TechForward TechForward API: TechForward is a tech marketplace. It offers consumers and merchants a streamlined system for updating electronic gadgetry. Merchants can subscribe to a network that allows them to make use of trade-in technology. Consumers can find plans with willing merchants that provide guaranteed prices for trade-ins. TechForward also provides an API for merchants. It exposes information of the merchants’ network.

TouringPlans DisneyTouringPlans Disney API: Tourplans.com offers users travel tips for going to popular tourist spots like the Disney parks and Universal Studios. The site provides crowd based calendars to predict how crowded the locations will be, how long the lines could be, and what order you should enjoy activities in order to optimize your trip. The Tourplan Disney API is currently in Beta and using REST calls will return nearby attractions, dining locations, resort dining, and hotels in JSON format.

Trail Trail API: The Trail API allows developers to get access to thousands of outdoor recreation points of interest including trails, campgrounds, and ski resorts. Developers can also pull photos, ratings, and descriptions into their mobile app or website. The Trail API uses Javascript requests and receives callbacks in JSON with the option of using JSONP.

Translated.netTranslated.net API: The service provides job submission and tracking tools for professional translation of texts submitted and returned with new versions in preferred languages. The workflow manager helps to expedite and track orders, and administrative functions include consolidated monthly invoices.

API methods support submission of a request for quotation specifying the word count of the text passage to be translated, its original language, and the language for the translation. The API returns a price in Euro and a delivery date for the requested human translation. Methods also allow confirmation of the job, retrieval of the completed translation, and requests for machine translations. Administrative methods allow queries for job status, outstanding account balance, and related information.

TurbulenzTurbulenz API: Turbulenz is a UK based social games developer. Turbulenz offers the ability to build, publish, iterate and monetise high-quality games. The downloadable SDK contains an API Reference for all of the engines included with the SDK, including examples and a user guide for all of the major components.

Tweet ArchivistTweet Archivist API: Tweet Archivist is a service that lets users search Twitter for Tweets by sender, recipient, object of reference, or contents. Users may then create an archive based on that search which they can analyze, export, and share. Users may choose to keep the search private or share the results with friends, colleagues, or the world. Users may create a maximum of three active archives.

The Tweet Archivist API enables users to visualize the data collected in their archives. Available visualizations include volume over time, top users, Tweet vs. Retweet, top words, top URLs, and source of Tweets.

TwitscoopTwitscoop API: Twitscoop is a real-time Twitter-trend visualization tool powered by an algorithm that parses tweets into tags and ranks them by frequency of use versus normal usage. The Twitscoop API allows a selected number of partners to integrate Twitscoop’s data to integrate with their own applications.

Unofficial NeweggUnofficial Newegg API: Newegg is an online store for computers, computer parts, electronics, and software. The Newegg API allows users to search for products based on their features and specifications. This API operates using JSON-formatted GET or POST calls. Although the API is technically provided by Newegg, it's functions have only been exposed by BeMasher in his blog.

Unofficial PandoraUnofficial Pandora API: Pandora is an online music player that uses information gathered by the Music Genome Project to find songs or artists with similarities to those that the user likes. It then plays them back on streaming online stations.

The API methods exposed by Wikia users provide programming language-independent access to Pandora’s proprietary APIs. All listed API calls have been reverse-engineered by Wikia users and have not been made available by Pandora. These calls provide access to all aspects of Pandora's functioning including the creation and editing of stations, retrieval of song information, creation of user accounts, logging on or off, and more.

WeKnowIt Speech ServiceWeKnowIt Speech Service API: The service provides speech recognition and indexing based on audio input in the form of a submitted WAV file or certain other formats. The recorded speech is mapped to text then indexed to be compatible with search queries, either for single words from the generated text passage or tags applied in indexing.

API methods support submission of an audio sample in one of the accepted formats for conversion to text strings and indexing for search. Methods also support submitting queries against the index previously created to return matching text from the passage or matches against tags applied to the text by the indexing process.

WinesteinWinestein API: WineWineWine.com offers users access to an online wine cellar to keep track of what wine the user has, a wine wish and favorites list, wine reviews, and personal wine advice. The Weinstein API, offered by WineWineWine enables users to integrate a wine pairing service into his/her online store. The service is available as an XML feed or through custom integration by WineWineWine into websites or apps. The website is in Dutch.

WuBook WiredWuBook Wired API: WuBook is an online booking service allowing hotels to support online booking and sync Internet Distribution Services. Wired!, the WuBook API, provides a web services Framework for developers to integrate WuBook into 3rd party applications.

Xtenit SubscriberXtenit Subscriber API: The Xtenit platform allows developers to manage operations and easily publish across media types. The Xtenit Subscriber API facilitates AJAX style access to articles, archives, subscriber data, and subscriber data update functions with the XML request-response mechanism. This is for support of Flash integration and java-script Web 2.0 sites.

YuMe AFPYuMe AFP API: YuMe is a video delivery platform and service. Its extensive infrastructure offers opportunities for advertisers, publishers, app developers, and more. YuMe connects them in network that shares their mutually supportive assets. Content providers and advertisers can use YuMe’s delivery platform and Relevance Engine to put their content in the right place at the right time. Advertisers and publishers can use the network and delivery platform for streamlined media management. YuMe provides an API for video metadata management. It is available through their ACE for Publishers platform.