70 New APIs: Capital One, ESPN and Tapstream

This week we had 70 new APIs added to our API directory including a credit card identity service, open scoring service, application tracking service, online programming community and a media transcoding service. In addition we covered an API that lets users perform image tagging for fun and profit, and an API for creating personalized postcards. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

AAI@EduHr AOSIAAI@EduHr AOSI API: AAI@EduHr stands for Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure Research and Higher Education in Croatia. AAI forms the foundation of an electronic identity management system that was designed as a place where data on a person's electronic identity could be stored for personal reference and for use by applications requesting identity information.

AOSI refers to applications for the maintenance of the contents of the system directory. Thus, the AOSI API enables users to search, modify, and retrieve information from the directory. This service uses SOAP calls issued in XML format.

The website and all API documentation are provided solely in Croatian.

ADS SecuritiesADS Securities API: ADS Securities is a Middle East based trading platform that provides forex, bullion and commodities trading solutions to institutional and professional investors. The ADS Securities API allows clients to access executable streaming prices. The API can also be used to feed ADS Securities’ liquidity into existing systems or GUIs to add our the liquidity pool into existing feeds.

AFD Software Postcode EverywhereAFD Software Postcode Everywhere API: The Postcode Everywhere API provided by AFD Software enables developers to look up addresses and banking information programmatically. API calls enable users to search for addresses based on a free-text search string, some or all fields of the address, or a postcode. Additional calls are provided for validating bank account or credit card details, looking up bank details, and searching for banks matching certain parameters. These services are accessible using SOAP calls issued in XML format.

Alan Bush Music Trust CompositionsAlan Bush Music Trust Compositions API: The Alan Bush Music Trust is a charity established to promote public education and appreciation for music, especially with regards to the works of British composer Alan Bush. The website serves as an archive of Alan Bush's music and related information.

The Music Trust provides the Compositions API to enable users to search the archve's musical compositions and categories programmatically. This service uses SOAP calls issued in XML format.

AnnotatedEarth LocationAnnotatedEarth Location API: AnnotatedEarth is a user-driven community for collecting location information. It is specifically designed to provide location-aware information to devices such as laptops, palm pilots, and cell phones via a service interface on the website. AnnotatedEarth is focused on determining what is immediately in the surrounding area (e.g. 20, 50, 100 feet away). Although usable with mapping services, AnnotatedEarth, as a system, doesn't directly provide for map creation or directions.

The AnnotatedEarth Location API enables developers to fully access AnnotatedEarth's location-aware infrastructure and information.

Arkansas GeoStorArkansas GeoStor API: The service provides a geographic information service (GIS) for locations in the U.S. state of Arkansas. It provides simple search and advanced (field-specific) search against a repository of information about Arkansas and its subdivisions and regions. Advanced search allows specification of category and publisher from which results should come along with date characteristics of results to be included.

The basic service is an implementation of ArcGIS and supports methods of that API within its namespace. In addition, API methods support basic search and advanced search by category and publisher against the state's geographic information repository. A separate API allows interaction with the data viewer incorporated within the site.

Australian Business Register ABN LookupAustralian Business Register ABN Lookup API: ABN Lookup is the public view of the Australian Business Register (ABR). It provides access to the publicly available information supplied by businesses when they register for an Australian Business Number (ABN). The most efficient way to search for a business is by ABN, ACN, ARBN, or ARSN. Searching by name will generally return multiple results ordered by relevance. The advanced search functions can be used to refine the results returned by a name search.

This service is available on the website, but can also be accessed programmatically using a SOAP API.

Banco de Guatemala Tipo CambioBanco de Guatemala Tipo Cambio API: The Bank of Guatemala (Banco de Guatemala) provides an exchange rate service for its national currency, the Guatemalan quetzal. This service, the Tipo Cambio API, is available using SOAP-based calls issued in XML format. The service returns the exchange rate between the quetzal and the selected currency, either for the present day or over a given time period.

Although several parts of the Bank of Guatemala website have English translations available, most of the website and all of the API documentation are provided only in Spanish.

Bank of Lithuania PaymentsBank of Lithuania Payments API: The Bank of Lithuania (Lietuvos Bankas) is the central bank of the Republic of Lithuania. The Bank of Lithuania Payments API enables users to perform checks against the dictionaries of payment systems and the dictionaries of securities settlement systems. This API uses SOAP calls issued in XML format. The Bank of Lithuania's website and API documentation are available in both English and Lithuanian.

Bank of Lithuania StatisticsBank of Lithuania Statistics API: The Bank of Lithuania (Lietuvos Bankas) is the central bank of the Republic of Lithuania. The Bank of Lithuania Statistics API provides users with SOAP-based access to information on the bank's official foreign currency exchange rates as well as the current and historical loan interest rates, state of liquidity indicators, and VILIBID and VILIBOR interest rates.

The Bank of Lithuania's website and API documentation are available in both English and Lithuanian.

Bank of Russia Daily InfoBank of Russia Daily Info API: The Bank of Russia (Банк России) is the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. It hosts the Daily Info API, which provides users with access to financial information associated with the bank. The service uses SOAP calls to retrieve the desired information, either as a dataset or in XML format.

Available information includes the prices of precious metals, bank liquidity, exchange rates, lending rates, investments, amounts owed to credit institutions, government securities, RUONIA (Ruble Overnight Index Average), and more.

Much of the Bank of Russia website is available in both Russian and English, but the API documentation is given only in Russian.

Broker VisionsBroker Visions API: Broker Visions offers solutions for the secondary ticket market through a cloud based platform. The Broker Visions API provides a RESTful interface for customers to integrate Broker Visions features such as real-time ticket exchange and purchase, ticket selection and seating charts, and event search.

Brownbook OpenSearchBrownbook OpenSearch API: The service provides listings from a directory of business organizations categorized by product offerings, including both goods vendors and service providers. Search access is provided in compliance with OpenSearch standards. Keyword look-up or programmatic integration provides listings for individual businesses providing a desired product.

API methods support access to the listings compliant with the OpenSearch format. Methods allow submission of a query term and and geographic location. The API returns a results list from the business directory local to the specified place and matching that term, with a link to view details for each business on the provider's platform.

BugetMDBugetMD API: The service provides budget data for the government of Moldova extracted from the Open Data portal of machine-readable government operating data. Data come from the Moldovan Ministry of Finance in partnership with the World Bank. The dataset excludes personal information about people as well as trade secrets of companies and state secrets of the government. The portal's goal is improved transparency government actions for citizens and other stakeholders.

API methods support listings of expenditure items and their categories along with units of government or local and regional authorities that incur the expenses. The API returns machine-readable data structured according to those divisions to report actual government expenditures.

Capital OneCapital One API: Capital One is a financial institution specializing in credit cards, banking and other loans. The Capital One API is a beta service to allow developers access to cardholder data with the user's permission. Documentation is currently only available by request for access to rewards point and other data.

Cloud CMACloud CMA API: Cloud CMA is an online report generator for real estate agents and brokers. The Cloud CMA API provides a RESTful interface for customers to embed report creation functionality within their websites. Report types include CMA, buyer tour, and property reports.

CodeGenerateCodeGenerate API: CodeGenerate is a free service where users can create barcodes and QR codes for advertising and packaging. The site offers free updates every time new features are added, and users can save created barcodes. The CodeGenerate API allows users to integrate the barcode functionality into third party systems to easily create barcodes using REST calls.

The API is currently in Beta, contact CodeGenerate for documentation and access.

CommunityMXCommunityMX API: CommunityMX (CMX) hosts a panel of experts who help visitors learn about the latest web development techniques and provide personal support with project goals. Every day, CMX adds new articles, tutorials, videos, starter kits, and discussions on the latest developments and uses of popular products.

CMX provides an API that enables users to search for and retrieve content and tips from the website. This service is accessible using SOAP calls issued in XML format.

CompuServe Newsgroups PublicCompuServe Newsgroups Public API: CompuServe is a subsidiary of AOL that provides internet access and products. The CompuServe homepage hosts articles and content from Time Warner sources such as CNN, People, Fortune, and Entertainment Weekly.

The CompuServe Newsgroups Public API enables users to retrieve articles from CompuServe or to post articles to a selected newsgroup. These functions are accessible using SOAP calls issued in XML format.

CoPubCoPub API: The service provides search and text mining within the MedLine database of published literature on medical and biological research. It identifies occurrence of text specified by the searcher and detects combinations of biomedical concepts within the same abstract. This function returns results that are highly targeted to the combination rather than merely mentioning individual terms or concepts.

API methods support search for a single term with or without association with specified categories from a controlled list. Methods also support matches for a pair or a larger group of terms, with possible filters for fields where the terms co-occur and category matches.

DayDetailsDayDetails API: The service provides historical and trivia information pertinent to a specified calendar date. It calculates equivalents for the entered data according the the Islamic, Iranian, and other calendars and time comparisons for various locations. Calculations also include duration from the specified date to the current date in weeks, days, hours, and seconds.

DiscountDomainsDiscountDomains API: DiscountDomains is a domain registration and management website based in New Zealand. The DiscountDomains API is a SOAP based service that allows users to automate the management of domain portfolios. The service allows users to integrate search, registration, and ongoing management functionality into third party websites. The current API only allows users to manage .nz domain names but future releases will be extended to include non-.nz domain names.

Dukascopy FIXDukascopy FIX API: The service provides data feeds with real-time quotes for foreign exchange and currency exchange rates along with ability to complete trades. It serves the needs of professional market participants to track closely movements in exchange rates between different currencies, with abilities to respond quickly by initiating trades to profit from differences or hedge risk.

API methods support access to exchange rate quotes in FIX4.4 protocol. Methods also support creating orders for trades, along with ability to update and cancel existing orders. The API also allows for automated notifications of selected trading activities.

el Guille Conversorel Guille Conversor API: El Guille is a website offering articles and tutorials on programming with Visual Basic, C#, ASP.NET, XAML, and other languages. The Conversor API provided by el Guille enables users to convert temperatures between Celsius and Fahrenheit. This service uses SOAP calls issued in XML format. The website and API documentation are provided exclusively in Spanish.

ElderCare LocatorElderCare Locator API: The service from the U.S. Administration on Aging provides lookup against a database of services available for seniors and aging Americans in locations nationwide. Applications can connect elderly users and their caregivers with listings of medical and social service providers, among other applicable support services.

API methods support search for matches against a national database of senior services maintained by the U.S. Department of Heath and Human Services. Queries match against service descriptions and can be filtered by location specified as either city and state or Zip Code.

ESPN ALPSESPN ALPS API: ESPN ALPS is a scoring API for Basketball and Lacrosse that allows users to submit live scoring data to ESPN. The API is holding a competition for developers with over $10k in cash prizes. The service uses SOAP calls and returns JSON. API authentication uses an access key and a shared secret.

FlexmlsFlexmls API: Flexmls is a real estate multiple listing service for real estate brokers. The Flexmls API allows brokers and agents to access listings, contacts, and market stats. Users can also add the flexmls listings search tool to third party websites. The service uses REST calls and returns JSON. Access to an API key cost $240 annually.

Forni.caForni.ca API: Forni.ca is an adult video grabber which grabs videos and meta-data from adult video sites. The Forni.ca API allows developers to automate video grabbing through a RESTful interface and returns JSON responses.

GeeklistGeeklist API: Geeklist is an online community that offers developers a place to present their work, connect with other developers, and gain credit for achievements. The Geeklist community includes more than 50,000 developers who represent more than 5,000 companies and has logged more than 500,000 activities in the Geeklist database. The API allows developers to create their own applications and services and retrieve any needed data from the Geeklist database. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

HIE EventsHIE Events API: Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) is a group dedicated to supporting the development of Scotland's businesses and communities. They are especially interested in developing growth sectors distinctive to the region, such as the marine sciences and renewable energy.

HIE frequently hosts events related to its goals. Information on such events can be viewed on their website or retrieved programmatically via SOAP API. The HIE website is provided in both English and Gaelic.

HipmobHipmob API: Hipmob is a mobile live chat service that aims to connect customers with customer service. The service can also be integrated with CRMs and other customer service platforms. The Hipmob API allows admins to manage applications' settings and obtain device information. The API uses REST calls, returns JSON, and uses and API Key and SSL for authentication.

Hunt Mobile Ads Ad RequestHunt Mobile Ads Ad Request API: Hunt is a mobile advertising network targeting the Spanish speaking market throughout Latin America and the United States. The Hunt Mobile Ads Ad Request API provides a RESTful interface allowing customers to automate ad requests.

Insiteo SuiteInsiteo Suite API: Insiteo is an indoor location mapping service that can be integrated with mobile applications and data collection services and aims to increase site profitability, data intelligence, customer experience and satisfaction levels. The Insiteo Suite of APIs is comprised of six APIs which can be used independently or together to create indoor mapping applications. The suite includes the indoor location, interactive mapping, pathfinding and navigation, geofencing, meet me, and lone worker protection API.

Internet Storm Center DShieldInternet Storm Center DShield API: Internet Storm Center provides a free analysis and warning service to internet users and organizations. Internet Storm Center gathers intrusion detection logs from users and affiliated organizations to track and prevent the spread of malware. The Internet Storm Center DShield API allows users to remotely interact with the Storm Center service. Users can return backscatter data, return handler of the day, return current infocon levels, check IP address info, and many other calls. The API uses REST calls and can return data in XML,JSON,TXT and PHP.

LinkTigerLinkTiger API: LinkTiger is a link testing and analysis service that checks a selected website for broken links and notifies the user. The service also creates charts and reports detailing the broken links, time periods down, and other monitoring statistics. The LinkTiger API enables users to integrate link checking analysis with third party customer portals, CRMS, CMS and other web services. For full documentation, contact LinkTiger.

Malaika Consultants ZipCode LookupMalaika Consultants ZipCode Lookup API: The service provides information about a geographic area within the United States specified by a particular Zip Code of the U.S. Postal Service. Available specifics include the location by state, region, city, exact boundaries, and elevation. Data also include telephone area codes for the region, with some information about city classifications, where appropriate.

API methods support submission of a Zip Code, and returned data provide the city, state, and county where it is located along with city type, latitude/longitude, time zone, elevation, and telephone area codes. Methods also support listings of Zip Codes located within a city or state and the specific code for a latitude/longitude.

MinuteDockMinuteDock API: MInuteDock is a time tracking service that can integrate with existing accounts and project management platforms. It can create reports, import data, create invoices, and be access from websites, twitter, mobile devices, and browsers. The MinuteDock API exposes some of the functionality of the MinuteDock service to remote queries. Users can request a list of accounts, active accounts, lists of users, check entries and manipulate time tracking. The Service user REST calls and returns JSON.

MKDenial DplMKDenial Dpl API: The service provides subscribers with access to the provider's Denial List service to highlight companies and locations prohibited from receiving exports of certain technologies and providers. The U.S. government restricts both individuals and companies from providing goods and services to some buyers in other countries, either specific buyers or any buyer in a restricted country. The denial list also applies to product categories with export licensing requirements, such as nuclear technologies.

API methods support generation of a denial list of restricted buyers for specific products (either goods or services) located in particular countries. The API can return either summary or comprehensive denial listings.

MMO Electronic Reporting SystemMMO Electronic Reporting System API: The service provides for compliance with requirements of the U.K. government for reporting of commercial fishing activities, both amounts and species of fish caught and sales completed. Vessel owners and operators of commercial fishing businesses use the service to report their catch and sales information. Other sellers and resellers as well as buyers can use the service to fulfill their own reporting requirements.

API methods support listing of ports, fishing grounds and regions, and species tracked. Methods also support submission of catch size and composition, by species, size, freshness, and other characteristics. Sales reporting methods allow reporting of transaction information, including buyer and seller, date, species, amount, etc.

Mogreet TranscodingMogreet Transcoding API: Mogreet is a SMS/MMS marketing service focusing on the delivery of high quality video, audio and images. Mogreet clients can create, manage, and track their text message marketing campaigns through Mogreet's platform and customer relationship manager (CRM).

The Mogreet platform is capable of ingesting various content such as audio, images and video and transcoding it to allow for use in mobile apps, web and messaging. The API lets users list all the content ingested, retrieve the Smart URL for a given content id, and to destroy a piece of content hosted in the system. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

MoneyScienceMoneyScience API: Money science is a social network for quantitative finance and financial technology. Money Science studio environments allow users to add specially constructed content to the site using a REST API. Content may be delivered in the form of visualizations, data processing, and data.

MorrisComGroup MorrisComGroup API: The Morris Communications Group provides businesses with the ability to switch SIP trunking services with a broadband connection, and other communication services. The MorrisComGroup API supports: Retrieving voicemail information for a mailbox, playing, deleting, and saving voicemail messages. Controlling phone pairing, controlling forwarding, and several other features. The Service uses and REST calls and all communications are fully encrypted in both directions with 1024bit encryption over SSL.

Msg2sendMsg2send API: Msg2send is an international web SMS provider that helps businesses connect directly with mobile users through SMS marketing, enables users to respond with keywords, manage contact lists and set up to auto respond to users requests, and many other features. The API allows customers to send customized messages through the API endpoints as well as integrate the Msg2send features with third party applications. The Msg2send API uses REST calls.

OpenHallwayOpenHallway API: OpenHallway is a usability testing service that was created to make the web more usable. The site allows users to create a test scenario for a website, send the link to a participant, then record the audio and the video from the users during the test. Results are then available for review and sharing. The OpenHallway API allows users to integrate screen recording technology into third party applications. Premium Account required for API access and documentation available on request.

Orbis Orbis API: Orbis is a provider of secure electronic trading systems for the global financial industry. With Orbis' solutions users have access to markets with real-time quotes, rapid execution times, and tools to help manage their portfolio and evaluate market trends. Orbis provides a fast trading API for use by automated traders. The API provides real-time market access and includes customizable risk management tools to prevent over-buying and over-selling of shares, as well as a live monitoring feature that allows users to track the progress of their trades and get real-time P&L information. Interested developers should contact the provider for more information.

OZ Data CentaOZ Data Centa API: OZ Data Centa aims to inform website owner's, the public, and any interested party of recent data leaks resulting from phishing or hacking attacks. The site collects and archives instances of data leaks by geographic region. The OZ Data Centa API allows users to request singe archives from Oz Data Centa. The API currently does not require a user ID or authentication to access. The service uses REST calls and can return data in JSON,XML, and TEXT formats.

PanlPanl API: Panl is a monitoring service for websites and applications. The Panl API allows customers to push events to the Panl servers and automate all monitoring and alert functions. The API uses a RESTful interface and returns JSON responses.

PassSlotPassSlot API: PassSlot is a service for developers for Passbook integration with their applications. Developers can create passes and tickets for Apple's PassBook.

The PassSlot API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of PassSlot with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include retrieving passes, creating and editing passes and templates, and retrieving information associated with passes.

PaysbuyPaysbuy API: The service headquartered in Thailand provides for online payments by credit card through familiar networks such as Paypal, MasterCard, Visa, and others. It enables e-commerce and online business overall by quickly and securely processing payments. Sample code is available for PHP/MySQL and .NET environments.

API methods support retrieving invoice data and status information about an invoice. Methods also support uploading current payment information including payor, card and account information, and purchase invoice including product and price. The API also manages currency rates and other details of international transactions.

Penki Top 100Penki Top 100 API: Penki: Top100 is a system that provides website attendance statistics and analyses thereof. The service keeps track of data such as the number of unique visitors, the most frequently searched terms within the website, visitors' countries of origin, and whether visitors' computers support JAVA. All of this information can be retrieved programmatically using a SOAP API. Top100 offers both free and paid versions of its services. The website is available in three languages: Lithuanian, Russian, and English.

PFGBEST BESTDirectPFGBEST BESTDirect API: PFGBEST is a U.S. Futures Commission Merchant, with customers, affiliates and brokerage offices in more than 80 countries. Their BESTDirect platform is used by day traders working with the futures market. The platform has a web based option and offers features such as trailing stops and profit targets, OCO orders, depth of market trading panel, trade window with complete positions summary, trade panel, order history, and real-time account status, strategy window and more. The API gives users access to all of the capabilities of a front-end trading system with the ability to execute trades for both futures and Forex contracts with their existing applications. Interested developers should contact the provider for more details about the API.

RankMyTypingRankMyTyping API: The service provides access to statistics compiled by an online game to measure the user's typing or keyboarding speed. Users state their age, gender, and occupation before taking the test, so data available include these variables. Statistics break down correct and incorrect keyboarding by word within the sample passages presented by the test. Statistics also report average typing speed, both overall and by demographic and occupational category .

API methods support searches for statistics of keyboarding skill compiled over the course of game use. Returned data provide counts of words and individual letters typed correctly and incorrectly, along with summaries by demographic category, occupation, and zodiac sign.

refbase OpenSearchrefbase OpenSearch API: The service provides bibliographic search to return citations matching a submitted query. Its architecture complies with the SRU (Search/Retrieve via URL) standard promulgated by the U.S. Library of Congress which uses CQL (Common Query Language) to structure interactions with the service.

API methods support submission of a bibliographic search query stated in CQL syntax. The API returns metadata for matching resources in MODS format embedded in a SRU/W XML wrapper.

SalesnetSalesnet API: Salesnet is a customer relationship management (CRM) service that offers sales, marketing, and lead management software. These services are available online and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

The Salesnet API enables developers to integrate Salesnet CRM data with other applications, databases, or websites. The API operates using SOAP calls issued in XML format. Salesnet offers free, fully functional code samples in a variety of different programming languages to provide a starting point for developers.

Schenker Norway WebservicesSchenker Norway Webservices API: DB Schenker is a Norwegian shipping service that operates over land, ocean, and air. In addition to regular cargo, it is capable of handling food and other goods that require thermo-regulated transportation. DB Schenker provides webservices that allow users to log in and track an item based on its shipment number, consignment number, or other relevant identifier. Users may also retrieve pricing and timetable information. These functions are available using SOAP calls issued in XML format.

South France VillasSouth France Villas API: South France Villas offers holiday villas for rent throughout Southern France. The South France Villas Developers API provides a RESTful interface for integrating search and data retrieval from the South France Villas catalog of villa rentals.

SpringestSpringest API: Springest is a Dutch continuing education service that helps users find and compare courses, books, articles, training courses using search and filter capabilities. The Springest API opens up all of the searchable data from Springest to users. Users can query for training guides, courses, and other content as well as integrate it into programs. The service uses REST calls and returns XML or JSON.

StannpStannp API: Stannp is a web and mobile application that allows users to create postcards from their photos. Stannp offers features that let users add effects and text to their photos for postcards to send and share.

The Stannp API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Stannp with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include printing postcards, uploading images, managing payment options, and managing account information.

TaggstarTaggstar API: Taggstar is an application that allows users to make their images on websites interactive by adding and embedding videos, text, maps, and other pictures into the images.

The Taggstar API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Taggstar with other applications and websites. Example API methods include viewing tags and embeds, disabling and enabling tagging, and suspending embed functions.

TapstreamTapstream API: Tapstream is a service that helps developers identify traffic sources, such as Twitter, application stores, websites, and emails for their applications.

The Tapstream API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Tapstream with other applications. The available API method is to tag applications with data to trigger events.

TerraServer Landmark ServiceTerraServer Landmark Service API: TerraServer offers satellite image licenses for print, film, and TV purposes. Customers may browse through the map viewer or look at preselected landmarks and then purchase files, prints, or posters of the desired imagery. TerraServer offers its Landmark Service API to enable users to search for landmarks within a given area. Users can access this service using SOAP calls issued in XML format.

The Customer Connection Register OnlineThe Customer Connection Register Online API: The Customer Connection is a leading group in the implementation of customer reward programs. Examples of their services include loyalty programs, gift cards, birthday specials, email marketing, SMS marketing, proximity marketing, and database management.

The Customer Connection Register Online API allows people to request to sign-up with the site programmatically. This service uses SOAP calls issued in XML format.

Tiscali Email ServicesTiscali Email Services API: Tiscali Services is the IT engine of the Tiscali Group, an Italian telecommunications company. Tiscali Services provides a collection of email-related APIs that perform functions such as validating e-mail addresses and account passwords, sending emails from a user-selected Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server, and returning the name of the SMTP server for a given domain.

In spite of its Italian origins, the Tiscali Services website is provided to users in English.

TrakQRTrakQR API: TrakQR is a service allowing users to create, manage, and track dynamic Quick Response Codes. Features include a dashboard for managing multiple campaigns and instant analytics. The TrakQR API provides a RESTful interface for customers to build QR Code features into applications.

VideograbberVideograbber API: The service provides a capability to discover the file URLS for video displayed by a specified web page. Documentation specifies a list of dozens of video hosting platforms from which it can capture video, including YouTube and Der Spiegel in Germany. Access to file URLs allows for direct access to the media files rather than through the hosting site's player interface.

API methods allow submission of a video URL on a selection of video hosting sites. Returned data provide basic metadata such as the title and thumbnail image URL along with file URLs for different video quality options (from 1080-pixel HD to 240 pixel) and formats (MP4 and FLV) available.

VisANTVisANT API: The service provides visualization tools to represent networks and pathways within biological research. Available as a web service or installed software, it ingests data about organisms and species and creates images depicting links and relationships between them. Interactions within an active community drive development of the graphical tools to create effective depictions for researchers.

API methods support defining characteristics of the nodes of a visualization, including the links between them that determine the graphic representation. Methods support lookup in species and organism records to help define node descriptions.

VoxeVoxe API: Voxe builds online tools that aim to contextualize, compare, and debate political platforms. Voxe focuses on the content of political candidate’s proposals and the actual features they make possible. The Voxe API provides a RESTful interface for developers to access and integrate the Voxe data.

WEBCONProWEBCONPro API: WEBCONpro is a channel manager for the portal maintenance of hotel booking sites. The site facilitates the upkeep of prices, rates, a booking information to help sites remain competitive. The WEBCONpro API enables full customization of the services offered through the multi property online booking system. The service returns XML.

WheelmapWheelmap API: Wheelmap is an online user generated map of wheelchair-accessible places. The Wheelmap API provides a RESTful interface for integrating many of Wheelmap’s features. The API returns JSON responses.

WordChuckWordChuck API: WordChuck is an app and website translation service where users can access professional translators, or use their own, and automate the localization of content. The WordChuck API can be used to get translations,create content, and generate local data in customizable ways. Users can choose which content is translated and where that content is deployed.


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