700 Social Mashups: Twitter and Facebook Reign

FacebookThere are now 700 social mashups in our mashup directory. Social apps are growing quickly, as we noted when the directory reached 5,000 total mashups. Social mashups now make up 9% of the directory, up from less than 3% in 2008. The growth has been pushed forward primarily by two social stalwarts: the Twitter API and the Facebook API.

Interestingly, the 700th social mashup doesn't use either of the two big social APIs. Social Butterfly (pictured below) allows you to anonymously chat with random strangers through Google Talk. It uses Google AJAX Libraries, Google App Engine and Google Talk.

Social Butterfly

In terms of social mashup counts, Twitter surprisingly has more than Facebook. There are 232 social Twitter mashups versus 185 social Facebook mashups. Of course, there are vastly more Twitter mashups overall (588 versus 262). And here's a fun one: 59 social mashups use both Twitter and Facebook.

Our Mashup of the Day (MOTD) distinction has also been kind to the social apps, with over 300 social MOTDs.

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