71 eCommerce APIs: Seatwave, Playme and eBay

Our API directory now includes 71 eCommerce APIs. The newest is the PayAnywhere API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Seatwave API. We list 8 Seatwave mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of eCommerce APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 41 eCommerce REST APIs and 21 eCommerce SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 49 eCommerce XML APIs and 31 eCommerce JSON APIs.

The most common tags within eCommerce are 34 shopping eCommerce APIs, 29 payment eCommerce APIs and 13 mobile eCommerce APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 17 eCommerce mashups. We named FindHorsesForSale.net as mashup of the day in December.

For reference, here is a list of all 71 eCommerce APIs.

  2Checkout API: Ecommerce services

  3dCart API: Online shopping cart service

  AddShoppers Social Product API: Social eCommerce sharing Platform

  Aerapay API: Mobile payments service

  AmeriCommerce API: Shopping cart software

  Bachbill API: Cloud-based SaaS delivery service

  BankCard Central VERePay API: eCommerce gateway

  Blockchain Block Explorer API: Bitcoin and block chain information service

  Buck API: Mobile payment service

  CartGenie OX API: Online ordering and payment service

  CashFlows API: Web and mobile payment platform

  Cent2Cent API: Digital content ecommerce platform

  Chirpify API: eCommerce via Twitter service

  CommerceV3 API: Online storefront and payment service

  CoreCommerce API: eCommerce platform

  CurdBee API: Online billing software

  Demandware Open Commerce API: On demand eCommerce platform

  Developer Garden ClickandBuy API: Payment interface service

  DutyCalculator API: Customs duty and import tax calculation service

  eBay Large Merchant Services API: Transcation processing services

  eBay Product Services API: eBay product compatibility service

  eBay Shopping API: eBay shopping service

  eBay Trading API: eBay trading service

  eBridge Connections API: Cloud-based accounting Integration with EDI, ecommerce, CRM & SCM

  eWAY API: Online payments gateway

  Extravaganza City API: Group buying service

  Flo2Cash API: New Zealand online payment service

  GoCardless API: Online payments gateway

  Google In-App Payments API: Payments within applications

  Google Payment Express API: Mobile payments service

  Group Commerce API: eCommerce platform

  Gumroad API: Social product marketplace

  Hitmeister API: German shopping marketplace

  Hubsoft API: Online order management service

  Intuit Payments Connect API: Easily connect to Intuit Payment Services and QuickBooks Merchant Services (QBMS)

  IP Commerce API: Payment Platform with single integration access to leading payment providers

  IPInfoDB Fraud Detection API: Online fraud detection service

  Jumio Netswipe API: Online and mobile payment service

  Kangaroo Commerce Server API: eCommerce server integration service

  LifePics API: Photo printing e-commerce service

  Manpacks API: Men's shopping web site

  MintChip API: Royal Canadian Mint digital currency

  Mob eCommerce API: Mobile eCommerce application

  Movylo Shop API: Mobile store creation service

  Ondango API: Social network integrated webshops

  OneBip API: Mobile payments and billing service

  Open Source Currency API: Virtual currency platform

  Paxum API: eWallet payment service

  PayAnywhere API: Mobile payment service

  PaymentVision Pay API: Online credit card payment service

  PayTrace API: Online payment service

  Playme API: Music streaming, download, radio and playlist service

  PowerPay API: Payment processing service

  PubEasy API: Publishing and book sales information service

  Pwinty API: Online photo buying and printing service

  Regal Technologies DevConnect API: Payment and fraud detection service

  Seatwave API: Online marketplace for live events

  SecureNet API: Online credit card and ACH payment service

  Sellaround API: eCommerce service

  Shipping Gear API: eCommerce shipping calculation service

  ShopIgniter API: Online commerce marketing platform

  Svpply API: Social shopping discovery website

  Tax Data Service API: U.S. and Canadian Tax data service

  Topspin API: Direct to fan marketing platform

  Vantiv Solution Builder API: Payment Processing Simplified

  Wishpot Coupon API: Coupon aggregation service

  Wishpot Price Alert API: Price change monitoring service

  Wishpot Publisher API: Add product pages and ads to blogs

  Wishpot Social Commerce API: Social eCommerce platform

  YESpay API: Card payment services

  Zipmark API: Online and mobile payment service

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