71 New APIs: Google Plus History, Merriam-Webster and Zaarly

This week we had 71 new APIs added to our API directory including a lego database lookup service, cloud cost management system, ecommerce Platform, corporate payment service, Library document sharing service, copywriting and proofreading services, time-tracking service and local commerce platform. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

AdvertoryAdvertory API: Advertory is a local marketing service. They provide separate solutions for enterprises and small to medium sized businesses. For enterprises, Advertory offers search optimization, store and product locators, analytics, and social media Integration. For small to medium sized businesses, Advertory offers search optimization, social network integration, and analytics as well, plus customer loyalty programs and local indexing for various search engines. The Advertory API exposes the point-of-sale gateway creation functionality, allowing developers to make scalable and localized sites. The API returns both JSON and XML-formatted data.

Africa's TalkingAfrica's Talking API: Africa's Talking provides a way for people and companies across the African continent to connect via SMS messages. They offer bulk SMS, short codes and premium SMS, USSD, MMS and customized mobile messaging solutions for individuals, businesses and developers. The API allows users to integrate the service to build SMS based apps. With the API developers can connect a short code, use an alphanumeric sender id and send SMS messages across Kenya. Users need to register to access Documentation.

Anyfi.netAnyfi.net API: The service detects wireless network access and redirects attempts at internet connection to the user's home network, with login credentials supplied there. Upon successful Authentication, the user can access internet resources via a home network, connecting over other wireless networks, needing credentials only for the home network.

API methods support submission of login credentials for access at the home network along with a "radio Resource" request that gives access to reach that network via a remote wireless access point. Methods automatically throttle traffic from the new connection to ensure that it doesn't interfere with the primary Function of the access point to serve its own home network.

AppceleratorAppcelerator API: Appcelerator is the leading enterprise-grade, cross-platform development solution that powers over 30,000 cloud-connected applications across mobile, desktop and web platforms. Appcelerator's leading product, Titanium, is the only mobile cloud platform to enable fully native, cross-platform mobile app and HTML5 web development, from a single codebase. Appcelerator Cloud Services (ACS) provides a number of data storage and web services such as user logins, photo uploads, checkins, status updates, push notifications and more. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are in JSON.

ApplicasaApplicasa API: Applicasa is a server side solution that lets developers build backends for their mobile apps. Applicasas offers a drag and drop interface for database creation allowing a backend to be built in minutes. The Applicasa API contains CRUD functions, filters, paging, sorting and queries such as push notification, scheduling and API calling options. Responses are formatted in JSON.

AT&T SpeechAT&T Speech API: The AT&T Speech API, powered by the AT&T WATSON speech engine, allows developers to add voice capabilities to their applications. The Speech API allows users to add speech transcription to their apps. Users send audio and text is returned. With the API users can create apps that run on any device and cellular network in the US.

The cross-carrier Speech API transcribes a spoken word audio file to text. It also takes in to consideration spoken context such as searching or looking for a TV show. The Speech API is optimized and tuned for specific contexts, including: Web Search, Business Search, Voicemail, SMS, Question and Answer, TV, and Generic.

The API uses REST protocols and XML, JSON data formats.

Attempto RACEAttempto RACE API: The service adds a reasoning function to the provider's research tool, Attempto Controlled English (ACE). ACE is a "controlled natural language" that structures statements in the English language in a way that attempts to unambiguously represent knowledge. It defines precise text expressions, based on usage in a specific topic domain, to remove inconsistencies and variance due to interpretation. The RACE service exposes these texts to logical analysis to verify the true of reasoning based on them.

API methods support submission of text-based axioms and theorems, along with specifications for analysis to check consistency (whether any statements contract other statements), prove assertions based on submitted conditions, or answer a query stated in the request.

Avalara Avalara API: The service provides sales tax calculations as part of the process of completing orders and collecting payment. It is intended to automate compliance with tax-collection requirements and reduce risk of penalties for non-payment. The service validates customer address and verifies taxing jurisdiction, then calculates applicable tax rates with consideration of product type and taxability, rate tiers, tax holidays and exemptions, etc.

API methods support submission of an order for automated tax calculation, with item code and tax code, customer address, and other relevant details. Methods verify the submitted address and determine the local tax authority, then apply decision rules for that jurisdiction to provide an accurate amount due as sales tax for the order.

AviberryAviberry API: Aviberry is a cloud-based video encoding system. It accepts videos from multiple sources including FTP, FTPS, HTTP, and S3. Aviberry works with almost all media formats and can tune the output video to match specific requirements for size, dimensions, bitrate, etc.

The Aviberry API allows users to integrate Aviberry's functions with online services or content management systems using HTTP GET and POST calls.

Bitcoin PayflowBitcoin Payflow API: The service processes payments denominated in bitcoins, debiting the balance of the customer making the payment and crediting the balance of the recipient. It allows e-commerce sellers and service providers to accept online bitcoin payments, with full tracking of all payments processed.

API methods support creating an order specifying the person or entity making the payment, the amount paid, and the recipient. The payment request generates a confirmation message from the service allowing verification of the data. When the requesting site responds to the confirmation request, methods process the payment and return data allowing the payment to be tracked by all parties. Methods also allow processing of refunds of previously processed payments.

BricksetBrickset API: The service provides lookup access to a database of Lego brand toy bricks and construction sets made up of them. It provides hobbyists and enthusiasts with information about available sizes, shapes, and colors of Lego bricks along with comprehensive listings of predefined sets for constructing playsets and scenes.

API methods support submitting search queries, with options for specifying themes and subthemes applied to the products, timeframes of their availability, instructions for constructing the sets, and popular searches on the service. Methods also allow for updating records of users' own collections of Lego products.

BTCtoXBTCtoX API: Bitcoin is an experimental new digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone anywhere in the world, using peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority. BTCtoX calculates the exchange rate between bitcoin and other currencies. It can do so via either web console or REST-based API.

Cambridge Lookup/Ibis Web ServiceCambridge Lookup/Ibis Web Service API: A RESTful read/write web based API for gathering and manipulating data in the Cambridge University Data Network (CUDN).

The Web Service API is only available for use within CUDN.

Allows for the fetching of people, groups and institutions and pertinent contact information for sources located within the database.

CheckMENDCheckMEND API: The service verifies serial numbers and identifying information of property offered for loans or sale at pawn shops or resellers of second-hand goods. It checks identifying information against records of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and other sources for reports of lost or stolen goods. It also records the details of re-sale transactions in a way that demonstrated due diligence in checks of stolen property records and that allows search by law-enforcement agencies. The service gives details about any transaction that is rejected based on a response from the system.

API methods support identification of stores and organizations involved in pawn and re-sale transactions and verifications of due diligence in researching property records. Methods also support recording of seller and property, including history of property re-sold over time.

Chinese Character WebChinese Character Web API: The service interprets data from the Unihan Database to encode text in Chinese characters. Its function emphasizes interpretations common in Mandarin Chinese, but it can draw upon information from the supporting database about Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese encoding. The character range available is the ~21,000 characters within the range identified as CJK Unified Ideographs.

API methods support submission of a query specifying the subset of characters of interest with filters to narrow the return. Methods return Unicode values for the character(s) matching the query. Methods also can return the strokes making up the character(s) and pronunciations.

CloudHarmonyCloudHarmony API: The service provides updated information about availability, network outages, and data transfer speeds for various cloud hosting platforms. Performance reporting can be specified by time period, type of service, specific service provider, and other criteria. It can provide benchmarks reflecting all monitored services for comparison and ratings of competing services.

API methods support retrieval of performance data for a cloud hosting service, including availability statistics, current outages, and data speeds. Methods also provide benchmarks for performance measures and ratings of services against benchmarks. The API also will list providers monitored by category: database, hosting, storage, messaging, DNS resolution, etc.

CloudHubCloudHub API: CloudHub is an application development and management platform. It can be used to create applications, change application properties, deploy a new version of an application, or delete an application entirely. CloudHub also allows users to retrieve statistics and logs regarding their application. CloudHub's features can be accessed programmatically via REST API.

CloudVertical CloudVertical API: CloudVertical is a cloud computing analytics platform. The platform integrates with the set of services CloudVertical offers.

The API provides information about the cost of a cloud infrastructure.CloudVertical API pushes data from the Cloud to CloudVertical's system (cost, usage data) using standard data format to describe an infrastructure.

Codestre.am EmbedCodestre.am Embed API: Codestre.am allows people to stream or record actions taken on their terminals. This allows them to create and share tutorials, collaborate on coding, or show errors that they're running into. Such recordings are also known as "codestreams". The Codestre.am Embed JavaScript API allows users to embed codestreams on their webpage or blog.

CoinapultCoinapult API: Coinapult is a service for sending bitcoins to designated recipients via SMS or e-mail. Bitcoins are an experimental new digital currency that enable instant payments, using peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority. Coinapult's services can be accessed on their website via web console or programmatically via HTTP POST calls. However, unlike payloads initiated on the website, Coinapult API calls carry a 1% fee.

CosentialCosential API: The service provides contact tracking and sales force management within the architecture, contractor, and engineering (A/E/C) sector. In addition to tracking communications with prospective customers and sales force automation, it helps with generation of proposal documentation to carry sales communications through the bidding process.

API methods support lead generation as well as logging of communications with customers by sales and promotional staff to enable well-informed follow-up. Methods also support integration with sales management and financial applications.

cventcvent API: The service provides tools for communications around events and surveys, with ability to email notifications and requests to provide input via online questionnaires. Other possible applications include customer feedback and market research, qualifying sales leads, and time-sensitive customer communications. Venue directory and RFQ functions also are available.

API methods support blast email communications with address book integration to synchronize mailing list information with back-office systems. Methods also allow posting and data collection of online surveys, with email inviting responses and export of submitted data.

Cynapse LocalscopeCynapse Localscope API: Cynapse, the makers of iPhone app Localscope, is a company that makes enterprise collaboration software. Localscope is a data powered GPS tool that acts as a location browser for mobile phones. Localscope lets users find people and places nearby using geo-tagged information from multiple local search engines, social networks and media sharing services. The Localscope API allows the service to be launched from other apps. The API supports both discover and search modes.i

DalPayDalPay API: The service from Iceland provides PCI-compliant processing of online payments via credit cards and debit cards, with CVV validation. It allows pre-authorization of transactions and final payment processing, including funds capture. It also allows processing of refunds and updating or voiding transactions.

API methods support submission of a transaction for payment, with seller information, transaction amount, and customer name, card number, etc. Methods also handle pre-authorization, voiding a pending transaction, and processing a refund, if needed. Rebilling methods allow scheduling of recurring payments.

DocLandingDocLanding API: The Doclanding API allows users to integrate other programs with the Doclanding service. Using this SOAP API, users can store and retrieve files from Doclanding, organize their files and cabinets, create and update data, and search for files. A developer key is required for use of the API.

DomainsBotDomainsBot API: DomainsBot is a leading provider of domain name suggestion services including domain name search. The API allows developers to integrate this functionality into their own website. The domains returned are checked against local zone file copies that are refreshed daily. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML, JSON and CSV.

ElasticPathElasticPath API: lastic Path is an eCommerce provider for enterprise clients with more than 200 customers worldwide. The Elastic Path API allows developers to integrate the platform's functionality in order to monetize digital goods and content across any device or platform including web stores, mobile apps, social networks, games, or cloud services. Documentation is available to partners and customers.

Eli Lilly Clinical Open Innovation Eli Lilly Clinical Open Innovation API: Eli Lilly Clinical Open Innovation is an initiative from Eli Lilly, the pharmaceutical company. This initiative is focused on development of an Open Clinical Intelligence Network.

The Eli Lilly Clinical Open Innovation API allows developers to create mashups using clinical trial information sourced from the United States National Institutes of Health ClinicalTrials.gov registry. Clinical Trial and MeSH Study Topic resources are provided in JSON and MIT Simile Exhibit format. Clinical Trial locations are geo-encoded.

FlintboxFlintbox API: The Flintbox API enables users of the flintbox.com collaborative research community to import projects to an online workspaces. The API also allows for updating project status, adding additional text elements, and including intellectual property elements among other features. Using secure HTTPS connections, the API can be access using FORM POST calls, HTTP GET calls will fail and be returned in JSON format.

Get Exchange RatesGet Exchange Rates API: Get Exchange Rates provides free exchange rates for nearly every currency in the world. The API lets developers access exchange rate information, both current and historical and integrate it into their systems. Rates for all currencies are updated every two minutes. The simple API uses a RESTful call and responses are formatted in JSON.

Google Plus HistoryGoogle Plus History API: Google Plus is a service to share links, photos and other content. The Google Plus History API allows developers to write to a user’s Google+ history, allowing the user to share their activities within your site or application, such as a listened song or a visited restaurant. Users can choose to share on their profile or directly to the stream.

HealthxHealthx API: Healthx is a developer of self-service communication and data integration portals for the healthcare industry. Their products are in use by more than 130 payers and 39,000 groups. Healthx offers a suite of APIs for interfacing with both the system and the data within. Data exposed includes eligibility, health risk assessment Q&A, laboratory claims, medical claims and PBM claims. System functionality exposed includes branding, communications, messaging and user info. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

Heardable Heardable API: Heardable captures over 800 unique variables to measure brand intelligence, providing a valuation they call relative performance: a snapshot of how a brand is doing in the market at any one time. The Heardable API provides developer access to local, global, and category rankings.

HumanoidHumanoid API: Humanoid is a data labor service. Companies can hire Humanoid to perform micro-tasks that involve data gathering and assessment. Their services include data verification, non-text data transcription and description, and classification such as sentiment analysis. The Humanoid API allows developers to create and send interfaces for the tasks they assign to Humanoid. It is a RESTful API that returns JSON-formatted data.

i-Payouti-Payout API: The service provides payments for corporate and organizational payables to both local and global vendors via 135 banking relationships. Payment recipients have flexible options for transferring funds to their own bank accounts or to other destinations: a credit card, a specified account with another organization or even back to the payer to cover balances owed. The service also gives access to international merchant credit cards.

API methods support management of merchant accounts, payment accounts, and individual payment transactions. Methods manage transfers from a specific eWallet account to multiple destinations, including a bank account, a credit card account, a stored value card, a phone or wire transfer service as well as generating a check.

Income Tax India e-FilingIncome Tax India e-Filing API: The service provides for accounting services and other third parties to file income tax returns online to the Indian government in fulfillment of clients' tax payment requirements. It provides bulk access for data submission rather than filing returns one at a time via the Department of Income Tax Portal.

API methods support upload of a properly formatted XML document that passes data for a single tax return to the government's compliance monitoring system. Multiple documents can be uploaded in succession, as well, to expedite bulk filing. Methods also allow retrieval of a token string upon completed submission which allows later checks on the status of filed returns.

InfinigagInfinigag API: Infinigag is a meme hosting service. It provides a public Feed where users can share humorous captioned images with each other. The feed essentially captures images from 9gag.com’s frontpage feed. The frontpage is an extensible feed that users can scroll down it almost infinitely. Infinigag provides an API that exposes the feed to developers. It returns JSON-formatted data.

IngenioIngenio API: The service provides phone-based access to expert advice and referral services. It allows those with questions and concerns to contact someone with expertise in the subject matter for information and advice. It also provides an advertising and outreach venue by which service providers can interact with potential customers for their services.

API methods support creation and updating of provider listings, including phone number for access, specialty topics, price per call, etc. Other APIs provide for controlling agency accounts, recorded audio, and tracking of contacts through the system.

International Securities ExchangeInternational Securities Exchange API: The International Securities Exchange (ISE) is an all-electronic US options exchange offering options trading on over 2,000 underlying equity, ETF, index, and FX products. An API is available for the Options Trading System (OTS). Developers can use the API to create applications that send trading commands and/or queries to, and receive broadcasts and/or transactions from, the trading system. Firms can customize their trading applications to fit their firm’s risk management and order-flow systems. All applications developed must be certified by the ISE. Documentation is not publicly available.

Jack MediaJack Media API: Jack Media is an Australian daily deals network offering a deals shopping platform to users. The platform enables daily deal and other group buying sites to be more competitive, creates new revenue streams for online publishers and promotes greater control for merchants. The API lets users integrate local and targeted deals into their own websites. The ads can be customized using over a dozen parameters. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

Jama ContourJama Contour API: Jama is a software provider. Their leading product is Contour, a web-based application that is used to plan product releases and manage requirements. Contour can be used to execute projects, approve requirements, run tests, track changes and collaborate with team members. The Contour API exposes the functionality of the software to developers. The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

Judge.meJudge.me API: An online arbitration system, Judge.me offers legally binding dispute resolution. Judge.me administers the arbitration service, reviewing new case filings and appointing to the most appropriate of their team of independently contracted arbitrators. The Judge.me API allows developers of web or desktop applications to integrate judge.me operations including new case creation, theme listing, and viewing data.

JumpTapJumpTap API: Jumptap is a leading targeted mobile advertising agency. They help advertisers find and engage with customers on any mobile device, and help publishers use targeting to display the most relevant ads on their sites. The Jumptap API lets users request and retrieve display ads from the Jumptap ad network. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XHTML.

Kraft RecipeKraft Recipe API: The service provides recipes highlighting ingredients from the provider company that applications can incorporate. Recipes are categorized by meal and by applied classification such as kid-friendly, budget, health-conscious, and ethnic cuisine. Recipe data is broken down by ingredient, number of servings, preparation time, and other specifics.

API methods support retrieval of recipes matching specified classifications with particular characteristics of interest such as ingredients and cooking time. Methods also support creation of users' personal collections, ingredient shopping lists, and user polls.

LiveRailLiveRail API: LiveRail is a company providing online video advertising services. LiveRail AdServer is a leading online video platform with 25% of online video ads delivered through the platform. It allows users to manage, target, display and track advertising in online video. Publishers and advertisers use LiveRail to manage the monetization of their online videos. The LiveRail API exposes the entire functionality of the platform to developers with accounts. It uses HTTP calls and responses are formatted in XML. Full documentation is avaialable to registered users.

mailVUmailVU API: MailVU is a video platform. Individuals can create and distribute video content.

MailVU offers its API to service providers and universities. The API allows the developer incorporate video recording, storing, and streaming into its service. It also allows businesses to rebrand or add videos to applications. The API components are non-branded so the service can be integrated as portion a product.

MapIt GlobalMapIt Global API: The service defines political or administrative authority in effect for specified global locations. It Builds on functionality of OpenStreetMap and the U.K. Ordnance Survey along with other accumulated information about location specifications, including postal codes and geographic information systems.

API methods support definition of political jurisdiction boundaries for a particular point, specified by latitude and longitude or some other systems. Methods also provide jurisdiction for a specified area or multiple areas or related areas, such as subjurisdictions like a city within a county.

MavaIQ CurrenciesMavaIQ Currencies API: MavaIQ Currencies is a one-stop shop for self-service, pay-as-you-go, institutional-grade FX market data, available on-demand via a REST API (XML and JSON).

MavaIQ Currencies delivers foreign exchange (FX) rate market data, enriched to include aggregate, return, risk, risk-adjusted return, momentum and technical/trading indicator metrics.

MavaIQ Currencies' FX market data feed can be easily integrated into any client code that supports REST API consumption, such as C#, ASP.NET, Java, Perl and PHP.

MavaIQ Currencies delivers: referential data on currencies and countries; currency conversion; daily historical foreign exchange (FX) rates; returns & percentage returns; simple moving averages (SMAs); highs; lows; risk (standard deviations of rates and returns); Sharpe and Sortino Ratios.

MavaIQ Currencies currently has enriched FX market data metrics for the following date ranges: 1 Day, 5 Days, 10 Days, 20 Days, 30 Days, 40 Days, 50 Days, 90 Days, 100 Days, 200 Days, 52 Weeks, Week-to-Date (WTD), Month-to-Date (MTD), Quarter-to-Date (QTD) & Year-to-Date (YTD).

Merriam-Webster DictionaryMerriam-Webster Dictionary API: Merriam-Webster has been producing language information—including dictionaries, thesauri, and translation materials—for over 150 years. The Merriam-Webster collection of APIs provide developer access to a variety of the company’s most prominent reference works. Free access is provided to non-commercial websites and applications. Free access is limited to two reference works with a maximum of 1000 queries a day per reference work. Full access is available for commercial use.

Network Norway Content ProviderNetwork Norway Content Provider API: The service provides access for messaging and content providers to Network Norway’s mobile subscribers. It allows delivery of content by third-party services along with communication with mobile users via sending and and receiving SMS text messages. Both individual and bulk messaging are available, along with SMS Callback.

API methods support submission of message requests, including recipient address, sender, and message text. Methods support scheduling message delivery and reporting on successful delivery as well as processing of replies. Age-verification helps to ensure that messaging is appropriate for recipients.

OCLC Article Exchange OCLC Article Exchange API: OCLC is a member-owned global library cooperative, whose membership aims to improve access to the information held in libraries worldwide. The Article Exchange API provides developer access to OCLC's document sharing site, where member libraries can lend and borrow articles and book chapters through interlibrary loan.

OmniComm TrialOneOmniComm TrialOne API: The service provides CDISC ODM compliant management of information about pharmaceutical clinical trials. It is part of a suite of tools for managing information about drug research, including subject recruitment and screening, data import and tracking, analysis and exports of test data, and generation of system reports.

API methods support interaction with research data management through a uniform vocabulary of descriptive terms and categories. Methods ensure compliance with protocols for pharmaceuticals research and reporting.

OwnCloudOwnCloud API: OwnCloud is a document and data storage and sharing application. Documents and data uploaded to OwnCloud are stored in the cloud. Users can sync their files, share their files, and encrypt their files.

The OwnCloud API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of OwnCloud with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include uploading files, syncing files, and sharing files.

Passphrase Random PasswordPassphrase Random Password API: The service generates and returns a random password string that can be recorded as a user login credential and provided to the user for later access. One use case for this function would be the response to a forgotten password or password reset request initiated by the user.

API methods support submission of a simple request, which returns an alphanumeric string consisting of some combination of numerals 0-9 and uppercase or lowercase alphabetic characters. Methods also accept special requests, with the returned string also incorporating selected punctuation and special characters.

PaydiantPaydiant API: Paydiant is a mobile payment service. Paydiant offers mobile payment solutions to banks, retailers, and payment processors.

The Paydiant API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Paydiant with other applications. The Paydiant API integrates with POS applications, mobile applications (in-app), and other payment applications. Public documentation is not available; API access comes with account service.

Po.stPo.st API: Po.st is a social sharing platform that also provides publishers with a means of generating advertising revenue. It offers integration with the major social networks, a proprietary URL shortener, copy and paste functionality, and numerous other features.

The Po.st API allows users to insert a 300x250 display ad that can carry either their advertisements or Po.st's. This ad unit only appears after an end user has shared the API user's content.

Prior KnowledgePrior Knowledge API: Prior Knowledge runs Veritable, a predictive database that makes inferences on the data it contains. The Veritable API lets users upload their data, analyze it, and generate insight and predictions. Resources include tables and rows to upload data for analysis, analyses which represent the collection of analyses performed on a data table and predictions which lets users generate predictions based on a completed analysis. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

PushoverPushover API: Pushover is a service for sending real-time notifications to Android and iOS devices. A simple REST API allows users to send messages to Pushover from their applications. Those messages are then sent to devices running Pushover's device clients. This service has no monthly fees or message limits.

RedFin NetworkRedFin Network API: The service provides processing of payments via credit cards, debit cards, and automated clearinghouse (ACH) collection on checks. It provides pre-authorization and final payment for online applications in each payment option. Additional payment options include EBT and gift cards. The service can also handle refunds, transaction updates, and related corrections to posted payments.

API methods support submission of a pre-authorization or payment request specifying merchant, customer, card number or bank information, and transaction amount. Methods also allow updating merchant account information and summaries of transactions for a merchant. Methods support scheduling of recurring payments for subscription transactions.

revAdd revAdd API: revAdd creates price comparison engines that can be used to monetize a website or app. revAdd collects price data, creates comparison engines and keeps everything up to date. The comparison engines are made available to users via APIs which can be used to create custom widgets, apps and websites. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

Rijksoverheid CSORijksoverheid CSO API: The service gives access to the Dutch government's CSO platform (Carrière Sites Overheid) for recruitment and hiring for open positions. It seeks to provide readily accessed information about any government job openings in the Netherlands, spanning some 2000 separate departments and entities. The service is intended to represent the Dutch government as a responsive employer, making its positions attractive to the best qualified job seekers.

API methods support retrieval of a list of jobs in the recruiting phase, with filtering criteria for selecting those suitable to specific applicants, and full details for a specific position announcement. Methods also provide lists of organizations and entities advertising openings via the service, also with filtering criteria to narrow the selection. Additional methods support posting of job openings by recruiting organizations, with functions to modify, suspend, or delete listings previously posted.

Scandit ProductScandit Product API: With a massive product database for over 25 million universal product codes (UPCs), the Scandit Product API provides developers with comprehensive product coverage to build product-centric m-commerce and m-payment solutions. The product database provides free access to UPCs and product names, with optional access to product warranties and a wealth of premium data such as images, categories, ingredients and nutritional information and European product data.

The Scandit Product API is publicly available and works well in combination with the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK: http://www.scandit.com/barcode-scanner-sdk.

TEC MailingTEC Mailing API: The service provides data verification and email preparation, validating address list entries and formats. It cleans mailing list entries to optimize successful deliveries for promotional campaigns, hosted customer-relationship management (CRM) communications, and direct mail deliveries.

API methods support submission of mailing lists of recipient addresses and related information. Methods return deduped lists, purged of improperly formatted addresses, and corrected for the most effective possible delivery results.

TextMasterTextMaster API: Textmaster is a service offering professional grade translation, copywriting and proofreading to clients, agencies, SMEs or large corporations. It supports a community of over 22,000 registered authors, translators and editors and can be used for a variety of needs including articles, leaflets and contracts.

API for content translation, copywriting and proofreading. The API facilitates the integration to the customer's needs and promotes applications built for many varied needs such as Outlook extensions, Wordpress plugins, and translations for worldwide marketing and sales.

This Is My JamThis Is My Jam API: On this music recommendation site users share the single song they are currently obsessed with. This Is My Jam allows you to share your current jam through Facebook and Twitter, and to follow those users who's musical tastes you admire. The API expects to allow access to all of This Is My Jam's functions: following users, setting and previewing jams.

TigerTextTigerText API: TigerText is a secure mobile messaging platform that for hospitals or other businesses that require secure messaging between employees. For hospitals, TigerText provides a way for doctors to exchange information that is HIPAA compliant. For corporate clients, TigerText complies with SOX regulations allowing for secure communications. The API allows building of services that can handle one-way and two-way communication with users. Users can send documents, images and alerts with the API. Documentation is available upon registration.

Unofficial Turntable.fmUnofficial Turntable.fm API: Turntable.fm is a social music site that allows users to share music. The service combines elements of music-streaming, chat and real-time voting. This unofficial API allows users to create bots for turntable.fm rooms. The chat bot can respond to users who say hello and log room activity such as songs played, votes cast and more. The API uses JavaScript.

VapourVapour API: The service validates RDF/XML found at a URL specified in the request and confirms that the data is correctly formatted and compliant with best practices. A public web service allows manual submission of a URL, but it is open source and available for local install under the license from the W3C or via public API.

API methods support submission of a URL where a file in RDF/XML format is available, and returned data provide a file specifying the results of format validation tests. Requests can optionally specify output format as RDF/XML (the default) or XML.

Warranty LifeWarranty Life API: Warranty provides users with a system that tracks thier product purchases and stores the receipts. The system also tracks data associated with product warranties. Users can look up information such as manuals, product specifications, datasheets and automated warranty claims.

The Warranty Life API allows users to integrate the functionality into their own websites and applications. Functionality includes the ability to purchase extended warranty plans on a variety of products, register purchases made by customers allowing them to track their purchases through the free Warranty Life product tracking service, roduct search via UPC or EAN barcodes (through the Scandit API), model number, manufacturer, category or general search query. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

WorksnapsWorksnaps API: The service provides task management and time-tracking functions to improve process management and activity reporting. It allows remote monitoring of task completion via shared screen images and logs of actions measurable against time schedules and objectives. The system generates reports of monitored activities, either undertaken within the service itself or performed by other applications integrated to log their actions in the service.

API methods support listing and updating pre-defined projects, definition of tasks and assignment to specific users, and management of user accounts including activity breakdowns over time. In addition to automated tracking, methods support manual time entry as well as generation of reports against tracking data.

ZaarlyZaarly API: Zaarly enables users to buy and sell anything locally. You can add requests that are tasks (errands, deliveries) or more obscure requests (custom designed fitness routine).

The Zaarly API, Zaarly Anywhere, allows developers to include a Zaarly button on any web page. Using the JavaScript API, developers can set the meta-data associated with the Zaarly task.