71 New APIs: iTunes & App Store Search, CloudFlare, and Hub9 CloudSearch

This week we had 71 new APIs added to our API directory including a content delivery network, grid computing facilitation service, online health network service, cloud hosted search service, apple product search and a web content aggregation and ranking service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

11870 11870 API: Spanish-language service headquartered in Madrid provides bookmarking and networking directory functions. Entries may include customer reviews and suggestions.

API methods support search against a bookmark list, updating site listings, user data and check-ins, activity streams, and related functions. Also handles associated special deal offers and multimedia display elements.

Airport Status Airport Status API: The service provides reports of known delays and other airport status from the FAA's Air Traffic Control System Command Center (ATCSCC). It also returns current weather reports from NOAA for the airport.

Methods accept an IATA airport code and return a status message, reason for any flight delays, and average length of delays. Return data also includes the current weather forecast for the airport with update time local to that location.

API.LEIPZIGAPI.LEIPZIG API: API.LEIPZIG is part of the Leipzig Agenda 21 to improve the lives of current and future citizens of Leipzig, Germany, through culture and civil involvement in government. API.LEIPZIG is an API which opens Leipzig city government data to the public. API.LEIPZIG is RESTful. The data sources are still in development (more being added regularly) and new data suggestions are encouraged.

ArchiDev ValidatorArchiDev Validator API: ArchiDev Validator is a simple API that lets users validate both email addresses and URLs. This free API uses HTTP calls and responses are formatted in JSON. Sample code is provided in Java, Ruby, Python, PHP and Objective-C.

Articulate OnlineArticulate Online API: The service integrates web applications with hosted e-learning content and user information to allow tracking of learner progress, assessments, and outcomes. Access requires login under an established customer account, with admin user credentials specified. Interaction with the service includes functions to monitor and update learner activity, but the API does not support management of instructional content presented to learners.

Methods include adding, deleting, or updating a learner account, managing learner groups (create, delete, add user), and managing access to system documents.

AuthDogAuthDog API: AuthDog is an API that lets users quickly create authentication for their apps. It can be used to implement signup with built-in email validation, login and forgot password functionality with built-in email recovery. The Authdog API can be consumed via Mashape. It uses RESTful requests and responses are formatted in JSON.

Berlin Open DataBerlin Open Data API: Berlin.de is the online portal to the city of Berlin, Germany. The site offers information and news for government, arts and entertainment, tourism, economy, traffic, weather, and more.

Berlin Open Data (daten.berlin.de) is the data portal for the records of the Berlin public administration. Available records include: labor market; education; geography and urban planning; sports and recreation; elections; economy; and more.

A single, RESTful API is available to access data from both. Responses are formatted in XML, JSON, CSV, KML, and more.

BiologicalNetworksBiologicalNetworks API: BiologicalNetworks is a software platform for analyzing and querying biological pathways. It can also be used for the visualization of gene regulation and protein interaction networks, as well as metabolic and signaling pathways. The BiologicalNetworks API allows the functions of this platform to be incorporated into other software applications.

BlueKaiBlueKai API: BlueKai is a data management platform that specializes in audience data. BlueKai offers marketing organizations and agencies data analysis tools for their 1st party data to understand who their audience and target audiences are.

The BlueKai API allows developers to access the functionality of BlueKai for integration with other applications. Some example API methods include customizing UIs, accessing data in real time, and creating new data campaigns. Public documentation is not available. API access comes with BlueKai service.

Bordom RPC (BRAX)Bordom RPC (BRAX) API: The service aggregates blog posts and other online content to generate a stream of curiosities, memes, strange news, and trivia. It aims to summarize and extend MetaWeblogAPI, BloggerAPI, MovableTypeAPI, and others by allowing users to rate content and delivering the most popular.

Methods provide summaries of content items grouped by channel. Data returned for each item include subject tags and ratings, along with user comments and favorites. The API also supports adding new items and updating existing ones.

ChemSpiderChemSpider API: The ChemSpider API is a free chemical structure database that provides access to over 25 million structures, properties and associated information. This API enables researchers to access information from more than 400 data sources with a single search. Users can search for chemicals by name, structure, properties, or elemental components.

CloudFlare Client InterfaceCloudFlare Client Interface API: CloudFlare is a content delivery network that both increases website performance through faster load times and provides security. It provides developers with a Client Interface API that is used to check or modify the settings of a CloudFlare account. Developers can use the API to update CloudFlare Settings like DNS record, threat control listings, Security Level, Cache Purge, Development Mode. It also allows users to retrieve basic statistics for their website, retrieve the settings for features such as security level, toggle on and off the development mode feature to temporarily bypass the CloudFlare cache, change the current security level, request a purge of the CloudFlare cache, check whether a particular website/domain is associated with an account. The API uses HTTP calls and responses are formatted in JSON or JSONP.

CloudFlare Hosting ProviderCloudFlare Hosting Provider API: CloudFlare is a content delivery network that both increases website performance through faster load times and provides security. It provides developers with a Hosting Provider API that allows hosting providers to enable CloudFlare for their clients. The API lets users register their users with the CloudFlare system and also register users' domains to be hosted by CloudFlare system. The API uses HTTP calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

Datanest Fair-Play AllianceDatanest Fair-Play Alliance API: Datanest is a project of the Fair-Play Alliance, a non-partisan, non-profit association working towards government transparency in Slovakia. Datanest provides data for: money in politics; people in public service; sales of public property; taxes and debt; and more.

A RESTful API is available for accessing data in XML and JSON format.

Dolphin DynamicsDolphin Dynamics API: Dolphin Dynamics offers an integrated travel selling and management platform used by 12,000 travel professionals in 25 countries worldwide. Developers can integrate their systems with Dolphin's platform using their set of web services. Dolphin's web services are made available via an XML API that supports search, cost and booking services via the Dolphin travel booking engine. Documentation is not publicly available.

Dublin City Community MapsDublin City Community Maps API: Dublin City Community Maps is a service of Dublin (Ireland) City Council, providing maps of local amenities. Available mapped facilities fall under the following categories: arts and culture; community; community health; council facilities; education; government and legal; information services; places of worship; recycling; sports and recreation; transport; and youth services. A RESTful API is available to access this data in XML format.

Font SquirrelFont Squirrel API: Font Squirrel is a collection of free typefaces that are licensed for commercial work. The Font Squirrel API allows users to retrieve fonts that are @font-face ready. The API exposes multiple functionalities including retrieving lists of font categories and families, outputting family details and downloading a font-face kit. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

Foxcentral News ServiceFoxcentral News Service API: Foxcentral News Service provides articles and resources for the Visual FoxPro community. Any company that provides news, products, or services useful to the FoxPro developer community can become a FoxCentral news provider. The Foxcentral News Service API allows authorized contributors to post articles to the website.

GridLabGridLab API: The GridLab API facilitates grid computing by acting as an interface between grid applications and middleware. This allows the programmer to access the entire grid, even if different parts of the grid use different protocols or programming languages. It simplifies the actions of creating, deleting, copying, moving, and examining files on a grid system.

HathiTrust VolumesHathiTrust Volumes API: The HathiTrust Volumes API allows the user to retrieve information about volumes deposited in the HathiTrust Digital Library. Given a standard identifier for a known item, the API returns basic metadata for that item. This API is intended to be a simple and fast way to help people inline data from HathiTrust into their own OPAC or similar system.

This is an unofficial API and is not owned, maintained, or endorsed by HathiTrust Digital Library.

HealthTapHealthTap API: HealthTap is an online health network. HealhTap aims to improve the health of users by providing medical advice and answers to health questions from physicians. Users can ask questions and search for answers for their health needs. HealthTap also offers a mobile application.

The HealthTap API allows developers to access the data and functionality of HealthTap for integration with other applications as well as creation of new applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should sign up here https://www.healthtap.com/what_we_make/developers/ for access to the API and full documentation.

Helsinki City Service MapHelsinki City Service Map API: The Helsinki City Service Map API provides service points (schools, daycare places, etc.) for the city of Helsinki, Finland. Service points include: education; health services; social and family services; culture and leisure; technical services and city environment; financial, planning, and administrative services; Rescue Department services; State services; and tourism & events. A RESTful API is available to access this data in JSON and XML formats.

Helsinki Regional Transport AuthorityHelsinki Regional Transport Authority API: The Helsinki Regional Transport Authority (HRT) provides transit information for local bus, tram, metro, ferry, and commuter train services. Timetables and routes, information about tickets and fares, passenger guides, trip planning, and more is available on the HRT website. A RESTful API is available for the trip planner service. Responses are returned in XML.

Hub9 CloudSearchHub9 CloudSearch API: Hub9 CloudSearch is a service that offers cloud hosting search solutions for websites. Search features include full text searching and searching control.

The Hub9 CloudSearch API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of CloudSearch with other applications and sites. Some example API methods include retrieving documents, search indexing, and file searches.

Image Color SummarizerImage Color Summarizer API: The web service provides statistics describing color characteristics of an image identified by URL. Summary data indicate the single RGB color that best represents the image, along with average hue and saturation values and RGB and HSV histograms.

Detailed data returned by the service provide the average, median, or mode as well as minimum and maximum values for each RGB and HSV triplet within the identified image.
Four levels of precision may be specified for the analysis.

Image PackImage Pack API: Image Pack is an API that provides a set of functions that allow users to edit images. The functionality includes the ability to crop from a point, crop from center, resize and rotate. The API uses HTTP calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

Iron.io IronMQIron.io IronMQ API: Iron.io IronMQ is a cloud-hosted messaging system. IronMQ offers messaging features such as creating message queues, managing the number of messages that can go through applications, and integrating with other applications.

The IronMQ API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of IronMQ into other applications. Some example API methods include monitoring message queues, managing messages, and managing account information.

Iron.io IronWorkerIron.io IronWorker API: Iron.io's IronWorker is a task management system. IronWorker lets users manage their tasks and projects with queues, assign tasks to various people, and create automatic tasks that need to be completed.

The IronWorker API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of IronWorker with other applications. Some example API methods include managing tasks, creating users, accessing schedules, and retrieving task codes.

iTunes & App Store SearchiTunes & App Store Search API: This API is available as a resource for participants in Apple's Affiliate Program. It allows the user to place search fields on their website to search for content within the iTunes Store, App Store, iBookstore and Mac App Store. The Affiliate Program allows participants to earn a commission on qualifying revenue generated by clicks initiated from their website or app.

KalturaKaltura API: Kaltura is an open source online platform for video publishing, management, syndication, and monetization. The associated APIs allow users to access every core service of the platform for customization and integration into a known CMS or custom, in-house application.

Mark Sutuer IP UtilsMark Sutuer IP Utils API: IP Utils is a simple API that helps users with common IP functionalities. These include the ability to lookup and resolve an IP address. The free API uses HTTP calls and responses are formatted in JSON. Example code is provided for Java, Ruby, Python, PHP and Objective-C.

MashapeMashape API: The Mashape API can be used to interact with Mashape and authorize client request to a user's own API. More methods will be added in the next releases to give users more control on the APIs that they distribute on Mashape. This API validates any request made to an API method distributed on Mashape. It uses HTTP and responses are in JSON.

MetaLayerMetaLayer API: MetaLayer is a data visualization service that allows users to drag and drop data of various types, including imagery, for analysis and data visualization. MetaLayer can be used by a variety of industries, including research and journalism.

The MetaLayer API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality and data of MetaLayer with other applications and services. Some example API methods include retrieving data information and metadata, accessing images and information about images, and uploading data and images.

Metro MapperMetro Mapper API: Metro Mapper is an online, interactive data map service. Metro Mapper provides mapped data from public and private sources, mainly for the Louisville Metro area and Kentucky, with some mapped data for the U.S. Featured maps include: homes for sale, property values, crime reports, and more for Louisville; traffic accidents, political contributions, and more for Kentucky; meth labs, bridge safety, toxic pollution emissions, and more for the nation.

Metro Mapper is powered by the Your Mapper platform and data is available via the Your Mapper API, which provides data in XML. There are 3 levels of usage for this API.

Minnesota CTU datasetMinnesota CTU dataset API: The Minnesota Geospatial Information Office (MnGeo) provides GIS services for the state of Minnesota. Popular resources provided by MnGeo are online maps, air photos, historic public land survey plat maps, an image server, school district maps, metadata tools, and more. MnGeo also makes data available through the Minnesota Cities, Townships and Unorganized Territories (CTU) database. This database may be queried using an API returning responses in XML.

Mobile Commons Legislative LookupMobile Commons Legislative Lookup API: The service retrieves information about representatives in the U.S. Congress and state legislatures for a location specified by latitude and longitude. Data returned include contact information, so an application can automatically route users directly to their legislative representatives to support calls for action as part of advocacy campaigns. Another use would be to target advocacy messages to specific legislative districts served by members casting key votes on an issue.

API methods accept latitude and longitude and return legislative district for both the U.S. House of Representatives and state legislative houses, as applicable. The service returns error messages for submissions without latitude/longitude data or for locations outside the United States.

Nantes open dataNantes open data API: Nantes open data is the government data portal for the city of Nantes, France. Available data includes: schedules and routes of local transit; real-time parking lot availability; real-time traffic; hours of local cultural facilities; lists of public facilities (by theme); environmental data; names of children born in Nantes (by year); and more. A RESTful API is available to access much of this data. Responses are returned in XML and JSON. The site and documentation are in French.

NetceteraNetcetera API: Netcetera is a leading Web Hosting service provider in Europe, with customers in over 60 countries worldwide. The Netcetera Domain Name API checks whether a domain name is available to register or not. The API uses HTTP calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

NewsKnowledgeNewsKnowledge API: The web service feeds content from a news database and search engine for business and consumer information services. The service either provides a feed or accepts user query and returns matching articles and other information, optionally with a specified stylesheet, to the submitting application. The Lucene query engine accommodates simple keywords, phrases, and Boolean strings.

Methods allow retrieval of a feed list or a specific feed, as well as submission of a query from single term to a complex, grouped, Boolean string. Return is a set of headlines and access URLs with language, short description, provider name, and provider rating.

Open Data Catalogue AustriaOpen Data Catalogue Austria API: Kataloge Offene Daten Oesterreich (Open Data Catalogue Austria) is the online portal to Austrian government, public administration, libraries, science, and research data. The goal of this site is to make public information more easily accessible and usable.

The site runs on the CKAN Open Data Source Hub software and data is accessible through the CKAN API, which is restful and returns responses in XML and JSON.

Open KentOpen Kent API: Open Kent is the open government data portal for the county of Kent, England. Data is available for: public service spending; available services; traffic and travel; government performance; leisure activities; education; housing; crime; business; and more. RESTful catalog and search APIs are available for accessing Open Kent data.

Open StockholmOpen Stockholm API: Open Stockholm is an open government data portal for the city of Stockholm, Sweden. The website provides data mainly through APIs (a standard API for the site is in the works). Current data includes: city services; sport and leisure activities and locations; environmental data; geodata; traffic; and demographics. Most APIs are RESTful and return responses in XML and JSON.

OpenGovernmentOpenGovernment API: OpenGovernment is a non-partisan project of the Participatory Politics Foundation and the Sunlight Foundation. OpenGovernment is modeled after OpenCongress (another project of this team) but brings government transparency down to state and local levels. The aim of OpenGovernment is to make this government data and information more easily accessible and usable.

OpenGovernment provides a RESTful API which returns responses in JSON and JSONP. Data is available for: basics of legislature and sessions; people; committees and committee memberships; bills; votes; and more.

Orange MMSOrange MMS API: The service pushes text, photos, other images, or videos to mobile phones in France via MMS technology. Also allows a receiving service to accept MMS messages from France and return a response.

API methods support either send or receive actions, including a subject line, accompanying text, and image file. The message can be assigned keywords and routed to a web application, email address, or both.

PDFizePDFize API: PDFize is a simple API that allows a user to get a PDF file from an HTML file. The API is a hosted version implemented using the TCPDF library. The API uses HTTP calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

For details on parameter values or features see the TCPDF documentation on http://www.tcpdf.org

PicozuPicozu API: Picozu is an application for photo and drawing editing and retouching. Some editing and retouching features that Picozu supports include brushing, filtering, texture rendering, and batch processing.

The Picozu API allows developers to access the functionality of Picozu for integration with other applications. Some example API methods include editing photos, retouching drawings, and saving and sharing the files edited or created.

Ping-uinPing-uin API: This simple API lets users ping an IP or URL. Users pass an IP address or a domain and receive a true/false response as well as the time of the response. It uses HTTP calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

ProTexting SMSProTexting SMS API: ProTexting SMS is a SMS messaging company offering text message marketing solutions for small and medium sized businesses. Some of their services include keywords, analytics and reporting, QR codes, and mobile surveys.

The ProTexting SMS API allows users programmatic access to some of the services provided by a ProTexting SMS account, including sending and receiving SMS messages, getting message details (including carrier, message ID number, and delivery status), and checking or reserving keywords.

The ProTexting SMS API operates over HTTP and responds via XML or plain-text response codes. SSL is supported by this API, which requires an account with service and purchased account credits for most method calls.

PSWinCom SMS GatewayPSWinCom SMS Gateway API: PSWinCom Gateway is a professional, commercial solution for delivering SMS messages from computer systems to GSM phones world wide. Messages can be sent and received. Developers can choose between several API's based on their own preference. The APIs provide different interfaces including HTTP(S), SOAP and SMTP.

PubEasyPubEasy API: The service handles e-commerce functions for booksellers, including product information, order placement and tracking, and availability data. Users can interact with participating publishers, distributors and wholesalers to complete sales and provide customer service.

Methods support retrieval of bibliographic information, placing orders, tracking previous orders, and monitoring backorders. A separate API supports managing an affiliate network, including methods for publisher and imprint information, ordering policies, and invoicing.

PublicData.euPublicData.eu API: PublicData.eu aims to gather disparate open data from throughout Europe, from many different government websites, at different levels of government. PublicData.eu may also include related data, in various formats, created by web developers and the public, to provide a more comprehensive and social set of information.

PublicData.eu runs on the CKAN data management system and data is accessible via CKAN's RESTful API.

PubNub JavaScript PushPubNub JavaScript Push API: PubNub is a cloud-based, real-time messaging service that functions on mobile phones, tablets, TVs, HTML5 web browsers and game consoles. It is a Push technology intended specifically for high-message-volume applications and games. The JavaScript API allows users to set up, operate, and send notifications from the cloud.

Rackspace Cloud IdentityRackspace Cloud Identity API: The Rackspace Cloud Identity Service allows developers to obtain an authentication token and a list of regional service endpoints that can be used to access cloud services such as those provided by Rackspace and OpenStack. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

Sao Paolo Open GovernmentSao Paolo Open Government API: SP Open Government is the online portal for the government of the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Data is available about: elections; research investments; demographics; unemployment; budget; deaths and births; and more.

A SOAP API is available to access some of this data, with responses in XML.

SEO metricsSEO metrics API: The SEO metrics API gathers metrics used for SEO from different services. These metrics include backlinks, ranking, domain-age, indexed pages and something more. The API is currently in BETA and offers free access. Once the API will become stable the access will be changed into a Freemium payment model.

shelby.tvshelby.tv API: shelby.tv is an interactive online video player that allows users to see what their friends are watching and interact via the shelby.tv video player, as well as discover new video content. Users can also share what they are watching.

The shelby.tv API allows developers to access and integrate the shelby.tv player and functionality with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving user information, accessing video content that has been shared and broadcast, and viewing channels.

SimpleMapprSimpleMappr API: SimpleMappr is an application that allows users to create point maps by copying and pasting geographic coordinates in layers and choosing pushpin styles. Maps created can be downloaded and printed.

The SimpleMappr API allows developers to access the functionality of SimpleMappr for integration with other applications. Some example API methods include accessing geographic feeds, attributing characteristics to maps, and displaying various details about the maps.

Sonos MusicSonos Music API: Sonos is a consumer electronics company offering a multi-room audio system that lets users listen to music stored on a computer or the cloud. The Sonos Music API is a web-services API that provides a consistent way for content to be delivered by web-based services and consumed by consumer playback devices. It is designed to support a range of content providers, including on-demand music services as well as internet radio streaming. Technical documentation is not publicly available but developers can obtain access by registering as a Sonos Music Partner.

StesCodes Contact GrabberStesCodes Contact Grabber API: The web service extracts contact information from 25 email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, Hotmail to allow imports to Facebook or other use. Pop-up allows user to sign in and confirm the function, then names, emails, and related contact information are retrieved. Allows reuse of distributed contact information for import to other services.

Straker TranslationStraker Translation API: Straker Translation provides translation services including human translation services for documents and content, multilingual websites, and more. Straker also provides tools and applications for streamlining the translation process. An API is available to send content to be human-translated. The API is RESTful.

The Airport GuideThe Airport Guide API: The service locates and returns information about airports. An application submits one IATA code per request and receives general and operating information about the airport such as type, location (latitude/longitude), local time, communications frequencies, runways, navigation aids, and more.

Current weather forecast information is also provided, along with remarks particular to the airport such as local hazards to navigation. Enhanced membership provides information about local hotels and suppliers of fuel, maintenance, and on-board catering.

TimeAndDateTimeAndDate API: The web service provides time and date information for locations worldwide. Options include local time and time zone, Daylight Saving Time dates, sunrise/sunset times, and more. Other services provide information about local holidays and international calling codes. Data can be integrated with online calendars and other IP-lookup/geolocation services.

Methods allow current time retrieval for a location and time zone conversion between locations. Methods also return information about Daylight Savings Time and day-off holidays for a location.

TrendnTrendn API: Trendn aggregates the most viral and socially-shared content on the web. This is done by assigning a ranking that is based on social engagement. Modes of engagement include sharing with friends, bookmarking an article, commenting on a blog post or clicking a link to read a news item. The API returns the content with the highest score for a given category passed in by the user. It uses HTTP calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

TrustedXTrustedX API: The TrustedX API is intended to help businesses ensure the security and reliability of their online transactions by providing mechanisms for handling authenticity, electronic signatures, and encryption. This API makes it easier to endow applications with security mechanisms and to manage them centrally.

UN ContradeUN Contrade API: The United Nations Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange offers a repository of data about international trade devoted to encouraging information sharing and trade among UN member countries and business organizations worldwide. The initiative is aimed at improving efficiency of processes for exchanging information to track commerce and support financial decision-making.

Data sets available depending on access rights, but may include
Comtrade data summarizing international transactions by country, industry classification, and year. Also available are data about tariffs and total international trade. Data can also be retrieved directly into a SQL Server database.

UnivisionUnivision API: Univision.com is the most-visited Spanish-language web destination among U.S. online Hispanics. The Univision API gives users access to the same content available on the Univision online properties including articles, slideshows, recipes, and events. Developers can use the API to integrate content with their applications. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML, JSON, RSS, ATOM and JSONP.

USITC EDISUSITC EDIS API: The web service from the U.S. International Trade Commission provides access to documents held by the commission in relation to any investigations of exports and imports crossing the U.S. border. The service also supports online submissions of customers documentation. The information retrieved helps with tracking and reviewing customs activities.

API methods return a list of investigations, information about a specific investigation, and metadata about submitted documents.

VirtapayVirtapay API: The service provides a payment function based on "virtual currency" held by user accounts. It allows sellers to test buyer response to digital products and plans to support conversion of virtual payments from buyers into national currencies via ClickBank and other exchanges. Buyers monitor the service and provide feedback on its functions and products presented.

Methods list paying websites and online marketplaces as well as mobile apps that handle VirtaPay payments. The API also supports in-game use of VirtaPay credits as payments between players. Future methods will list currency exchanges handling conversion to world currencies.

Voter Guide ToolkitVoter Guide Toolkit API: The service helps candidates and issue campaigns to develop online voter guides, with read-only access to the content via the API. Once developed, the guide information can be integrated with other applications, such as an HTML widget to display a candidate profile separately from the voter guide.

Methods return return basic descriptive information about the voter guide itself, such as its name and candidates or issues profiled, or about a specific race or referendum. Search methods return matches within the voter guide for a specific query.

WibiyaWibiya API: Wibiya is a social toolbar provider for customers to integrate into their websites. Wibiya's toolbars can be customized to connect to social networks, sharing applications, and other web applications.

The Wibiya API allows developers to integrate the functionality of Wibiya with other applications and sites. Some example API methods include updating publishing applications, managing toolbars for websites, and adding toolbars.

WorldCat xISBNWorldCat xISBN API: The web service associates library catalog records from WorldCat with related resources based on ISBN. Submitting an ISBN retrieves a list of ISBNs for records related by an algorithm from OCLC, the primary organization managing professionally cataloged bibliographic records, along with selected metadata from those records. The linkages support "FRBRized" grouping of related editions, such as other expressions of the same work and manifestations of the same expression.

API methods get records and/or metadata for resources related to the one whose ISBN is submitted. Methods also support mapping of other books-related identifiers, such as xOCLCNUM and convert between 10- and 130-digit ISBNs.


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