71 New APIs: Wishpot, Gecko and Optical Character Recognition

This week we had 71 new APIs added to our API directory including a social eCommerce platform, optical character recognition service, location information services, web marketing services and a mobile printing app. In addition we covered Involver's launch of a groundbreaking social advertising optimization API. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

ABBYY Cloud OCRABBYY Cloud OCR API: ABBYY is a provider of OCR, document capture, ICR and language translations services. Their Cloud OCR SDK allows developers to integrate ABBYY's optical character recognition technologies for applications such as photograph and image conversion into searchable text. With the API, users can load images to the OCR server, process with necessary recognition and export parameters, obtain the results of processing. It uses HTTP calls and responses are formatted in XML.

Across CommunicationsAcross Communications API: Across Communications is a web-based service that provides a Platform and infrastructure for delivering messages from any computer connected to the Internet to a wide variety of communication devices. This allows users to integrate phone calls, faxes, SMS, ICQ, MSN, numeric pagers, and e-mail. Across Communications' SOAP-based APIs allow users to access many of their services programmatically.

ActPHPActPHP API: ACTPHP.COM LAMP is a web Portal for web development centering on LAMP. The site offers a variety of learning resources categorized by Open source products, LAMP platform technologies, WEB Front-end development and Website optimization SEO.The API allows users to create secure encrypted passwords and also check it against existing passwords. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

Alau.meAlau.me API: Alau.me is an iOS App referral-tracking platform designed by The Daily Tracker. It creates a short referral link for sharing. Then it can track how many downloads resulted from the link. The API is available with an Alau.me account. It exposes the general functionality of the URL generating and referral-tracking services. It is RESTful and provides JSON responses. Documentation is publicly available in an SDK.

AVANTSSARAVANTSSAR API: Exposing services for Integration into service-oriented architectures entails a variety of trust and security issues. It's important to validate both the service components and their composition into secure service architectures. The AVANTSSAR (Automated VAlidatioN of Trust and Security of Service-oriented ARchitectures) API allows users to validate service components as well as their positions in service-oriented architectures.

Bimshare UploadBimshare Upload API: Bimshare is a sharing platform for engineering and architectural models. Users can upload 3D models of their designs and view them from an angle. Bimshare is designed to work in many browsers for professionals, students, and governments. Their API exposes the functionality for generating URLs with models can be hosted. It is a RESTful API and responds in JSON.

BlipfotoBlipfoto API: Blipfoto.com is a photo-sharing website. The site is designed for photographers to develop photo journals, personal projects, and community projects. Users may also use the site as a hosting service to share their photographs with friends and family. The Blipfoto API exposes the websites information for programmatic integration with other services and app development. It runs on a RESTful protocol and returns XML responses by default but can support JSON, JSON-P, and serialized PHP as well.

BreezyBreezy API: Breezy is a mobile printing app that allows multiple devices in a mobile workforce to print from designated machines. It allows users to print widely through a network of printing partners. It works on API with a simple SDK that allows for easy integration with new devices. The API operates on SSL and uses oAuth2 for securing integration.

Caspio BridgeCaspio Bridge API: Caspio Bridge is a cloud database platform used to build interactive web applications through point-and-click wizards. Users can build web forms, databases, and other enterprise management applications without the need for programming skills. The Caspio Bridge API allows third-party integration with existing Caspio applications and other cloud services.

Charities CommissionCharities Commission API: The Charities Commission of New Zealand is a publicly available database of registered charities that serves to build public trust and confidence in the charitable sector. The Charities Commission API provides open data to large amount of charities, their annual returns and officer information. It uses RESTful OData URI querying to pull information from the database.

ChompOnChompOn API: ChompOn is a group-buying platform for publishers. It provides functionality for websites to integrate group-buying options and deals across a network of publishers. ChompOn also analyzes users’ social media for optimization. Their RESTful API exposes the platform’s structure for developers to expand publishers’ services on top of it, as well as for integration with other services. It can provide responses in JSON or XML.

CritsendCritsend API: The service provides email messaging and management, including sending messages to defined recipient lists, receiving messages, and reporting on inbound and outbound traffic. A tagging Function allows categorization of messages to select them for special management. Customizable reports allow monitoring of sent messages, bounced messages, response rates, click rates, and other recipient responses.

API methods support defining and sending outbound mail, including recipient lists, message body, file attachments, etc. Methods also handle inbound mail with selective automated replies and redirects for human response. Reporting methods provide traffic summaries, statistics on recipient responses, and alerts of system events.

Da Button FactoryDa Button Factory API: Da Button Factory is an automatic hyperlink button generator. Users specify the text and parameters of their buttons, including font, size, shadow, and more. They must also specify image format output type. The Da Button Factory API exposes the entirety of the website’s functionality. Users specify the parameters of their desired buttons in the request URL.

Dubset MixSCANDubset MixSCAN API: MixSCAN is a music fingerprinting service provided by Thefuture.fm. It allows DJs to stream live mixes legally by identifying each song and attributing the correct authorship and rights. The API is a RESTful and job-based, meaning it provides a small packet of metadata before scanning the mix, and then stays open for further pinging as the mix plays. It provides responses in JSON.

eCoComa ShippingeCoComa Shipping API: The eCoComa Shipping API allows users to retrieve real-time shipping rates from major carriers. Supported shipping carriers include FedEx, UPS, United States Postal Service (USPS), and DHL/AirBorne Express (DHL). This API operates via SOAP using the XML data format.

EMBL Structure FilterEMBL Structure Filter API: The EMBL Structure Filter API is useful for evaluating the locations of candidate short regulatory sequences in proteins which need to be accessible to interact with their ligand domains. To do so, it calculates an accessibility score, secondary structure score, and total score for each match of a regular expression in the query sequence provided by the user.

EnergyIQEnergyIQ API: The service is part of efforts by the U.S. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to encourage benchmarking of building energy efficiency, with clear guidelines for actions to reduce waste and improve energy performance. It is intended both to process data in a way that supports decision-making and to provide access to raw data for an application's own processing.

API methods support direct retrieval of complete datasets as well as querying data for specific building types, sizes, locations, ages, and activities housed (e.g., education, health care, retail, general office, etc.). Requests can specify energy profile details of interest, units of measurement, and chart types for output data.

Exchange Network NAASExchange Network NAAS API: The Exchange Network NAAS API provides programmatic access to security and Authentication methods for Environmental Information Exchange Network users. The Exchange Network is a partnership between States, Territories, Tribes, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for the exchange of environmental information. The Exchange Network NAAS API is accessible via SOAP calls using the XML data format.

Excluded Parties List SystemExcluded Parties List System API: The Excluded Parties List System (EPLS) provides information regarding entities declared ineligible to receive Federal contracts, subcontracts, or Federal assistance and benefits. This information may include names, addresses, DUNS numbers, Social Security Numbers, Employer Identification Numbers, or other Taxpayer Identification Numbers, if available and deemed appropriate and permissible to publish by the agency taking action. The EPLS API allows users to search this list programmatically.

FlashFoto Image Processing FlashFoto Image Processing API: FlashFotoInc is an image processing service. They provide a variety of software for image manipulation and detection. These functions include people detection, background removal manipulation, cropping, and more. Their REST API provides access to many of the creative functions as well as data libraries and file management systems. It handles JSON and image data formats, such as JPG and PNG.

GAMEhudGAMEhud API: GameHUD is a video game monitoring and analysis service. Game developers can use it track user statistics such as returning or new users, unique machines, and where players are having difficulty. Their API package provides access to the functionality to three different components of the GameHUD service: machines, game sessions, and game events. The API uses HTTP calls and provides JSON responses.

Gecko LandmarksGecko Landmarks API: The Landmark API allows mobile companies to use landmark data and allow their customers to consume location information in text format. It takes a user's current position expressed in latitude and longitude, and returns the closest landmarks. The API uses HTTP calls and responses are formatted in JSON, KML, KMZ and CSV.

GEMETGEMET API: The service maintains a database of multi-language thesauri, i.e. collections of terms with semantic relationships such as equivalent in meaning, broader or narrower in meaning, or associated in some other way. It provides access to each documented thesaurus and to lists of thesauri. Maintaining thesauri across different languages helps to encourage interoperability through connections between terms expressing similar concepts in different languages.

API methods support retrieval of concept lists from one or more thesauri at multiple levels, either top-most concepts, all concepts, or subsets. Methods also support submission of one concept and retrieval of all concepts from the database related to the one in the request, including those in different languages.

GoalBitGoalBit API: GoalBit is an open source video delivery platform that includes features such as live and on-demand content, premium and user-generated content, large scale and enterprise deployments and more. With the platform, users can manage all aspects of online digital media including ingestion and transcoding, storage, replication and backup, delivery and streaming, acess control and much more. The GoalBit Suit API allows users to access the content on the platform. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

GumroadGumroad API: Gumroad provides simplified online commercial transactions for content creators. When users post their creations to Gumroad, they are then given a point of sale URL that they can then share with their networks. Gumroad supports a variety of payment methods and takes a nominal commission from the transaction. Their RESTful API exposes users’ abilities to enable, modify, or delete their links and more. It responds in JSON.

InboxFeverInboxFever API: The service enables sending and receiving email, along with a feedback function for monitoring communication success, including creation and processing of email, open rates, link clicks within the message, bounce rates, deferral, and related statistics.

API methods support sending email, including recipient address lists, subject lines, message body, etc., as well as retrieving replies and in-bound email. Reporting methods allow access to statistics like messages sent and received, open and bounce rates, link clicks, etc.

Inuvo PPC SearchInuvo PPC Search API: Inuvo offers solutions that help advertisers drive transactions via clicks, sales or leads through various marketing channels. The Inuvo Platform gives advertisers the ability to create and manage campaigns, and allows web publishers with a way to monetize their advertising inventory. Partners can use the API to customize their implementation of the platform. The PPC API lets Inuvo, through a partnership with Yahoo, to provide a sponsored search xml Feed giving publishers the opportunity to make money from site or application searches. Full documentation is not publicly available.

Involver Engagement OptimizationInvolver Engagement Optimization API: Involver is a social media marketing platform used on Facebook pages and other social media platforms. The Engagement Optimization API allows marketers to optimize their ad campaigns by passing optimization data to the ad platform of their choice. With it social advertising platforms can pull page engagement data from the platform to optimize ad spend. Marketers can also optimize ad spend by integrating page management with their ad platforms using real-time response from their audiences. Public documentation is not available, developers should contact the provider for more information.

KeynoteKeynote API: Keynote is a provider of Internet and mobile cloud testing and monitoring. Companies use Keynote to know how their web sites, content, and applications perform across browsers, networks, and mobile devices.

The Keynote API lets developers integrate and automate Keynote with other systems and services. Users can use the API to access Keynote measurement data and account information programmatically. With this data, developers can build their own dashboards, create custom reports and more. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

LAITS GMU CoverageLAITS GMU Coverage API: The LAITS GMU Coverage API is a geospatial coverage retrieval service based on the OpenGIS Web Coverage Service Interface Standard. Types of data categorized as "coverages" may include satellite images, digital aerial photos, digital elevation data, and other phenomena represented by values given at each measurement point. The LAITS GMU Coverage API uses the XML data format and operates over SOAP.

LandslideCRMLandslideCRM API: LandslideCRM is a customer relationship management system for enterprises engaged in online sales. This system provides real-time, anywhere access to leads, contacts, information, reports, and more. The LandslideCRM API allows users to access many of LandslideCRM's functions programmatically via SOAP calls.

LiveDocx MailMergeLiveDocx MailMerge API: LiveDocx is a template-based document creation service. It allows developers to create word processing documents by combining user-defined Microsoft Word templates with data from disparate sources, such as XML files and databases. It is typically used to create professional, print-ready documents in DOCX, DOC, RTF, or PDF format. The LiveDocx API makes these functions available programmatically via SOAP calls.

LunapicLunapic API: Lunapic is an online photo editing processor. Users can upload images from their computers or link image URLs to add effects, crop, and more. Users can also add multiple images to one project and create an animation. The API provides total access to the website’s functionality. Users can send requests including multiple parameters and actions.

MemopalMemopal API: Memopal offers cloud based online storage that tries to make storage more efficient. The technology behind Memopal looks for the similarities across all data that users upload, store those parts and then save only the changes that are made to that data. The simple API allows users to download files from their account. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

Microsoft Office ResearchMicrosoft Office Research API: Microsoft Office Research is a feature offered in a number of different Microsoft Office programs. This feature provides access to resources such as dictionaries, thesauri, and various internet research web sites. The Microsoft Office Research API allows registered users to access these services programmatically via SOAP API.

Microsoft SensorMap DataHubMicrosoft SensorMap DataHub API: SensorMap is a tool created by Microsoft to allow non-tech-savvy users to easily publish their data online in a format that is simple to query and is compatible with other data types. The Microsoft SensorMap DataHub API allows users to make realtime data available or to retrieve data from SensorMap.

MixRankMixRank API: MixRank is a spy tool that tracks users’ competitors’ advertisements. It provides analytics on where competitors buy traffic, which of their ads perform best, and more. The API provides access on-site information on ads, advertisers, and traffic sources. This allows developers to generate custom reports from queries to MixRank’s entire historical database. The API is currently private, but can be accessed by requesting permission from MixRank.

MokiMobility +MDMMokiMobility +MDM API: MokiMobility provides a cloud-based mobile device management (MDM) platform allowing developers to manage iOS and Android devices remotely. +MDM is a platform for developers to create single-purpose solutions for iPads and Android tablets. +MDM and it's APIs offer features such as: add/remove Wifi settings, add/remove apps, require passcodes, remote rebooting of Android tablets and more. Full documentation is not publicly available.

Molinspiration Molinspiration API: The service provides tools for cheminformatics such as generating images of molecules and modeling, processing, and manipulating molecular properties and structures. It works with SMILES notation to allow SDfile conversions and generate representations of molecules and fragments. The service can screen results based on molecular fragments and predict biological activity of compounds represented.

API methods support submission of compounds in SMILES chemical notation. Returned data include molecular characteristics needed to fully characterize and modify the compound specified in the request.

MugshotMugshot API: The experimental service processes images from uploaded files or URLs and performs simple face detection. It displays coordinates for faces present in the image along with a browser-viewable version of the image with faces highlighted.

API methods support either uploading a file or specifying a URL along with a request to the service. Returned data include coordinates of faces within the images and URLs for viewable images with faces highlighted.

NorthtextNorthtext API: The service provides basic SMS text messaging integrated with marketing and campaign management functions for targeted management of promotional contacts. Functionality includes control of messaging activity by keywords defining groups of campaigns and accounts.

API methods support specification of message content, recipients (either single or bulk delivery), and timing of message delivery. Methods also support management of contact lists and campaigns, defined by user-assigned keywords.

OCLC EprintsUKOCLC EprintsUK API: OCLC (Online Computer Library Center) is a worldwide library cooperative, the purpose of which is to establish, maintain, and operate a computerized library network. The OCLC EprintsUK API focuses on authority control. Authority control is the practice of creating and maintaining index terms for bibliographic material in the library catalog.

OfforteOfforte API: Offorte is online quotation software that lets users create online proposals and quotes. Users can extend their proposals using social media, video, photos, notices and statistics. Offorte offers an API that allows customers to access their account data. Documentation is not publicly available.

Phospho.ELMPhospho.ELM API: Phospho.ELM is a database of experimentally verified phosphorylation sites in eukaryotic proteins. The database currently contains 8,718 substrate proteins from different species, covering more than 42,500 instances which are fully linked to literature references. The Phospho.ELM API allows users to access this database programmatically.

PictaculousPictaculous API: Pictaculous is a color palette generator service from MailChimps. Users can upload PNG, GIF, or JPG image files and Pictaculous will analyze their colors to return a fitting scheme. Pictaculous's services can also be accessed from a mobile device. Their API accepts binary file data from the acceptable image format types and returns a JSON encoded hex of recommended colors as well as a URL of the received image.

PositionMonitorPositionMonitor API: PositionMonitor is an automatic page rank monitoring system. Users input their website’s URL and search keyword, and PositionMonitor will check its Google, Bing, and Yahoo ranks everyday. Over time, it will also graph the site’s movement. The API exposes the entirety of PositionMonitor’s functionality with fees for some higher level services such as research and webshots. It is a RESTful protocol that returns JSON results.

Sapo Galp FastSapo Galp Fast API: SAPO is a Portuguese Internet service provider whose main web site acts as a web portal featuring a directory of Portuguese sites. SAPO Services provides a large suite of web services and applications to developers worldwide.

The Sapo Galp Fast system allows users to accumulate point when they purchase gas at Galp stations. The points, accumlated via the Fast card, can be redeemed for services or products offered at partcipating service stations. The API lets users see what catalog items they are eligible to acquire, return customer data and return current points accumulated on a card. The API uses REST and SOAP calls and resposes are formatted in XML.

ScienceSeekerScienceSeeker API: ScienceSeeker collects articles from science blogs around the world, allows users to find the latest science news and discussion on any topic. The database includes more than 1,000 blogs and 120,000 posts. The Search API lets users query the database using a number of sorting options such as title, summary, number of recommendations, or posts talking about a specific peer-reviewed article. Developers can integrate the functionality of the API with third party sites or applications. It uses HTTP calls and responses are formatted in XML.

ScriptedScripted API: Scripted is a service that provides blog content from a pool of registered writers. Business request a blog post on any subject or length, and Scripted matches the prompt to a freelance writer to produce the content. Their RESTful API exposes most of the sites functionality, for business and for writers. It responds in JSON automatically but users can request XML instead.

Simple TextingSimple Texting API: Simple Texting offers text message marketing services. The API gives users access to much of the functionality of the platform. Functionality includes the ability to send sms messages, receive inbox messages, check keyword availability, rent and configure keywords, configure forwarding, list contacts and more. The API uses RESTful calls.

SKOS ThesaurusSKOS Thesaurus API: The SKOS (Simple Knowledge Organization System) Thesaurus API provided by Oak Ridge National Laboratory is a tool for organizing knowledge and concept relationships. Users can provide a concept and then retrieve other concepts that relate to it. This API can be accessed via SOAP calls using the XML data format.

SkyttleSkyttle API: Market Sentinel is a UK based company that provides clients with online conversation monitoring. Skyttle is Market Sentinel's text analytics engine. Skyttle extracts patters from textual data through the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP). The API can take text and turn it into constituent terms (meaningful expressions), entities (names of people, place and things), and sentiment terms. Languages supported are English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Swedish, Greek, Czech, Italian and Russian. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

SMSGuysSMSGuys API: The service provides SMS text messaging in South Africa, either for bulk delivery or by individual messages. Applications can trigger delivery immediately or schedule messages for future delivery. The system maintains an address book with delivery numbers for each user account.

API methods support specification of message content and recipient, either an individual number or a list for bulk delivery. Messages can be routed for immediate delivery or scheduled for later delivery. Methods also support address book management, with contact list addition, updating, and delete.

St. Louis FREDSt. Louis FRED API: The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis is one of 12 regional Reserve banks in the Fed System. The Research Division of the bank looks to promote quality economic research and contribute to economic policy discussions. In support of this goal, it has created APIs that let developers access the data stored on its web site.

The FRED API lets users query the Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) and Archival Federal Reserve Economic Data (ALFRED) databases to retrieve specific data. The requested data can be customized according to data source, release, category, series, and other preferences. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

SvpplySvpply API: Svpply is a social marketplace for users who want to share items they like or have purchased on the web. Users add items they find online to their Svpply bookmarklet that transfers the items to the public Svpply shop page. The API is RESTful and responds in JSON. Access to collections of products, permalinks, users, and more of the shop’s functionality is exposed through it.

SwiftypeSwiftype API: Swiftype provides search engines for websites. Developers can implant it on their website to design their own site-specific search results. Swiftype has autocomplete capabilities, search analytics, and customizable results. The API is a RESTful protocol and returns results in JSON. It can provides access to many Swiftype functionalities including indexing, searching, and more. The documentation includes Ruby and Python kits. Swiftype is currently available for free in beta, but tiered price structure is to come.

Thinkudo EnlightenThinkudo Enlighten API: Thinkudo Enlighten is a platform that allows companies to better understand the Chinese market. The platform provides users with social media analytics allowing for better decision making. Its API services provide Chinese text analytics, social media search, sentiment analysis and more allowing companies to create social monitoring dashboards. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

TracksGivingTracksGiving API: Tracksgiving is a backend platform built to track charitable giving initiatives. Its goal is to add more transparency and accountability to the giving process. The TracksGiving APIs offer functionality for tracking donation logs, orders, and giving campaigns.

University of Toronto LibrariesUniversity of Toronto Libraries API: The University of Toronto Libraries API allows users to access its Library Management System, the documentation database used for managing and describing library holdings. The University of Toronto uses the Unicorn Library Management System provided by SirsiDynix. This system is accessible via API using SOAP calls.

Unofficial OpenTableUnofficial OpenTable API: Open table is an online restaurant reservation service. With the service users can make online reservations, read restaurant reviews from other diners, and earn points towards free meals. This API allows developers to access the data from OpenTable. Data includes finding single or multiple restaurants, along with information about that restaurant and URLs where reservations can be made. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

VästtrafikVästtrafik API: Västtrafik is a public transport company in West Sweden that is responsible for public transport services including buses, trams, ferries and trains in the County of Västra Götaland. The site provides maps, planning services, timetables and more. Västtrafik offers journey planner and departure board APIs for public transport in West Sweden. The journey planner API exposes services including locations, trip, departure board, journey detail and geometry. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON. The site and documentation are in Swedish.

Visual DataFlex Date FunctionsVisual DataFlex Date Functions API: The Visual DataFlex Date Functions API allows users to retrieve the names of days and months in various languages. Users may also determine the default language ID for a system, or retrieve the IDs for other languages. This API can be accessed via SOAP calls using the XML data format.

Visual DataFlex ElfProefVisual DataFlex ElfProef API: The Visual DataFlex ElfProef API allows users to perform ElfProef tests. This is a CRC (cyclic redundancy check) technique used as a test in Dutch electronic payments to determine if a bank account number is valid. It does so by adding the given number's digits and dividing by 11. Valid numbers will return an integer. This API can be accessed via SOAP calls using the XML data format.

Visual DataFlex ISBN ValidationVisual DataFlex ISBN Validation API: The Visual DataFlex ISBN Validation API allows users to validate ISBN codes that are either 10 or 13 digits long. Note that this API can only determine whether an ISBN number is potentially valid, not which book it is associated with nor whether it is even in use. This API can be accessed via SOAP calls using the XML data format.

Visual DataFlex Temperature ConversionVisual DataFlex Temperature Conversion API: The Visual DataFlex Temperature Conversion API converts temperature values from Celcius to Fahrenheit and vice versa. It can also determine windchill temperatures in either Celcius or Farenheit using the Steadman formula. This API can be accessed via SOAP calls using the XML data format.

Wishpot CouponWishpot Coupon API: Wishpot is a social shopping service that lets users save and share things they find in stores or online. The items are then organized using online lists or registries that can be shared with others.

The Wishpot coupon service aggregates and normalizes a variety of coupons data sources. The Product Portals retrieve coupons from a single service. These coupons can also be queried via an API. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

Wishpot Price AlertWishpot Price Alert API: Wishpot is a social shopping service that lets users save and share things they find in stores or online. The items are then organized using online lists or registries that can be shared with others.

The Wishpot Price alert engines enables any requester to track price changes and trigger alerts on specific URLs. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

Wishpot PublisherWishpot Publisher API: Wishpot is a social shopping service that lets users save and share things they find in stores or online. The items are then organized using online lists or registries that can be shared with others.

The Wishpot publisher API enables publishers to display and monetize products in their web and mobile properties. The API provides access and optimization for all the top CPC and CPA based product providers.

Wishpot Social CommerceWishpot Social Commerce API: Wishpot is a social shopping service that lets users save and share things they find in stores or online. The items are then organized using online lists or registries that can be shared with others.

The Wishpot Social Commerce Framework enables developers to build social, mobile and web commerce applications. Users can build marketplaces, specific mobile shops, dedicated apps, and more. Cart and checkout scenarios are supported through PayPal. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

WorkingPoint WorkingPoint API: WorkingPoint is a small business software solutions package. It provides a bundle of tools for accounting, invoicing, and tax and financial reporting. These tools are all accessible on business dashboard. The API exposes the invoice, bill, item, and contact functionalities. It is a RESTful API that returns JSON responses.

Yellowfin Business IntelligenceYellowfin Business Intelligence API: The service provides performance tracking, charting, and reporting services with a variety of options for displaying and formatting business intelligence to support decision making. Charts and indicators can be assembled and embedded in multiple ways to meet varying needs for documenting business activity.

API methods support specification of input data sources and display formats, including time scales and user controls for aggregating data or drilling down to greater detail. Methods allow filtering of data to compose varying views for different audiences.