72 Medical APIs: Avvo, National Library of Medicine and NHS

Our API directory now includes 72 medical APIs. The newest is the pVerify API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Avvo API. We list 2 Avvo mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of medical APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 45 medical REST APIs and 30 medical SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 62 medical XML APIs and 13 medical JSON APIs.

The most common tags within medical are 27 science medical APIs, 18 health medical APIs and 14 reference medical APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 14 medical mashups. We named Health Cloud as mashup of the day in 2009.

For reference, here is a list of all 72 medical APIs.

  AIDSinfo API: Government info on HIV/AIDS treatment

  Allen Brain Atlas API: Neuroscience information resource directory

  Avvo API: Lawyer and doctor directory service

  Biofab Data Access API: DNA sequence data repository service

  BioLabeler API: Library of Medicine text extractor and indexing engine

  bioNMF API: Biomedical data analysis service

  Boliven API: Online repository of medical device information

  Cancer Bioinformatics Infrastructure Objects API: Cancer-related scientific information service

  CDC Wonder API: CDC health statistics retrieval service

  ChEBI API: Chemical entity search service

  ChemBank API: Biomedical database

  ChEMBL API: Chemical compound search service

  China Cancer Database API: Chinese cancer information database

  ClinicalTrials.gov API: Clinical trials database and registry

  cPath API: Medical database lookup

  DailyMed API: Marketed drugs information service

  DeepFitness API: Fitness and nutrition article service

  Diabetic Complications Consortium API: Diabetes and health care information service

  dkCOIN API: Biomedical resource database

  Doctor Dial API: Medical office appointment reminder & message service

  Doctor.com API: Physician search service

  EBI API: Bioinformatics research database

  EBSCO Host API: Biomedical reference and research service

  Epidemic Marketplace API: Research data sharing and collaboration service

  ESHA Nutrition Database API: Food product nutrition information service

  GeneCruiser API: Genomic information database

  Google Health API: Health data service

  Health 2.0 API: Directory of health-related APIs

  HealthTap API: Online health network service

  HIPAASpace API: HIPAA code lookup services

  HIV Drug Research Center API: Drug susceptibility prediction services for mutated HIV

  Hospital Compare API: Hospital comparison service

  iHOP Genetics API: Biological protein sequencing service

  Indivo Health API: Health record manipulation services

  IST Bioinformatics Web Services API: Bioinformatics databases

  Kegg API: Bioinformatics data services

  Krames Staywell API: Health information service

  Medidata Rave API: Clinical research management services

  MedlinePlus API: Health information service

  MedlinePlus Connect API: Health information service

  Microsoft HealthVault API: Health-related data storage, security, and records

  MiMI/Metabolomics API: Protein interaction information service

  Mouse Resource Browser API: Mouse-related bioinformatics resource service

  MRS API: Biological and medical database search service

  National Cancer Institue caDSR API: Cancer and biomedical data standards service

  National Drug File-Reference Terminology API: Clinical information about medications

  National Library of Medicine ChemSpell API: Chemical reference database

  National Library of Medicine DIRLINE API: Medical information resource database

  National Practitioner Data Bank API: Health care practitioner information service

  Neuroscience Information Framework API: Neuroscience resource inventory

  NHS API: UK National Health Service

  OpenTox API: Toxicology prediction service

  Pathbase API: Mouse pathology imagery database

  Pathway Commons API: Biological pathway research data service

  Patient Opinion API: UK health ratings service

  PDBj API: Protein data bank services

  PHIN VADS API: Public health terminology service

  Pillbox API: Medication identification service

  Progetto Tessera Sanitaria API: Italian prescription transmission service

  Pulsepoint API: CPR provider registry service

  pVerify API: Medical insurance eligibility verification service

  RxNav NDF-RT API: Drug and medication terminology service

  RxNorm API: Clinical drug vocabularies

  RxTerms API: Drug prescription terminolgies

  SeqHound API: Bioinformatics research database

  TOXNET API: Toxicology database

  Unified Medical Language System API: Medical terminology & taxonomy service

  UniProt API: Protein sequence and annotation services

  VetMedStat API: Veterinary remote advice service

  Visual Omics aGEM API: Gene expression information service

  Web API for Biology API: Biological sequence search and analysis

  XNAT API: Medical imaging informatics platform

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