72 New APIs: Full-text Search, Surveys and Restaurant Reservations

This week we had 72 new APIs added to our API directory including an app gamification tool, flight booking service, targeted call back service, contact list management service, global church locator service, credit card payment service and a cycling social network. Below is more detail on each of these new APIs.

AcapelaAcapela API: Acapela is a Voice as a Service provider. The service offers text to speech solutions to give voice to content in up to 25 languages and up to 50 voices. The Acapela API lets developers integrate speech into their application and control the voice generation using features such as parameters, settings and effects. Documentation is not publicly available.

Add to TomTom Add to TomTom API: TomTom is a maker of in-vehicle GPS turn-by-turn directions units. The Add to TomTom API allows developers to streamline the process of adding a route, a collection of points, addresses or other geo-references into their users' TomTom units.

BeintooBeintoo API: Beintoo is a gamification service for app developers and business. Users register a profile on Beintoo and keep track of their progress in all of the apps they play. Their achievements are charted in a reputation layer that publishes their success to the entire Beintoo community. Users can win coupons and rewards from brands and businesses according as they attain higher levels of reputation. Beintoo provides a RESTful API for developers to integrate the gamification functionalities and retrieve player information.

BelairBelair API: Belair is an online travel Portal that allows business partners to book and sell their own airline e-tickets on a self branded site. Partners can access all of Belair's travel products and offer all airfares and tariffs on all international, domestic and LCC airlines with or without discounts on flights. The API lets partners get real-time inventory and pricing from the airlines within a white label site. Full documentation is not publicly avaialble.

BIOBASEBIOBASE API: BIOBASE is the leading provider of expert-curated biological databases, software and services for the life sciences. BIOBASE products are used to identify relations that aid in drug and biomarker discovery. BIOBASE helps researchers to identify connections by offering well-structured data, assembled by highly qualified subject-matter experts, organized in an accessible and easily searchable manner. This data is accessible via an API. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

CallFire CloudCallFire Cloud API: Callfire provides a variety of services for call centers, voice broadcasting, Customer Relationship Management, Interactive Voice Response, and other telephony-related business and campaign operations. The Callfire Cloud API provides programmatic access to a number of Callfire services including sending and replying to SMS messages, area code validation, call recording reports, finding and ordering toll-free numbers, and campaign management. This is a RESTful API that returns data as XML. An API Key and an account with service are required for use.

CallFire Direct ConnectCallFire Direct Connect API: CallFire provides a VoIP Platform that powers voice broadcasts, call centers, call tracking, and text messaging campaigns. The direct connect service gives users control over the CallFire dialer and can be used to bypass the predictive logic. Typical usage includes setting up the system for an agent that needs to make targeted calls to old customers. Functionality included logging in of agents, returning agent IDs, play back of a pre-recorded message for calls landing on answering machines, starting and stopping campaigns and more. The API uses SOAP calls and responses are formatted in XML.

CallFire List ServiceCallFire List Service API: CallFire provides a VoIP platform that powers voice broadcasts, call centers, call tracking, and text messaging campaigns. This API allows account holders to create and manage their personal phonebook entries. Consumers can view, add or remove entries. The API lets users retrieve account lists associated with an ID, create new contact lists and validate the lists. The API uses SOAP calls and responses are formatted in XML.

CallFire RecordCallFire Record API: CallFire provides a VoIP platform that powers voice broadcasts, call centers, call tracking, and text messaging campaigns. This API lets users create recording campaigns. Functionality includes retrieving recordings, retrieving sound files by caller ID, playback recordings, and more. The API uses SOAP calls and responses are formatted in XML.

CDYNE SpellCheckerCDYNE SpellChecker API: The CDYNE SpellChecker is an API that allows users to check a body of text for spelling errors. It can also suggest possible corrections for misspelled words. This API is accessible via SOAP calls using the XML data format.

CDYNE WeatherCDYNE Weather API: The CDYNE Weather API allows users to retrieve weather information for U.S. cities. Users may either retrieve the current weather or a seven day forecast, both of which are updated hourly. The information is gathered from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) National Weather Service.

ChurchZipChurchZip API: ChurchZip provides a global locator service for Christian churches. Users can search for churches by city or by postal code. They may also select the desired search radius in either miles or kilometers. The ChurchZip service is available online as either a web interface or a SOAP API.

CLAIMS DIRECTCLAIMS DIRECT API: The service provides information from a database of global patent applications and claims, allowing search for existing rights to inventions and technologies. The central source aggregates filings with patent authorities worldwide and provides search results in multiple languages. API methods support submission of queries related to patent filings, with returned matches from global sources, tagged for source language. Patent descriptions provide legal status of any claim to intellectual property rights, images, and U.S. reassignments of patents from other countries.

ClickMeeting ClickMeeting API: ClickMeeting is a web conferencing platform. It allows users to creating virtual meeting spaces for conferences including geographically distant parties. Users can select different features to customize their virtual conference spaces. They can choose between video and/or audio, moderated and/or private chat, and so on. The ClickMeeting API allows developers to generate meeting rooms and access tokens to them. It is a RESTful API that returns data formatted in JSON, JS, XML, PHP, and much more.

CyclingBuddyCyclingBuddy API: CyclingBuddy.com is a free biking community which allows members to find other members to go cycling with. Members can trade training tips, cycling routs and opinion with others. The site has members from 14 countries around the world who have logged over 150,000 cycling miles and shared over 1,100 of their favorite cycling routes. The API allows developers to access this information and use it in their own third party web sites and apps. Documentation for the API is not publicly available.

Data8 Companies HouseData8 Companies House API: Data8 is the UK's premier data solutions provider with a range of data cleansing, postcode lookup and data validation services to ultimately improve the way you communicate with your customers. The Companies House API allows users to search for companies by either name, address or postcode and reveal full details about specific companies. The API uses SOAP calls and responses are formatted in XML.

Data8 Movers IdentificationData8 Movers Identification API: Data8 is the UK's premier data solutions provider with a range of data cleansing, postcode lookup and data validation services to ultimately improve the way businesses communicate with their customers. This API allows users to check that their customers are still at the same address and if they have moved will update the address. The API uses SOAP calls and responses are formatted in XML.

DineroMailDineroMail API: The service provides payment processing for e-commerce serving Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and Chile. Payments are denominated in any of the four local currencies. Implementation options include a white-label page to be formatted to match the base application, an iframe to embed the payment Function in a local HTML page, or full API Integration. API methods support submission of a payment request specifying currency, price, product purchased, purchaser, and any accompanying message. Payment is processed and a bar code image is returned to the requesting application.

eduroameduroam API: The service registers uniform Resource names (URNs) for European educational institutions and federations cooperating for delivery and sharing of internet resources. The registry is intended to facilitate single sign-on functions and ease of interaction for local networks of the GÉANT federation partner institutions. API methods support retrieval of registry listings, with URN and description for each supported resource within federation networks. Returned data can become part of Authentication requests to fulfill resource sharing agreements.

ErgDBErgDB API: ErgDB generates workout routines for use on indoor rowing machines with ergometers to measure the energy produced. The ErgDB API provides a basic API to search and export workouts.

EUMETSAT Product NavigatorEUMETSAT Product Navigator API: The main purpose of the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT) is to make available weather- and climate-related satellite data, images, and products. The EUMETSAT Product Navigator is a service that allows users to search through the available data products. The Product Navigator can be accessed using either a web interface or a SOAP API.

ExtentiaExtentia API: Extentia is a global software development company providing custom software and application development services. Extentia has experience across multiple sectors including education, travel, healthcare and finance. Extential works with travel businesses by creating online portals. Extentia creates unique customer centric online portals for each travel business. Their platform enables real-time booking for hotels, flights, car rentals, and tours, real-time pricing and integration with other systems through their API. Documentation is not available.

FraudLabs IP2CurrencyFraudLabs IP2Currency API: FraudLabs is a service for validating credit card transactions online. The IP2Currency API gives users a way to get a localized and latest Currency Exchange Rate based on the visitor's IP address. The service supports 58 currencies Exchange Rate. Additional functionality includes querying the currency pair exchange rate, querying the country name and the commonly use currency for a given IP address and more. The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

FreightCenterFreightCenter API: The service aggregates freight and shipping information from over 25 potential carriers, with freight class rating, shipping cost quotations, and shipment booking functions. It can be integrated with e-commerce checkout functions or act as a standalone transportation function. Shipment tracking is also supported. API methods support submission of a shipment size and contents along with point of origin and destination. Methods can return class rating and real-time quotes from up to 25 providers, with ability to book the shipment and arrange for pickup.

FSO NACFSO NAC API: The service converts address and location information into standardized National Area Codes (NACs). It generates mapping and routing data by NAC, and handles geocoding and reverse geocoding. API methods support submission specifying a single location or parameters of an area. The API returns the appropriate National Area Code (NAC) for the location. Geocoding and reverse geocoding methods provide highly detailed information about features of a location or area within 24 developed countries, and less detail for other areas. Mapping and routing methods return specifications for displaying the location in standard mapping formats.

GeodropGeodrop API: Geodrop is a platform for sending and receiving SMS messages as well as mobile payments. Users can send a bulk SMS message and receive them via a dedicated number. The API gives users the ability to send and receive messages, look up contact information, and make mobile payments. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON. Some documentation is in Italian.

IcepayIcepay API: The service based in the Netherlands provides online payment processing and credit card charges for e-commerce checkout, subscriptions, and other online purchase scenarios. Existing integrations are available for common platforms, and two flavors of the API allow creation of new connections. API methods support submission of a transaction with purchaser, card details, amount, and related information. Methods attempt to authorize the card and submit the changes for payment, with status messages returned indicating success and confirmation message or other outcome. Methods also support payments by debit card, PayPal, and other options.

ImaggaImagga API: Imagga is a photo processing service. Users can specify an entire collection on their computers or websites to scanned for certain graphic qualities. Analyses Imagga can run include color identification, auto-tagging, and more. Imagga can also run processes like smart-cropping on users’ images. They offer APIs the expose several functionalities, including color analyses, cropping and splicing, and image-type classification. The APIs are RESTful and provide JSON-formatted responses.

IndexDenIndexDen API: IndexDen is a hosted full-text search database. Developers can offload to IndexDen's search-as-a-service for real-time searches. The service is IndexTank-compatible and is tuned for full-text searches. Developers can provide advanced searching, such as scoring functions, snippet highlighting, fuzzy and faceted search. In addition to performing searches, the API can also be used to add documents to the index, tune scoring functions and implement category search (such as item type). The API returns serialized JSON and has client libraries for Python, PHP, Ruby and Java.

iTranslate4.euiTranslate4.eu API: The service provides localization functions to translate web pages, documents, and other text between European languages. Applications can specify both source and output languages from a comprehensive list and choose preferred translation sources. API methods support submission of a text selection along with source language and target (or output) language. Requests can also specify the minimum and maximum number of alternative translations to be provided, giving control of the balance between accuracy and performance where large translation sets are available. Requests can also specify the knowledge or activity domain of the text selection, helping to target translations relevant to those areas.

LemonLemon API: Lemon is a mobile app that organizes personal financial data. Users add all of their personal information by taking pictures of their receipts, credit cards, debit cards, and loyalty cards. Lemon will extract the relevant data. The app can perform analytical tasks to determine users’ spending patterns and more. Lemon provides a RESTful API to integrate the receipt scanning functionality. It returns JSON-formatted data.

LightSpeedLightSpeed API: LightSpeed is a point-of-sale system for retailers. It offers interactive solutions and management of retail concerns. Single or multi-store operations can be viewed from a streamlined interface. Inventory, purchasing, and other backend operations can be handled through LightSpeed as well. Developers must pay to register for API access and documentation.

LX-CenterLX-Center API: The Natural Language and Speech Group at the University of Lisbon's Department of Informatics provides several online linguistics tools for processing text. The Sentence Chunker tool marks sentence and paragraph boundaries and unwraps sentences split between lines. Tokenizer segments text into lexically relevant tokens. Some of the provided tools are designed specifically for use with the Portuguese language. These tools include a Part-of-Speech (POS) Tagger, a Constituency Parser, and a Computational Grammar for language processing. These services can be accessed via the LX-Center SOAP API.

MegaMeetingMegaMeeting API: The service provides an online platform for interactive web-based meetings and webinar broadcasts. It manages video feeds from attendee PCs, if desired, and distributes presenter content with capabilities for interaction via voice-over-IP (VoIP) audio, chat and audience survey functions, and sharing of user screens. Meeting sessions can be recorded for archiving and later playback. API methods support creating new meeting sessions and managing participant invitation and registration functions. Methods also support creating, retrieving, and deleting session recordings.

Meme Generator Meme Generator API: Meme Generator is graphics generating engine. Users can select from numerous backdrops and characters that are Internet memes and add humorous captions to them. Images from around the web and from users’ personal files can also be uploaded. Resultant creations can be shared by means of a link. The RESTful Meme Generator API exposes the site’s primary functionality, allowing developers to access, resize, and create memes.

MoontoastMoontoast API: Moontoast is a social commerce platform that gives brands a way to distribute offers to their fans via social media networks, distributed affiliate sites, and advertising networks. Moontoast lets users create distributed stores that can be embedded on any website and shared across social networks and through email. The stores allow brands to take their offers directly to their communities. The Moontoast API provides users a way to integrate data between their eCommerce system(s) and Moontoast allowing them to sell products anywhere. The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

MouseflowMouseflow API: Mouseflow is a User Experience tracking website. Developers and business can use to gauge what components of their site users are paying attention to or ignoring. Mouseflow offers four analytical features: mouse-tracking, click and move heatmaps, attention heatmaps that determine what parts of the page users scroll to, and what links generate more clicks. Their RESTful API allows developers to access reports and videos about their websites. The API returns XML and JSON-formatted data.

MusicshakeMusicshake API: The service provides access to a Library of over 10,000 music selections available for use online without payment of royalties. The library is populated with in-house samples and proprietary songs organized by genre, tempo, mood, etc. The service gives access to incorporate its music in slideshows, videos, Flash components, etc. API methods support retrieval of selections by category, genre, mood, and tempo. Methods generate a songlist, which the application can then incorporate by ID either as an MP3 file or RTMP audio stream.

mySeatmySeat API: mySeat is an online system for restaurant reservations. mySeat features reservation capabilities, managing waitlists, and table management for restaurants. mySeat offers both an installable version and a web-based REST version of their API. The REST API is profiled here. With the mySeat REST API, developers can access and integrate the functionality of mySeat with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include retrieving restaurant information, managing user information, and retrieving availability for specific dates and times.

MyxerMyxer API: Myxer is service for entertainment discovery. Users can browse through Myxer’s catalog of media for free music, apps, movies, games, and more. They may also upload their own creations to the catalog. Myxer is well-integrated with Facebook and Twitter which allows users to share their favorite finds. The Myxer API is RESTful and exposes access to users’ profiles, and the website’s media catalog. It provides XML-formatted responses.

NarnooNarnoo API: Narnoo is a digital media platform for tourism and hospitality-based industries. It allows distributors and operators to upload media onto a centralized platform and distribute it from there. This allows users to conveniently manage their online content and distribute it to their audience as needed. They provide a REST-based API that exposes the platform’s media storage functionality. Developers can request images, movies, their metadata and more. The API returns JSON and XML-formatted data.

National Cancer Institute TCGA Data Access MatrixNational Cancer Institute TCGA Data Access Matrix API: The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) is a pilot project aimed at improving the ability to diagnose, treat and prevent cancer through the application of genome analysis technologies, including large-scale genome sequencing. The TCGA Data Access Matrix (DAM) Web Service allows for programmatic generation of data archives from TCGA servers. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

Nephics European VAT Number ValidationNephics European VAT Number Validation API: This API provides value added tax (VAT) numbers for European companies. It is based on a system provided by the European Commission called the VAT Information Exchange System (VIES). VIES as provided by the European Commission is a SOAP interface. This API, however, was designed by Nephics AB to retrieve the same data in a RESTful protocol and return JSON-formatted results.

OnTime Outbound CallingOnTime Outbound Calling API: OnTime Telecom is a telephony solutions service. Their mass communications solutions help business correspond with their audiences by voice messages or SMS. Users can prerecord greetings and send them out in group calls to an entire call list. With the SMS solution, users can plan text message based marketing campaigns. Their API exposes their outbound call making functionality. Developers can use it to design an entire voice recording-based marketing campaign, from specifying a call list to specifying the message to be played.

Open Access Plagiarism Search Open Access Plagiarism Search API: The Open Access Plagiarism Search is a tool for detecting plagiarism. The Department of Information Technology at Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt designed it to search multiple open access repositories of academic papers. Users can search against full text inventories, or register their own repositories. Their API exposes the project’s plagiarism search functionality. It is a SOAP-based API and returns XML-formatted data. Developers must request access to it.

OpenBlockOpenBlock API: The service provides a platform for neighborhood-specific, "hyper-local" news and information reporting. Designed to support websites for updates about community activities, it can also power widgets and feeds to integrate news into existing sites. Capabilities include mapping event reports and data summaries, such as local utility maintenance reports, crime statistics, and the like. API methods support creating and retrieving news items, with location information tying them to a particular place. Methods also support listing places and locations, with search boundaries set by either a predetermined area or a random centerpoint and bounding circle of specified distance.

PinPin API: Pin is an Australian payment system. They provide a simple API for transacting credit card payments. Users can retrieve patron information such as card number, expiry dates, addresses and more, by their email addresses. Pin also provides a web interface and a dashboard for visualizing and managing transactions. Pin is a REST-based API that returns JSON-formatted data.

PopcartePopcarte API: Popcarte provides custom cards, postcards and invitations, printed and sent directly to your recipient. The company's mobile app also allows your photos to be used on cards. The Popcarte SDK allows developers to include this functionality within their own applications. Provide the service with a photo and text to be used, then the users securely supplies credit card information and directly to Popcarte. Developers receive a portion of the sale.

RACAI LinguisticRACAI Linguistic API: The Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence provides a handful of linguistics tools that perform tasks such as text processing, translating between English and Romanian, and identifying both modern and rare languages. These services are available as SOAP APIs. Although the website hosting these services is available in both Romanian and English, all API documentation is provided exclusively in English.

RezopiaRezopia API: Rezopia is a cloud based system for travel providers that allows for end-to-end management of travel reservations, contracts, operations and distribution. The software contains tools for travel reservations, managing in-house content and supplier-negotiated contracts, and offers the ability to interface with third party systems for real time inventory and pricing. The XML API enables third parties to sell products and packages to larger affiliates through their own websites. Full documentation is not available.

SDM Storage Resource ManagementSDM Storage Resource Management API: The Storage Resource Management System developed by the Scientific Data Management (SDM) research group is a type of grid service designed to enable large-scale scientific investigations. Such investigations frequently require dealing with multiple heterogeneous storage and file systems in order to manage, replicate, and access necessary data. The SDM Storage Resource Management API is designed to facilitate and streamline these processes.

Sem4TagsSem4Tags API: The service provides indications of intended meanings of words applied as subject tags across languages and with specific consideration of contexts for interpreting the terms. User-applied tags develop into 'folksonomy' describing the subject of the tagged resource, but differences in language and expected uses between users can complicate interpretation. The service attempts to resolve ambiguities in meaning and place tags in context of topically related resources. API methods support disambiguation of a submitted term's meaning by linking it to a specific Wikipedia article based on additional terms added to the request to indicate context. Methods also support directly populating the repository of disambiguated terms rather than interpreting context.

Simply PostcodeSimply Postcode API: Simply Postcode is software for finding postcode addresses. The software can be used to provide postcode look up functionality within web checkout or sign up pages. Postcodes can be found using geo data, users can calculate the distance between two postcodes, nearest stores can be looked up for a given postcode. Developers can access this functionality with the API. The API is available as REST and SOAP and responses can be formatted as XML and JSON.

SpeakLike TranslationSpeakLike Translation API: SpeakLike provides translation-as-a-service, with humans performing the translation from one language to another starting at six cents per word for English translations. The service supports 35 languages, with a focus on English, Japanese and Korean. The SpeakLike Translation API allows developers to submit translation requests from their applications. Other features including language identification, translation revision history and peer review of a translation. The API can even be used to create applications for human translators, where new text is retrieved and translations sent to the service.

Spruce MediaSpruce Media API: SpruceMedia is a social advertising platform allowing users to manage their advertisments on Facebook. SpruceMedia offers an API that allows advertisers to provide scalable performance advertising on Facebook to their customers or within their product. The API provides functionality across areas including advertisers, ads, campaigns, groups and specs. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

SSN ValidatorSSN Validator API: SSN Validator is an independent site that uses data from the Social Security Administration (SSA) records to validate social security numbers. In addition the site can check for the SSA State of Issuance, check if the SSN has been reported belonging to a deceased person, check to see if an SSN has been issued. An API is available that provides access to this information. Documentation is available to subscribers.

Stormpulse MapsStormpulse Maps API: Stormpulse Maps provides storm-tracking maps and information to its subscribers. It draws upon information from more than 10,000 web addresses to provide detailed and up-to-date maps for forecasting tropical storms, tracking disturbances, and modeling weather phenomena. The Stormpulse API allows users to embed a map showing the latest weather watches and warnings issued by the National Weather Service for a selected region, city, or zip code.

SupportBeeSupportBee API: SupportBee is a customer service and support system. SupportBee offers email tickets and replies for customer service and support. The SupportBee API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of SupportBee with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include managing help tickets, managing user information, replying and commenting on tickets, and managing help queues.

Survey AnalyticsSurvey Analytics API: The service provides tools for creating and presenting surveys and questionnaires online, then compiling and analyzing results in compliance with the organization's data-warehousing strategy. It helps marketers and customer service operations to gather feedback from customers and others who interact with a resource. Tools for analyzing collected data contribute to marketing research and related company programs. API methods support creating a survey and deploying it to the target user community, including email address assignment and management of user groups. Methods also support retrieval of survey response data as comma-separated values (CSV) for further analysis.

TekisakuTekisaku API: The Tekisaku website aims to help Japanese farmers predict the unit prices and shipping costs for field-grown vegetables at the time of harvest. A service is also provided to estimate the probability of successfully raising a specific type of crop in a given region based on historical weather data. Currently, Tekisaku works with about 20 varieties of vegetables including cabbages, Chinese cabbages, radishes, onions, spinach, lettuce, carrots, and potatoes. Documentation is provided exclusively in Japanese.

Traffic Records Electronic Data SystemTraffic Records Electronic Data System API: The service (formally named Traffic Records Electronic Data System -- TREDS) provide reports on highway safety statistics for sharing and analysis. Part of Virginia’s program to reduce crashes and injuries, it is intended to present accurate, timely and detailed information on traffic safety, especially related to motorcycle operation in the state. The API facilitates participation by records management systems, emergency service providers, and safety training providers in the TREDS program. Methods support submitting and retrieving crash and incident reports as well as reports on safety training. Motorcycle safety training vendors can supply instructor credentials, student characteristics, types of motorcycles involved, skills learned, grades and other outcomes achieved, and related functions.

TrustCloudTrustCloud API: TrustCloud is a service that rates how trustworthy its users are. Based on trustworthy behavior indicators developed by Charles H. Greene such as Credibility, Reliability, Familiarity, and Consideration, TrustCloud issues reports on users. These reports take the form of Badges and Scores. The information for these scores is harvested from available social network data. Their RESTful API allows developers to access users members’ data. It returns JSON-formatted responses.

txtr Reaktortxtr Reaktor API: txtr is an eBook and digital content reading application and eBook store in Europe. Reaktor by txtr is a service infrastructure to access txtr's digital content and reader services. The Reaktor API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality and content of txtr with other applications and to create new applications. There are both SOAP and REST APIs. Some example API methods include uploading eBooks, accessing the eBook catalog, and downloaded content.

UrbienUrbien API: Urbien is a virtual world platform. It allows users to reconstruct their neighborhood or visit others. Business and individuals can register their real-world locations and interact with their actual neighbors or customers through their Urbien representations. Users develop community by earned Urbien mojo, a karmic reputation scoring system. Urbien offers a RESTful API that allows developers to receive data about coupons offered by businesses on Urbien. It returns JSON-formatted data.

Via.me Via.me API: Via.me is a hosting platform for content for social media sites. Users can upload pictures, videos, and audio to Via.me and share that content across their social networks. A dashboard on the homepage also updates with new posts from users. The API exposes the sites social media data gathering functionality. Developer can retrieve information about users’ relationships, posts, likes, and more. The API is still in beta and developers must register their app to gain access to it.

Video GrabberVideo Grabber API: The service uses the public URL for an online video to access the file containing the content and make it available for downloading and saving locally. It requires no application installation. Rather, it tracks the file saving location and generates a download to copy the file on the user's system. API methods support submission of a URL for any of several popular online video repositories, with a link returned to allow capture and local saving of the source file.

Video.jsVideo.js API: Video.js is a JavaScript-based HTML5 Video Player. It provides a common control skin built in HTML/ CSS, and supports fullscreen and subtitle capabilities. Video.js fixes cross-browser inconsistencies and manages the fallback to Flash or other playback technologies when HTML5 video isn't supported. The JavaScript API can be used to edit and control videos that use Video.js.

VideoblVideobl API: Videobl is a free video capture tool that enables anyone to request video answers, responses comments and feedback from anyone by simply sending out a link. videobl can be used to conduct video surveys, capture customer feedback, host contests and more. The API lets users create and retrieve requests, list replies and capture details of those replies. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

Visma SeveraVisma Severa API: Visma Severa is an enterprise project management service. It allows users to manage individual projects from sales to billing as well as their entire project portfolio. Visma Severa provides integrated CRM, project management, resourcing, time tracking, and invoicing services. This software-as-a-service can be integrated with other systems and accessed via SOAP API.

WillpathWillpath API: Willpath is a service that allows users track their healthy choices. Users register their fitness tracking sensor devices, such as FitBit, with Willpath. They can also keep track of their diet via Willpath. The more healthful choices they make, the more credit users receive. This credit can be redeemed with participating charities and retailers. Users can also gain more credit by attaining sponsors. The Willpath API exposes the aggregated data about user performance and the entirety of the crediting system. It is a RESTful API that returns JSON-encoded data.

Worldwide LexiconWorldwide Lexicon API: The service provides an open source platform for translation of text selections into different languages. It merges results from machine translation with submissions from human translators, both professional service providers and program volunteers. The service seeks to build a database of translations for integration with other websites and web applications. API methods support queries against the database to identify passages already logged, then retrieval of either machine or human translations, if they exist. Methods also support review of translation history of a passage and activities of particular participating translators, including other users' comments and scores as well as an option to block input from those sources. The API allows for submission of new translations and related involvement in the community around the service.

Your Book LaunchYour Book Launch API: Your Book Launch is a book marketing service. Authors can register their book release date to manage and publicize a launch event. Users can also browse and communicate with other authors through blogs, forums, and personal profile pages. Their API exposes a number of functionalities, including photo uploading, checking notifications, friend lists, and more. It is a RESTful API that returns JSON-formatted data.

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