73 Management APIs: BuzzData, AppHarbor and Voo2do

Our API directory now includes 73 management APIs. The newest is the Jupix API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the BuzzData API. We list 6 BuzzData mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of management APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 44 management REST APIs and 12 management SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 37 management XML APIs and 36 management JSON APIs.

The most common tags within real estate are 15 enterprise management APIs, 13 tools management APIs and 10 cloud management APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 3 management mashups. We named InDash as mashup of the day in April.

For reference, here is a list of all 73 management APIs.

  360 Business Tool API: Business management service

  Accthub API: Account management service

  ADI Time API: Workforce optimization and management software

  Aladtec API: Employee scheduling and workforce management software

  APIphany API: API management and hosting service

  AppHarbor API: .NET application deployment service

  Autotask API: Business management software

  AWS Identity and Access Management API: User management service for AWS

  Axle API: API management and hosting service

  Barium Live API: Business process management service

  BlueKai API: Data management Platform and services

  Blueleaf API: Financial asset and client management platform

  BookingCenter Booking Engine API: Property management services

  BuzzData API: Data hosting and management service

  Carbon Calculated API: Enterprise Carbon Management

  Certain API: Event management service

  Clerk API: Cloud-based hotel management platform

  Clio API: Legal practice management service

  Cloudability API: Cloud spend management and monitoring service

  ContractPal API: Electronic signature and document automation service

  DbApi API: Database management service

  Desire2Learn API: Online learning platform

  Developer Garden Cloud User Management API: Cloud user management service

  Donor Tools API: Donor management service

  Dropstr API: Cloud management service

  eBay Platform Notifications API: eBay notification management service

  Elite API: Legal practice management service

  Emergent One API: API creation and management service

  Enstratus API: Cloud infrastructure management service

  FeedbackRoad API: Customer feedback and idea management service

  FluidVM API: System Tools and Management Service

  GAMEhud API: Online game management

  Gnip API: Social media data delivery service

  Google Coordinate API: Workforce management application

  GroupDocs API: Online document management service

  Hetzner API: Web hosting management services

  Ingresse API: Brazilian event management platform

  InterWorx License API: Web hosting management services

  Intralinks API: Enterprise communications and management service

  Iron Money API: Personal financial management service

  Jama Contour API: Release managment software

  Jupix API: Estate Agency Service

  Kaavo Web Services API: Cloud based application management service

  Kaltura API: Media platform customization service

  Keen Print API: Print shop management and ecommerce service

  KnowledgeTree API: Document management software

  LessAnnoyingCRM API: Customer Relationship Management Service

  Medidata Rave API: Clinical research management services

  MokiMobility +MDM API: Mobile device management platform

  MoneyBird API: Online billing service

  MutualMind API: Social media management service

  MyCase API: Social legal practice management platform

  NameSilo API: Domain security service

  New Dawn ACM API: Case managment software

  NextUser API: Subscription sales management platform

  Openwave Network Address Book API: Address book contacts synchronization service

  PlanMill API: Cloud based business management system

  Qumu API: Business video platform

  Sapo Mail API: Email management service

  SendGrid Customer Subuser API: Email user management service

  SendGrid Reseller API: Customer management service

  SensorCloud API: Data storage, management, and visualization platform

  SmarterTools SmarterMail API: Enterprise email managment service

  SubscriptionBridge API: Subscription and payment management platform

  The Miso Project API: Data management and visualization service

  Vend API: POS and inventory management service

  voo2do API: Task management

  Wappwolf API: File management service

  WebDAM API: Digital asset management service

  Webshell API: API Integration platform

  WiseNET API: Information management services for educational organizations

  YourMembership API: Membership organization management service

  Z33K Tournament API API: Online gaming tournament platform

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