73 New APIs: AT&T, Social Analytics and Online Learning

This week we had 73 new APIs added to our API directory including a payments service, online learning Platform, New York real estate search and information, social analytics platform, marketing campaign tracking service and restaurant and food data. In addition we reviewed the 26 Weather APIs in our directory. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

.NET Daily Fact.NET Daily Fact API: This SOAP-based API allows the user to place a widget on their website that returns a fact of the day reflecting all aspects of the .NET platform.

511 Driving Times511 Driving Times API: 511 is the San Francisco Bay Area’s free traveler information service available on the phone by calling 511 and on the web at 511.org. The 511 service gives access to current traffic, transit, rideshare, and bicycling information. The 511 Driving Times API provides 511's current and typical driving times between a starting and ending point, including incidents along the route. It gives usres real-time data about traffic conditions on the region’s freeways, CHP incident reports and other information; making it available for application development. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

511 Real-time Transit Departures 511 Real-time Transit Departures API: 511 is the San Francisco Bay Area’s free traveler information service available on the phone by calling 511 and on the web at 511.org. The 511 service gives access to current traffic, transit, rideshare, and bicycling information. The 511 Real-time Transit Departures API provides real-time departure predictions for regional transit agencies including BART, Muni, and AC Transit. Other data made available includes a list of agencies, routes by agencies, stops on a route, departure times and more. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

AAA Cooper TransportationAAA Cooper Transportation API: AAA Cooper Transportation (ACT) is a trucking firm serving 12 southeastern states and Puerto Rico plus the industrial areas of Chicago, Cincinnati, Louisville and Minneapolis. ACT has 81 terminals in the Southeast to allow customers to receive next day and two day service between points. ACT offers a suite of SOAP APIs that allows developers to access transit data. The services are described below:

* The Rate Estimate Web Service provides a way for developers to pass a token number and in return receive a Rate Estimate and other output for use in a client-side or local program.

* The Document Search Web Service provides a way for developers to pass a number of criteria programmatically and in return receive a Document details and other output for use in a client-side or local program.

* The Tracking Result Web Service provides a way for developers to pass a PRO number and in return receive tracking details of that PRO which can be used in a client-side or local program.

* The Transit Time Result Web Service provides a way for developers to pass a number of criteria programmatically and in return receive Transit Time details which can used in a client-side or local program.

Documentation to the API is not publicly available but developers can view documentation upon registration which is free.

ACHWorksACHWorks API: ACHWorks provides payment technology that facilitates the processing of commercial transactions through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network. The ACHWorks SOAP API allows users to integrate the ACHWorks functionality with their existing software, regardless of what platform or programming language their systems use.

Aftermarket.plAftermarket.pl API: Aftermarket.pl is an internet domain marketplace that allows users to buy, sell, and auction domains. Aftermarket.pl currently only supports Polish (.pl) and European Union (.eu) domains.

The Aftermarket.pl API allows developers to automate many of the actions frequently taken by domain buyers and sellers on their site. Using the API, users can set up notifications, automate transactions such as listing or selling domains, and check buyer/seller ratings.

This SOAP-based API is free to use, however Aftermarket.pl will charge a fee for actions such as selling, transferring, renewing, or registering domains.

Alagad FortuneAlagad Fortune API: The Fortune API displays a random phrase from a database of quotations, much like one would find in a fortune cookie. This simple API runs over SOAP.

Alpha Micro SystemsAlpha Micro Systems API: Alpha Micro Systems (AMS) provides vehicle tracking and asset security solutions that are compatible with mobile and web-based platforms. AMS provides location-aware technology that businesses can use to track valuable items and reporting technology that can be used to leverage location data gathered as your assets move from point to point.

The AMS API has a wide array of methods for managing driver, vehicle, device, and customer data. The operations offered by this API represent the most popular features from the AMS tracking applications and services, allowing developers to integrate their existing platform with AMS system.

This is a SOAP-based API that requires an account with service for access.

AT&T Device CapabilitiesAT&T Device Capabilities API: The AT&T Device Capabilities API gives developers a way to identify the end user's device and its capabilities in order to develop applications that best support the user's experience. Developers can customize their apps to match user devices based on information such as make, model and firmware release. The API, currently in beta, uses RESTful calls and responses are in XML and JSON.

AT&T Notary ManagementAT&T Notary Management API: The Notary Management API is used to digitally sign or obtain a signed version of content or data. This signed content can then be passed on as a parameter in another API Request. The Notary Managient API is called by the developer's application server using the Server Access, No Subscriber Context OAuth model. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML or JSON.

AT&T PaymentAT&T Payment API: The AT&T Payment API allows developers to monetize their apps by adding the ability to charge goods and services directly to a subscriber's AT&T bill. It lets developers control the presentation (both look and feel) of purchase options to their customers and it also supports both one-time and subscription purchases. Functionality includes operations such as New Payment Transactions and Subscriptions, Check Payment Status, Obtain Subscription Details, and Refund Transactions/Subscriptions. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

Billeo Active eWalletBilleo Active eWallet API: Billeo is a free online service that aims to make web transactions easier for users. It lets users manage passwords, pay bills and shop online. The Billeo Active eWallet API allows issuers of credit, debit, prepaid and gift cards to include their cards as a payment option in Billeo's Active Context platform. Issuers can integrate their cards and provide easy set up of wallets, balance checking, card details and reloading of prepaid cards. Documentation is not publicly available but developers can contact the provider for more information.

Blackboard CollaborateBlackboard Collaborate API: Blackboard Collaborate is an web-based learning platform designed specifically for education. It is used in schools at all levels as well as government and corporate organizations. The platform gives educators the ability to offer online, blended or mobile learning. The API allows developers to integrate Blackboard Collaborate with any LMS, CMS, VLE or Portal. Documentation is not publicly available but developers can contact the provider for further information.

BlekkoBlekko API: blekko is a search engine that sorts out spam, content farms and malware by crawling a subset of about 3 billion pages. To improve search results, blekko uses a tool called a slashtag that organizes websites into specific topics.

A slashtag allows for the creation of a custom search engine. It is used to filter search results and helps users to search only high quality sites, without spam or content farms. Slashtags contain a list of websites so that when users search with a slashtag, they only search those sites.

The blekko API lets developers integrate their application or web sites in order to run searches on blekko, and to manipulate slashtags. The API also provides access to SEO information. Developers should contact apiauth@blekko.com for documentation.

Bol.com Bol.com API: Bol.com is an online retailer from the Netherlands. Bol.com sells a variety of products, including DVDs, games, music, electronics, computers, and books.

The Bol.com API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality and data of Bol.com with other applications. The available API methods are retrieving products and product information, retrieving lists of results, and retrieving search results.

BraineosBraineos API: Braineos is a website that offers flashcards and games for learning a variety of subjects and topics. Example subjects include vocabulary, foreign languages, math, and history.

The Braineos API allows developers to access the data and functionality of Braineos to create new applications, flashcards, and games. Some example API methods include searching flashcard decks, retrieving specific user decks, and viewing the content of a specific deck.

CaptChairCaptChair API: The service delivers distorted images of text -- a captcha -- to be incorporated in form controls or other website resources. Users must correctly interpret the captcha to successfully submit the form or use otherwise interact with the site. Bots and automated scripts, typically intended to post spam messages, fail to respond correctly, which prevents them from continuing.

API methods support retrieval and display of a captcha image, along with verification of the user response as correct or incorrect.

Carpool2CampCarpool2Camp API: The service helps families to share transportation of campers to remote locations. Applications can embed the functions to collect starting locations and destinations, then match submissions with similar routes. Campers' families can then coordinate trips between home and camp to reduce traffic, driving expense, and carbon emissions.

API methods support embedding proprietary the PoolPass® and Ride Match functionality into a camp web site. The API manages the database of ride requests as well as geolocation and ride-matching. Account admin functions provide records for a specific camp and create new user accounts.

Cloud AssaultCloud Assault API: Cloud Assualt is a platform for API, website, and technology infrastructure testing that uses cloud resources. Cloud Assault provides information on response times, requests, errors, and data transfer speeds.

The Cloud Assault API allows developers to access the functionality of Cloud Assault for Integration with other applications and to create other applications. Some example API methods include searching and retrieving testing jobs, managing user information, and getting cost estimates for testing jobs.

CO2 BenchmarkCO2 Benchmark API: The service provides estimates of average production of CO2 greenhouse gases as an indicator of typical carbon footprints for various activities. It is intended to be used for comparison with local carbon estimates to indicate whether activities are above or below the norm. Data may also help to adjust calculation algorithms.

API methods support retrieval of the list of industries and countries covered by the carbon footprint database. Applications can then retrieve data arrays for the companies within those categories that serve as benchmarks.

Conservation ScorerConservation Scorer API: The Conservation Scorer API calculates how much Eukaryotic Linear Motif (ELM) matches vary in a set of homologous protein sequences. A console is given for data input, but the SOAP calls are also made available for those who wish to integrate the Conservation Scorer API into other applications.

DataFed WCSDataFed WCS API: The DataFed Web Coverage Service (WCS) is a SOAP-based API that describes, requests, and delivers "coverages" – that is, information representing space-time variances in air quality. The current version of the WCS API (1.0) supports grid and image data types.

eKlimaeKlima API: The service provides access to the Norwegian Meteorological Institute's database of weather and climate data for Norway and the region. Applications can retrieve reported data from current and past weather stations and from other institutions that have provided reports and allow distribution of their data. Services range from basic data listings to sophisticated analysis tools and report formats.

API methods support data retrieval with two levels of detail, standard and complete, plus graphing of data as frequency distributions, monthly summaries, trend indicators, and by reporting station. Data include temperature, pressure, and humidity readings for a specific time period, as time series, and by reporting station.

EloquaEloqua API: Eloqua is a platform for businesses interested in automated marketing and reporting services. The Eloqua platform provides services to aid in campaign execution, testing, measurement, prospect profiling, and lead nurturing.

The Eloqua API is a robust SOAP-based web service that allows programmatic interactions with the Eloqua platform. The services provided by the API allow users to integrate their existing systems with the Eloqua platform and manage a variety of assets and data stores that are accumulated in platform's data store.

eMarketeereMarketeer API: The service provides multi-channel marketing campaign management, with automated messaging coordinated across channels. Combines control of email, SMS, social media, and web messaging for integrated promotional campaigns and customer interactions. An open platform architecture allows integration with external systems at multiple points for customized implementations.

API methods support coordinated message distribution via email, SMS, and other channels. Methods also give access to contact management functions -- creation, updating, and deletion -- and grouping individual contacts into communication lists.

FaascapeFaascape API: Faascape is a market place for applications in Saas and web services. The Faascape API is a suite of services offering access to the best features of other API suppliers. The suite includes API services for email, fax, phone, SMS, subscription management and data storage. The APIs use RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON. The site is in French.

fetchflowfetchflow API: fetchflow is an online invoicing and payment service. fetchflow users can create and send online invoices, manage invoices online, and accept online payments from their customers and clients.

The fetchflow API allows developers to integrate fetchflow functionality and data with other applications and creating other applications. Some example API methods include accessing client information, creating and managing invoices, and retrieving estimate information.

Food GeniusFood Genius API: Food Genius tracks restaurant data in an effort to help businesses understand consumer personas and their habits, inspire new products, develop marketing strategies, and project demand. The data is gathered from over 14 million restaurant menu items and from tracking social sites where consumers comment on the restaurants.

The Food Genius API provides developers access to this data. Included are more than 600,000 locations, 200,000 menus, and 14,000,000 dishes. Functionality is spread across three areas; places, menus and tastes. Places provides information on restaurant locations and allows for searches on these locations or a point, a city or neighborhood. Menus lets users discover menu items based on a restaurant name, description of the dish and more. Taste lets one track user preferences and provide recomendations. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

Footprint ServicesFootprint Services API: Footprint Services provides users with the ability to search for the coverage of a specific astronomical survey, to find all observations referring to specific objects, to create formal descriptions of their own obser­vations, and to calculate the exact area of over­lapping fields. Users can also visualize the sky coverage of multiple surveys from different angles and in various projections. The Footprint Services can be accessed and controlled through their SOAP API.

GoToBillingGoToBilling API: GoToBilling is an online payment processing gateway that supports a wide variety of payment types including credit cards, vendor payments, direct deposits, recurring payments, mobile payments, and business to business payments. GoToBilling was founded with the intent to create a service supporting all varieties of payment needs, all from one central interface.

The GoToBilling SOAP web service's main functions are to create and update customers records and accounts, search for future, pending and past transactions, and process transactions. This SOAP-based web service can be used to integrate any new or existing website or application with the GoToBilling system.

GreengooseGreengoose API: Greengoose was created with the intent to turn everyday things into opportunities to play. Using a variety of different types of sticker-based sensors, Greengoose allows you to creatively gamify everything in your life - from brushing your teeth to walking the dog.

Each sensor is programmed to detect actions such as getting exercise or watering your plants by using an internal accelerometer. Each sensor has a unique ID and transmits the data it collects to a USB basestation so you can monitor whatever real-life games you use Greengoose to create.

The Greengoose API lets developers register and configure sensors with accounts and other affiliations. You can also use this API to check the status of your devices or to view sensed actions by specific sensor, user account, or basestation.

HAMweather AerisHAMweather Aeris API: HAMweather is a site that provides traditional weather content such as local weather and weather maps. HAMweather's core product is Aeris an API that provides the necessary weather data to power services such as hosted weather sites and weather application development. The API gives developers access to data such as weather advisories, forecasts, geographic locations, storm reports and more. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON and JSONP.

iHeartRadioiHeartRadio API: iHeartRadio is a platform for searching for and playing live radio stations and shows from both traditional radio stations and digital radio stations. Users can search for stations and shows by station, songs, and music artists.

The iHeartRadio API allows developers to access and integrate the data and functionality of iHeartRadio with other applications, and to create new applications. Full documentation is available with registration and login.

Inside IdahoInside Idaho API: The service delivers geospatial data to support mapping of resources within the state of Idaho. Compliant with Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards, the platform uses ArcGIS and other resources to promote sharing of data, effective communication, and activity coordination among state agencies and other government units. Applications can use the service to map biological and environmental features, climatology, structures, and other featurs of the state.

API methods support mapping of animal and plant species, elevation and other geological features, and climatic conditions. Applications can also map jurisdictional boundaries, transportation resources, structures, and other prominent infrastructure within Idaho

iPayDNAiPayDNA API: iPayDNA is a online payment service that provides credit card, debit card, and non-card payment processing services to online merchants. iPayDNA has a focus on international transactions, and supports a wide variety of currencies.

The iPayDNA API exposes functionality for processing payments, voiding, and refunding. This web service can be used to integrate iPayDNA's payment systems with your site or application.

isiZuluisiZulu API: A free Zulu-English online dictionary, isiZulu.net offers this service with a modern Zulu vocabulary. The dictionary lets users do standard bidirectional lookups as well as automatic morphological decomposition, conjugation and phonetic spelling of Zulu words, simple phrase translation, spell checking and basic grammar and pronunciation guides.

The API lets users query the dictionary via RESTful calls and responses are in JSON. Documentation is not publicly available but developers can contact the provider via email for user account setup and instructions.

Juju PublisherJuju Publisher API: Juju is a job search engine. The search results link to jobs found on employer career portals, recruiter websites, job boards, and other employment sites all over the Internet, as opposed to locally hosted job postings. The Juju Publisher API allows partners to post job serach results across multiple channels on their sites. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

JustJobs.roJustJobs.ro API: JustJobs.ro is a job search site in Romania. The API allows developers to pull data from the site and integrate it on their own web sites. This allows for the addition of a section with jobs available in Romania and abroad directly on another site. Functionality includes retreiving cities, job categories and jobs. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON. The site and documentation are in Romanian.

KontangentKontangent API: Kontangent is a user analytics platform that focuses on collecting and analyzing a variety of data for the social and mobile web. The platform offers a great deal of customization and centers around dynamic data visualization to help inform customers of their user's behavioral habits and patterns.

The Kontangent API provides programmatic access to a collection of features from the Kontangent platform. You can employ the API to set up automated responses and the logging of data for particular user actions. The API also allows you to receive reports and details for specific users or sets of users. The Custom Event method provides a great amount of customization so developers can create triggers that match their needs.

This is a RESTful API that requires an API Key and an account with service for access.

LeadMasterLeadMaster API: The service documents marketing opportunities as sales leads, then helps salespeople contact potential customers and record interactions. Benefits are increased follow-up with prospective buyers and coordination between marketing/lead generation, sales, and call center activities. The API allows internal planning systems to incorporate these lead tracking functions and adapt them to sales processes.

API methods support adding new sales leads and managing existing leads: updating, selecting, and deleting. Lead opportunities can be grouped and selected by account managers, partner organizations, and partner reps.

Little Green PlaneLittle Green Plane API: The mix of services from a U.K. email marketing agency emphasize html message formatting, contact address and list management, flexible delivery options, and extensive reporting on success metrics. The isendhq API enables development of a customized interface for campaign management.

API methods support contact and list management, with unsubscribe and opt-out filtering. Control of message sending options includes messaging channel, content, display template, and scheduling. Reporting methods cover click counts, open counts, bounces, and related statistics.

MyFontsMyFonts API: MyFonts is an online font store offering 90,000 fonts for sale. Customers can search for fonts by tag, designer, and other factors. The MyFonts SOAP API allows users to integrate the MyFonts searching and purchasing functionalities with third-party clients.

NOAA Climate Data OnlineNOAA Climate Data Online API: The service gives access to accumulated data on climate for locations worldwide but with emphasis on the continental United States. Data sum conditions recorded annually, by month, by day, and even hourly. Available data include recorded temperatures, normal temperature ranges, heating and cooling degree days, precipitation, and drought conditions.

API methods support retrieval of data for a specified time range, annual, monthly, daily, or hourly. Requests specify dataset, locations and location types, reporting stations, and particular data elements to be returned.

Oahu Transit ServicesOahu Transit Services API: Oahu Transit Services (OTS) provides real-time bus arrival information via computer or web-enabled mobile phone. The OTS API provides access to this real-time data. The data includes reporting of arrivals an identified locations and locations of a vehicle. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

On Deck CapitalOn Deck Capital API: On Deck Capital is a company that provides tools and resources to small businesses. On Deck Capital offers a variety of loans and financial resources to businesses.

The On Deck Capital API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality and data of On Deck Capital with other applications and systems. Some example API methods include retrieving estimated loan information, receiving loan qualification information, and accessing loan status information. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should email api@ondeckcapital.com for API access.

One Time SecretOne Time Secret API: One Time Secret is an application that lets users copy and paste sensitive information, such as passwords, into a system that generates a secret link for them to share, instead of sharing the secret information over email.

The One Time Secret API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of One Time Secret with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving the status of the system, sending secret links, retrieving secret links, and retrieving metadata associated with secret links.

Open DomesdayOpen Domesday API: Domesday Book, England's earliest surviving public record, is a record of the survey of the land held by William the Conqueror and his people. The Open Domesday API supports geographical queries such as places, nearby places, manors and more. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML, JSON, YAML, Pickle and Django.

OpenThesaurusOpenThesaurus API: OpenThesaurus is an open source thesaurus for German words, synonyms, and associated words. Search results include definitions, partial word hits, and Wikipedia links.

The OpenThesaurus API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality and data of OpenThesaurus with other applications. Some example API methods include searching for words and synonyms, returning synonyms, and returning associated words.

ParkingInMotionParkingInMotion API: ParkingInMotion is an application that provides parking data and information in real-time. ParkingInMotion covers parking information in around 500 cities in the US, Canada, and Europe. Parking information includes locations, rates, hours of operation, and entrance points of parking locations.

The ParkingInMotion API allows developers to access and integrate the data and functionality of ParkingInMotion with other applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should email sales@parkinginmotion.com for API information and access.

Peixe UrbanoPeixe Urbano API: Peixe Urbano is a local deals site in Brazil. Users can purchase coupons for restaurants, shops, events and more at discounted prices. The Peixe Urbano API lets developers integrate the service with their applications and web sites. Functionality includes retrieving offers’ information, user Authentication, coupons visualization and purchase, user’s credit statement, user subscription and purchase history visualization. Users can also filter deals, view coupons and register users to receive emails. Public documentation of the API is not currently available. The site is in Portuguese.

QualityCentralQualityCentral API: QualityCentral provides a public method for dealing with issues regarding Embarcadero's products and services. Embarcadero Developer Network members can create bug reports and feature requests, view other members' reports, and comment and vote on the reports most important to them. The QualityCentral API allows users to access all of these functions remotely using SOAP calls.

Rome2rioRome2rio API: Rome2rio is an API to discover travel itineraries from all around the world. Users can search various travel modes including plane, train, bus, car and ferries. The API provides access to over 700 airlines & 2 million surface routes in the database. This includes rail coverage in Europe, India, Egypt, Morocco and China; and intercity bus and rail coverage in North America (USA and Canada). The API uses HTTP calls and responses are in JSON.

RouteSavvyRouteSavvy API: The service accepts a list of locations and generates a map of the most efficient sequence and route for reaching all of them, either in a roundtrip returning to the starting place or one way with first and last stops designated. It helps delivery, transit, or other routing functions to reach required stops as efficiently as possible, avoiding unnecessary backtracking.

API methods accept the route type (roundtrip or one way) and the starting and ending locations, specified as latitude and longitude, along with each of the stops that must be included. The service returns the locations specified listed in the optimal sequence.

Secure HostingSecure Hosting API: Secure Hosting offers a method by which businesses can receive secure online credit/debit card payments from their customers. The Secure Hosting API allows users to integrate the payment system directly with their sites, meaning that customers no longer have to transfer over to the Secure Hosting domain to make payments. This gives the user more control over the payment system.

serviceminder serviceminder API: serviceminder provides solutions for service provider businesses. serviceminder features include calendars, service reminders, service history tracking, Quickbooks integration, and online payments and invoicing for small service provider businesses.

The serviceminder API allows developers to access and integrate the data and functionality of serviceminder with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving service information, accessing contact information, and accessing information about service appointments.

SilverpopSilverpop API: Silverpop offers email and marketing services for businesses looking to enhance the efficiency of standard marketing practices through the use of automation. Beyond automated email marketing, the Silverpop platform provides services such as lead generation and nurturing, reporting and analytics, data and list management, multichannel marketing, survey deployment, and social tools. Silverpop allows for a great deal of control and customization, allowing integration with other web analytics and CRM systems.

Silverpop also provides a SOAP-based API that programmatically interacts with the Silverpop platform. The API enables users to setup automated email messages, create and manage customer records, pre-populate web forms for users, generate reports from captured data, create custom forms or surveys based on user data, and more. This API is only available to those with a paid account with service.

SmartBear AlertSiteSmartBear AlertSite API: SmartBear's AlertSite suite is a website monitoring service that will record performance metrics from your API's, email, and FTP servers, as well as internal, external, and mobile websites. AlertSite also features customizable reporting, allowing you to tailor performance monitoring reports to your needs.

The AlertSite API exposes features for managing devices, checking device statuses, and generating reports. This REST-based API returns data in XML, and requires an account with service for access.

SMSCountrySMSCountry API: The service provides bulk SMS messaging with emphasis on personalized messaging and customized service management. Headquartered in India with subsidiaries in Dubai, Thailand, and Hong Kong, the company delivers messaging across over 500 networks in more than 200 countries.

API methods support single message send or automated bulk messaging based on inputs of message content and recipient phone numbers. Reporting methods return information for customer status, message delivery, and account management.

Spire ITISSpire ITIS API: Spire's ITIS API allows users to query a local version of the database developed by the Integrated Taxonomic Information System Group (ITIS). Users can find ITIS Taxonomic Serial Numbers for a given list of scientific names of taxa and vice versa, as well as edit the given lists. These web services are implemented over SOAP.

spire.iospire.io API: The objective of spire.io is to allow developers to build Web and mobile applications without having to also build the server-side infrastructure that is typically needed to support them. The server-side support provided by spire.io is centered upon providing infrastructure for developers through RESTful API's and scenario-specific client libraries.

The fundamental building blocks of spire.io's Back-end support services are their channel and subscription resources, which essentially provide the backbone for communication and event listeners within the spire.io infrastructure. Spire.io has also recently launched its messaging service, which provides the foundation of real-time capabilities to applications. Registration and login services are currently in the works, as spire.io moves out of beta and towards its official launch.

Spotify AppsSpotify Apps API: Spotify allows users to share songs and playlists with friends, and work together on collaborative playlists. The Spotify Apps API allows partners and developers to integrate their apps into the desktop client. The API uses several protocols including JavaScript.

StreetEasyStreetEasy API: StreetEasy is a real estate site for New York City that helps users find homes for sale or rent. StreetEasy provides users with information to help their search such as price, location, bedrooms as well as price per square foot, amenities, school zoning and more. Users can tailor a large number of preferences and criteria in order to customize their search. The API provides access to data such as aggregated calculations for a set of criteria or information on areas within the city. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

Testcover.comTestcover.com API: Testcover.com allows subscribers to more efficiently test the functionality of their software by reducing the necessary number of test cases needed and improving test cases' abilities to find defects. The Testcover.com API is available for integration testing and use.

Text DisguiseText Disguise API: The service allows a site to present a distorted image -- a captcha -- which a user must correctly interpret to proceed. Bots or automated scripts fail to give correct responses, which prevents them from submitting forms or using other website resources, typically with the intent of posting spam messages.

API methods support retrieval of captcha image or word, validating the user's response, and retrieving a new image or word if the response fails.

textCAPTCHAtextCAPTCHA API: The service implements captcha to prevent bots and automated scripts from submitting forms and using other website resources, typically for the purpose of posting spam messages. Unlike services using distorted images, textCAPTCHA posts random, text-based questions, such as easy arithmetic problems or logic puzzles, which users must correctly solve to proceed. Bots unable to interpret the meaning of the text are prevented from continuing.

API methods support requests for questions and MD5 hashes of any permitted answers.

TranslutionTranslution API: Translution specializes in machine and human translation services. Translution next generation translation is an automated service that is cheaper than human translation and more accurate than pure machine translation.

The Translution API gives developers direct access to Translution Central and lets automated translation be integrated into any web site or application. Clients can use their own dictionaries and translation memories to aid applications such as database translation, chat translation, translation of blogs, and email translation. The API supports at least 8 languages and supports the translation of plain text, HTML, XML, Word documents and PDF documents. It uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

Specifications can be found at http://www.translution.com/TranslutionDownloads/Softwares/CaseStudies/Tr...

UC Davis IETUC Davis IET API: The UC Davis Information and Educational Technology (IET) has a mission to create and support an information technology environment that enhances the ability of the UC Davis community to teach, do research, and provide public service. The IET delivers an infrastructure of technological services to the university community.

The IET Middleware services team offers an API that lets users search and bulk load data that is published in the Online Directory system. This API will return a person's primary listing and the first device/address results for that listing. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

United Nations SWERAUnited Nations SWERA API: The SWERA service, from the United Nations, provides data about renewable energy resources worldwide. It provides geographic information system (GIS) and time-series data compiled by international experts and in-country partners. The service helps to promote applications of solar and wind energy technologies and support decision-making about available resources and likely energy production for a location.

API methods allow specification of a location by latitude and longitude along with desired data, including solar irradiance and angle, wind speeds, and related information as recorded by a number of national repositories. Methods are also available to retrieve climate data such as temperature, heating and cooling degree days, humidity, and barometric pressure.

VoiceVaultVoiceVault API: VoiceVault is software that uses an individual’s vocal characteristics for biometric identity verification over the phone, web, or via mobile and smartphone applications.

The VoiceVault Fusion API is implemented as a RESTbased
XML service exposing the most common VoiceVault
Fusion operations that drive user enrollment and
verification processes. The functions of this API allow developers to tie an online identity to the specific biometric identity of a user, initiate biometric challenges, and verify biometric signatures.

Users can register for the developer program on the VoiceVault website for free access to their API.

VontooVontoo API: Vontoo provides voice marketing services to companies looking to automate their outbound marketing campaigns. Using Vontoo, organizations can automate notification, marketing, and collection phone calls. Vontoo's service also enables call transfers so calls can be migrated from automated recordings to live representatives of your company. Vontoo also provides reporting features to provide data about live answer rate, voicemail pickup, and listening duration.

The Vontoo API gives further control to companies using the Vontoo Enterprise suite, allowing for a higher degree of customization and integration. This SOAP-based API can be used to manage Vontoo's voice automation, allowing developers to programmatically automate collection calls or payment reminders, or to set up voice feedback for purchases or contributions.

Washington MetroWashington Metro API: The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) Transparent Data Sets API exposes real-time data for both the rail transit and Metrobus systems. The API contains eight methods for rail transit with data including the order and location of rail stations by line, train arrival predictions for each station, service alerts and Elevator/Escalator status. There are seven methods for the Metrobus including schedules, bus stop details, bus route shapes and more. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

WikiPathwaysWikiPathways API: WikiPathways is an open, public platform dedicated to the curation of biological pathways by and for the scientific community. It helps facilitate the contribution and maintenance of pathway information by the biology community. WikiPathways has a wiki page for each pathway that displays the current diagram, description, references, download options, version history, and component gene and protein lists. The API lets developers access the service programmatically. It uses SOAP calls and responses are in XML.

XML Daily FactXML Daily Fact API: This SOAP-based API allows the user to place a widget on their website that returns an XML daily fact. Daily facts focus on XML web services and the use of XML within the Microsoft .NET Framework.