73 Transportation APIs: Yahoo Traffic, iRail and TFL Cycle Hire

Our API directory now includes 73 transportation APIs. The newest is the car2go API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Yahoo Traffic API. We list 20 Yahoo Traffic mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of transportation APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 49 transportation REST APIs and 19 transportation SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 53 transportation XML APIs and 32 transportation JSON APIs.

The most common tags within transportation are 23 transit transportation APIs, 11 traffic transportation APIs and 10 mapping transportation APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 8 transportation mashups. We named Belgian Rail Demo as mashup of the day in April.

For reference, here is a list of all 73 transportation APIs.

  511 Driving Times API: San Francisco traveler information service

  511 Real-time Transit Departures API: San Francisco traveler information service

  Airport Status API: Airport activity and weather information service

  Alpha Micro Systems API: GPS tracking service

  Aramex API: Global shipping service

  Averitt API: Freight transportation services

  Beat the Traffic API: Real-time traffic application

  Bongo API: Iowa cities transit data

  Bring Cargo API: U.K. and Europeans cargo delivery service

  car2go API: Car booking service and local driver's information

  Carloadboard API: Vehicle transport load matching service

  Carpool2Camp API: Carpooling service for transportation to camp

  Carrier411 API: Trucking and transportation provider monitoring service

  CarTrawler Accelerate API: Car rental service

  Catch-A-Cab API: Cab booking service

  Chicago Metropulse API: Chicago quality of life data

  CityBikes API: Bike sharing network information service

  CTA Train Tracker API: Chicago transit tracking service

  DataOne VIN decoder API: Vehicle specification data service

  eco:Speed API: Fuel-conserving mapping service

  eFreightline API: Truckload shipping rate quotation service

  ELGIN Roadworks API: U.K. road construction information service

  FAA Obstruction Evaluation API: Aviation obstruction information service

  FleetMon API: Ship location and maritime traffic information service

  Florida DHSMV API: Florida motor vehicle testing outsourcing service

  FreightCenter API: Shipping aggregation and information service

  FuelFrog API: Track Your Gas Mileage

  GovHG Data.One API: Hong Kong real-time traffic

  GroundLink API: Ground transportation service

  Helsinki Regional Transport Authority API: Helsinki public transit trip planner

  HiGrids INforAMA API: Automobile motion monitoring service

  IM Group API: Vehicle information service

  InKnowledge Taxi Fare Calculator API: Taxi fare estimation service

  INRIX API: Transportation traffic and route optimization service

  iRail API: Belgium train schedules

  Limo Anywhere API: Online reservation service

  Live Departure Boards API: UK train arrival/departure time board

  MassDOT MBTA API: Massachusetts transit data feeds service

  Metro Transit NexTrip API: Minnesota Transit information service

  Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro Transit API: Transit data service

  MTA Bus Time API: New York City Transit service

  NZTA Auckland Traffic API: Auckland, NZ, traffic data service

  NZTA Highway Info API: New Zealand highway information service

  NZTA Location Referencing API: New Zealand highway mapping and location service

  NZTA SSDF Segment Manager API: New Zealand traffic volume monitoring service

  Oahu Transit Services API: Real time transit data service

  OC Transpo API: Ottawa bus arrival time information service

  OpenCarData API: Real time automobile data

  OpenXC API: Automobile performance information retrieval service

  ParkingInMotion API: Parking information application

  Public Transit Score API: Real estate transit score service

  Redbus API: Indian bus ticketing service

  RouteSavvy API: Transportation route optimization service

  SEPTA API: Transit Information for Eastern Pennsylvania

  SFpark API: San Francisco real-time parking information

  Singapore Metro Rapid Transit API: Mass transit information for Singapore

  Skanetrafiken API: SkÃ¥netrafiken transit information

  SoftModal Diesel API: Diesel fuel price information service

  TÃ¥gtider Trains API: Sweden train schedule lookup service

  TFL Cycle Hire API: Real-time UK Cycle Hire data service

  The Airport Guide API: Airport information service

  Traffic Records Electronic Data System API: Virginia traffic safety information service

  Trafiklab API: Sweden transportation information

  TransLink API: Transit data service

  TransLoc API: Transportation tracking and information service

  Transport for London API: UK transportation service

  TSO Mobile API: Fleet vehicle tracking and optimization service

  Västtrafik API: Swedish public transport information service

  VesselTracker API: Ship and boat traffic tracking service

  Viamente Route Planner API: Italian route planning and mapping service

  Washington Metro API: Washington DC Metro data service

  Yahoo Traffic API: Traffic data and routing

  Zugmonitor API: Germain railway information service

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