73 Voice APIs: Twilio, Skype and Tropo

Our API directory now includes 73 voice APIs. The newest is the Ivona API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Twilio API. We list 340 Twilio mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of voice APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 46 voice REST APIs and 23 voice SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 43 voice XML APIs and 23 voice JSON APIs.

The most common tags within voice are 61 telephony voice APIs, 13 SMS voice APIs and 12 messaging voice APIs

On the mashup side, we list 133 voice mashups. We named vuzzbox as mashup of the day last week.

For reference, here is a list of all 73 voice APIs.

  3NGNetworks API: VoIP services provider

  46elks API: Cloud communication Platform

  4PSA VoipNow API: Integrated communications system

  Aculab Cloud API: Cloud based telephony services

  AISpeech API: Speech recognition service

  Angel OutBound API: Interactive voice response platform

  Audioboo API: Audio sharing platform

  ByVoice API: Text to speech service

  CDYNE Notify API: Create voice messages from text

  Cloudvox API: Voice application platform

  Cogent Mobile API: Mobile voice CRM service

  Custom Toll Free Search API: Toll free number search service

  Deutsche Telekom Conference Call API: Conference call service

  Deutsche Telekom Voice Call API: Telephone network connection service

  Deutsche Telekom Voice Record API: Voice message recording service

  Developer Garden Voice Record API: Voice recording service

  DialMyCalls API: Automatic calling and texting service

  DIDWW API: Phone and call forwarding service

  Direct Leap Technologies API: Campaign (phone, telemessaging) service

  Ericsson Async Voice API: Online Voice/Text Chat/Conversation Service

  Ericsson Text to Speech API: Text to Speech Convering Service

  Evoca API: Phone to web media voice services

  Fake Call API: Telephone call service

  FreebieSMS Auto Dialer API: Send audio messages to phones

  Freespee API: Call tracking and pay-per-call service

  fring API: Mobile community development platform

  Genband A2 API: Cloud based telecommunications services

  Global IP Sound API: Voice Processor for VoIP Services

  Hoiio Voice API: Global Telephony API

  HummingBytes Q&A API: Communication service

  iCall API: Calling, VoIP, and messaging service

  IIG Alerts API: Voice, SMS and Email messaging

  InVox API: Small and medium-sized business phone service

  iSpeech Automated Speech Recognition API: Speech Recognition Service

  iSpeech Text-To-Speech API: Text to Speech Service

  Ivona API: Text to speech service

  Jaduka API: Internet and PSTN voice services

  Jott API: Voice to email and text service

  Liquid11 Conferencing API: B2B telecom service - conferencing

  Meebo API: Web based messaging platform

  messagingPeople API: Messaging Service

  MyVox API: Phone to web media voice services

  NeoSpeech API: Text to speech service

  Nexiwave API: Speech recognition platform

  NuGram Runtime API: Speech recognition service

  Orange Click-to-Call API: Click to call Internet voice services

  Orange Voicemail API: Voicemail messaging service

  Orange VoiceMashup API: IVR, Interactive Voice Response system

  PennyTel Open API: VoIP provider in Australia

  PhoneDog API: Cell phone information, service data, and news.

  PhoneTag API: Voice-to-text service

  Phono API: Web based phone calling and messaging

  Plum Voice API: Telephony service

  PokeTalk API: Web Telephony Service

  QuickFuse API: Telephony service

  Qwips API: Social voice-tagging service

  Ribbit API: Flash based VoIP service

  Ribbit Messages API: SMS and Voicemail Management Service

  Ribbit Transcription on Demand API: Voice-to-text Transcription Service

  Ringful API: Create rich voice and SMS mashups via simple RESTful API

  Skype API: Internet communication

  SpinVox API: Voice to text service

  Teleku API: Phone and SMS application service

  Telenor Click to Call API: Web-based Click to Call Service

  Telesocial API: voice calling in social networks

  THECALLR API: Telephony services

  Tropo API: Communications API for voice, SMS and Instant Messaging

  Twilio API: Telephony service

  Voice Delivery System API: Voice synthesis service

  VoiceBunny API: Voiceover platform service

  Voices.com API: Voice actor and voice over talent services

  VoiceVault API: Voice biometric identity verification

  Vontoo API: Voice marketing service

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