74 New APIs: Google BigQuery, Mozilla, Referly and Webshell

This week we had 74 new APIs added to our API directory including a large dataset querying service, badge creation and earning system, social product recommendation Platform and an API Integration platform. In addition, we covered a new API that enables B2B personalization marketing, an alternative to the Face.com API, the first Mark Wahlberg API and the release of the DGCourseReview API. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

AIMS AddressAIMS Address API: The Automated Information Mapping System (AIMS) is provided by Johnson County, Kansas. It can be used by individuals, government organizations or businesses looking for a GIS solution. AIMS offers services including map production, custom enterprise-level application development, and data development. The Address Web Service allows developers to search, validate and geocode against the Johnson County master address database. If a user finds an address, they can also lookup the tax property ID and its tax unit. Methods are including to give users all the valid cities, zip codes, street types, street directions, unit designators, and street names used in the county. The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

ARKiveARKive API: ARKive.org hopes to promote the conservation of threatened species through wildlife imagery. The ARKive API provides a range of methods to retrieve species information and images from the ARKive database. The API uses the REST protocol and returns JSON and a personal API Key is needed to access the service.

BACnet HelpBACnet Help API: BACnet is a data communication protocol for building automation and control networks. It was designed to allow such networks to communicate with heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, lighting, access, and fire detection systems and their associated equipment.

BACnet Help assists users in making full use of their BACnet networks by letting them take snapshots of networks for immediate or future reference. BACnet Help's functions are accessible using REST calls in JSON format.

BayFilesBayFiles API: BayFiles is a cloud storage platform. It was created by two founds of The Pirate Bay. BayFiles allows users to upload their files they wish to share to storage servers. From there, users can offer their files on media-sharing platforms such as The Pirate Bay. The BayFiles API exposes the upload and account management functionalities. It is a RESTful API that returns JSON-encoded data.

BlazeMeterBlazeMeter API: BlazeMeter is a 100% JMeter-compatible, self-service load and Performance Testing cloud. Load tests can be created and configured online. Upon creation, users can run them using the BlazeMeter API. With the API, users no longer have to manually start the tests but can instead create an automated script that will automatically run a predefined test. The API can also be used to get links to the generated reports. These reports are available online or as a downloadable ZIP file.

BrightideaBrightidea API: Brightidea is a cloud-based enterprise management software company whose platform allows Global 2000 businesses to monitor the the process of innovation in a social manner from concept to implementation. Their software suite and services are designed to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization's innovation process.

The Brightidea API allows access to data created using Brightidea On Demand Products. The API can be utilized for creating advanced reports as well as creating and updating user profiles.

The API follows a simple REST protocol using HTTP requests with returns defaulting to XML.

Climate CountsClimate Counts API: Climate Counts is a nonprofit organization that scores corporations on their efforts towards mitigating climate change. Corporations are scored on whether they have reviewed their own emissions, set goals towards reducing their global warming impact, their policy stance on climate legislations and public reporting of their actions. The API gives users access to the corporation scoring database. Data available includes years, business sectors, companies, brands, yearly scores and aggregated scores. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

CreatesendCreatesend API: Createsend is a service for creating and managing e-mail newsletter campaigns. It provides methods for managing subscribers as well as clients and client information. Statistical information on campaigns is recorded and readily accessible. Users may create and manage their own newsletter templates. All of these functions are accessible via SOAP calls.

DemandbaseDemandbase API: The Demandbase API recognizes a browser's IP address and then connects it to the business office kept in the company's database that contains a list of client names and locations. The API increases conversion rates by customizing messages, measuring responses, and reducing the number of questions in Web forms.

Real-Time ID Service works without cookies or personally identifiable identification (PII), instead mapping the IP address to a business office location through the API.

The API utilizes XML protocol and JSON data format.

Disc Golf Course ReviewDisc Golf Course Review API: DGcoursereview.com provides an extensive database of disc golf courses across the United States which is accessible through the DGCourseReview API. This REST API allows users to build course details, ratings, hole information, and other data into sites and applications. An API key is required for use, and display requirements must be met for API use to be granted. The API has usage limit set to 100 calls per day during beta development, but once an app has been finalized a plan must be selected governing usage.

DrchronoDrchrono API: Drchrono is an electronic health records app provider. Their products include a patient care platform, the On-Patient check-in app, and an electronic medical billing center. All three products can be integrated into a unified workflow and allow medical workers to customize their electronic approach to patient care. The Drchrono API exposes the entirety of their products functions for integration with new apps. The API is not public yet, but developers can register at the Developer Portal for notifications.

EBI CiteXploreEBI CiteXplore API: CiteXplore is a SOAP-based service that retrieves data from the European Bioinformatics Institute's publication database. Users can search for metadata from the CiteXplore database and full text articles from UK PubMed Central. Version 3 of the service allows users to pick and choose the components required, making information retrieval more efficient.

EventlyEvently API: The Evently API allows users to include the Evently event information on outside websites. Evently collects event information from over 1000 unique event listing services and organizes the data to be searchable by venue, genre and location. Using this REST API which returns in either JSON or XML, users can access this information and provide it on their website. An API Key is required for use.

FanatixFanatix API: Fanatix is a gamified social sports watching app. The app includes both basic game viewing and social check in functions. Users can access basic game information and sign up for score alerts, as well as seeing which friends of theirs are also watching the same game. Check ins win users points that are rewarded with prizes such as game tickets and electronics. The Fanatix API is only available by request and is intended for the development of other apps.

FlextripFlextrip API: Flextrip offers APIs which allow online travel companies to create and catalyze financial opportunities through a wide and diverse selection of tours and activities.

Through the API, Flextrip offers direct marketing technologies to increase cross-sells as well as conversions. Utilizing a leading distribution network for tours and activities, Flextrip utilizes proprietary technology to sell the client's products to travelers with recognized travel intent. The client's products can receive increased exposure through Flextrip's network of well-known travel sites for consumers.

FoxTranscribeFoxTranscribe API: FoxTranscribe provides human transcription services for video and audio content.

The FoxTranscribe API allows other applications to integrate with our service to provide transcription capabilities to their users. The API currently allows uploading audio/video media, placing and managing orders, and retrieving finished transcripts.

GoodRxGoodRx API: GoodRX.com provides price comparisons of prescription drugs, sourcing data from 70,000 pharmacies. The site offers both a Low Price API and a Price Comparison API. The GoodRX APIs uses HTTP calls to provide clients with the ability to get the latest pricing data on over 6,000 prescription medications. The service requires an API Key.

Google BigQueryGoogle BigQuery API: The Google BigQuery service allows users to run SQL-like queries against very large datasets, with potentially billions of rows. BigQuery works best for interactive analyses, typically using a small number of very large, append-only tables. Users can access BigQuery using the BigQuery browser, the bq command-line tool, the REST API, or Google Apps Script.

GraphMuseGraphMuse API: The GraphMuse API allows developers to group Facebook user's based on mutual connections within Facebook's friend graph. The API then identifies which unregistered users are most likely to accept an app invitation, then sends an app invitation to those users.

The API is utilizes REST protocol and includes JSON data format.

IngresseIngresse API: Ingresse is Brazilian event management platform. It allows event planners and attendees convenient access to ticket sales, as well as event information and communications. Events can range from private barbeques to large outdoor concerts. Event planners create a page with basic descriptions of the party, set ticket types (if required), and establish a payment system. Attendees can simply find the event they want to go to and electronically purchase tickets or get information about it. The Ingresse API exposes the platform's event updating functionality. It is a RESTful API that returns JSON-formatted data. The site is in Portuguese.

Intech IQ HostedIntech IQ Hosted API: Intech is a provider of information quality software for businesses of all sizes. Their IQ Office suite is a solution to help with information transformation, validation, standardisation, matching and integration of a wide array of data sources, both in batch mode as well as in real-time at the point of data capture.

As part of the IQ Office suite, the IQ Hosted Web Service is a web based address validation and geographic coding solution used for cleaning addresses and adding geographic information. The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML. Full Documentation is available to customers.

Interserve Job OpeningsInterserve Job Openings API: Interserve is a Christian community, in partnerships with the global church that strives to make Jesus Christ known through wholistic ministry amongst peoples of Asia and the Arab World. The API provides access to data feeds that are updated twice daily with the latest job openings from Asia and the Arab world, with stories from people serving there, and other useful supporting information. Data formats available include RSS, HTML5, JSON/ JSONP, and CSV.

IP-API.com GeolocationIP-API.com Geolocation API: IP-API.com is a website that allows users to lookup the location of an IP address. The site provides free usage of its geolocation API and supports IPv4/IPv6 queries. The API allows users to supply an IP address or domain to lookup, or none to use their current IP address. Data returned includes country, region/state, city, zip code, latitude, longitude and more. The API uses RESTful calls and responses can be formatted in XML, JSON, CSV, Newline Separated and PHP.

JirafeJirafe API: Jirafe provides specialized analytics for customers to gauge the performance of their ecommerce platform. The information collected by Jirafe can be used to help online merchants make informed merchandising and marketing decisions.

The Jirafe API consists of two parts: a tracker and a reporter.

The tracker is used on the front of your store to track visitor events (page view to the order). This is accomplished using JavaScript and server side calls. Mostly tracked in Javascript with the exception of orders and cart side operations which are tracked using server side calls.
The reporter is utilized in the admin back of the store. It displays all the statistics contained in the dashboard.

An account is necessary for utilization of the API.

LambdaLabs FaceLambdaLabs Face API: LambdaLabs has created a new application that is a Face.com alternative. LambdaLabs Face is a photo recognition application.

The LambdaLabs Face API allows developers to integrate the Face functionality with other applications. Some API methods include face recognition in photos uploaded, face feature extraction from photos uploaded, and more features coming soon.

LDSTech Gospel Library CatalogLDSTech Gospel Library Catalog API: LDSTech is a community site where users can contribute to the technological work of the LDS (Mormon) church. The Gospel Library Catalog API allows mobile devices to search for and look up content (available as books) that are available for download. Users can look up the languages and platforms for which content is available. The catalog provides a taxonomy of the content showing it in the correct order. Users also have the ability to download content via the API. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

LearnSproutLearnSprout API: LearnSprout is a student information systems integration service. Their service is an API that eliminates the need for CSV files, manual data entry, and FTP servers. The LearnSprout API allows developers to create lightweight applications for educational institutions, and schools to simplify the integration of all of their data. The API is a RESTful protocol that returns student information as JSON-encoded data.

LingQLingQ API: LingQ provides language learners with a portal to access various forms of content and assistance. The offerings include: personal tutors, live conversations, making friends in the community, learning new vocabulary, having your writing corrected and the ability to download lesson content for off-site usage.

The API utilizes a language and platform neutral RESTful protocol. It allows simple programmatic access through HTTP to access specific features of LingQ. All methods return JSON results by default but other output formats are available.

LogicMonitorLogicMonitor API: LogicMonitor is a monitoring service for all manner of web-based tools and products. Its dashboard can provide a simplified view of multiple IT troubleshooting operations with automated analysis and alert functions. Businesses can use it to make sure their websites, servers, apps, and more are operating smoothly and predict malfunctions before they disrupt normal operations. The LogicMonitor API exposes various information gathering and Stack management functionalities. It allows developers to scale their monitoring operations with to their companies’ needs, as well as to download analytical data directly into their backend software.

LoKastLoKast API: LoKast is social media product provided by NearVerse. LoKast allows users to create customizable mobile social spaces in the cloud. These spaces can be centered on locations, businesses, events, and more. Everyone logged into a particular space can each other’s profiles and initiate one-on-one chat sessions. The LoKast API is available by request to developers using the LoKast premium service. It can be used to integration with other apps or add richening extensions to LoKast itself.

Marky MarkdownifierMarky Markdownifier API: Markdown, is a plain text formatting syntax. A Markdownifier is a tool that converts html to Markdown, using an algorithm to determine what part of the page is of interest, resulting in a plain text representation of a page. Marky is a Markdownifier created by designer and writer Brett Terpstra. The Marky API provides developer access to the Markdownifier.

Max Booking Max Booking API: Max Booking is an online booking service. They provide an engine for processing reservations at tourism and hospitality businesses. Their platform allows businesses to categorically customize their options for patrons. This means includes not only different room sizes and amenities, but food options and tours as well. Max Booking offers numerous integration options for their platform including a Facebook widget, a JavaScript pop-up, and more. Their API is intended for integration with backend software like content and property management systems.

MBT QuoteMBT Quote API: The MBT Quote API provides users access to financial stock quotes. MB Trading is an online financial trading platform catering to a variety of financial markets. The service provides quotes only, and can return information for a single ticker, the entire market, and everything in between, historical data is currently underdevelopment. The API sources data from NASDAQ Market, New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), American Stock Exchange (AMEX), Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), INET / ARCA ECN books, CBOE Options quotes, CME Futures Quotes, CBOT Futures quotes and Foreign Currencies.

Medizza TVMedizza TV API: Medizza TV is a web-based TV platform. Users can create networks of multiple channels and populate them with original video content. These channels can be monetized as packages and video storefronts. Medizza will encode users’ video as they upload it and allow them to manage their content with metadata, image, and more. The Medizza API exposes account and content updating functionality and returns both XML and JSON-formatted data.

MoraleMorale API: Morale is a simple team project management platform. It allows teams of developers to share tasks and bugs through a single textbox. Once tickets are created they remain active until they are archived. Ticket creators can invite multiple workers and teams to multiple projects. The Morale API exposes the project and ticket information accession functionality. It is a RESTful API that returns JSON-encoded data.

Mozilla Open BadgeMozilla Open Badge API: The Mozilla Open Badge system is designed to provide recognition for skills and achievements that are earned online or outside of school. Any organization can issue, manage, and display digital badges online. Badge earners can collect their badges in a Mozilla-hosted Backpack and display them on their resume, web site, social networking profiles, job sites, etc. Badges are accompanied by metadata regarding how and from whom they were acquired, along with Authentication information.

MTPS Content ServiceMTPS Content Service API: The MSDN/TechNet Publishing System (MTPS) Content Service provides access to content stored in the MTPS. This includes, for example, the content available in the MSDN Library. The MTPS Content Service API allows developers to integrate documentation, technical articles, whitepapers, images, and the other resources into their own applications using SOAP calls.

MyCloudPortal.NET MyCloudPortal.NET API: MyCloudPortal.NET lets anyone create a web page portal. MyCloudPortal.NET API allows remote applications to connect and interact with a portal. The API connects with the following: web portal, webpage, blog, newsletter, social, email, and SMS.

The API utilizes REST protocol.

mysmsmysms API: mysms provides users with a platform to send and receive texts on notebooks, desktop computers or tablets. Users can synchronize texts between their devices and read texts as they come in on their laptop or tablet without needing to have their phone nearby.

The mysms Open API provides you with all of the server-side core functions. You can also use the service apart from the mysms applications and build your own applications. The API utilizes a RESTful interface and supports both XML and JSON response formats.

OpenCachingOpenCaching API: The OpenCaching API gives users the ability to query all of the data stored in the OpenCaching.com database. The service can also authorize users to update and write to the database. The API uses REST calls and will return JSON, XML, or plain text depending on which data request is sent. The OpenCaching service is a community based geocaching service with user generated content. The site is a subsidiary of Garmin Ltd.

OpenSkyQuery SkyPortalOpenSkyQuery SkyPortal API: OpenSkyQuery is a service that allows users to compare astronomical catalogs in order to find positional cross-matches. These matches can be subject to any other conditions or constraints the user wishes to define based on the data in the catalogs. The primary interface utilizes SQL, the Structured Query Language, with a few extensions specialized for astronomical data. The OpenSkyQuery SkyPortal API makes these functions available programmatically via SOAP calls.

PaperlexPaperlex API: Paperlex is a management system for contract workflow. Their Paperlex OneDoc product allows users to upload and track their contracts through private dashboard. Different versions of multiple contracts can be maintained on the dashboard, as well as their different stages, such as “in negation,” “signed,” and more. The Paperlex API is a RESTful protocol that exposes the dashboard’s contract management functionality. It returns JSON-encoded data.

Pic ResizePic Resize API: Pic Resize is a web-based image editing service. Users add pictures for editing by uploading, linking, or pasting them into the homepage. They may then use Pic Resize’s editing tools to crop, resize, or add special effects to the image. Pic Resize also supports automated editing of images in bulk. The Pic Resize API exposes the resizing and image fetching functionalities. It is a RESTful protocol that returns PNGs.

Points2ShopPoints2Shop API: Points2shop works with advertisers to offer online promotions through referrals, banner and link placements online.

The Points2Shop APIs (REST & OAuth) allow users to utilize data collected by Points2Shop for presenting popular offers and testimonials. Users can also create toolbars or apps through the APIs that allow your site's users to reference their account on Points2Shop.

REST API users may: access testimonials, offers for most recent offers, most popular offers, shoutbox shouts.
OAuth API users may: access basic user information like: points, cash, merits, access completed offers and users' referrals.

An application must first be created to obtain API credentials.

ProjectPlaceProjectPlace API: The ProjectPlace API allows access to some of the functionality of the ProjectPlace project management service through a REST API. The service uses the OAuth 1.0a authorization and application identification, and requires users to have an account with the underlying website, and be a registered Projectplace third-party developer. ProjectPlace offers a suite of project management tools including: project planning, document management, Resource management, online meeting capabilities, meeting management, as well as other services.

RAMP ContentRAMP Content API: The RAMP API allows users of the ramp service to access processed data content and metadata. RAMP is a cloud-based content optimization company that aims to ensure maximum discovery of user content. The API is accessible through REST calls and returns XML. A developer key is required for use and the documentation provides a list of methods as well as an API test feature.

ReferlyReferly API: A service that lets people earn rewards for recommending products on their social networks or websites. Online retailers and service providers can offer the rewards as an incentive for new customer referrals and sign ups. Tracking of customers is provided and helps analyze and refine the plan for rewards and new business opportunities.

Regator SemanticRegator Semantic API: Regator is a company whose products are focused on the analysis and implementation of information concerning high-quality, topical online content.

The Regator API is a semantic web tool that can aid in areas such as: publishing, ad targeting, social media analytics, data enrichment trends analysis and SEO. It has the ability to categorize text in over 500 topical groups and extract metadata for use and analysis from the most recent news and events in actual time.

Regator is a RESTful API with return formats available in XML, JSON and JSONP

RewardMeRewardMe API: RewardMe is a customer loyalty solutions provider. Their services begin with point-of-sale customer data capturing software on a simple dashboard. Businesses can use this same data and dashboard to produce detailed customer profile reports. RewardMe’s additional services allow businesses to create customized loyalty and mobile marketing programs using the customer analysis reports. RewardMe’s API exposes information updating and accession functionality. It is intended for integration with backend programs. The API is RESTful and can return JSON and XML-formattted data.

SaferBusSaferBus API: The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) makes the safety performance data of U.S. Department of Transportation registered bus companies available through the SaferBus API. This REST API returns in either JSON or XML, and was designed to allow developers to create applications that will make consumers more aware of the safety record of the bus companies with which they may choose to ride. The API requires an API Key and account to access.

Sesame Name ResolverSesame Name Resolver API: The Sesame Name Resolver allows users to query several databases simultaneously with the name of an astronomical object. It retrieves and displays information such as the type of object in question and its J2000 position. The databases queried are Simbad, NED, and VizieR. The Sesame Name Resolver API allows developers to access this Function programmatically using SOAP calls.

SimpleRelevanceSimpleRelevance API: SimpleRelevance offers communications solutions for businesses. Their service analyzes businesses’ customers and inventory to design individually customized messages and recommendations. Businesses can upload significant information from Magento, MailChimp, and other sources to SimpleRelevance with established integration channels. The SimpleRelevance API exposes the information management functionality of their analytical engine. It is a RESTful API that returns JSON formatted data.

SSA CBSVSSA CBSV API: The US Social Security Administration (SSA) delivers social security services through a nationwide network of over 1,400 offices. The SSA offers the Consent Based Social Security Number Verification Service (CBSV) as a way of verifying whether a SSN holder's name and Social Security Number (SSN) combination match SSA's records. The CBSV can be used by companies offering banking and mortgage services, credit check processing, background checks and more.

The CBSV API can be used as an alternative to the online application. Users can access the functionality of the CBSV processing and can retreive results in real time. The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

Storm On DemandStorm On Demand API: Storm on Demand allows users the ability to store their information online in the company's solid state servers or to host their own cloud manageable server with an emphasis on scalability and speed.

The API allows access to everything controllable within the cloud hosting interface. Creating, cloning, and resizing servers, modifying cloud attached firewall rules and options, restoring server backups as well as creating private networks and more.

The API currently supports JSON, YAML and XML (experimentally) parameter encodings.

StrikeIron Foreign Exchange RatesStrikeIron Foreign Exchange Rates API: The StrikeIron Foreign Exchange Rates API provides both current (updated every 30-minutes) and historical foreign exchange rates based on the London Close (11:30am EST) for 160 currencies. Rates are quoted either in U.S. dollars per foreign currency unit or in foreign currency units per U.S. dollar. This API can be accessed via SOAP calls using the XML data format.

StrikeIron ZIP and Postal Code InfoStrikeIron ZIP and Postal Code Info API: The StrikeIron ZIP and Postal Code Information API retrieves U.S. census information for a given U.S. ZIP Code or Canadian Postal Code. It can also retrieve the city, state, county, time zone, latitude and longitude, ZIP and Postal Codes within a radius. This API can be accessed via SOAP calls using the XML data format.

SubsMax Movie SubtitlesSubsMax Movie Subtitles API: Submax.com allows users to find and download subtitles for movies and television series. This simple API connects to SubsMax.com's database and returns relevant results based on the parameters the user sets. Parameters include the number of responses, the title, the language and year. API calls use RESTful protocol.

TembooTemboo API: Temboo helps developers by providing tools that simplify app development. These tools include code shortcuts that can be dragged and dropped into a developers own code via a visual interface. The code shortcuts, called Choreos allow for API integration by handling authentication, credential management, updates, and more. Currently Temboo has a library of Choreos for over 70 APIs.

The Temboo REST API lets users perform CRUD operations with methods that allow users to:

* Retrieve a list of Choreos that can be run
* Retrieve detailed information, such as inputs, status, and description data for a specific Choreo
* Run a Choreo, optionally providing input values to use in that execution
* Retrieve the list of currently running Choreo executions
* Retrieve the status of a Choreo that has been executed via the API
* Terminate a currently running Choreo execution

The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

The European LibraryThe European Library API: The European Library is a consortium of academic and research libraries. Their website is a portal to very large collections of digitized artifacts and bibliographic records. Users can browse by provider, such as European national libraries, by special collections, by discipline, and more. The API is only available to members of the European Library. Through the API, the searching functionality of the catalog is exposed. It is RESTful and returns both XML and JSON-encoded data.

Travis CITravis CI API: Travis CI is a hosted Continuous Integration service for the open source community. It provides users with multiple runtimes, data stores, etc., which allow libraries and applications to be easily tested against multiple runtimes and data stores. Since it is a free community service, Travis CI limits build duration to about 20 minutes.

True Key Video HostingTrue Key Video Hosting API: TrueKey Video Hosting is an online video publishing solutions provider. Businesses can use their services to manage and stream proprietary video content. Users can upload videos to encode them in a number of video formats, and share them securely from their account on any web player. The TrueKey API exposes the uploading and informational functionalities of their service. It is a RESTful API that returns XML-encoded data.

UrbanesiaUrbanesia API: Urbanesia is an online Indonesian city lifestyle directory. Users can find information on businesses and places of any kind as well as stay up to date on various events taking place. The API allows developers to access the site's data including location data across many categories including restaurants, tourism places and more. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are in JSON.

VendVend API: Vend is a retail management solutions provider. Their product combines point-of-sale software with inventory and customer tracking software. The entire package is web-based and allows managers to view screenshots of the Vend dashboard from any of the user’s retail locations. Their API is accessible by request only for developers selected to be Vend partners. It is a RESTful API that allows developers to integrate Vend functionality with new plug-ins, extensions, and apps. It returns JSON-encoded data.

W3C Feed ValidatorW3C Feed Validator API: The World Wide Web Consortium ( W3C) is an international community that works to develop Web standards. The Feed Validation service is used to check the syntax of Atom or RSS feeds. The API exposes the functionality of the service for use by developers in the creation in third party applications. It uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

W3C Markup ValidatorW3C Markup Validator API: The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international community that works to develop Web standards. The Markup Validation service is offered by the W3C to check the markup validity of Web documents in HTML, XHTML, SMIL, MathML, and more. Developers can use the API to access the functionality of the service and integrate it with their own applications. The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

WebServiceMart ICD9CodeWebServiceMart ICD9Code API: The WebServiceMart ICD9Code API returns ICD9 (International Statistical Classification of Diseases, version 9) code descriptions. These codes are published by the World Health Organization and used worldwide for morbidity and mortality statistics, reimbursement systems, and automated decision support in health care. Lists of codes returned by the API can be filtered by initial characters and/or length. The unfiltered list consists of 7234 items.

WebServiceMart MSPCodeWebServiceMart MSPCode API: The WebServiceMart MSPCode API allows users to retrieve Medical Services Plan (MSP) explanatory codes. The MSP insures medically-required services, laboratory services, and diagnostic procedures for residents of British Columbia. The code lists retrieved by this API can be filtered by the codes' initial characters. The unfiltered list consists of 708 items.

WebServiceMart MSPFeesWebServiceMart MSPFees API: The WebServiceMart MSPFees API allows users to retrieve information regarding Medical Services Plan (MSP) fees. The MSP insures medically-required services, laboratory services, and diagnostic procedures for residents of British Columbia. This API returns specialty descriptions by code, or returns a list of all specialty codes. It also returns descriptions and fee amounts for fee item codes, or a list of fee items for a given specialty code.

WebServiceMart Phone3TWebServiceMart Phone3T API: The WebServiceMart Phone3T API is a service for validating phone numbers. It can also provide additional information such as the city, state, and country from which a phone number originates. The WebServiceMart Phone3T API can be accessed via SOAP calls using the XML data format.

WebServiceMart USZipWebServiceMart USZip API: The WebServiceMart USZip API is a service for validating U.S. zipcodes. It also returns the United States Postal Service state abbreviation and the latitude and longitude (in decimal degrees) of a given zipcode. This API can be accessed via SOAP calls using the XML data format.

WebshellWebshell API: Webshell is an API platform that aims to make APIs more interoperable in an effort to boost innovation. Users can call and manage all of their APIs in a uniform way using an online command line. Webshell includes an API explorer to aid in API discovery. Management features include an analytics dashboard and an API key manager. The platform is built upon the Webshell API giving users access to it's complete functionality. SDKs are available for JavaScript, PHP and Ruby.

WISEBEDWISEBED API: WISEBED provides a multi-level infrastructure of interconnected testbeds for large-scale wireless sensor networks. It was designed to enable research on a larger scale and of higher quality than would be possible using the testbeds individually. WISEBED's functions are accessible via SOAP-based APIs using the XML data format.

Woocation CityinfoWoocation Cityinfo API: Woocation gives travelers information about the places they want to visit. The site does this by collecting as much data as it can about a place. The Woocation Cityinfo API provides information about cities worldwide.
From currency to
nearest domestic and international airports, it provides data which developers can pick from to make new applications.

NOTE : The nearest airport facility is only available for asia and oceanic continents as of now but we will be updating this for whole of the world in coming weeks very very soon.

YUPIQYUPIQ API: YUPIQ is a social media promotions platform that increases sales and brand awareness by rewarding customers for sharing videos, links and special offers with their friends on Facebook, Twitter and Email. With the YUPIQ API, developers can develop third party applications to give away custom rewards. The API can also be used to track who has earned those rewards and when those rewards have been used. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.