75 New APIs This Week: Instagram, AOL ShoutCast and Two Social Network Platforms

This week we had 75 new APIs added to our API directory including a subscription billing service, an SEO rank monitoring service, an online helpdesk tool, a shopping cart service, a recommendations platform, a lithuanian microblogging service an two Ning-like social network platforms. Additionally, we covered two of the APIs more in-depth with full blog posts. Tracing the Past Street by Street looked at the Addressing History API. Then we took a peek at unofficial documentation to the official Instagram API, which we called The Full-featured, Unpublished Instagram API. Below you'll find more detail on all 75 new APIs.

AccumulusAccumulus API: Accumulus is a subscription billing service that lets developers fully automate customer onboarding, cancellation and change processes. The entire billing process is available via the Accumulus API, including customers, signups, subscriptions and payment methods. The service also includes means of tracking very basic usage, so that developers can later query utilization based usage for a particular customer.

AddressingHistoryAddressingHistory API: AddressingHistory is a searchable, historical database of the people of Edinburgh, Scotland. It provides access to the data within digitized historical Scottish Post Office Directories. The AddressingHistory API provides search access to the AddressingHistory database, including by name, address, profession and category.

AOL CalendarAOL Calendar API: The AOL Calendar API provides access, with authorization, to a user's AOL Calendar. Using standard protocols and data formats, the API can access events within a calendar. In addition to a user's own calendar, developers can also access public calendars and also add or remove a user's subscription to specific calendars.

ASPECT Vocabulary Bank for Education ASPECT Vocabulary Bank for Education API: The ASPECT Vocabulary Bank for Education (VBE) provides both a browsable and searchable web application for users to locate, view and download terminology, as well as standards-based machine to machine interfaces. The VBE provides a range of multilingual, controlled lists relevant to learning in the EU, including those that are used to validate metadata profiles and a thesaurus used to describe educational topics. The RESTful API allows users to interface with the VBE.

AssistlyAssistly API: The Assistly APIs enable you to integrate your help desk with other internal and 3rd party systems. The APIs allow you to retrieve cases for a particular customer, retrieve or update a customer�s information, and to create new interactions, cases and customer.

BackstopBackstop API: Backstop Solutions Group is a software company delivering a suite of tools for the alternative asset management industry. The Backstop SOAP API provides an interface to key objects in Backstop, including contacts, notes/docs/meetings, funds/products, hedge funds/private equity funds, benchmarks, and peer groups.

The SOAP API allows one application to request the services of another. It goes beyond simply asking for a piece of data stored in a database; a program with a SOAP API can be asked to execute complex functions (e.g. searching for information, calculating numbers, etc.), the results of which will be returned to the requesting application.

A software application that integrates with Backstop via the SOAP API can request a range of information about these objects, including return series, balances, qualitative information and more. The most common use of the Backstop SOAP API is to integrate Backstop with proprietary or custom external applications such as analysis and reporting tools. Full documentation for the API is available upon request.

Big CartelBig Cartel API: Big Cartel is a shopping cart specifically designed for artists to sell their wares on the Internet. A non-authenticated API is available to access areas of the store in read-only format. Add an XML extension to your store URLs (which are sub-domains off of bigcartel.com) to get data from the API. You can retrieve store details, a list of products, specific product information and the contents of the current user's cart.

Blake.ltBlake.lt API: Blake.lt is a Lithuanian social network and microblogging service. The Blake.lt API provides methods for accessing and creating member content, such as status messages, as well as account details and replies.

Bullseye Lead ManagerBullseye Lead Manager API: Bullseye allows companies to easily capture leads and automate marketing. The Bullseye API provides access to the leads. Full API documentation is not available.

Bullseye Store LocatorBullseye Store Locator API: The Bullseye Store Locator makes it easy to deploy a local search tool for businesses with multiple locations. The Bullseye Store Locator API provides an programmable interface to search for locations by postal code, city name or latitude/longitude coordinates, as well as retrieve data about specific stores in the results.

Buto.tvButo.tv API: Buto.tv is a service for uploading, managing and measuring online video. The service is directed at content creators and video sharing sites. The Buto.tv API provides a RESTful interface to your video collections, playlists, meta-data and user accounts.

Bview ContentBview Content API: The Bview Content API provides users with content about local businesses to add to their site. The API includes ratings, reviews, photos, descriptions and promotions. BView is the UK's most comprehensive clearinghouse for money saving offers. BView aggregates vouchers for thousands of merchants and locations from across the UK. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

Bview Local SearchBview Local Search API: The Bview local search API allows user to integrate search results into their website. This API can be combined with the Voucher & Offers API and the Content API to create localised offerings. BView is the UK's most comprehensive clearinghouse for money saving offers. BView aggregates vouchers for thousands of merchants and locations from across the UK. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

Bview PromotionBview Promotion API: This API enables users to use any of the vouchers from BView -- the UK's most comprehensive clearinghouse for money saving offers. BView aggregates vouchers for thousands of merchants and locations from across the UK. This API enables users to display on their website any of three types of vouchers:

* Voucher codes for saving money with online retailers (e.g. Dixons, Pizza Hut)
* Printable local vouchers from small businesses (e.g. restaurants, tradesmen)
* Local offers from national merchants (e.g. Pizza Express, Starbucks)

The API uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

Call meCall me API: The C4ll.me API allows users to integrate C4ll.me services into their external applications. C4ll.me is a service that allows users to hide their personal information behind a short URL. It gives users the ability to control the lifetime of their contact details on Internet by creating a short URL to their contact details. The contact information is readable for human beings on the internet with a self explanatory short URL, but unreadable for search engines. The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

ChatterousChatterous API: Chatterous is group chat combining the web, im, email and your phone. You can create groups of friends to chat together, but your friends can use their preferred chatting software--no need to even join Chatterous. The Chatterous API lets you access and edit members and groups, as well as send and search messages. The API is currently in public beta.

CSS ManiaCSS Mania API: The API provides access to the CSS showcases that are submitted to CSS Mania. It provides search access to various CSS showcases with their screenshots, url, rating, votes, top 5 colors used, and more.

DribbbleDribbble API: Dribbble API provides access to the webdesign showcases on dribbble.com. You can access individual shots, players, comments, and more details.
Note: As of Dec. 2010, no API key is required, but according to the site, this will likely change (as well as the API call limit).

Escapia Vacation Rental NetworkEscapia Vacation Rental Network API: Escapia maintains a database of vacation rentals and provides a means to book those rentals online. You can incorporate booking into your applications with the Escapia Vacation Rental Network (EVRN) API. Partners can use the EVRN API to get information about available rental units, book those units and generate transactional revenue in the form of commissions.

Esendex SMSEsendex SMS API: Esendex is an SMS text messaging service based in Spain. Using the service, your applications can send and receive messages, including bulk messages.

flow.ioflow.io API: The flow.io service provides "lean project management" in a software as a service format. The flow.io API provides a similarly lean true REST API for creating, editing and deleting members, projects and tasks.

GarageTVGarageTV API: GarageTV is a Dutch site for uploading, sharing, finding and watching videos of all kinds. The GarageTV API provides developers with the opportunity to create new interfaces to the GarageTV functionality. You can search, rate and comment on videos. Also, when authenticated, your applications can upload new videos to the site.

GeoCerts ResellerGeoCerts Reseller API: GeoTrust is a security company that sells SSL certificates, GeoCerts, for websites. The company also has a reseller program so that affiliates can provide the GeoCerts to their customers and receive commission from any sales. The GeoCerts Reseller API provides free access for resellers to develop their own SSL storefronts. Documentation for the REST API is available upon request.

GeoloqiGeoloqi API: Geoloqi is a platform for private, real-time mobile location. The service stores locations and allows you to create Geonotes, receive proximal notification and optionally share real-time GPS maps with friends. The API provides access to all aspects of the platform, such as locations, accounts and layers.

GetResponseGetResponse API: GetResponse is a full-featured email marketing solution. Send newsletters, surveys and follow-ups. The GetResponse API lets you go further with advanced mail merge operations and a full set of methods to put GetResponse in your own interface and integrate with your in-house applications, databases, e-commerce shopping carts, CRM, and CMS systems.

The GetResponse API provides access to accounts, campaigns, messages, contacts, links, blacklists and confirmations. Both requests and responses are formatted as JSON.

GreplinGreplin API: Your data--photos, blog posts, documents, etc.--is spread across the web. Greplin helps you search through everything at once, sort of like you might do on your own computer. The API provides access to Greplin's "lightning speed" search, so that you can create browser extensions, mobile devices, desktop clients and more. The service is currently in closed beta.

Heyzap ServerHeyzap Server API: Heyzap provides game platforms for developers and publishers. An SDK is required to create a game, but the Heyzap Server API is used to exchange data about game players either inside or outside of gameplay. Find a player's friends and get detailed information about a player, including profile pics.

InstagramInstagram API: Instagram is a photo sharing iPhone app and service. Users take photos and can share them with Instagram contacts, as well as friends on other social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Currently there is no official API from Instagram. However, this uses API calls that have been documented from the iPhone app. The calls are not routed through another service. The Instagram API provides access to user authentication, friend connections, photos and all the other elements of the iPhone app--including uploading new media.

IntouchIntouch API: PSWinCom Intouch is a mobile communications platform for group messaging. The Intouch API provides developers programmatic access to users, groups, contacts, messages and folders.

IP AddressIP Address API: The IP address location API is a tool that lets users lookup unlimited IP addresses in realtime from their website, blog or administration tool. The API includes the following fields: IP Address, Location ID, Country Code, State/Region, City Name, Postal Code (US only), Latitude, Longitude, Metro Code, Area Code, Organization and ISP. The site claims up to 99.5% accuracy with worldwide coverage. The API uses RESTful protocol.

It's LearningIt's Learning API: The it's learning API exposes the core functionality of the it's learning platform. it's learning is a web-based learning platform for all educational levels. With the it's learning API developers can create learning tools which allow users to: create rich content, for example, with text, audio and video; create tests and quizzes and more. The API uses RESTful protocol.

Jaconda Jaconda API: Jaconda is a tool to make team chats simple. It can be used from the web or a number of IM services. Jaconda also provides easy access to all your data via an XML and JSON-based, RESTful API. The API allows developers to easily manage the Jaconda services in their own applications.

JajahJajah API: Jajah is a unified IP communications platform. Send SMS messages, initiate phone conferences and two party phone calls. The Jajah SOAP web services provide backend integration for calling applications, where the user interface is built by the developer.

jakdojade.pljakdojade.pl API: Jakdojade is a Polish site for transit directions within Poland's largest cities. The Jakdojade API provides access to the list of cities, meta-data about a specific city, transit routes and time schedules.

KickAppsKickApps API: KickApps lets you create a social network to engage with fans, deepen customer relationships or communicate between employees. The service provides access to all the tools you would expect with social software: friending, commenting, ratings, video, forums and activity feeds. The KickApps API provides access to all of the functionality so that your applications can be used from outside the KickApps website--even includes registering new members.

LithiumLithium API: Lithium provides social media monitoring as a service. Lithium users provide technical support, turn conversations into commerce and discover brand influencers. The Lithium API lets customers of Lithium's products extend the functionality, or incorporate social data into other tools. Documentation is only available by request.

MapDustMapDust API: Based on the OpenStreetMap project data, MapDust helps identify bugs in the user-contributed data. Applications can build MapDust into their maps so that users can see areas that need fixing, or add new bugs to the system. The service is in private beta, but openly discussed in the OpenStreetMap community. In December 2010, MapQuest incorporated it into its open mapping sites.

MapLargeMapLarge API: MapLarge offers an API to embed interactive maps on a website, blog or news story. MapLarge is the creator of some of the largest Google Maps implementations on the Internet. MapLarge uses patent pending methods to create simple map visualizations from complex data. With the API users can geocode upto 2,000 records daily for free. Datasets mapped with the geocoder can be mapped on top of Google Maps, Bing, ESRI or Open Street Maps. The API uses RESTful protocol.

Mergent Corporate Actions and DividendsMergent Corporate Actions and Dividends API: Provides information on corporate actions and events reported by US and Canadian publicly traded companies, including a detailed database of issued and declared dividends. The API allows access to detailed data on dividend distributions, stock splits, stock dividends, spin-offs, redemption of stock, rights, tender offers, mergers & acquisitions, bankruptcy filings, and more.

Mergent Historical Securities DataMergent Historical Securities Data API: Provides historical quotes for all US and Canadian stocks, indices, mutual funds, OTC bulletin board issues, and other securities. Prices are fully adjusted for splits, dividends and other corporate actions. Data on both living and dead issues is available. The API also provides access to non-price data such as short interest, shares outstanding, earnings per share and more.

Message FacesMessage Faces API: The Message Faces provides users the ability to integrate the service into their applications. Message Faces is a service that provides users with images of the people who send email in order to enrich email inboxes or address books. With Message Faces users can recognize who is sending email immediately from their personalized photo icon, and distinguish which emails are important. Currently Message Faces supports Yahoo!, GMail, Apple Mail, AOL, GMX, web.de, Mozilla Thunderbird and Roundcube. The API is currently in Beta. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted as PNG files.

NetlogNetlog API: Netlog is a youth community where users can keep in touch with and extend their social network. The site lets users create their own profiles with a guestbook, blog, friends, pictures and videos. The Netlog API is an OpenSocial-based system for developers to add their own applications within the Netlog website.

New RelicNew Relic API: New Relic provides a web application monitoring and management service that helps developers troubleshoot and tune production web apps. The New Relic API provides access to all the data stored within the service, as well as deployment notifications.

OdnoklassnikiOdnoklassniki API: Odnoklassniki is a Russian social network to reconnect with friends and play games. The Odnoklassniki API provides developers with the ability to include their applications within the frame of the site. The applications, with authentication, have access to user data and friend lists. The service also includes JavaScript and ActionScript APIs to access basic features like invites and notifications.

OfuzOfuz API: Ofuz is an online service that supports the full business cycle. Organize business contacts, follow up on leads, collaborate on projects, track your time and send invoices. Ofuz is based on an open source project, but there is a hosted version that is free below five invoices per month. The Ofuz API provides access to adding, searching and organizing contacts, so that you can integrate Ofuz CRM functionality into your workflow.

Opscode CookbooksOpscode Cookbooks API: Opscode helps organizations deploy automated server infrastructures. Its "cookbooks" site is a database of "recipes" for web servers, databases, applications, packages and more. The Opscode Cookbooks API provides searchable, browseable access to these recipes, so that you can make it easy to deploy new cookbooks. In other words, the API lets you automate automation.

Parse.lyParse.ly API: Parse.ly is a service and platform for personalized content recommendations. The service uses natural language processing and analyzes reader behavior to produce recommendations. The Parse.ly API provides methods to access the recommendations and integrate them into your site. With them, reader engagement may increase, as you continue to provide users with links to relevant content.

Patrick's AviationPatrick's Aviation API: Patrick's Aviation is a social site dedicated to aviation videos, photos, and other content. Patrick's Aviation also provides a free RESTful API so that developers can integrate Patrick's Aviation videos into their websites.

PeerIndexPeerIndex API: PeerIndex helps you understand and benefit from your social and reputation capital online. It is built around topic-based authority rankings. PeerIndex gathers and analyzes publicly available data to create a picture of your authority and activity on a given subject.

The PeerIndex API gives developers programmatic access to PeerIndex's data on authority and resonance including PeerIndex Rank and interested topics. Developers can access the PeerIndex database and search for information on the users stored in the PeerIndex database.

PhotoShelterPhotoShelter API: Online photo sharing site PhotoShelter is a paid web and portfolio hosting site for professional photographers and serious amateurs. The PhotoShelter API v1.1 allows programmers to integrate other applications with PhotoShelter through the use of remote calls. For example, it would be possible to develop a "plug-in" to an image editing program to export files to PhotoShelter directly.

Picwing PrintingPicwing Printing API: Picwing provides easy photo sharing, bridging online sharing and offline sharing. Every two weeks, your most recent photos are printed and mailed to your chosen loved ones. The Picwing API provides a way to integrate Picwing into other photo services or applications. You can list albums, get user details and add photos.

PinboardPinboard API: Pinboard is a social bookmarking tool with an API patterned off of Yahoo's popular Delicious service. Create, tag and search bookmarks. Write applications based off aggregated knowledge of public bookmarks, or a particular user's public bookmarks.

PlurkPlurk API: Plurk is a site that allows you to showcase the events that make up your life, and follow the events of the people that matter to you, in short messages called plurks. The Plurk API provides a standard way of accessing and implementing applications on top of the Plurk platform. The API is a simple HTTP API that can be accessed from any language that supports creation of HTTP requests.

Poll EverywherePoll Everywhere API: Poll Everywhere provides "instant audience feedback," no matter where you are. Create a poll and users can respond using a web browser, Twitter, or an SMS text message. The Poll Everywhere API provides access to just about everything except creating polls: retrieve a list of polls, get poll metadata (such as multiple choice), vote in the poll and access individual poll responses. The service is free for 30 responses, then plans start at $15 per month.

Push ChannelsPush Channels API: Push Channels allow developers to create real-time data streams of their content without any back end work. Any public or private website or application can integrate Push Channels with any of the following three options or a combination thereof: (1) Utilize currently existing RSS/Atom/RDF feeds (requires no back end work); (2) Keep your existing HTML the same and just attach HTML attributes (requires no back end work); (3) Send HTTP POST requests to our service endpoint. Current channels through which content can be pushed: email and text message (text messages currently limited to within the United States) with many more channels planned.

RenrenRenren API: Renren is a Chinese social network to find old friends and meet new ones. The Renren API is an open platform based on Open Social. After authenticating, developers can retrieve friend lists and check friend status between users. The API also has access to notifications and invitations. Two of the more unique services provided by the API lets users pay for certain applications and allows developers to register new users.

RescueGroupsRescueGroups API: RescueGroups provides free and low-cost website and data management services for animal rescues and shelters. The RescueGroups API provides developers access to the company's database of adoptable pets. Search by organization and location. Retrieve detailed information about animals, including photos.

Saplo Text AnalysisSaplo Text Analysis API: From website: Saplo is a Swedish company based on high profile academic research on semantic technologies. Saplo develops methods and technologies for automatic text analysis that mimic how humans read and evaluate text.

Saplo API is a text analytics API that aims to provide an easy to use API for advanced text analysis. The API is JSON-RPC based and works over HTTP. The API is free to use for non-commercial applications with some limitations (mainly for capacity issues).

ScrumyScrumy API: Scrumy is a project management tool loosely based on the agile development methodology, Scrum. With it, you can create new projects, add stories for your projects and manage associated tasks. Scrumy uses a true REST approach, including GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE verbs.

SHOUTcast RadioSHOUTcast Radio API: SHOUTcast maintains a directory of over 32,000 online radio stations. The SHOUTcast Radio API empowers developers to integrate the SHOUTcast Radio Directory into websites, applications or Internet Audio Devices. Search by popularity, keyword, genre, bitrate or what is playing now.

Sni.psSni.ps API: Sni.ps calls itself a "simple attribution tool for serious bloggers." At the heart of its service is the "snip it" bookmarklet that allows users to grab content from a page and save it within the Sni.ps service. Sni.ps tracks the original source of content, whether that's a quote, a photo, video or a flash object. The Sni.ps API provides access to your "snips" and the tags and comments that go along with them.

SocialcastSocialcast API: Socialcast provides enterprise collaboration software as a service. Called Reach, it "breaks down silos and boosts productivity by connecting people across the enterprise through the business systems they use every day," according to the company. The Socialcast API provides programmatic access to Reach features, including users, groups, streams, messages, comments and even "likes."

SocialGOSocialGO API: SocialGO is a social network platform that allows anyone to build a social network for their group, business or interest. The network comes with all the tools you would expect, such as profiles, messaging, groups, chat, events and photo/video sharing. The SocialGo API provides access to most functions of a SocialGo social network, so developers can create new interfaces to their sites.

Sonatype NexusSonatype Nexus API: Sonatype is an open source community focused on creating better tools for developers. Its Nexus product is a repository manager, which organizes software "artifacts" required for development, deployment, and provisioning. The Sonatype Nexus API provides access to query the database of repositories. An account is required for full documentation.

Sorenson 360Sorenson 360 API: Sorenson 360 provides video transcoding, cloud storage and much more via its Sorenson 360 API. The service helps developers add the highest quality video to their websites, web applications, and mobile applications. The API provides many methods to organize content, such as assets, folders and groups. Perhaps its biggest use is as a video encoding service, converting from uploaded formats to a consistent format the developer requires, including HTML5, Flash, Silverlight, or QuickTime.

SpicynodesSpicynodes API: Spicynodes lets you embed interactive widgets into your websites. Designed to look like "mind maps," with bubbles and arrows, they encourage users to explore your products, services or content. Then, using JavaScript, you can provide more integration between your website and the Spicynodes platform.

SpringerSpringer API: Springer API allows application to query their database of journal articles, images and book chapters, retrieving the metadata for all the content that Springer publishes. Springer is a global scientific publisher of scientific books and journals.

Steve In ActionSteve In Action API: Steve is a museum social project centered around helping museums describe their collections by applying keywords, or tags, to objects. The Steve In Action API provides methods to create, edit and view the aspects of the Steve service. Access institutions, objects, images and reviews. Apply tags and search by various criteria.

TextMarketer SMSTextMarketer SMS API: TextMarketer is a UK-based SMS messaging platform that allows developers to send text messages with their applications. In addition, you can check for available keywords, retrieve the number of credits left in your account and obtain delivery reports.

University of Washington GroupsUniversity of Washington Groups API: Students and other members of the University of Washington community can partake in organizations and others groups with shared communications mechanisms. For example, there might be a group for part-time history faculty. The University of Washington Groups API provides developers within the UW community to administrate groups, including adding and removing members.

WebPurify Image FilterWebPurify Image Filter API: The WebPurify� Image Filter Web Service is an automated image moderation service. The service provides an easy to use API to quickly moderate images for adult content. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses can be formatted in either XML or JSON. It includes methods for checking the image and looking up its moderation status.

XNATXNAT API: XNAT's API enables external applications to easily access XNAT-hosted data. XNAT is an open source imaging informatics platform designed to facilitate management and exploration of medical imaging and related data. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in XML, JSON, CSV or HTML.

Zerigo Managed DNSZerigo Managed DNS API: Zerigo provides DNS hosting services. The Zerigo Managed DNS API provides tools to integrate DNS changes into your applications. By using the service, you can automate the labor-intensive process of updating DNS records. Access hosts and zones, creating templates for each for easy application to new domains. Zerigo uses a true REST API, with support for GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE.

Zoom.itZoom.it API: The Zoom.it API allows for programmatic access to Zoom.it. Zoom.it is a free service for viewing and sharing high-resolution imagery. Users provide the link to any image on the web, and the image is converted into DeepZoom format along with a short URL. In addition, the API exposes the underlying Deep Zoom Image and surrounding metadata, which can be used to power apps. The API uses both RESTful protocol and JavaScript. Responses can be formatted in either XML, JSON or JSONP.

ZoomRankZoomRank API: ZoomRank offers users and partners an API for securely accessing user accounts, profiles, rankings, and repository records. ZoomRank is an enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that automatically monitors a business' keyword rankings on the Big 3 search engines and emails users the results. The API uses RESTful protocol and response are formatted in either XML or JSON.


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