76 Storage APIs: Box.net, Amazon S3, Dropbox

Our API directory now includes 76 storage APIs. The newest is the Pervasive Data Integrator API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Amazon S3 API. We list 77 Amazon S3 mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of storage APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 64 storage REST APIs and 11 storage SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 52 storage XML APIs and 37 storage JSON APIs.

The most common tags within storage are 14 cloud storage APIs, 11 media storage APIs and 8 backup storage APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 84 storage mashups. We named Doc2Cloud as mashup of the day last May.

For reference, here is a list of all 76 storage APIs.

  Adobe Share API: Service for publishing and sharing documents

  Amazon S3 API: Online storage services

  AnyHub API: File sharing service

  Apple iCloud API: Cloud storage service

  Apstrata API: Client2Cloud application service

  AT&T Synaptic Storage API: Cloud storage service

  AudioBox.fm API: Cloud-based audio management

  Box.net API: Online file storage

  BrickFTP API: Hosted FTP/file sharing service

  Bums.se API: Photo sharing and storage service

  CloudApp API: File sharing and cloud-based storage service

  CloudMine API: Backend as a service platform

  CrashPlan PRO API: Online Backup Service

  Crocko API: File hosting and sharing service

  DataLock Online Backup API: Data backup and recovery

  DigitalBucket API: Online storage service

  DivShare API: Media hosting service

  DriveCast API: Web based media management

  Drop.io API: Content sharing service

  Dropbox API: Online storage provider

  Duracloud API: Digital asset management service

  Estate++ API: Virtual safe deposit box

  Exosite API: Cloud storage platform

  FilesAnywhere API: Data storage and content sharing service

  Fileslap API: File Sharing Service

  Fluidinfo API: Online storage and search platform for metadata

  FluidVM API: System Tools and Management Service

  Fluxiom API: Online File Storage and Management

  Foldier API: Personal online file sharing and mangement

  Ge.tt API: File sharing and publishing service

  GoBox API: Cloud File Storage and Sharing Service

  Google Storage API: Online storage service

  iFile.it API: Online storage provider

  Iron Mountain API: Enterprise cloud storage service

  Joomeo API: Media interfacing service

  KIT Video API: Video storage, encoding, and broadcast platform

  Let's Crate API: File sharing service

  MetaCDN API: Cloud-based content delivery and media streaming service

  Mezeo API: Cloud storage platform

  Mezeo Cloud Storage Platform API: Cloud Storage Platform

  Microsoft Silverlight Streaming API: Streaming application management service

  Minus API: Web based drag-and-drop sharing platform

  Mosso Cloud Files API: File storage services

  MoveDigital API: File delivery and management services

  Muecs API: Media file sharing service

  Nirvanix API: Internet storage service

  Open Xdrive API: Online data storage service

  OpenDrive API: Online file storage service

  Openomy API: Online file system

  OpenStack API: Authentication for cloud service

  Orange Personal Content API: Virtual data storage service

  PayLoadz API: File storage and seller download services

  Pervasive Data Integrator API: Data management and integration service

  Put.io API: Online storage

  Rackspace Cloud Files API: Cloud file hosting

  Razuna API: Digital asset management system

  RestBackup API: Automatic cloud backup and restore service

  RightNow Connect API: Customer experience and cloud application service

  Safe Creative API: Free copyright registry

  Scality API: Cloud storage service

  SendSpace API: File Sharing Service

  ServerCyde API: Web application building service

  SimpleDB API: Temporary data storage services

  SMEStorage Multi Cloud API: Cloud storage service

  SpiderOak DIY API: Archival backup and restore service

  StorageRoom API: Cloud based mobile data CMS

  Streamload API: Online media storage

  SugarSync API: On demand computer backup and synchronization

  TappIn API: Cloud content sharing service

  TeliaSonera Temporary Storage API: Temporary file storage service

  Thumbnail Ninja API: Image hosting and distribution

  TinyLoad API: File distribution service

  tunesBag API: Music storage, streaming, and sharing

  Vokoder.fm API: Music Storage, Sharing, and Selling Service

  WebServius Short-Term Storage API: Short term storage utility

  Wuala API: Store and share files online


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