78 Hosting APIs: Heroku, CloudMine and BuzzData

Our API directory now includes 78 hosting APIs. The newest is the MongoHQ API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Heroku API. We list 13 Heroku mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of hosting APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 49 hosting REST APIs and 19 hosting SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 46 hosting XML APIs and 35 hosting JSON APIs.

The most common tags within hosting are 53 internet hosting APIs, 23 cloud hosting APIs and 7 video hosting APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 6 hosting mashups. We named ElasticFox Firefox Plugin for Amazon EC2 as mashup of the day in 2007.

For reference, here is a list of all 78 hosting APIs.

  4PSA DNS Manager API: DNS hosting service

  Aepona API: Mobile cloud hosting service

  appMobi API: Mobile HTML5 application Platform service

  BuzzData API: Data hosting and management service

  CloudFlare Client Interface API: Content delivery network

  CloudFlare Hosting Provider API: Content delivery network

  CloudMine API: Backend as a service platform

  CloudPassage API: Security service for cloud servers

  CloudSigma API: Cloud hosting services

  DAAS.com Cloud API: Data center management and automation service

  Directi API: Domain registration and reselling

  Domainbox API: Reselling of domain names service

  DreamHost API: Web hosting service

  Elastic Server Manager API: Virtual hosting services

  Euro Web API: European web hosting company

  Fasthosts Reseller Hosting API: Online hosting service

  FluidVM API: System Tools and Management Service

  Framesocket API: Video management and publishing platform

  Gandi Hosting API: Hosting management service

  GoGrid API: Cloud computing and web hosting services

  Heroku API: Ruby cloud application platform

  Hetzner API: Web hosting management services

  Hosting.com VMware vCloud Express API: Online hosting and virtual cloud infrastructure service

  Hostway FlexCloud API: Cloud hosting services

  iDigitalNet API: Web hosting service

  India.dj Reseller API: Domain registration and hosting service

  InterWorx License API: Web hosting management services

  Limestone Rockware API: Dedicated internet hosting

  LogicBoxes API: Hosting and domain registration service

  LSG Lightspeed Reseller API: Voice server resale services

  LuxSci API: Email hosting/archiving & filesharing service

  MediaTemple API: Web hosting service

  Moment API: Schedule delayed HTTP requests

  MongoHQ API: Database hosting platform

  Murrion Software Blacknight services status API: Server monitoring service

  Name Toolkit API: Domain name search and registration service

  NearlyFreeSpeech.NET API: Web hosting service

  Netcetera API: Domain Name WHOIS Service

  Nettica API: DNS services

  NewServers API: Cloud hosting services

  Nodejitsu API: Node.js cloud hosting platform

  OpenSRS API: Internet hosting and domain management service

  Origo API: Software development and collaboration platform

  OVH.com API: French web hosting company

  Playwire API: Video hosting and publishing platform

  Quantact API: Virtual Private Server hosting

  Rackspace Cloud Identity API: Cloud services Authentication service

  Rackspace Cloud Load Balancers API: Cloud hosting services

  Rackspace Cloud Servers API: Cloud hosting services

  Rackspace Email API: Email hosting service

  RapidSwitch API: UK internet hosting service

  Redis To Go API: Redis instance hosting and managing service

  Resellers Panel API: Web hosting management service

  RimuHosting API: Virtual hosting services

  SavvisStation API: Cloud hosting and storage service

  Scalarium API: Cloud hosting service

  Scalr API: Cloud hosting platform

  SchoolTube API: Video hosting/sharing service for schools

  ServiceNow API: Hosting and online storage service

  SiteKreator API: Website builder

  spire.io API: Back-end API provider for application development

  SubHub API: Website creation and content management service

  Synety CloudCall API: On demand business phone system

  Terremark vCloud Express API: Cloud computing service

  The Buddy Platform API: Cloud-based hosting solutions for application developers

  Vexxhost Cloud Reseller API: Cloud reselling service

  VideoBam API: Video hosting service

  Videofy.me API: Video management and publishing platform

  Vidly API: Video hosting and playback optimization service

  Voxel API: Cloud hosting and management service

  VPS.NET API: On demand cloud hosting provider

  Web Africa API: ISP enhancement service

  WebFaction API: Online hosting service

  WebPeep API: Show website technologies

  Wild West Domains Reseller API: Domain reseller service

  Windows Azure Service Management API: Cloud service operating system

  YorApi API: API creation service and platform

  Zerigo Managed DNS API: DNS management service

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