79 File Sharing APIs: 4Shared, DokDok and Hive

Our API directory now includes 79 file sharing APIs. The newest is the Seafile API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the 4Shared API. We list one 4Shared mashup. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of file sharing APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and JSON lead the way. There are 55 file sharing REST APIS and 8 file sharing SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 33 file sharing XML APIs and 50 file sharing JSON APIs.

The most common tags within file sharing are 32 file sharing storage APIs, 14 file sharing cloud APIs, and 8 file sharing social APIs

On the mashup side, we list one file sharing mashup. The S3 File Share mashup was featured as mashup of the day in May.

For reference, here is a list of all 79 file sharing APIs.

4Shared API: File Sharing Service

4sync API: File sharing, syncing, and storage service

AppAddict API: Cracked applications and digital books for mobile devices

Backplane JavaScript API: Mediates Between Widgets and Backplane Server

Backplane Server API: Authenticates Calls to Server

BayFiles API: Cloud storage Platform

Bimshare Upload API: 3D model sharing platform

Bitsmash API: BitTorrent statistics service

BlinkSend API: Online document sharing service

BrickFTP API: Hosted FTP/file sharing service

Cerrio API: Cloud-based data storage and sharing service

Chapoo API: File sharing service

Copy.com API: Cloud storage and file sharing service

Crocko API: File hosting and sharing service

DokDok API: Email Attachment Management Service

Droplr API: File sharing service

Dropmark API: File sharing and organizing service

Dropproxy API: Anonymous file-sharing service

Egnyte API: Cloud filesharing service

Fenopy API: Torrent sharing service

FileCatalyst API: Accelerated file transfer service

FilePicker API: File upload to cloud services

FilesFrom API: File delivery service

Fileslap API: File Sharing Service

FilesTube API: Search engine for files

FileTrek API: Business file sharing service

Foldier API: Personal online file sharing and mangement

Ge.tt API: File sharing and publishing service

GHNS Desktop Exchange Service API: Customizable file and information exchange service

Gigatribe API: Hard drive file sharing tool

Globus Online Transfer API: File transfer service

GoBox API: Cloud File Storage and Sharing Service

goo.im API: Android-related file sharing service

GroupDocs API: Online document management service

Hall API: Group communications and collaboration platform

HiTask API: Task and project management service

Hive API: File storage service

Hotfile API: File hosting and sharing site

isoHunt API: BitTorrent search engine

KnpBundles API: Symfony2 bundle repository

Lauerfac.es API: Christopher Lauer avatar platform

Livedrive API: Cloud storage and backup service

LuxSci API: Email hosting/archiving & filesharing service

MediaFire API: Cloud-based file storage and sharing service

Mgnet.me shortener API: torrent magnet URL shortening tool

Mover.io API: Document and data manager

Netload API: File hosting and sharing site

Onehub API: File sharing service

OwnCloud API: File storage and sharing service

Pando API: File delivery and management services

PeerJS API: Peer-to-peer data sharing service

PirateUpload API: File Sharing Service

Plifk API: File sharing service

Podling API: Private group discussion and filesharing service

Pogoplug API: Internet file access service

Ponyfac.es API: My Little Pony avatar platform

Primadesk API: Cloud and web application management service

Prodigem API: File sharing via BitTorrent

PushBullet API: Mobile push service

PutLocker API: File hosting and sharing site

Quixly API: Digital Product Delivery Service

Ragefac.es API: Meme avatar platform

RapidShare API: File sharing and hosting site

RestBackup API: Automatic cloud backup and restore service

Seafile API: File sharing and collaboration service

SeedPeer API: File sharing via BitTorrent

SendSpace API: File Sharing Service

Share-Online API: File hosting and sharing site

ShareFile API: File sharing and FTP service

Skytap API: Enterprise cloud computing service

SmartFile API: File sharing and FTP service

Ubuntu One Files API: Online file storage service

UploadCare API: File uploading and storage service

Wappwolf API: File management service

YIFY-Torrents API: Movie torrent site

YouSendIt API: File storage/sharing service

Zeta Uploader API: Large file sharing service

ZoinkIT API: Free service for caching torrent files online

Zyncro API: Enterprise social networking service

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