8 New APIs: Travel, Music, Mobile Location Services, and Printed Greeting Cards

This week we had 8 new APIs added to our API directory including: an API for mobile location-based searches, an API that lets you create and send printed greeting cards delivered by the postal service, an API for streaming music access, a web site monitoring API, two more URL shortening services (including one that supports SOAP), and also a new travel API that lets you search for and book flights, hotel rooms and car rentals. More details on each of these new APIs is below:

Alcatel-Lucent OpenAlcatel-Lucent Open API: Alcatel-Lucent Open API allows access to network provider data such as location information enabling end-user services such as: Location-based searches on any device, Location-based marketing capabilities and Location-based social networking. The API is a RESTful Web Service that uses HTTPS to encrypt exchanged data.

BlipscapeBlipscape API: Blipscape provides free content based on the location of a device. It exposes a set of webservices that receive the latitude/longitude and sends back the content. The API is SOAP based and responses are formatted in XML. Currently this service works in New York and San Francisco.

EnthusemEnthusem API: The enthusem.com API allows developers to create and send printed greeting cards that are delivered by the postal service. In addition, the cards can include links back to online content to combine printed and online media.

Napster Napster API: The Napster API provides developers with a secure connection to Napster for on-demand streaming music and content. This web service lets developers create apps that let listeners use their Napster membership across connected devices and platforms. For more on this API, see our earlier coverage Napster Opens API: Puts Music on Your TV, iPhone and Web Site).

ServerMojoServerMojo API: ServerMojo is a Remote Server monitoring service. The ServerMojo RESTful API allows users to build full monitoring applications or fully integrate ServerMojo monitoring within their site or systems. Users can create, edit and delete sub-accounts and monitors, get monitor stats and charts, set monitor status (enable/disable), and more. Responses are formatted in XML.

Short and tweetShort and tweet API: This API allows users to create short and tiny urls/links remotely and then tweet them. It uses SOAP interface and requires an API Key.

SniprSnipr API: Snipr is an URL shortening service. The API uses RESTful interface and returns results in XML. An API key and user login is required to use the API.

TravelFusionTravelFusion API: Travelfusion API gives you access to flight availability searches and booking functions for over 150 flight, hotel, car, rail suppliers. The API lets you search for and book flights, hotel rooms and car rentals as well as accept payments via credit card.

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