8 Top APIs for Holidays

Everybody loves a holiday, and people of the world celebrate hundreds of them every year. There are different holidays for different countries, cultures, events, and religions, and workplaces, schools, organizations and businesses often need some help identifying these celebrations.

Developers looking to create or enhance applications with holiday information can look to Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs, to keep their calendars in check. The best place to find these APIs is in the Holidays category of the ProgrammableWeb directory. Here, users can find dozens of APIs for keeping track of holidays for every nation around the globe.

In this article, we highlight the top eight APIs for adding holiday data to applications, as chosen by the website page views on ProgrammableWeb.

1. Working Days API

Working Days API returns the number of days, working days, weekend days, and list of public holidays from the requested date period and country. The API returns working days and holidays data for over 40 countries and over 230 regional calendars.

2. Calendarific Global Holidays API

The Calendarific Global Holidays API allows users to access Calendarific's calendar database and display the dates of public holidays and observances in applications. The database covers over 200+ countries worldwide, and it is constantly being updated and extended. There multiple pricing tiers plus custom solutions. JSONP and CORS are supported.

Calendarific API

Screenshot: Calendarific

3. Days of the Year API

Days of the Year service provides a calendar to browse weird, funny, wonderful, and bizarre holidays celebrated around the world and an API to integrate daily, weekly, and monthly happenings in JSON & CSV formats.

Keep up with celebration days with this API

Keep up with celebration days with this API. Screenshot: Days Of The Year

4. Holiday API

The Holiday API is a Web Service that provides free programmatic information about holidays worldwide. The API returns data based on paramenters such as country, year, month, day, previous, upcoming, public, language, search, format, and pretty, which prettifies results to be more human-readable. There are several SDKs and three pricing tiers available.

5. Holid API

Holid API displays holidays data, the holiday for today, and the holiday for a certain date. The API is currently in beta stage and free of charge, and provides holiday data for 230 countries around the world.

6. Festivo API

Festivo aggregates holiday information via Machine Learning technology. The Festivo API provides users with data on holidays for more than 240 countries and states around the world. The API returns each holiday's name, date, country, and type as well as upcoming holidays and more. The service offers reliable source of holiday information for payroll administration, stock market trading, banking, trend detection and prediction of sales, along with many other use cases.

7. World Holiday Calendar API

The World Holiday Calendar API provides developer access to information describing holidays worldwide. The webservice allows applications to search for information using criteria such as holiday, country, date, and more. The Documentation is in German for this API.

8. Time and Date Holidays API

Time and Date Holiday Service API provides data about public holidays, observances, religious days, seasons, Daylight Saving Time events, and more for over 170 countries. With this API, developers can retrieve holiday name and date, type of holiday and short description of the holiday. They also can access holiday information of the states in the country that observe the holiday.

For more information, check out the Holidays category on ProgrammableWeb, where you can find more APIs, plus SDKs, and Source Code Samples along with recent holiday-related articles.

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