8 Top APIs for Spelling

Spelling and grammar mistakes can turn an otherwise brilliant essay into an incomprehensible mess. Luckily, technology has supplied us with countless tools to help us write without grammatical and spelling errors.

Developers wishing to create or modify applications by adding spell-check and grammar correction services need to start by finding appropriate APIs.

What is a Spelling API?

A Spelling API is an Application Programming Interface that developers can use to connect to spelling services.

The best place to find these APIs is in the Spelling category of the ProgrammableWeb API directory. In this article, we present eight of the most popular Spelling APIs, as determined by web page visits.

1. STANDS4 Grammar API

The STANDS4 Grammar APITrack this API checks the grammar and spelling of text in multiple languages. A sample response shows if a sentence starts with an uppercase letter, defines if the issue type is typographical, and displays capitalization as the solution. This API is part of the STANDS4 Network, a provider of free online reference & educational resources.

2. Wordnik API

Wordnik is a non-profit online dictionary that provides definitions for words and phrases. The Wordnik APITrack this API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Wordnik with other applications through Open API standards. Some example API methods include retrieving definitions, retrieving words, and managing dictionaries through JavaScript.

3. Bing Spell Check

The Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services Bing Spell Check APITrack this API offers suggestions for misspelled words, and contextual spell checking for text provided by a third party application. This is Microsoft's third generation spell-checker which does not rely on dictionaries, but on Machine Learning and statistical machine translation. Developers can integrate capabilities such as slang and informal language recognition, and homophones correction.

4. Perfect Tense API

The Perfect Tense APITrack this API uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically correct spelling and grammar in one API call. Provide a piece of text and the Perfect Tense API will automatically return a proofread version of the text, along with all spelling and grammar mistakes.

Perfect Tense API

Screenshot: Perfect Tense

5. Gigablast Spell Check API

The Gigablast Spell Check APITrack this API allows developers to perform spell checks on queries given in U.S. English. It corrects typos, contextual errors, and phonetic errors. This API costs $0.10 per 1000 queries, with a minimum purchase of $5.00. It take approximately 0.05 seconds to get a reply for a typical query.

6. WebSpellChecker API

WebSpellChecker is an application that allows website owners and managers to provide spell checking services on their websites and web text. The WebSpellChecker APITrack this API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of WebSpellChecker with other websites and applications. The main API method is submitting text and retrieving spelling checks.

WebSpellChecker API

Screenshot: WebSpellChecker

7. Proofread Bot API

Proofread Bot is a free online proofreading tool that checks the grammar, style, and spelling of a website or other web content. The Proofread Bot APITrack this API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Proofread Bot with other applications. The main API functions are proofreading web content and returning the results.

8. Arabic Spell Checker API

Arabic Spell Checker APITrack this API determines if spelling is correct in text written in Arabic. An extensive vocabulary containing a wide range of texts and thoughtful error form for fewer and more precise suggestions are featured.

Check out the Spelling category for more APIs, plus SDKs and other developer resources.

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