8 Top Parking APIs

The days of endless circling around the block to find a parking space may be coming to an end, thanks to new technology available to drivers for parking assistance. Parking applications are able to predict parking spots, find nearby available curb and lot parking, locate valet parking, book and pay for parking spots, book airport parking, find delivery zones, find bike parking, and more.

Developers wishing to provide users with parking options need to locate suitable APIs for creating parking applications.

What is a Parking API?

A Parking API is an Application Programming Interface that programmers can use to connect applications to parking information and other data, such as booking services.

The best place to find these APIs is in the Parking category in the ProgrammableWeb directory. In this article, we highlight 8 top APIs for parking information, chosen by the most ProgrammableWeb page visits.

1. SpotHero API

SpotHero is a parking application that enables users to find, secure, and pay for nearby parking. The SpotHero Parking APITrack this API gives developers full control and ability to customize the User Experience. With this API, partners can add parking inventory and rates to any Platform to resell parking in their service, and get parking reservations functionality.

SpotHero API

Screenshot: SpotHero

2. Coord Curb Search API

The Coord Curb Search APITrack this API provides access to descriptions of what can be done on a given street curb. API methods are available to retrieve uses (such as parking or loading) and vehicles (taxi, commercial, motorcycle, etc.), geometry and direction, and temporary rules (such as construction zones).

3. Lider Parking API

Lider Parking provides airport parking data, focusing on where to find the least expensive parking lots in Poland and Berlin, Germany. The Lider Parking REST APITrack this API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Lider Parking with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving parking by airport, booking parking, and showing offers.

4. ParkMe API

The ParkMe APITrack this API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of the ParkMe mobile parking service with other applications. API methods include searching for off street and lot parking, retrieving parking by price and distance, and retrieving driving directions for parking spots. It can also be used to manage services for parking lot operators. Users of ParkMe can search for parking near them, sort by distance, price, and availability for parking in the area. The corporate parent of ParkMe is INRIX.

ParkMe API

Screenshot: ParkMe

5. ParkWhiz API

ParkWhiz is a service to find and book parking anywhere. The ParkWhiz (Arrive) APITrack this API ives developers access all of ParkWhiz's parking garage POI data, realtime rates and ability to purchase parking. The API features a RESTful interface and returns data via the JSON format.

6. Social Bicycles API

Social Bicycles is a bike ride-sharing platform for cyclists in small towns or metropolitan cities, corporate workers, or university students. The platform is similar to Zipcar, in which riders reserve a bike online or at a bike hub, and then park the ride at any hub one they have reached their destination. The SocialBicycles APITrack this API provides bike parking areas, mapped rides and statistics, CO2 reduced, calories burned, and money saved versus driving in REST architecture.

7. Predix Parking Planning API

Predix is an Industrial IoT Platform (IIoT) platform developed by General Electric Digital which aims to improve asset performance management (APM), operations, and business. The Predix Parking Planning APITrack this API offers parking metadata obtained from lighting sensors in parking lots and along public roadways. Information such as real time occupancy status is available. Get timestamps and geocoordinates of parking situations with this API.

8. Predict.io API

Predict.io offers an APITrack this API with parking detection capabilities which does not require additional in-car hardware in order to work. Its main features include detecting when a user is currently searching for a parking spot, has parked, leaves, and is about to vacate a parking spot. This platform works by reading the smartphone's sensors periodically to identify patterns in real time which in turn generate "callbacks". predic.io is an IT firm based in Germany. This API is available indirectly via SDKs.

Find more APIs, plus SDKs, Source Code Samples and other resources for developers in the Parking category.

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