81 Analytics APIs: Google Analytics, SendGrid and Awe.sm

Our API directory now includes 81 analytics APIs. The newest is the Clarabridge API. The most popular by far, in terms of mashups, is the Google Analytics API. We list 49 Google Analytics mashups which is seven times more than the nearest API. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of analytics APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and JSON lead the way. There are 60 analytics REST APIs and 4 analytics SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 54 analytics XML APIs and 39 analytics JSON APIs.

The most common tags within analytics are 21 internet analytics APIs, 17 social analytics APIs and 13 analytics tools APIs

On the mashup side, we list 37 analytics mashups. We named My Top Tweet as mashup of the day earlier this week.

For reference, here is a list of all 82 analytics APIs.

  3Scale Analytics API: API management services

  AddThis Analytics API: Content sharing analytics data service

  Adigami Web Analytics API: Web advertising analytics

  appFigures API: Sales Reporting and Analytics for iTunes Apps

  Apsalar ApScience API: Mobile analytics Platform

  awe.sm API: Social sharing platform and performance analytics

  Bango Analytics API: Mobile website analytics service

  Best Buy BBYOpen BBYFeed API: eCommerce shopping services

  BlueKai API: Data management platform and services

  chartbeat API: Website analytics service

  Chatterbox API: Sentiment analysis and analytics service

  Church Analytics API: Web traffic analytics service

  Clarabridge API: Sentiment and text analytics software

  Clickmap API: Usability analytics service

  Context Voice API: Social conversation aggregator

  Cownt Us API: Web site analytics

  DeskMetrics API: Software use analytics service

  eBay Best Match API: eBay search ranking analysis service

  Eloqua API: Automated marketing service

  Examineurl Online Analysis API: Website analytics and Intenet tools service

  Extractiv API: Semantic text extraction service

  Framesocket API: Video management and publishing platform

  Freespree API: Call tracking and pay-per-call service

  GoodData API: Business information service

  Google Analytics API: Web analytics service

  Google Website Optimizer API: Create and modify website optimizer experiments

  iCustomer Pulse API: Customer satisfaction survey

  Janrain Capture API: User data collection and storage service

  Kantar Video Analytics API: Video analytics service

  KISSmetrics API: Conversion funnel analytics service

  Kontagent API: Social analytics service

  Kontangent API: Social analytics platform

  KPI Dashboard API: Business information service

  Lanoba API: Website registration and Authentication service

  Leftronic API: Data and analytics visualization service

  Lift Suggest API: Shopping recommendation service

  Lionyzer API: Website analysis and classification tool

  Loggr API: Web application analytics service

  LongJump API: Platform as a Service (PaaS)

  Lookery API: User-targeting service

  Medialets Medialytics API: Mobile application analytics service

  MetaLayer API: Data visualization service

  Mixpanel API: Website analytics service

  mobiAPI API: Mobile data reporting and analysis service

  Monitis Open API: Monitoring extension service

  Mopapp API: Mobile app sales tracking service

  Murrion Software Track Email Opens API: Email marketing campaign tracking service

  Musicmetric API: Music industry data tracking service

  New Relic API: Web application monitoring service

  Pardot Marketing Automation API: Website analytics and marketing

  Parse.ly API: Content publisher analytics service

  PeekYou Social Analytics API: Social network mapping and information service

  Pinch API: Mobile analytics service

  PostRank Data Mining API: Feed and story retrieval and analysis

  PostRank Real-Time Content API: Online social content analysis

  PostRank Real-Time Engagement API: Social engagement aggregator service

  Psydex AG API: Data Mining and Predictive Analysis Service

  Publishflow API: Live Competitor Monitoring for News Publishers

  PulseFlow API: Web and mobile app analytics service

  Radian6 SocialCloud API: social media monitoring tool

  Rankur API: Social Media Monitoring service

  Raven Tools API: Search engine optimization services

  Recorded Future News Analytics API: Query News Analytics Database

  ReportGrid API: Reporting and Analytics Service

  SendGrid API: Email Delivery. Simplified.

  SEO metrics API: SEO metrics gathering service

  SEOmoz API: Search engine optimization services

  Shared Count API: Social Network Tracking Service

  Site Stats API: Website traffic tracking service

  Social Report API: Social analytics platform

  Sometrics API: Social network analytics and monetization tools

  StatsMix API: Track business metrics on dashboards

  Sunnytrail API: Small business analytics service

  Syllabs API: Symantic text analysis service

  Timetric API: Statistical analysis tools and data

  Trafic.ro API: Website analytics service

  Viralheat API: Social media analytics service

  VoodooVox Caller Analytics API: Phone call demographic data service

  WebSEOAnalytics API: SEO analytics service

  WebTrends API: Web site analytics service

  Wondergraphs API: Data and analytics service

  Woopra API: Live Website Data Analysis Service

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