81 New APIs: Associated Press, Nike, eBay, Rdio and SendGrid

This week we had 81 new APIs added to our API directory including a customer referral service, news content metadata service, corporate sustainability initiative, cloud based email service, eBay notification management service and social music playback Integration. In addition we covered WorldMate's launch of their e-mail parsing API. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

About.meAbout.me API: About.me is a service that allows users to create one-page websites about themselves. Users can customize their page, upload a photo, include biographies, interests, and links to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other sites.

The About.me API allows developers to access and integrate the About.me functionality with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include searching and retrieving profiles and information, adding and editing About.me pages, and connecting with social media sites.

APPELLOAPPELLO API: The APPELLO API was developed to connect to sets of EpiDoc encoded documents and to extract information from them. EpiDoc is a set of guidelines for the structured markup of epigraphic documents in TEI XML. This API is provided by the Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents and The British Museum. It can be accessed using REST calls in XML format.

AramexAramex API: The service provides parcel, package, and freight delivery via a global network of shipping providers. Applications can integrate package shipping and rate calculations functions to generate shipments along with tracking to report on delivery progress while completed shipments are en route.

API methods allow designation of sender and recipient address, shipment content, expedited delivery options, and related parameters. Methods return shipping rates and process shipments on agreed-upon terms, including label printing, pickup scheduling, and cancellation of scheduled shipments. Methods then allow shipment tracking and delivery status reporting.

Associated Press MetadataAssociated Press Metadata API: The Associated Press is the world's oldest and largest newsgathering organization. The AP Metadata service is a set of APIs that gives developers access to the metadata associated with the organization's news content. The metadata includes both the AP news taxonomy and the AP metadata tags. Data can be returned in XML, JSON, HTML or TTL.

BabyworldBabyworld API: Babyworld.net is a site where parents can share pictures and stories about their children with family and friends around the world. The site also supports a community of parents for sharing of advice, experiences and more. The API provides admin functionality for users wishing to integrate the site with their own application. Functionality includes data storage, available domain lookup, messaging, notification and more. The API in available in REST, SOAP and JavaScript forms and returns are formatted in XML and JSON.

BigTableBigTable API: BigTable is a sparse, distributed, scalable database created by Google and used by many of their popular services. Andrew Hitchcock exposes the BigTable interface for public use via a pseudo-RESTful API. Anyone can register for an account and gain free access to the service. This is an unofficial API and is not endorsed, supported, or maintained by Google.

Biosemantics JANEBiosemantics JANE API: The service queries a repository of scholarly journals and author names across biological sciences to identify those related to a particular topic or text sample. In response to a title, abstract, name, or subject keyword, the service looks for matches across records in the Medline database. It is intended to suggest likely publishing venues for articles on a particular topic as well as authors to follow and specific articles to review.

API methods support submission of a query terms, including names, keywords, and text selections. Requests can limit returned records to journal names, author names, or published papers, if desired.

BugzillaBugzilla API: Bugzilla is the bug tracking and reporting system created and used by Mozilla. It is also available for use by other projects and organizations. The life cycle of a bug, also known as workflow, is customizable to match the user's needs. The Bugzilla REST API provides users with programmatic access Bugzilla's service using either JSON or JSONP.

CloverClover API: Clover is a one-tap payment app for mobile purchases. It offers two layers of security by locking the account to a phone number/mobile device and requiring PIN Authentication. The user enters payment and shipping information just once, then can make mobile purchases with a click on the Clover icon.

The Clover REST API is available for merchants to list, accept, reject and refund orders using RESTful calls.

CO2StatsCO2Stats API: CO2Stats is a service that aims to make websites carbon neutral and energy-efficient. CO2Stats offers a suite of software that monitors a site's energy usage, offers tips on how to make a site more energy-efficient and purchases the appropriate amount of audited renewable energy from wind and solar farms. It also provides certification when a user takes steps to make their site more environmentally friendly. The API allows users to create and delete CO2Stats accounts for their customers.

Commzgate GatewayCommzgate Gateway API: The service provides outbound and inbound SMS text messaging capabilities focused on the communication needs of business organizations. Applications can generate messages to specified recipients or poll for and retrieve messages from others via the service.

API methods support "mobile originate" (MO) and "mobile terminate" (MT) messaging for both inbound communication from phones and mobile devices and outbound communication to devices. The API also supports a proprietary push-messaging and announcement service (MACH) that establishes a continuous communication channel via a mobile app installed by users.

CTA Train TrackerCTA Train Tracker API: The CTA Train Tracker API allows for querying near-real-time arrival times of Chicago Transit bus trains. The API is in beta and receives arrival time predictions via the QuikTrak rail system monitoring software (trains not currently GPS enabled). Each query responds with predictions for all platforms at a given train station in an XML document.

Devot:ee UploadDevot:ee Upload API: Devot:ee is a collaborative community website for fostering growth and knowledge-sharing about ExpressionEngine. ExpressionEngine is a budding content management system. On Devot:ee, developers can plans or information about new plug-ins, extensions, modules, and more that they are developing. The Upload API allows developers upload files and release data about their add-ons. It is a RESTful API that returns JSON formatted data.

Donor ToolsDonor Tools API: Donor Tools is a non-profit software for managing and tracking donors using a variety of tracking, reporting and communication features. The API offers the user complete access to same data and features that the web interface provides. This allows developers to create their own custom applications or simply access their Donor Tools data from anywhere.

eBay Client AlertseBay Client Alerts API: The eBay Client Alerts API allows developers to get near real-time updated data on eBay. Data includes seller and buyer events such as price changes, items ending, end of auction, item won and more. Developers can use this data to build updated and lightweight alerting and notification applications. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

eBay Large Merchant ServiceseBay Large Merchant Services API: The eBay Large Merchant Services (LMS) provides a way to process the large numbers of transactions within the eBay Trading Platform. LMS includes features such as SKU-based inventory management, Orders with OrderLineItems for all transactions, and OrderAck state for handoff between eBay and Merchant applications. The API accesses this functionality to aid the integration needs of Large Merchants and ISVs. The API can be used to enable SKU management, inventory management, and order fulfillment. The API uses SOAP calls and responses are formatted in XML.

eBay Platform NotificationseBay Platform Notifications API: The eBay Notification API makes it possible for applications to receive notifications for events that occur on eBay. Notifications are triggered by events such as when a listing ends or the creation of a transaction. The API lets users manage their notification preferences for applications and other users. It uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

eBay Product ServiceseBay Product Services API: Parts Compatibility is an eBay feature that uses structured data to associate compatible assemblies with parts listed on eBay. It is meant to improve search relevancy allow item titles and descriptions be more detailed and infromative. The eBay Product Services APIs allow users to get information about eBay products and list their items with Parts Compatibility. It uses REST and SOAP calls and responses are formatted in XML, JSON and Name Value Pairs.

EmployriumEmployrium API: Employrium is a Resource for both employers and job seekers in most major metropolitan areas. For job seekers, it offers realtime job search via web, mobile device and Twitter stream. Employers can pay for an account to make job postings. The API is made specifically for employers so they can easily track activity on their active postings (number of applicants, expiration date, etc.).

ESMA MiFIDESMA MiFID API: The ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority) MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) API provides access to a database housing a variety of financial information. Topics covered include shares admitted to trading on EU regulated markets, systematic internalizers, multilateral trading facilities, regulated markets, and central counterparties.

Field Force ManagerField Force Manager API: The service provides tracking and oversight tools for mobile workers. It helps with measurement and management of remote employees to ensure effective mobile service. It integrates with third-party systems to exchange information about staff locations and activities, with reporting intervals from 5 minutes to once per day or week.

API methods support worker account management, including location, status, and activities underway. Location can be tracked by worker report or automated GPS reporting. Methods support highly details route and timing reports, with recording of navigation milestones passed and stop times. Methods also support time management and reporting, with job assignments, completion time estimates, and timecard functions for payroll.

GtdagendaGtdagenda API: Gtdagenda is a mobile app that helps with personal task management. Users can track their tasks, goals, projects and schedules. It can sync with Evernote and Google Calendar. The API gives users access to the functionality of the app. Included is the ability to view, create, edit and delete any of the listed services. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

http.net DNShttp.net DNS API: http.net is an ICANN-accredited domain name registrar, providing domain services, housing, DNS, SSL certificates and more for resellers since 1999.

The http.net DNS API supplies resellers with an interface for automated realtime DNS object management. The service makes different SOAP versions and a RESTful API on multiple endpoints available.

Illocution UpzillaIllocution Upzilla API: Illocution Inc. is a Big Data consortium devoted to large-scale text and document analysis. They provide several applications for keyword tracking, trend tracking, lexical analysis, and more. They have also built some corpora and lexicons. The Upzilla API exposes the functionality of their raw trend data Feed. Users can define parameters for the span and amount of data they want returned. It is a RESTful API that returns JSON results.

InapubInapub API: The Inapub API provides a variety of information on what local pubs have to offer. Examples include which pubs serve food, televise football matches, serve a specific kind of beer, or host live music and events. GET and POST data can be pulled from several categories including Venues, Events, Beer, User Info and a few others.

IndExsIndExs API: IndExs is an index that contains information on the titles, abbreviations, and bibliographies of mycological exsiccatae. Exsiccatae are published, uniform, numbered sets of preserved specimens distributed with printed labels. IndExs can be accessed through a web console, or by using a SOAP or REST API.

InstamanagerInstamanager API: Instamanager is a cloud-based vacation rental software provided by Bookt. The platform includes a public rental website and Back-end reservation management software, among other services. The API allows for platform customization, creation of widgets and apps, and full interaction with user data on the cloud-based platform.

IntegrifyIntegrify API: Integrify is a provider of Cloud based lean business process management software. The software offers process definition, workflow automation and visibility for areas such as Information Technology, Human Resources, Finance, Sales, Marketing and other types of services. The API allows developers to integrate Integrify into their own existing systems allowing for customized processes, forms and workflows. The API is available as both REST and JavaScript.

Interactive DataInteractive Data API: Interactive Data is a provider of financial market data, analytics and other solutions to financial institutions and individual investors. They supply real-time market data, time-sensitive pricing, evaluations and reference data. The API allows developers to access this data to create monitoring, analysis or trading applications. Full Documentation is not publicly available.

Jango SMTP EventJango SMTP Event API: Jango SMTP is a transactional email delivery service that adds tracking and authentication to email. Using the service allows for open tracking, click tracking, DomainKeys/DKIM signing, grouping, logging, and extreme email delivery. The Event API can make an HTTP call to any Web Service or web page upon a specified event without requiring Polling. Events include sending and opening of email, a click of a URL in an email, an unsubscribe or bounce and compalints.

KawetKawet API: Kawet is a mobile app creation platform. Its main prodcut is Cashew, a CMS dedicated to the design and management of mobile apps. The platform is based on a CMS and aims to reduce the time and const to create, manage and devlier business apps across multiple devices. An API is available that exposes much of the functionality of the CMS allowing developer to create native apps. Documentation is not publicly available.

KoemeiKoemei API: Koemei provides video and audio asset transcription services. Koemei transcribes video and audio files, indexes the transcripts, making the video and audio files searchable on the web.

The Koemei API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Koemei with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving media files, retrieving transcript files, and uploading media.

Lauerfac.esLauerfac.es API: Lauerfac.es is an avatar-hosting platform for images of Christopher Lauer, a prominent member of Germany’s Pirate Party. Users can upload expressive images of Christopher Lauer’s face for browsers to copy and paste around the web. The API allows developers to access images and their metadata by making requests by ID, category, or tags. It is a RESTful API that provides JSON, JSONP, and XML responses.

LDSTech Mormon ChannelLDSTech Mormon Channel API: LDSTech is a community site where users can contribute to the technological work of the LDS (Mormon) church. The Mormon Channel is the official radio station of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The API allows developers to build apps that query content currently available as audio streams on LDS.org. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

MapItMapIt API: The service maps U.K. postcodes and specific location parameters, defining map polygons and current or past administrative areas for the locations. It accepts either complete or partial postcode values, SRID values for specific points, or area identifiers. Mapping parameters returned are based on data from the Ordinance Survey, the Royal Mail, and the Office for National Statistics.

API methods support submission of one or more postcodes, complete or partial, to be mapped. Methods also allow submission of one or more identifiers (SRID values or values from the British National Grid or Irish National Grid) for specific points or areas. Returned data provide map points or polygons, depending on the values input.

MediaFireMediaFire API: MediaFire is a cloud-based service for storing and sharing files. Users can host and share any file type including documents, presentations, videos, and images. All accounts can upload and share an unlimited number of files, with the maximum file size being 200MB for free accounts. Users can access and manage their MediaFire cloud using a RESTful API.

Meteostone WeatherMeteostone Weather API: Meteostone is a crowd-sourced network of local weather data and weather media information from around the world. All content is provided by users. The Meteostone API allows users to create their own weather applications or services using Meteostone weather data.

Mimer SQL ValidatorMimer SQL Validator API: The Mimer SQL Validator API is a freely accessible public web service that validates SQL statements against the ISO SQL99 Standard. SQL statements are stored anonymously to be used by the ISO SQL Standards Committee. This API can be accessed via SOAP calls using the XML data format.

MongoHQMongoHQ API: MongoHQ is a database hosting platform for MongoDB, a scalable NoSQL database. The MongoHQ API allows users to create MongoDB databases on the MongoHQ platform and to interact with them programmatically. The API, currently in its Beta phase, is RESTful and employs the JSON data format.

MutualMindMutualMind API: MutualMind is an enterprise level social media management service. It is a web app that can monitor and promote brands across social networks. The API gives users access to the data behind the service including campaigns, content and statistics. An API Key is required and it uses RESTful calls. Responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

Nike Materials SustainabilityNike Materials Sustainability API: Nike's Better World initiative looks at how Nike promotes sustainability practices as well as the benefits of sports around the world. As part of this initiative, Nike has a Materials Sustainability Index (MSI). The MSI is a tool used to help product teams select environmentally better footwear and apparel materials from better suppliers. The index's scoring system evaluates the environmental impacts of materials used in products using a combination of materials-specific data. It tracks impacts such as Chemistry, Energy and Greenhouse Gas Intensity, Water and Land Use Intensity, and Waste. The API provides access to data such as listing of materials, matching materials, material search via keyword and more. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON or HTML.

Offerpop Contest IntegrationOfferpop Contest Integration API: Offerpop is a social media marketing service. Their software allows brands to run white-label marketing programs on Facebook and Twitter. The Offerpop platform can be used to create, manage and track campaigns and deliver promotions like interactive contests, games, polls and exclusive offers. The Contest Integration API can automatically upload content users are creating with a developer's app or website into an Offerpop Photo Contest campaign.

Open Dems Polling PlaceOpen Dems Polling Place API: The Polling Place API allows developers to create applications that can look up the nearest polling places based on an individual's street address and zip code. It is offered by Democrats.org through their Open.Dems project: "Opening up the Party to innovation while sharing our technology and ideas."

Open Dems Voter RegistrationOpen Dems Voter Registration API: The Voter Registration API allows developers to create applications for easy and streamlined voter registration without worrying about varying state laws and the need to follow up with voters. Users of the API must also sign up as a Raise Your Vote partner. It is offered by Democrats.org through their Open.Dems project: "Opening up the Party to innovation while sharing our technology and ideas."

Plivo FrameworkPlivo Framework API: Plivo Framework is a communications framework for developers to build telephony apps from. It has libraries from Java, Ruby, Python, and PHP so that developers do not need to change their web developments for integration. The API is REST-based and returns XML responses. It exposes all of the framework’s functionality toward developing voice apps including, making or receiving calls, recording calls, setting up group calls, and more. It also supports broad integration into social networks, databases, and external APIs.

Ponyfac.esPonyfac.es API: Ponyfac.es is a gallery of My Little Pony avatars. Users submit images or animated GIFs from the My Little Pony cartoon show that others can copy and paste as expressive avatars. The API exposes the image access functionality of the collection. Developers can make requests by tags, ID, or categories (defined as the Ponies’ names). It is a RESTful API that returns JSON, JSONP, and XML results.

PushingboxPushingbox API: PushingBox is cloud notification service. It connects an array of users’ digital notification services, such as email, Twitter, Toasty, and more to receive alerts for predetermined actions. These actions are called scenarios, and can linked to anything from the doorbell ringing to receiving emails. Their API exposes the integrative functionality of the PushingBox service.

QR4 QR CodeQR4 QR Code API: QR4 specializes in QR Code generation in all contexts of QR code use. The API is a simple QR code generating tool that uses simple URL calls to return ready-to-use QR codes. It currently supports four types of code: text, direct call, SMS messages, and direct Wifi access.

Ragefac.esRagefac.es API: Ragefac.es is a gallery of facial meme avatars. Users can submit images of popular expressive memes to the homepage repository. Browsers can select the image they want to copy and paste it around the web. The API provides access to the image retrieval functionality of the website. Requests can be made by ID, tags, categories, or for all of the images. It is a RESTful API that returns JSON formatted data and UTF-8.

Random House InsightRandom House Insight API: The Random House Insight API is a set of programming tools that allow internet applications to view and search digitized book content. It provides keyword searches that find matches against the full text of the book. The API can then serve up book pages in different formats depending on the needs of the developer.

RateBeerRateBeer API: Ratebeer.com is member driven beer rating database that offers detailed profiles on beer and breweries around the world. The JSON API allows users to retrieve and post information to the site, along with some other perks. Users can search for bars and beer stores by location, get a sample list of beers offered at a location, retrieve beer scores and info on any beer in the ratebeer database, and search by UPC code, brewer, season, style, etc. The API also allows users to check in to a place and "tick" a beer as consumed for future reference.

Rdio Web PlaybackRdio Web Playback API: Rdio is a subscription music service that helps users discover new music, follow friends and people with great taste in music, and listen to their playlists. The Web Playback API is based on an Adobe Flash file (SWF) and Javascript, and allows developers to incorporate the playback of licensed Rdio music into their web applications. Full length songs are available to Rdio subscribers and trial users; non-users will be able to hear previews of the songs.

ReferralCandyReferralCandy API: ReferralCandy is an ecommerce referral tool that businesses can use to encourage current customers to refer friends back to their business or products. Customers are emailed a unique coupon link to share with friends. The coupon/discount is determined by the business. Sales can then be tracked based on customer referrals. The API offers e-store integration with the ReferralCandy platform using RESTful GET and POST calls.

RyzomRyzom API: The service provides information from the MMORPG game server, including basics like server and account status, but also game time statistics or summaries of character profiles. In addition to character information, the service provides access to information and images about in-game guilds and other details of game play.

API methods support retrieval of server status and time, version release notes, and related detail. Methods also access to give titles and profiles of game characters as well as banner images, profiles, and membership of player guilds.

SaygentSaygent API: Saygent is an in-application feedback service. Saygent can be integrated into mobile applications, websites, and in-store POS to gather customer feedback.

The Saygent API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Saygent with other applications. Some example API methods include making calls, retrieving feedback, accessing responses and respondents, and managing account information. Provider can be contacted at answers@saygent.com

SendGrid EventSendGrid Event API: SendGrid's cloud-based email helps keep emails out of spam folders, provides a cloud service that scales with email demands, and provides email analytics to track opens and clicks.

The Event API uses hooks to send real-time notifications of email events such as click, open, bounce, delivered, dropped, spam report, etc. to a specified URL. It can be integrated with the SMTP API for notifications on other custom parameters used on an email campaign. The information collected on the log server can then be pulled and manipulated by the user. Data can also be received via HTTP POST for each event or a batch of events in JSON format.

SharpDevelop Code ConverterSharpDevelop Code Converter API: The Code Converter API allows users to convert a selection of code from one programming language to another. Users may convert from C# to VB.NET, Boo, Python, or Ruby. They may also convert from VB.NET to C#, Boo, Python, or Ruby. This API is available via SOAP calls using the XML data format.

ShopWikiShopWiki API: The service consolidates online catalog listings from an unlimited selection of products and sellers, aiming to provide a single listing of all products available from any online provider. Its search interface returns keyword matches from product names and descriptions with links to obtain more information and complete purchase. The service also provides product buying guide content and discount coupon offerings for selected products.

API methods support submission of a query string and return product listings with matching names and description text. Methods also register the service provider to any query to allow revenue sharing for completed purchases. Search parameters can limit results to particular sellers, price ranges, brands, and colors.

SketchfabSketchfab API: SketchFab is media platform that hosts interactive 3D models. Artists can publish their 3D modeling work to share with friends, family, or perspective employers. Others can browse the site or look up specific kinds of models, like planes, trains, or automobiles. The SketchFab API exposes the website’s upload functionality. Users can upload their images and include descriptive metadata. It is RESTful API that returns JSON results.

Slatemind Slatemind API: SlateMind is a mind-mapping tool that runs off of the Slatebox application platform. It allows teams to collaboratively map out ideas visually on a blank "slate." It is marketing toward teachers and businesses as an easy-to-use tool for conveying ideas. The SlateMind API is a simple querying tools for retrieving publically available slates.

SourceSMSSourceSMS API: SourceSMS is a service that provides bulk SMS/text messaging, both sending and receiving. SourceSMS allows users to connect the functionality of SourceSMS with other CRM applications.

The SourceSMS API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of SourceSMS with other applications. The main API methods are sending SMS/text messages and receiving SMS/text messages.

SSW Australian PostcodeSSW Australian Postcode API: The SSW Australian Postcode API is a public web service that provides a quick and centralized method of checking that suburb name and postcode details are correct for addresses located in Australia. This API can be accessed using a web form or via SOAP calls using the XML data format.

StructuredRetailProductsStructuredRetailProducts API: StructuredRetailProducts is a database that provides information and data on companies, market trends, sales, revenue, and market news and analysis.

The StructuredRetailProducts API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of StructuredRetailProducts with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include searching and querying the data, retrieving information given certain parameters, and managing account information.

TalentBinTalentBin API: TalentBin is big data social recruiting tool for web development jobs. They crawl sites for personal information, reduce it to distinction identities, and store it to maintain a passive candidate database of implicit web resumes. Their API gives developers access to personal information of cataloged identities, such as their location, skills, and company. It is a RESTful API that can return data in JSON, JSONP, and XML.

The Cancer Genome AtlasThe Cancer Genome Atlas API: The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) is a project to improve the understanding of the molecular basis of cancer through the application of genome analysis technologies, including large-scale genome sequencing. TCGA offers a collection of APIs that provide REST-based, programmatic access to its information resources. Available information includes annotations, data matrices, data reports, project metadata, and biospecimen metadata.

The Internet Chuck Norris DatabaseThe Internet Chuck Norris Database API: The Internet Chuck Norris Database provides a large collection of Chuck Norris jokes for public entertainment. Using a RESTful API, users can retrieve one or several random jokes, or Fetch a specific joke. Users may also retrieve a joke, but replace "Chuck Norris" with a name of their choosing.

UBC ePaymentUBC ePayment API: ePayment provides University of British Columbia (UBC) departments with secure, real-time authorization and processing services for credit card and Interac Online payments. The ePayment API is suitable for merchants who have their own website or shopping cart and require online payment processing. ePayment will generate JVs for all authorized payments to record the purchases in UBC's Financial Management System (FMS).

uBoostuBoost API: The service provides customized motivational information to promote engagement and sharing in education, healthcare, and online settings. It encourages members to login and interact online, improving engagement and attachment by providing incentives and rewards for member activities.

API methods support user account management (creating, updating, and inactivating) and definition of user groups populated by individual accounts. Methods also support management of user award points and badges as part of the motivation Function.

University of Washington Decision SupportUniversity of Washington Decision Support API: The Enterprise Data Warehouse is a central repository of the University of Washington's electronically stored institutional data. This repository is organized in a way that is meaningful for business analysis and reporting. The Decision Support API provides programmatic access to information about the data and reports contained in the Enterprise Data Warehouse.

University of Washington FinancialUniversity of Washington Financial API: The University of Washington Financial API provides programmatic access to the University of Washington's budget and organization information from the FIN mainframe database, vendor information from the PAS mainframe database, and metadata from the MyFD glossary. All resources are private, that is, they are available only with approval.

University of Washington HR PayrollUniversity of Washington HR Payroll API: The University of Washington Human Resources (HR) Payroll Web Service provides programmatic access to Job Class data and, in the future, much more HR-related data. At this time, all resources are private and therefore available only with approval. Full documentation of this API requires the user to log in.

University of Washington PersonUniversity of Washington Person API: The University of Washington Person API provides programmatic access to information on UW personnel, including employees, students, and alumni. This information includes names, university ID numbers, employee IDs, student numbers, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and other relevant data. All resources are private, and access requires approval.

University of Washington R25 Classroom SchedulingUniversity of Washington R25 Classroom Scheduling API: The University of Washington R25 Classroom Scheduling API provides programmatic access to schedule information for UW classrooms. Users may search for this information by event, location, or reservation. For example, an application could query the API for details on room availability for KANE 110. This API can be accessed via REST calls using the XML data format.

University of Washington StudentUniversity of Washington Student API: The University of Washington Student API provides programmatic access to information in the student database. This database contains information on UW students including their course data, registration data, section data, personal data, and general academic data. This service includes both public and private functions.

University of Washington Study AbroadUniversity of Washington Study Abroad API: The University of Washington's Study Abroad program offers hundreds of opportunities around the globe for UW credit throughout the year. The Study Abroad API provides a public interface to program information that can be used to display the most current offerings for a particular region, country, city, or term on the user's web site.

Vitrue AgencyVitrue Agency API: Vitrue is a provider of a cloud-based social marketing solution. Their solution, the Social Relationship Management (SRM) Platform gives agencies and brands a way to manage, measure and maximize value on social networks and across the web. The Agency API allows agencies to create, deliver and manage custom brand experiences on their Facebook wall. With the API, an agency can create a custom Wall app and deliver it to the news feeds of their clients' fans. Documentation for the API is not publicly available.

VocarooVocaroo API: Vocaroo is an online voice-recording web tool. Users can record messages through their computers onto an app on the Vocaroo homepage. Vocaroo will save the user’s message for a limited time and provide a link where it can be played back. The site is still in beta. The API exposes Vocaroo’s uploading and link sharing functionality. It is a RESTful API that returns JSON formatted data.

WatchWatch API: Watch! is a service that lets fans search for a place to watch their favorite sports team and then book a table at that locale. Restaurants and bars register with the service to participate. Listed games are primarily from La Liga (Spain), the Euroleague, and the NBA. Listed bars are primarily in Europe and major US cities. The API offers users the same functionality as the web interface with outputs in JSON format.

WebReservWebReserv API: WebReserv.com is an online booking system. Users can search for local businesses and products, view pricing and availability details and make reservations. Businesses can get their products and prices set up in addition to managing the bookings. The WebReserv API gives developers access to the WebReserv booking platform and enables them to build applications that interact with the service. Some of the calls include GetBusinessInformation, GetProductList, SetAvailability and more. The API uses HTTP calls and responses are formatted in XML.

Wild West Domains ResellerWild West Domains Reseller API: Wild West Domains (WWD) is Godaddy's reseller company. They do not sell domain names directly but instead enables domain resellers to sell rebranded Godaddy services. These services including Godaddy tech support can be offered at lower prices than if purchased directly through Godaddy.

The API gives resellers a way to integrate WWD services into their Web site or applications and allowing them to use their own style and branding. Services offered through the API include domain name registration, domain name transfers, web based email, for sale parked pages and more. The API uses SOAP calls and responses are in XML.

WorldMateWorldMate API: WorldMate is a mobile travel itinerary management platform. The platform collates structured itineraries by recognizing and then parsing confirmation emails from travel providers worldwide. The itineraries are then accessible via the WorldMate web application and a mobile application.

The WorldMate API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of WorldMate with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include parsing emails, retrieving traveller information, and retrieving travel provider information.