81 New APIs: Filepicker, Google, Fujifilm and Walgreens

This week we had 81 new APIs added to our API directory including a file upload to cloud services, digital wallet services, photo uploading and printing application, serviced office accomodations and photo product catalog services. In addition we also looked at whether developers will ante up for a gambling API. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

360 Business Tool360 Business Tool API: 360 Business Tool is a Danish system for businesses to manage a variety of operations. 360 Business Tool offers CRM functionality, budget information, time and invoicing functions, and employee management.

The 360 Business Tool API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of 360 Business Tool with other applications. Some example API methods include managing customer information, retrieving statuses, and recording time. Public Documentation is not available; API access comes with accounts.

ABN AMRO MarketsABN AMRO Markets API: ABN AMRO Markets is a stock market information website provided by ABN AMRO Bank N.V., a Dutch state-owned bank. The ABN AMRO Markets API provides users with programmatic access to stock quotes. It also provides access to additional stock information such as ISIN, asset class, product type, reference currency, and more. The website is provided entirely in Dutch.

AdvertoryAdvertory API: Advertory is a local marketing service. They provide separate solutions for enterprises and small to medium sized businesses. For enterprises, Advertory offers search optimization, store and product locators, analytics, and social media Integration. For small to medium sized businesses, Advertory offers search optimization, social network integration, and analytics as well, plus customer loyalty programs and local indexing for various search engines. The Advertory API exposes the point-of-sale gateway creation functionality, allowing developers to make scalable and localized sites. The API returns both JSON and XML-formatted data.

Air-TrakAir-Trak API: Air-Trak provides organizations with Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) and Mobile Resource Management (MRM) solutions. These solutions have been deployed across organizations such as waste management, first responders, and delivery services. The system can manage work orders, routing, and reporting. The Air-Trak API is available to partners looking for the ability to retrieve and update Air-Trak service data automatically. Public documentation for the API is not available.

Australia Post SecurePayAustralia Post SecurePay API: The service from Australia Post provides credit card processing for e-commerce transactions and bill payments. It handles debit card payments, as well, with integration options based on white-label service and embedded iframes, in addition to API access.

API methods support submission of transaction amount, vendor, and card details (number, expiration date, and CVV code). Methods also support pre-authorization of transaction payments without transfer of funds, as well as voiding pending transactions and and completion of refunds for existing transactions.

Avatars.ioAvatars.io API: Avatars.io is an avatar hosting service. It is designed for integration with mobile apps and websites. Developers can use the Avatars.io to host the avatars their users assign themselves. After they are uploaded, the avatars can be retrieved at different sizes. Avatars.io is fully compatible with Gravatars and social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The entirety of Avatars.io functionality is a RESTful API that exposes avatar upload and retrieval. It returns JSON-formatted data.

BetableBetable API: Betable is an online gambling Platform that handles the regulation of the gambling industry, as well as the gaming logic based on inputs from developers. The betable API allows developers to incorporate real-money gambling into their games, mobile apps and websites.

Developers can include games of chance, games of skill and player-on-player games. Though the classic casino games are most common, Betable has abstracted the gaming engine so many types of games can be made to incorporate gambling.

The API uses OAuth to authenticate to a user's mobile wallet. The API uses REST, with data returned as JSON.

BETDAQBETDAQ API: The BETDAQ website allows users to place bets on sports such as horse racing, soccer, American football, rugby, and golf for real money. The site also offers poker and other online gambling games. Being based in the UK, BETDAQ deals primarily in euros and British pounds. The BETDAQ API allows users to interact with the website's betting functions programmatically.

BioLitBioLit API: BioLit is a searchable database of biology-related articles. It provides an enhanced view of articles that includes semantic data and links to biological databases based on article content. Currently, all articles in the BioLit database are from the PubMed Central archives. These articles have been filtered to remove those that do not contain research-related content. BioLit's search functions can be accessed programmatically via REST API.

Bit-PayBit-Pay API: Bit-Pay is a bitcoin payment processing service. They provide bitcoin payment gateways for a variety of merchants, ranging from non-profits to independent contractors. Bit-Pay allows these merchants and others to exchange payment in bitcoins into currencies such as the Euro and USD, and vice versa. The Bit-Pay API is designed for shopping cart integration, third party payment processing, and power users. It is a RESTful API that exposes the Bit-Pay’s essential money-transferring functionality. The data it returns is JSON-encoded.

BitDeliBitDeli API: BitDeli provides data processing solutions. Developers can employ BitDeli to automate and process their datafeeds. The data intake can be customized and analyzed in real time. The BitDeli dashboard allows developers to visualize their results in multiple ways. The BitDeli API exposes the data input and output functionality. It is a RESTful API that returns JSON-encoded data. BitDeli offers an extensive gallery of their API put use for inspiration.

Bitrix24Bitrix24 API: Bitrix24 is collaborative workspace for companies. It hosts features that support businesses’ CRM, planning, and project management needs. The workspace includes a public frontpage Feed for company-wide dialogue, as well as conversation modules for smaller group meetings. Other modules allow users to keep track of client data, project progress, and building reports. The Bitrix API allows developers to upload client information by exposing the CRM functionality. It is a RESTful API that returns JSON-formatted data.

BobikBobik API: Bobik is a Web Service for scraping websites in real-time. Bobik allows users to collect and retrieve information from websites automatically and in real-time.

The Bobik API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Bobik with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include creating and setting scraping jobs, managing account information, and retrieving scrapes.

BonFIREBonFIRE API: BonFIRE is consortium dedicated to researching cloud computing. It is comprised of academic and non-academic research institutions, business enterprises, technology analysts, and others. Their goal is to advance and develop cloud services for the Internet of Services community. BonFIRE currently maintains six testbeds of cloud services across Europe and the UK. They offer a RESTful API for developers to access those testbeds and query them for resources. The API returns XML-encoded results.

BookingCenter Booking EngineBookingCenter Booking Engine API: BookingCenter is a maker of property management software. Offering both web based and desktop solutions, BookingCenter software allows users to perform the following tasks: reservations, guest history, group bookings, housekeeping, guest accounting (folios), house accounting (house folios and reporting), night audit and automatic billing, content and security control and more.

The Booking Engine API allows users to access the functionality of the BookingCenter software and integrate it with their existing systems. It is available in both REST and SOAP protocols and responses are formatted in XML. Full documentation is available upon signing a non-disclosure agreement.

Carrier PigeonCarrier Pigeon API: Carrier Pigeon is an email marketing solution that enables users to create, deliver, and manage email campaigns via a simple User Interface or API. Users may create and manage an unlimited number of subscriber lists, as well as retrieve campaign reports that include a comprehensive array of metrics. Carrier Pigeon is flexible with regards to e-mail design, allowing users to implement templates, bring in their own HTML code, or start from scratch with Carrier Pigeon's canvas HTML Word-like editor.

Chute MediaChute Media API: The Chute Media platform helps web and mobile app developers build any photo or video app they can imagine. The Chute Media platform includes a REST API and a set of developer tools that add greater photo and video functionality to mobile apps. Functionality exposed includes search, social tools, uploading of photos and much more.

Claude Hussenet AnagramClaude Hussenet Anagram API: Anagrams are a type of word play in which the letters of a word or phrase are rearranged to produce a new word or phrase, using all of the original letters exactly once. The Claude Hussenet Anagram API allows users to retrieve anagrams.

This API is poorly documented.

CleverClever API: Clever is an education-oriented data organization tool. Intended for developers of software developers and school administration, Clever provides data processing, organizing, integration, and security for student information. Administrators and teachers can upload student information to Clever once and share that information with other enabled systems and apps. The Clever API exposes the Clever’s information retrieval functionality. It is a RESTful API that returns JSON-encoded data.

Click2StreamClick2Stream API: Click2Stream is a video-feed hosting platform. Users partner with Click2Stream for space on their server to host live feeds from their cameras. Their live feed can then be parked on a permanent page on Click2Stream’s website or embed them elsewhere, such as a personal or Facebook page. The Click2Stream API exposes functionalities for data retrieval, camera operations, and presentation customization. It is a RESTful API that returns JSON-formatted data.

CloudantCloudant API: Cloudant is a data solutions provider. Businesses and research institutions can use their data layer to develop their data management operations. It is a scalable platform that supports data-replication, synchronization, analytics, and more. The Cloudant API exposes the database functionality. It is a RESTful API that allows developers to request information from all of the datasets they have access to and returns JSON-formatted data.

CodeanywhereCodeanywhere API: Codeanywhere is a browser-based code editor with an integrated FTP client. All popular web formats are supported, including HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and XML. Users can log on to Codeanywhere with any computer or smartphone and have all of their servers (FTP, SFTP, and Dropbox) and files waiting for use. Codeanywhere is compatible with all major browsers.

CupónicaCupónica API: Cupónica is a daily deal marketplace for Latin American localities. It provides lead-generation for local businesses and coupons to local businesses for consumers. Businesses can use the marketplace to engage socially engage customers. Consumers can browse for deals to their favorite or new local businesses. Cupónica offers a RESTful API that exposes the daily deal functionality, allowing developers to categorically access information about new offerings. The API returns XML-encoded data. The website is in Spanish.

DalyoDalyo API: Dalyo is a web platform for mobile application production. It provides a comprehensive toolbox that makes it easy to design, deploy, synchronize, and manage mobile applications that run on smartphones, PDAs, and web browsers. The Dalyo API allows users to edit data stored in Dalyo programmatically using SOAP calls.

DealerRaterDealerRater API: The DealerRater API is designed to provide access to a variety of content available on the DealerRater website. It also allows the Dealers registered on the site, and associated agents and parters, access to manage their reviews and the information they have posted on the site. The API is accessible using accessTokens and requires SSL. In order to gain an accessToken and use the API, the DealerRater API EULA must be agreed to.

Domus Domus API: The Domus API makes the Domus Estate Agent and Letting service available to be included in third party websites. Using the API, users will have full search capabilities of all featured properties with full detail. The API responds to HTTP requests and returns XML. Domus.net has a PHP site to demonstrate the API which is available to see upon request.

DoppelMeDoppelMe API: DoppelMe is creative platform for generating personalized avatars. With a variety of character design options at their disposal, users can create avatars in the likeness of themselves, friends, family, and otherwise. They may then use those avatars on websites such as message boards, blogs, and more, across the Internet. DoppelMe provides an SOAP API to organize groups of users partnered with DoppelMe. It returns XML-formatted data.

eFaxeFax API: eFax is an internet fax solution that offers users a large selection of local and toll-free fax numbers in over 49 countries on six continents. The eFax API allows businesses to integrate faxing functionality with their existing applications. Users can send and receive faxes from clients to their applications as XML documents. The API uses RESTful calls.

Esri Community AnalystEsri Community Analyst API: Esri works to enable people with tools for positively affecting the future through an enhanced understanding of the geographic world around them.

Utilize this API to create custom web, mobile, and desktop apps integrated with demographic, crime, health and business data reporting capabilities. Information regarding people and places can be aggregated and condensed at 10 geography levels or as requested by polygon, drive time, or distance.

Report formats are provided as PDFs, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, or XML streams.

FilePickerFilePicker API: Filepicker.io is a tool that allows users to access and upload their content to the cloud both from their local machines as well as online. Developers can use the API to integrate access to cloud servcies within their applications. The Javascript API gives developers the ability to customize the User Experience for both choosing and saving files. The Pick files functionality allows users to make their upload forms handle local uploads as well as uploads from services such as Dropbox and Facebook and devices such as webcams. The Save files functionality allows users to save content directly to Dropbox, Google drive, Evernote, or even as an email attachment, rather than downloading it to their local device. The API uses JavaScript protocol. A RESTful interface is available for working with Filepicker.io URLs.

Fujifilm Smart PublishingFujifilm Smart Publishing API: Fujifilm provides an array of film and photo related services and products. The Smart Publishing API is a collection of mobile friendly services offering developers access to Fujifilm's fulfillment network. Developers can easily add cart and checkout to applications using RESTful technologies, providing monetization through Fujifilm's catalog of photo gifts and products.

FullCourt VoiceFullCourt Voice API: FullCourt is a telephony app that connects mobile devices with web services. It transmits voice and other web-based messaging system to apps. The FullCourt service is a RESTful API that can be scaled and recombined to fit each developer’s particular needs. The API exposes the service’s entire telephony functionality. Developers can use the API to send call requests and retrieve user information. The API returns XML-encoded data.

GeocachingGeocaching API: Geocaching is a real-world outdoor treasure hunting game. The Geocaching API enables users to access the data sets and feeds from Geocaching.com. The API operates using the REST protocol and OAuth. In order to use the API, the terms of service must be accepted and a formal request must be submitted to gain access. Advanced developer support is available in the API forum.

Google Compute EngineGoogle Compute Engine API: Google Compute Engine is a service that provides virtual machines that run on Google infrastructure. The service allows users to launch large compute clusters on Google's infrastructure. The Google Compute Engine API provides users with an interface for interacting with their resources. These resources include projects, instances, networks, firewalls and disks. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

Google Save to WalletGoogle Save to Wallet API: Google Wallet is a project that aims to digitally store things normally held in a physical wallet including credit and debit cards, coupons, loyalty cards, tickets, boarding passes, and more. The Save to Wallet APIs allow visitors to both bank and merchant websites to save payment cards and offers to Google Wallet. Banks have the ability to integrate any credit or signature debit card into Google Wallet. Merchants have the ability to publish offers that can be saved to Google Wallet from a their desktop or mobile website. The API is currently available only to partner merchants. Developers interested in becoming partners should contact Google at https://developers.google.com/save-to-wallet/offers/form

HackSenseHackSense API: H.A.C.K. is the Hungarian Autonomous Center for Knowledge. It is a hacker space created to provide infrastructure and community space for those looking for project ideas and information. The HackSense API shows the current status of the physical space and the timestamp of the last change in HTML, XML, TXT, CSV, and RSS formats. It can also show the website's history in HTML, XML, and CSV formats.

Harwich Haven AuthorityHarwich Haven Authority API: Harwich Haven Authority (HHA), an organization based in the UK, is tasked with safeguarding the best natural haven on the east coast of England. Its jurisdiction covers the River Stour, the lower part of the River Orwell, Harwich Harbour and an area to seaward extending 12 nautical miles from the harbor entrance and covering 150 square miles.

The HHA provides services for shipping using the commercial ports of Felixstowe, Ipswich, Harwich International, Harwich Navyard and Mistley and also boarding and landing services for the rivers Thames, Medway, Blackwater, Colne and Crouch. The HHA provides a web service that lets users access the data kept by the organization. Data includes anchored ships, arrivals, forecasts, tides, traffic and more. The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

HitchHiker FlightHitchHiker Flight API: The HitchHiker Flight API allows users to query fares for flights, check availability, and book online. The XML based API is designed to integrate with the HitchHiker system, but can be adapted to work with proprietary systems as well as 3rd party programs.

HockeyAppHockeyApp API: HockeyApp is an app testing service. It provides beta trial and analysis for developers perfecting their apps. Their products include customizable distribution systems, crash-reporting services, and usage analytics. These products are supported on multiple platforms, including iOS and Android. HockeyApp offers an API that exposes the distribution and crash-reporting functionality. It is a RESTful API that returns JSON-formatted data.

Impossible SoftwareImpossible Software API: Impossible Software is a video advertising solutions provider. Their products allow advertisers and content producers to customize videos with cloud-based editing and delivery tools. With these web-based tools, clients can format and distribute their videos to target audiences efficiently. Impossible Software offers a RESTful media management API. The API exposes Impossible’s data uploading and exporting functionality, and returns JSON-formatted data.

JacTravelJacTravel API: JacTravel is a tourism and hospitality services provider. With an extensive network of hospitality-related enterprises around the globe, JacTravel offers a wide range of lodging solutions. They inspect their partners’ locations individually and help tour operators and retailers find and book the most appropriate lodgings. Their API allows retailers to integrate JacTravel searches directly into their websites. The API returns XML-encoded results.

Kensei MediaKensei Media API: Kensei Media is a video hosting service. Clients upload and arrange their videos in the Kensei video dashboard. From there they may redistribute any videos to websites or mobile devices. Kensei allows clients to distribute their videos in different sizes and formats, such as HTML5, Flash, and Quicktime. It will also return analytical data. Kensei’s API exposes the dashboard and user information functionality. It is a RESTful API that returns data formatted in JSON and XML.

KinomapKinomap API: Kinomap provides geolocation solutions for video-making. Users who films of their travels, bike rides, or runs can create maps that track the route of their journey. With their smartphones or GPS-enabled cameras and upload them directly to Kinomap through a downloadable app. Kinomap then hosts the videos online on their media-sharing platform. Kinomap offers APIs for uploading videos, embedding videos, and accessing data. The APIs are RESTful and return data encoded in XML and JSON.

Latakoo FlightLatakoo Flight API: The Lakatoo Flight API allows uses to send,store, and share large video files (HD or SD) over the internet. The API allows for integration of Lakatoo Flight into user applications. Using the REST protocol and returning JSON, users can securely send files using SSL supported calls.

The public Lakatoo API is currently in beta, documentation is available on request.

Loc8Loc8 API: Loc8 is a geolocating service for mobile apps. It provides pan-India coverage for determining the latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates of mobile phones without GPS-enablement. With Loc8 incorporated into their apps, developers can see what cell towers their users are near. This information is shared via Loc8’s RESTful API. The API allows developers to integrate the locational functionality into their apps code. The API responds in GeoJSON.

Lodgix Vacation RentalLodgix Vacation Rental API: The Lodgix Vacation Rental API allows users to access the booking calendars, availability data, property images, marketing copy, and amenities and rate information for the properties listed on Lodgix.com. The API is available at no charge, but an API Key is required for access.

Logistify LTL RateLogistify LTL Rate API: Logistify is a logistics company that can be used for comparing freight quotes and finding the cheapest LTL shipping rates. Their rater form allows users to get rate quotes from multiple carriers using a single interface. API responses are formatted in JSON. Documentation is provided as sample JSON queries and responses in the form itself. Check it out!

Mailing ReportMailing Report API: The Mailing Report API allows users to sync the Mailing Report service with existing CRM, e-commerce systems, CMS, and customer databases. The API is accessible using HTTP/ HTTPS GET and POST requests. With this API, users can manage contacts, email campaigns, mailing lists, among other functions.

Message RadiusMessage Radius API: Message Radius is proximity-based actions service. It uses wifi signals to locate mobile devices, not geolocation. The wifi signals are used as triggers to set off actionable scripts, such as messaging and marketing. The Message Radius API exposes the service’s entire functionality. It is a RESTful API that returns JSON-formatted data.

MySociety GazeMySociety Gaze API: The Gaze API collects location information from users without using maps or postcodes. Instead the API uses place names to help identify locations, alternate locations and more. Users can use the API to search over 2.2 million places and 3 million names and supply additional contextual information to disambiguate common place names. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in CSV.

NameSiloNameSilo API: NameSilo is a domain registrar service. They provide domain management services and tools to businesses, individuals, web designers, and others. From among their tools, users can secure their domains, manage their domain portfolio, update layouts, and earn revenue. NameSilo provides a RESTful API that exposes the entirety of services, allowing web developers to integrate numerous domain management functions to their backend or content management software. The API returns XML-encoded data.

NASA Astrophysics Data SystemNASA Astrophysics Data System API: The SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS), operated by the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (SAO), is a Digital Library Portal for researchers in Astronomy and Physics.The ADS maintains three bibliographic databases containing more than 9.6 million records: Astronomy and Astrophysics, Physics, and arXiv e-prints.

The ADS maintains a list of links to relevant resources for each of the bibliographic records in its database. These resources include:

* Location of the fulltext article via DOI and/or OpenURL links
* List of works referenced in the original article (references), given in the form of either a list of ADS records or as a link to the publisher’s reference list
* List of works that cite the record in question (citations or “forward links”), given in the form of a list of records that ADS was able successfully identify
* Readership statistics and co-readership-based user recommendations

The ADS also maintains an archive of the historical content of all the astronomical publications. The archive consists of 500,000 articles covering more than 3.5 million scanned pages. Each page has been OCRed and are searchable through the ADS fulltext query search form. The API gives users access to the ADS archive via RESTful calls.

NetXposureNetXposure API: NetXposure is a provider of Digital Asset Management(DAM) software offered in both on premise and cloud based models. The software offers extensive functionality including search, automatic indexing, and saved searches, granular targeting, faceted search, publishing, collaborating, sharing and syndicating and video management. The API allows developers to integrate the software with their own websites and applications. Custom processes can be created that push and pull data between the systems. It uses REST and SOAP protocol and responses can be formatted in XML, JSON and RSS.

Nimbus.ioNimbus.io API: Nimbus.io is a provider of cloud based long term data storage clusters. Nimbus.io attempts to differentiate itself from competitors such as Amazon’s S3, OpenStack’s SWIFT, and Riak by using parity instead of replication to achieve highly redundant storage with less overhead. The Nimbus API gives developers access to resources including customer accounts, collections owned by the customer, keys within a collection and the data and metadata for a key.

Panelesms SendPanelesms Send API: The Panelesms website provides a service for distributing short message service (SMS) advertisements. The Panelesms Send API allows users to send SMS ads or to schedule when they are to be sent. It uses SOAP calls in XML format.

The Panelesms website is provided exclusively in Persian (Farsi).

PaylinePayline API: Payline is a French service for making secure online payments. It acts as a go-between for websites and financial institutions, providing the user's customers with a highly secure page for entering their payment details. Payline then encrypts and sends that data to the user's bank for payment. Payline is a multi-channel solution that works with any bank and includes tools to fight against online fraud.

The Payline website is provided solely in French.

Philly Address LivePhilly Address Live API: The Philly Address Live API allows users to search by address and view the owner information, tax balances, and other public information from the opa.phila.gov website as well as from the Department of Revenue website. The API uses the REST protocol and, while defaulting returns in JSON, it will also return xml,php, and txt.

PingBrigadePingBrigade API: The PingBrigade API is designed to allow users to run the same functions from their own systems and code as they can from the PingBrigade website. The PingBrigade API enables users to test if the website or server being monitored is still online. The API uses the REST protocol and returns JSON. To use the API, users must register an account and will receive an API Key with which to make POST and GET requests.

PingPingPingPing API: PingPing is a mobile payment system that allows users to purchase products and services with their mobile phones. The PingPing API allows users to add a PingPing payment button to merchant websites. The API enables 1 click shopping verified through text messages to the user. Technical documentation is available upon request. Documentation is available upon request.

PlagScanPlagScan API: PlagScan is a plagiarism detection service for schools, universities, and businesses. Users begin by uploading text documents to their scanning service. PlagScan will check the content against an internal database and Internet sources. Users can also scan entire zipped directories at once. The RESTful PlagScan API exposes the essential content-comparing functionality for integration with other content-management systems. Users can submit and check files and receive XML-formatted data.

RadioPingRadioPing API: RadioPing is a directory service for internet radio stations. The RadioPing API provides radio information to users. The API integration provides continually updated radio station information, arranged by location and genre, as well as the reliability and popularity for each radio station. RadioPing is offered as a RESTful web service that returns XML. An API Key can be obtained once a license contract has been completed, but a free public key is available for developers as a demo.

RegExLibRegExLib API: RegExLib is a library of regular expressions. It contains more than 3400 expressions from over 2000 contributors around the world. Users may search the library for an expression to perform a particular task, or they may contribute a new expression that they’ve figured out.

The RegExLib API allows users to retrieve a list of regular expressions or to retrieve information on a specific expression. The API also allows users to search for regular expressions matching a given query term. The RegExLib API operates via SOAP calls using the XML data format.

RegusRegus API: Regus is the world's largest provider of flexible workspaces with over 4500 meeting rooms, 1200 video studios, 38000 day offices and hot desks available on demand, hourly and daily; spanning 1200 business centres, 550 cities and 95 countries. The Regus REST API allows developers to access the Regus central reservations system and take advantage of functionality such as searching, checking availability, booking, amendments and cancellations.

RentShoutRentShout API: The RentShout API enables users to integrate the RentShout advertising system into 3rd party applications. Using the API, users can submit listing details in bulk to the RentShout service for dispersal across the different rental listing websites. Users are also able to query uploaded listing and leads. The service supports XML for single family listings, and MITS for multi-family properties.

Scottish Enterprise EventsScottish Enterprise Events API: Scottish Enterprise offers business advice and support for Scotland's businesses in order to stimulate economic growth and improve the business environment. They also offer grants, loans, and equity investment to businesses looking to grow, develop, and export. Scottish Enterprise hosts frequent talks and workshops on business-related topics. The Scottish Enterprise Events API can be used to retrieve, create, or update event information.

SixFinancialSixFinancial API: The SixFinancial API gives users access to the market data and pricing services offered by SixFinancial. API integration provides access to price quotes, reference data, corporate actions, sector codes, ratings, business news, and term sheets. The API is available in both XML and Java formats.

SmartSourceSmartSource API: SmartSource is a proivder of e-marketing applications and email delivery services including development, hosting and management. The SmartSource API allows developers to integrate email delivery services into their existing applications. These services include dedicated domains and IP addresses, ISP relations management, broadcasting, status checks, and management of tracking, opt-outs and complaints. Full documentation is not publicly available.

SNTMNTSNTMNT API: SNTMNT is a company that provides sentiment analysis of Twitter feeds to give investors and traders advice on the best performing stocks. SNTMNT offers a suite of three APIs.

The Trading Indicator API gives traders hourly and/or daily buy & sell signals for all S&P 500 stocks based on analysis of Twitter feeds. Each signal is accompanied by a confidence interval.

The Financial Sentiment API is able to understand the financially themed language used about financial markets. It uses an algorithm specifically trained and optimized for investor sentiment and jargon.

The Brand Sentiment API can classify sentiment in social media messages surrounding brands.

Interested developers can contact the provider for more information.

StreamioStreamio API: Streamio is a media management platform for businesses. Client can manage video content on Streamio’s web-based platform. Once videos are uploaded, clients can categorize their videos with Smart Tags and video libraries. From the platform, clients can share their videos across multiple channels, such as intranets, websites, YouTube, and more. Streamio provides a RESTful API that exposes the platform’s video uploading and data management functionality. The API returns JSON-formatted data.

Study Island DictionaryStudy Island Dictionary API: Study Island is an online service for educational enhancement. It provides tools for every grade level, and it readily conforms to state standards for education. One tool that Study Island provides is the Dictionary API, which allows users to look up words programmatically via SOAP calls.

TeepinTeepin API: Teepin is a collaborative workspace platform. It is designed for organizations to have open idea-sharing discussions that lead to actions. Teepin groups users and allows them to share ideas about office challenges, enterprise goals, and more with everyone. Administrators can follow up with each group’s progress in developing, implementing, and executing their ideas. Analyses for group and individual participation are also available. Teepin offers an API that exposes the idea posting and user information functionality. The API is offered in both SOAP and REST protocols. It returns JSON and XML-formatted data.

TextBeltTextBelt API: TextBelt is a telephony service. It provides outgoing SMS services for developers. TextBelt uses carrier-specific gateways to forward free SMS’s without advertisements. It can be used for testing SMS functions instead of Twilio. It supports a large variety of U.S. providers, including Alltel, Verizon, Virgin Mobile, and many more. The entire TextBelt service is a RESTful API that sends messages and responds with success or failure notices.

Transfluent Transfluent API: Transfluent provides language translation solutions. It is designed for businesses and other organizations to communicate with a multilingual audience. Transfluent employs native, professional translators and offers near real-time returns. Transfluent offers an API for integrating translation requests and retrieval with backend software. Developers can feed it phrases and language codes to specify what translations they want. It is RESTful and returns JSON.

UnitagUnitag API: Unitag is a free QR code generator. Through use of the generator tool, users can customize their QR codes with their choice of color, size, quietzone, redundancy and more. The API allows users to integrate the functionality of the code generator into their own systems and uses RESTful calls.

UploadCareUploadCare API: UploadCare is a file uploading and storage service. It allows users to add a functionality to their website or application that permits end-users to upload files. It also provides a Function for resizing images on the fly. UploadCare's services may be accessed via its APIs, which are provided in REST and JavaScript formats.

Ventata Dynamic PricingVentata Dynamic Pricing API: Ventata offers dynamic pricing software that looks to maximize a user's profits through real-time pricing. When a user sells a product, Ventata uses Machine Learning to slightly adjust the price until arriving at the price that makes them the most profit. The API can be used to integrate dynamic pricing on a user's website or application. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

VirusTotal VirusTotal API: VirusTotal is a malware detection service. It runs an aggregate of scanners and antivirus engines to provide analyses of potentially harmful files and sites. Users can upload files or submit URLs to VirusTotal to be scanned for worms, viruses, trojans, and more. VirusTotal also maintains a blacklist of files and URLs known to be harmful. The VirusTotal API exposes the information generated by its scanners to developers for integration and third-party access. The API is REST-based and returns JSON-formatted data.

VoiceboxVoicebox API: Voicebox is a data visualization project. Produced by vInspired, a network that connects to young people to volunteering opportunities in the UK, Voicebox collects information about young peoples’ opinions and draws insightful visuals and conclusions. The data set collected by the Voicebox project is publically available to interested parties. The Voicebox API exposes the data retrieval functionality of this offering. It is a RESTful API that returns XML-encoded data.

Walgreens QuickPrintsWalgreens QuickPrints API: Walgreens is a drugstore with stores across the United States. Of the many products and services they offer, they also print photos.

The Walgreens QuickPrints APIs and SDKs allow developers to access and integrate the Walgreens QuickPrints service and Walgreens data with other applications. Some example API methods include uploading photos, printing photos, and managing account information.

Wi-FlightWi-Flight API: The Wi-Flight API allows users to access bulk data from flights, integrate a dispatch and reservation system to Wi-Flight, as well as construct additional Front-end functions. The API uses the rest REST protocol and returns data in XML format. Most operations of the service require that clients be logged in, but certain public data is accessible without log in.

ZeristaZerista API: Zerista is a data-management service for event planners. It provides a suite of tools for organizers and exhibitors to organize their planning and maximize the value of the information in those stages. Its features include directories and profiles for the event’s participants, social and private communication channels, scheduling, social media integration, and more. The Zerista API exposes functionalities to all of those categories. It is a RESTful API that returns JSON and XML data.