82 Address APIs: Bing Maps Geocode, CloudMade Geocoding and Geocoder

Our API directory now includes 82 address APIs. The newest is the 1Map API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the geocoder API. We list 41 geocoder mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of address APIs.

In terms of the technical details, SOAP and XML lead the way. There are 49 address SOAP APIs and 43 address REST APIs. Our directory lists 69 address XML APIs and 32 address JSON APIs.

The most common tags within address are 27 mapping address APIs, 25 location address APIs and 20 geocoding address APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 4 address mashups. We named Free Postcode Maps as mashup of the day in August.

For reference, here is a list of all 82 address APIs.

  1Map API: South African GIS service

  AddressDoctor API: Street address validation service

  AddressingHistory API: Historical online mapping service

  AFD Software Postcode Everywhere API: UK address and bank information service

  AIMS Address API: Johnson County Kansas address lookup service

  ArGo Software Address Verifier API: Address verification service

  Autoaddress API: Irish address validation and geocoding service

  bases4you API: Brazilian location information services

  Bing Maps Geocode API: Geocoding service

  C6 Huzip API: Hungarian zip code look-up service

  CDYNE 411 API: Directory assistance service

  Cicero API: Address-based district matching and elected official lookup service

  CloudMade Geocoding API: Forward and Reverse Geocoding Service

  Codebump Zip Codes API: Zip code look-up service

  Con4ct Me API: Spam-resistant short-term contact service

  Coops N More API: Internal address validation service

  CraftyClicks UK Postal Address Lookup API: UK postcode lookup service

  Data Science Toolkit API: Open Source tools for science

  Data8 Country Detection API: Country mapping and geolocation service

  Data8 Goneaway Identification Web Service API: Check last known address

  Data8 Movers Identification API: Address checking and update service

  Data8 Postcode Lookup API: UK address lookup service

  DC Location Verifier API: DC place finder and address verification service

  DuoShare Job Submission API: US address verification service

  Dynamic Geometry API: Mapping data service

  EAST Search Engine API: Japanese address and ZIP code search service

  ePostcode API: Delivery address search and information service

  Experian QAS Address Validation API: Street address validation service

  FindPeopleFree API: Find UK residents and businesses by region

  FraudLabs ZIPCodeWorld United States API: United states postal code geolocation service

  FullContact CardShark API: Business card manager

  geocoder API: Geocoding services for US

  geocoder.ca API: Geocoding services for Canada

  Getpincode API: Indian pincode search engine

  Hopewiser Atlas API: Address verification service

  Intech IQ Hosted API: Address validation service

  Intel Developer Services Beta API: Geographic mapping features

  Intelius Search API: Public records database search

  IP-API.com Geolocation API: IP address lookup service

  IPAddressLabs API: IP Geolocation Service

  IPGP IP Address Geolocation API: IP address lookup service

  isemail Address Validation API: Email address format validation service

  Jokahaku API: Finnish location- and route-finding service

  LiveAddress Verification API: US address verification, validation, and geocoding

  Maa-Amet API: Estonian property address and mapping service

  Maponics API: Mapping data service

  Melissa Data Data Quality Suite API: Location data lookup and verification services

  MLBS.net NAC Geoservices API: Natural Area Code geocoding service

  NAC Geocoding Address Files API: Geocoding and address matching

  NAC Real-time Conversion API: Worldwide geocoding information service

  Open North Represent API: Database and API for Canadian elected officials

  OpenAddresses GeoLocated Address Search API: Worldwide address search service

  OpenGeocoding API: Worldwide crowdsourced geocoded address service

  Openwave Network Address Book API: Address book contacts synchronization service

  Pincodr API: Indian pincode search service

  Postcode Anywhere API: UK and international address management software, postcode finder web services and more

  Postcode Anywhere Address Services API: Address capture, lookup and search

  Postcode.nl API: Dutch address completion service

  Pro6PP API: Dutch postcode database services

  Qualified Address API: US address verification service

  RestFul Web Services Postal Code API: International postal code look-up service

  ServiceObjects DOTS Address API: Address validation and geocoding services

  Simply Postcode API: Postcode and address lookup service

  Simunix T2A API: Directory services providing UK people, address, telephone and company information

  Social123 SocialData+ API: Social Contact and Address Listing Service

  SSW Australian Postcode API: Australian address checking service

  StrikeIron US Addresses API: US address verification service

  Swiss Post Barcode API: Swiss shipping document service

  TeleNav Share API: Enables sending addresses from web to phone

  TowerData API: Contact information validation service

  Trackip API: IP address lookup service

  Trillium Global Locator API: Global address validation and location service

  UK Postcodes API: UK postcode lookup service

  Unified Software AddressVal API: Matching service for incomplete UK addresses

  USC WebGIS Geocoder API: Geolocation service

  USgeocoder API: Address information lookup service

  Walk Score API: Real estate walk score service

  World Addresses API: Address lookup and verification service

  Yahoo Geocoding API: Geocoding services

  ZIP Codes API: Zip code lookup service

  ZIPFOURce API: U.S. address validation and standarization service

  Ziptastic API: Address field population tool

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