83 New APIs: Mozilla Persona, Votizen and Social Crawlytics

This week we had 83 new APIs added to our API directory including a candidate and issue advocacy service, website and application identity login service, social media metrics service, ecommerce shop creation service, social sign in and Authentication service. In addition we covered TappingStone's efforts to stand out from the crowd and how Datownia allows anyone to create an API. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

3PlayMedia3PlayMedia API: 3PlayMedia is a captioning and transcription service that uses time-synchronized word for word transcription that makes captions and subtitles linked to the media as well as making the media text-searchable. The 3PlayMedia API has 3 branches of use: The file management portion which allows users to access accounts and upload new files, the transcript portion that facilitates access to transcription services, and the caption portion that allows captions to be retrieved in multiple formats.

ActwittyActwitty API: Actwitty integrates data from social networks and organizes it into topics. Actwitty allows for an organized profile by topics that can be shared with other users.

The Actwitty API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Actwitty with other applications and to create new applications. Public Documentation is not available; interested developers should sign up here for an API Key: https://www.actwitty.com/api.

Airport Transfer WorldwideAirport Transfer Worldwide API: Airport Transfer Worldwide is a web based international transfer service, which offer transfers to and from airports, railway stations, hotels, apartments, addresses and more. The service allows users to avoid long waits at airports or having to travel on public transit. Transfers are offered at fixed prices and are door-to-door in nature. A JavaScript API is available that allows users to integrate the service directly into their website and offer search functionality.

Annotate.IOAnnotate.IO API: Annotate.IO turns social media messages and images into machine readable JSON. Annotate.IO annotates Tweets, Facebook posts, and photographs with machine-readable brand, people, and entity information.

The Annotate.IO API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Annotate.IO with other applications. The main API method retrieves JSON annotations for content sent to Annotate.IO.

ASPonlineASPonline API: ASPonline is a Taiwanese software service provider that offers a variety of simple APIs. Some are site-specific, such as one that allows ASPonline users to retrieve their stored balance of points. A more general-purpose set of services lets users query a specified domain registration, obtain an IP address, obtain the country of origin for a specified IP address, and get the current network time.

A messaging service lets users send an English-language text message of no more than 70 words to a recipient within the Taiwan region. A security service lets users encrypt and decrypt a string, the length of which cannot be more than 1K. Another service translates code from C# to VB.NET (code length may not exceed 30K).

All of these services are accessible using SOAP calls issued in XML format. The website and all API documentation are provided solely in Chinese.

BioGRIDBioGRID API: The service provides a continuously curated repository of reference sources related to raw protein and genetic interactions. The search Function indexes over 35,000 separate articles and other publications documenting over 550,000 raw protein and genetic interactions. Search provides free access to all interaction data for either immediate display or download.

API methods support submission of a search request specifying a single gene or a set of genes to retrieve a list of publications. For a single gene, publications reflect any interactions with other genes. Where multiple genes are specified, publications are returned only where they address those particular interactions. Search requests can also specify sources from which publication references are desired.

BiometryCloudBiometryCloud API: BiometryCloud is a face and image recognition service for web and mobile applications. BiometryCloud allows people to be recognized in images.

The BiometryCloud API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of BiometryCloud with other applications and to create new applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should sign up here for access: http://biometrycloud.com/en/api.html.

BottlenoseBottlenose API: Bottlenose is a live social intelligence Platform. Bottlenose has features to analyze activity across all the major social networks. Users can use it to search, monitor, analyze, target, and engage audiences in real-time.

The Bottlenose API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Bottlenose with other applications and create new applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should sign up here: http://bottlenose.com/developer/signup.

CabfixCabfix API: The Cabfix API allows developers to add an end-to-end cab-booking service to their apps and websites. The user books through the API and then Cabfix passes the booking in real-time to its network of cab companies and ensures that the booking is fulfilled.

As well as earning a percentage of user transactions done through the API, it can be used to provide more services to end-users and to differentiate apps or websites from competitors. Users can apply for an API key and documentation by emailing dave.gill@cabfix.com.

Please note that this service is currently only available for London cab bookings. Please contact the provider if interested in using a similar service in other cities.

CareerOneStopCareerOneStop API: The service provides information from the U.S. Labor Department about career opportunities, their future prospects, and their requirements. It gives access to listings of careers by title, keyword, or code along with detailed information about individual careers from the provider's O*NET service. Information about qualifications and requirements is also available.

API methods support retrieval of listings of career names by keyword or unique identifier codes. Methods also support detailed descriptions of career activities along with salary and compensation estimates and detailed qualifications required such as education and training, licensing, and certification. Methods can cross-reference military job codes to Labor Department codes for consistent access to related information.

CastingWordsCastingWords API: CastingWords is an online transcription service aimed at technology oriented online speakers. The service is primarily aimed at podcasters interested in making their work accessible more readily. The CastingWords API provides 100% human transcriptions and allows access to all of the services CastingWords offers. The service uses REST calls to submit audio and can return in a variety of formats once transcribed. An account is required with service and users can access the API using an API key.

CIC CreditCIC Credit API: CIC Credit is a mortgage credit reporting service that also deals with single bureau infiles, dual merger credit reports, trimerge credit reports, as well as many other credit and tax related services. The CIC Credit API pulls and stores credit data from credit data reports like Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion then merges it and delivers it into web applications and software for use in making lending decisions and reporting purposes. The API uses REST calls and will return in HTML, XML, or PDF. Data is secured using SSL.

CIPF RENATOCIPF RENATO API: The service provides a RESTful interface to RENATO (REgulatory Network Analysis TOol) which provides network-based analysis to identify regulatory elements common to a list of genes. It is intended for interpretation and visualization of information about gene regulation by mapping genes submitted to the regulatory network and extracting connections. It also highlights over-representation of specific regulatory connections among genes in the list.

API methods support submission of a list of genes with parameters to specify regulatory connections of interest. Methods generate data showing transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulatory connections and highlighting regulatory links common among genes within the specified list.

CityworksCityworks API: The service provides a platform for managing and scheduling municipal services provided by city and local governments. It includes cloud-based functions for scheduling service calls, public maintenance, and similar public service activities along with internal functions for city and county departments. Implementations can focus information in GIS formats to integrate services with existing mapping and geographic information system functions.

API methods support creation of service requests and work orders based on calls generated by other applications. Separately licensed API modules allow for flexible Integration to meet specific local needs. A metrics API supports reporting on service activities and work completed.

CMB Mutual Funds Portfolio ValuesCMB Mutual Funds Portfolio Values API: The Capital Markets Board of Turkey (CMB) is the regulatory and supervisory authority in charge of the securities markets in Turkey. The Mutual Funds Portfolio Values API provides basic mutual funds information, including funding amounts, number of shares, number of investors, asset values, asset allocation, and unit price data. Information is provided for all mutual funds portfolios in Turkish markets.

The CMB website is provided in both English and Turkish, but the API documentation is only given in Turkish.

CMB Prohibited Investors ServiceCMB Prohibited Investors Service API: The Capital Markets Board of Turkey (CMB) is the regulatory and supervisory authority in charge of the securities markets in Turkey. The Prohibited Investors Service API enables users to retrieve information about investors and companies who are prohibited to perform any operation in the Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE) or any other organized securities market in Turkey.

The CMB website is provided in both English and Turkish, but the API documentation is only given in Turkish.

Cogix RatingsCogix Ratings API: Cogix provides survey creation software that is extensible and fully customizable. It allows users to create web based surveys, assessments, data collection systems, quizzes, tests and polls. The Cogix Ratings API facilitates the construction of rating systems for articles, photos, videos, and products. Each set can be rated, ratings can be retrieved, as well as other calls. The API uses REST calls and can return XML.

Crop OntologyCrop Ontology API: The service provides records of plant anatomy, structure, and phenotype. It aims to compile validated profiles of agricultural crops, including inter-relationships, visible traits, and measurements. It defines concepts for defining agronomic databases and the records they contain. Accurate descriptions and mapping of agronomic phenotypes supports comparative research into phenotypes and genotypes and experiments in gene-discovery.

API methods support both keyword search across the database and more focused retrieval of ontologies defined by the service and their component categories. Methods provide access to root terms within an ontology and parent/child structural relationships among terms. Methods also support creating new ontologies within the database and deletion of existing ones.

DailyCredDailyCred API: DailyCred is an API that lets developers add social user accounts to their website or apps. User logins across various social accounts are merged into a single user account with which to identify users. With DailyCred, developers can reset passwords, monitor events, delete and create accounts and access user analytics. Responses are formatted in JSON.

DataKCDataKC API: The service from the King County, Washington, government provides machine-readable datasets reflecting operations of county departments in Seattle and the region. Plans call for addition of datasets from across the region. The service complies with the Socrata Open Data API to increase standardization of access.

API methods support open access to county government agency operating data, with a range of datatypes specified from simple choices such as integer, datetime, string, and boolean along with complex combinations of simple types. Methods provide views of metadata describing available datasets, including access URLs. User-focused methods allow review and update of accounts for registered users of the service.

DatanyzeDatanyze API: Datanyze provides sales intelligence alerts based on continuous examination of the web to determine which technologies are being used. The Datanyze API allows developers to integrate Datanyze information through a RESTful interface.

DatowniaDatownia API: Datownia is a platform where companies and organizations can share their data and make the data available for developers to create applications from the data.

The Datownia API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality and data of Datownia with other applications and to create new applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should register here: http://www.datownia.com/#register.

DigiteDigite API: Digite is a provider of enterprise software that encourages collaboration during Agile Application Lifecycle Management. Their software includes a range of products including applications for project management, requirements management, process governance, portfolio management, Kanban and more. Their API allows developers to integrate the application and it's functionality into exsiting systems.

EasyAch PaycenterEasyAch Paycenter API: EasyACH is a payment processing service that allows users to accept payments from customers using bank accounts and cease the use of paper checks. The EasyACH Paycenter API enables users to add, edit, and view bank accounts, add cancel and view subscriptions for re-occurring payments, star debits, credits, cancel transactions, refund payments and perform various other functions. The API uses REST calls and returns XML.

ElectioneeringElectioneering API: Electioneering is an open government service that provides comparative information on candidates for public office and their statements and stances. The Electioneering API provides developer access to Electioneering’s full list of candidates as well as candidate comparisons and the service’s internal colorization system.

ElectionsOnline EvoteElectionsOnline Evote API: The service provides online election voting by appropriate user populations with tabulation of results. Users access ballots by logins defined by the application integrating the election function. The application specifies questions up for balloting and options that voters may select, embedded in desired display code. Reporting of results is under control of the application using the service.

API methods support verification of the voter's login credential and ballot privileges, including subgroup membership defining access to specific ballot selections, based on data provided by the application developer. Methods log each voter's selections and support definition of questions and selection options by the application using the service. Methods allow definition of candidate descriptions and other information available to voters as well as ultimate reporting of results.

Eurotech Everyware CloudEurotech Everyware Cloud API: Eurotech’s Everyware Cloud platform, built on the Everyware Software Framework, that connects distributed devices to business enterprise applications. The Eurotech Everyware Cloud API provides a RESTful interface for integrating applications into the platform.

FeinsearchFeinsearch API: The service provides lookup access to a database of employer identification numbers (EINs) and related information for over 16 million suppliers doing business with U.S. companies. It allows for verification of tax reporting accounts for vendors, contractors, and suppliers to allow compliance with payment reporting requirements. Search options allow either individual or batch lookup to retrieve EIN values or verify those supplied by vendors.

API methods support search against a database of tax-paying companies with returned data specifying EIN or Tax ID number, primary industry SIC code, phone and fax numbers, and verified addresses. The API also provides operating information like the year the company started, its employee head-count, and estimates of sales and revenue.

FotoZapFotoZap API: FotoZap is a photo sharing app for brand ambassadors. The app lets uses capture photos and videos of a customer's experience, then scan a Giveaway Card and hand it to the customer. Customers can go online to the custom microsite to view and share their story across social networks. The FotoZap API lets developers integrate the service into third party marketing applications. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

GetSimpleGetSimple API: The service provides access to the accounts associated with an installed instance of the provider's content management system software. It does not perform actual content management functions within the instance, but it allows plug-ins working within that instance to interact with the provider's own capabilities. This function allows the Extend registry of working plug-ins to support them in completing their own tasks.

API methods support status checks for an applications registry listing and lookups or updates to registered plug-in filenames. Returned data provide operating parameters for the plug-in such as the CMS software version for which the plug-in was created and against which it has been tested.

Go.USA.govGo.USA.gov API: Go.USA.gov is a service allowing government employees to create short .gov URLs from official government domains. The Go.USA.gov API allows developers to automate the process, including URL generation, destination preview, and data collection.

GroveStreamsGroveStreams API: GroveStreams is an Internet of Things cloud platform providing near real-time complex decision making capabilities to millions of users and devices. Most of GroveStreams' capabilities are exposed through a REST API including the ability to model devices, Feed data into and out of GroveStreams organizations, setup events and notifications and create dashboards.

HubifyHubify API: Hubify is a service that allows developers to create APIs from any website. Hubify also allows users to connect to other "hubs" of data and applications to help them build their own applications and APIs.

Public documentation is not available; interested developers should sign up here: http://hubify.com/.

Idilia Sense AnalyticsIdilia Sense Analytics API: Precisely annotate text with fine senses using the world's only API that disambiguates both common words (all parts of speech) and proper nouns (NEs) with near human accuracy. Use specialized recipes for well-formed text, queries, and social media (e.g. tweets). Get lexical annotation, statistical confidence scores, external links (wikipedia, twitter verified accounts, etc), and precise classification of NEs.

For more information on Idilia's Sense Analysis Service:

IfeelgoodsIfeelgoods API: Ifeelgoods is a digital promotions platform, helping marketers engage and convert audiences through gift fulfillment rewards. The Ifeelgoods API allows marketers to integrate automated customer rewards into third party systems.

Illinois Voter Registration SystemIllinois Voter Registration System API: The service of the U.S. state allows applications to integrate with the Illinois Voter Registration System (IVRS). As part of the U.S. federal law, Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA), it allows access to voter rolls for precincts and jurisdictions within the state along with pertinent registration information for voters, households, and areas. It provides responses to legitimate requests from political committees for voter data and houses information about ballot requests submitted by voters prior to elections.

API methods support voter search by name, address, and precinct. Methods also give access to voter signatures made at time of registration and other administrative data related to verifying voter authenticity.

Israel Airports Authority UtilitiesIsrael Airports Authority Utilities API: The Israeli Airport Authority (IAA) is a public corporation responsible for managing air-based travel to, from, and within Israel. The IAA provides the Utilities API, which enables users to retrieve currency tables and other currency-related information using SOAP calls. The IAA website is provided in both Hebrew and English.

LemonStandLemonStand API: LemonStand is an ecommerce shop creation site that aims to provide an easy and accessible way to sell things online. The LemonStand API allows users to implement custom features as well as utilize the advanced LemonStand engine in third party applications. Using the API, users can make calls to output content such as products, navigation, categories, blog posts, and other items along with product rating information, and news reviews.

LyticsLytics API: Lytics is a data analysis platform for performing analytics on structured and unstructured data in one system in the cloud.

The Lytics API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Lytics with other applications and to create new applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should email info@lytics.io for more information.

Maryland Driver and Vehicle RecordMaryland Driver and Vehicle Record API: The provider's Point-to-Point (PTP) service provides search and retrieval against Maryland's state records for vehicle registration and driver licensing. It is available only to approved users, since driver data is protected by privacy guarantees. Available driver data include current license class, status, and provisions as well as citation records. Vehicle data include year, make, and model identification with current registration status, renewal information, and related data.

API methods support retrieval of a driver's records based on Soundex value, including current license class and restrictions, citation record and convictions, suspensions and accidents for drivers holding commercial licenses, address and name changes, and related account information. Methods support retrieval of ownership records for a vehicle identified by title number, vehicle identification number (VIN), or tag number. Records include title transfers, selling dealer listings, etc.

Message BusMessage Bus API: Message Bus is a messaging service that allows developers to add messaging capabilities to their websites and applications. Through the Message Bus API, developers can access and integrate the functionality of the Message Bus Global Delivery Network with other applications and websites. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should sign up here for more information: https://www.messagebus.com/features/api-smtp/.

MitoMinerMitoMiner API: The service provides mitochondrial data for a range of organisms. It collects a number of interrelated datasets associated with genetic and protein structures, allowing single-source access to information about their expression in living organisms. It also maintains and provides ontologies for describing genes.

API methods support flexible queries against the database for mathces to protein names, UniProt keywords, gene names, or species. Methods give access to datasets covering mitochondrial proteomics, gene ontologies, and metabolic pathways. The API also gives access to records of associations of human disease with mitochondrial profiles.

Mover.ioMover.io API: Mover.io is a service that allows users to move documents and data across online applications through the cloud. Users can use Mover to change cloud-storage providers, back up website or files, and make sure documents and data are all in one place.

The Mover.io API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Mover.io with other applications and create new applications. Some example API methods include managing accounts, creating and managing collections, and accessing and transferring files.

Mozilla PersonaMozilla Persona API: Mozilla Persona is an online identity service for websites and web applications. Users can set how they would like to login to websites and applications. Publishers can add Persona to their websites and applications.

The Mozilla Persona API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Persona with other applications and websites. The main API methods include logging in to websites and verifying identities.

National CiterNational Citer API: National Citer is a French car rental service. Its international network provides customers with more than 3000 outlets in over 80 countries, including 40 in Europe. Within its home country of France (including Corsica and the Dominican Republic), National Citer offers nearly 250 outlets including over 60 airports and 40 stations.

Users may retrieve information from the National Citer website regarding their services using a SOAP-based API. The website is provided solely in French.

NetApplicationsNetApplications API: The service provides a hosting and infrastructure for online marketing and promotions. It hosts customer contact campaigns with tracking and monitoring tools, traffic analytics, and help with messaging and outreach. Professional services and consulting are available to optimize performance of the system and its resources.

API methods support account management functions such as updating the applications own account and create-retrieve-update-delete ( CRUD) functions for contact lists and client accounts. Methods also support the provider's Hitslink utility to generate scripts for tracking and confirmation of user contacts.

OMIMOMIM API: OMIM (Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man) is a comprehensive, freely available, and authoritative compendium of human genes and genetic phenotypes. The full-text, referenced overviews in OMIM contain information on over 12,000 genes and all known Mendelian disorders. It is updated daily, and the entries contain copious links to other genetics resources. The OMIM API lets users retrieve information from the database using RESTful calls.

OntosOntos API: Ontos is a provider of tools that aggregate content that is semantically related to content that already exists on a website or blog. Their API returns semantic metadata in RDF-based formats for existing text content. The API uses natural langugage processing to recognize entities and the relations between them. With the API, uses can link their text content with metadata coming from over 500,000 web documents. Full documentation is not publicly available.

OpenCNAMOpenCNAM API: OpenCNAM provides access to Caller ID information based on simple access to comprehensive data. The OpenCNAM REST API allows developers to integrate real-time queries into any application. Responses return data in a variety of formats.

PicoMoneyPicoMoney API: PicoMoney is a currency and economy creation service that allows users to build exchange based systems into games and other web services. The PicoMoney API enables users to create apps that include the currency service. The API uses open standards such as the OpenTransact family of protocols, OAuth 2.0 for authentication, and WebFinger.

RethumbRethumb API: Rethumb is a simple service that lets users create image thumbnails by accessing a URL. Users simply need to provide the URL of an image and can pass in the desired height and width. The RESTful API can respond with images of type JPG, GIF and PNG.

RSDN JanusRSDN Janus API: RSDN is a Russian website devoted to software development. It was created by programmers for programmers in order to compensate for the lack of materials on programming available in Russian. RSDN offers articles on a variety of topics, questions and answers, utilities, and ready-made components. The site also provides forums on which visitors may post their programming-related questions for others to view and reply to.

The RSDN Janus API enables users to synchronize forums, post to the forums, and pull up forum topics. This service employs SOAP calls issued in XML format. The RSDN website and API documentation are provided exclusively in Russian.

RunSignUpRunSignUp API: RunSignUp is a service for runners and race directors, providing race website creation, runner registration support, and more. The RunSignUp API provides a RESTful interface for developers to integrate 3rd party applications and services such as timing, results, and participant management functions.

SaiaSaia API: Saia is one of the top LTL carriers in the United States. Less than truckload (LTL) shipping refers to the transportation of relatively small freight that is too large to be shipped by package delivery services. Saia serves the Midwest, South, Southwest, Pacific Northwest, and Western regions of the United States. North American partner coverage is offered in Alaska, Hawaii, and New England and also extends to Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

The Saia API enables users to retrieve shipment tracing information, create a rate quote, and schedule a pickup. This service uses SOAP calls issued in XML format.

SAINTloginSAINTlogin API: SAINTlogin allows users to log-in to a website or to a private network by dialing a number on their cell phones rather than by using passwords and user-IDs. The call is free since the system hangs up after the first ring. If the caller is recognized, a private session is established, and access to the requested pages is granted.

The SAINTlogin API enables developers to integrate SAINTlogin with their websites. Doing so requires the use of SOAP calls issued in XML format.

Scaled RecognitionScaled Recognition API: Scaled Recognition uses image recognition technology to convert textual data in image files to UTF-8 (documents, files, receipts), and also allows you to recognize the positioning of faces in a picture or, using Facebook, find the best profile photo of a person using a specified social graph. The service is designed to provide usable information about visual objects for SaaS and mobile developers.

The REST API uses GET (best profile picture) and POST (facial detection) methods to return information in JSON. Documentation hosted on Mashape also includes examples of response models for: Best Profile Photo Results, Face Detection Model, Match, Result, and Text Recognition Response.

SchemingMindSchemingMind API: SchemingMind is a correspondence chess playing website. After signing up, users can play games against the site's more than 600 active users from around the world. Correspondence games usually last for several weeks or months. While contemplating their next move, players are free to consult a book or try moves out on a chessboard at home. The only things players are asked not to refer to are chess-playing computer programs.

SchemingMind is a member organization of the British Federation for Correspondence Chess (BFCC), which represents England in the International Correspondence Chess Federation (ICCF). All full members of SchemingMind have the opportunity to participate in officially rated ICCF team events.

Developers can integrate SchemingMind with other applications using its API, which lets players retrieve their games and make moves in them.

SelfSurveysSelfSurveys API: SelfSurveys enables businesses to implement reliable, automated information-gathering surveys which can easily collect, analyze, and compare vital business data from any desktop computer, laptop, PDA, or PC Companion mobile device. SelfSurveys provides a full arsenal of intelligence-gathering support services that allow teams to make better business decisions faster than permitted using traditional research techniques.

All of SelfSurveys' functions can be accessed programmatically for integration with other applications using a SOAP-based API.

SellsBrothers ExcuseSellsBrothers Excuse API: SellsBrothers is the internet home of Chris Sells, Developer Tools at Telerik. SellsBrothers provides a number of services, including the Excuse API, which enables users to retrieve a random excuse via API. It was created by transcribing an Excuse Ball onto a spreadsheet and then making it accessible via SOAP API.

Semantic Research SemanticaSemantic Research Semantica API: Semantic Research is a software company specializing in products that can create, view, store and share knowledge structures. Their Semantica platform is used for large-scale analytics, data fusion, data storage, visualization, sharing and collaboration of all kinds of information, be it structured, unstructured, temporal, or geospatial. An API is available that integrates thick-client analysis and analytical process management functionality into third party systems. Documentation of the API is not publicly available.

Service-XService-X API: Service-X Web Service Solutions is a web service provider from the UK that hosts an assortment of APIs. Most of these APIs provide mapping-related functions such as creating maps, identifying routes, and locating mobile devices or nearby schools. Users may also retrieve an address based on a postcode or partial details, or retrieve local information for a given place within the UK. An SMS service enables users to send and receive texts from any mobile number.

SI-TSA TimestampSI-TSA Timestamp API: The SI-TSA (Slovenian Time Stamping Authority), an issuing authority for time stamps, is part of the infrastructure of the Certification Authority at the Slovenian Ministry of Public Administration. The SI-TSA issues trusted time stamps intended for use by public administration institutions. In the future, they will also be available to businesses and other end users.

The SI-TSA Timestamp API can be accessed using SOAP calls issued in XML format. The SI-TSA website and the API documentation are provided in both Slovenian and English.

SimpleGeek BlogXBrowsingSimpleGeek BlogXBrowsing API: Chris Anderson, author of the blog "simplegeek", provides the BlogXBrowsing API as a method for searching his blog. API users can retrieve the dates of entries, entries for a given date, entry categories, entries by category, and RSS subscription methods for the blog. These functions are accessible using SOAP calls issued in XML format.

SMS.MIO SendMessagesSMS.MIO SendMessages API: SMS.MIO is an organized system that allows its users to communicate with each other via SMS, e-mail, fax, letter, and recommended A/R (letter registered with acknowledgement of receipt) either individually or in groups. Messages may be sent both manually and automatically. SMS.MIO allows any municipality, agency, association, or company to communicate with their customers, partners, employees, or members quickly and efficiently.

All of SMS.MIO's functions are available via SOAP API. The SMS.MIO website is provided solely in Italian.

Social CrawlyticsSocial Crawlytics API: Social Crawlytics API allows users to gather social media metrics on any site/URL.

The API is stateless, meaning there are no sessions or cookies to manage, users just supply their account token and key with each API Request made. Users can find their API credentials by logging into Social Crawlytics and looking under the "Dashboard tab" for "API Credential.

Available tools

Interactive documentation

PHP Library for Social Crawlytics

Solve MediaSolve Media API: Solve Media is a company that provides technology for turning CAPTCHAs into branded TYPE-IN™ ads. Instead of difficult to read letters and numbers, Solve Media CAPTCHAs ask users to type in a tagline. Solve Media also offers the option to implement CAPTCHA as security only or monetize the space by allowing advertisements in addition to security. A JavaScript API is available that allows users to add branded messages to their websites.

SPOTCatalogSPOTCatalog API: The service provides a catalog of all “scenes” or earth images acquired by satellites in the SPOT series since February 1986.
Images provide panchromatic and multispectral images of the earth's surface 60 kilometers square. Images are updated every 2-3 days with location accuracy varying from 30 to 350 meters.

API methods support image search based on location and timeframe of image acquisition, specified as beginning and end dates. Methods also allow specification of image quality parameters like resolution and maximum cloud cover and snow cover.

SpringSense Meaning DetectionSpringSense Meaning Detection API: The fastest and most accurate semantic Meaning Recognition (Word Sense Disambiguation / Detection) API in the world. Recognises any nouns in a body of text and allows you to provide a rich user-interface with meaning definitions

The SpringSense Meaning Recognition API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of the SpringSense MR engine with other applications. Some example API methods include returning meaning of text, submitting sentences for meaning detection, and submitting text for disambiguation.

StreakStreak API: Streak is a client relationship manager (CRM) that can be used and integrated with Gmail (email) instead of switching back and forth between a CRM and an inbox.

The Streak API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality with other applications. Some example API methods include managing users, managing files, and creating and managing contacts.

Syndicate PlusSyndicate Plus API: Syndicate Plus is a market leader in providing consumer product data. The API offers third parties the ability to search products and gain access to detailed information about any given consumer product, including brand and manufacturer information, product images and nutritional values.

Along with core product data, Syndicate Plus is a market leader in providing information about new products on the market, product discounts and special offers and consumer reviews. In future releases the API will enable third-party developers to further tap into this wealth of consumer product goods data.

SysomosSysomos API: Sysomos is a social media monitoring and analytics service that lets organizations gather business intelligence about their brands. Sysomos goes beyond monitoring social media conversations to provide information about geo-demographic, key influencers and sentiment. The platform also acts as a social CRM to engage with key influencers, provide customer support, find new sales leads, and keep track of teams. Users can manage all their social profiles, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more within the same platform.

They Sysomos APIs can be used to integrate social media content and text analytics within third party applications. The APIs include a Data API, Charts, Trends and Sentiment API, and Engagement and Workflow API. Interested developers should contact the provider for more information about the APIs.

SYSTRAN LinksSYSTRAN Links API: The service provides a hosted platform for translating and localizing multilingual content. It offers real-time, full-sentence translations of plain text between language pairs specified by the application calling the service. The service is also available as an installed product, where local hosting is desired.

API methods support submission of material to be translated, in either plain text, HTML, or RTF formats, along with the desired output language. Methods perform auto-detection of the input language and generate full-sentence output in the destination language for use on web pages, in real-time chat interfaces, and for other online applications.

TappingStoneTappingStone API: TappingStone is a tool to help developers build more personalized applications with features that target their users based on user behavior within the applications.

The TappingStone API allows developers access and integrate the functionality of TappingStone with other applications and to create new applications. Example API methods include managing users, managing accounts, and collecting user behavior information.

Tax Data SystemsTax Data Systems API: The service provides rates charged for sales and use taxes by jurisdictions in North America. Available data include tax rates charged and the national and the state or provincial levels, along with applicable county and city rates and portions of shipping and handling balances that are subject to tax.

API methods support submission of a U.S. Zip Code or Canadian province abbreviation identifying the location of the transaction, either a physical store or the buyer's location for online sales. For U.S. transactions, returned data include the state abbreviation, county name, and city name matching the submitted Zip Code, as well as the general sales and use tax rates for that specific location and total tax due. For Canadian locations, the API returns the province abbreviation and name along with the overall sales tax rate and components for GST, PST, and HST. For all locations, returned data indicate any tax due on shipping and handling.

The Business Model ProjectThe Business Model Project API: The Business Model Project is a collaborative open-source business model taxonomy accessible through a database. The site is based on Mediawiki software, but uses the Semantic MediaWiki extension to structure data. The API provides direct, high-level access to the data contained in MediaWiki databases. Client programs can log in to a wiki, get data, and post changes automatically by making HTTP requests to the web service. Developers should visit the API Sandbox to view the available options.

U.S. Energy Information AdministrationU.S. Energy Information Administration API: The U.S. Energy Information Administration provides developer access to their data with the goal of encouraging the creation of value-added services through the private, non-profit, and public sectors. The API uses RESTful architecture and returns JSON formatted data.

VentraIP WholesaleVentraIP Wholesale API: VentraIP is an Australian domain name provider and web-hosting service that also offers additional business services and a wholesale domain and hosting reseller program. The VentraIP Wholesale API allows wholesale resellers to automate interactions with their VentraIP account.

VerbalizeItVerbalizeIt API: VerbalizeIt is a community of over 2,000 language interpreters. Through the API, applications can connect to a live human interpreter or have any text translated by a human translator.

The VerbalizeIt API allows developers to access and integrate the translation functionality of VerbalizeIt with other applications. The main API methods are retrieving translations in both voice and text.

Visible Social MediaVisible Social Media API: Visible is a social media monitoring and analytics service. Visible offers a suite of products including Visible Edge, a listening and analysis platform; Visible Intelligence, an enterprise-ready platform; V·IQ, a social performance dashboard. An API is available for Visible Intelligence that allows for the creation of custom dashboards. Interested developers should contact the provider for more information.

Voice Actions JeannieVoice Actions Jeannie API: Voice Actions Jeannie is an application for mobile and computers that enables voice controlled functions, such as voice dialing, setting alarms, and dictation by voice.

The Voice Actions Jeannie API allows developers to integrate the functionality of Voice Actions Jeannie with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include setting languages and managing account information.

VotizenVotizen API: The service provides tools for social connections between voters to help activists with advocacy for candidates and issues up for election. Its goal is to increase citizen impact on the political process and civic engagement by promoting relationship-building across social media outlets and other potential contact points. The service maintains a U.S. candidate database, nationwide voter records, and individual voter identification.

API methods support listings of candidates, offices, districts and other jurisdictions, and races. Methods also support logging and tracking voters and contacts with them, their local districts, and their voting records.

Wired MarketingWired Marketing API: Wired Marketing is a UK based firm offering E-mail marketing support for Enterprises, including campaign management, consultative advice, and analytics. Wired’s Email Marketing API allows clients to integrate E-mail marketing applications into core software systems and applications.

xeno-canto xeno-canto API: The service provides a database of bird song and sound recordings contributed and maintained by enthusiasts worldwide. It provides access to search the connection and play or download recordings and to submit new recordings. Discussion forums encourage interactions among members of the birding community to exchange information about bird song and related topics.

API methods support search against the database by specifying the formal Latin name of a bird species. Returned data provide listings of all recordings maintained by the service for that species, either with or without URLs for audio and still image files, or optionally a request can retrieve a single representative recording. Methods also provide summary statistics about listings relevant to the species named in the request.