84 Education APIs: DonorsChoose, Forvo, Dipity

Our API directory now includes 84 education APIs. The newest is the CollegiateLink API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the DonorsChoose API. We list 10 DonorsChoose mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of education APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 64 education REST APIs and 9 education SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 61 education XML APIs and 33 education JSON APIs.

The most common tags within education are 13 education reference APIs, 9 science education APIs and 9 education search APIs

On the mashup side, we list 92 education mashups. We named Trees of the World as mashup of the day in November.

For reference, here is a list of all 84 education APIs.

  5min API: Instructional video database

  5Min Videopedia API: Instructional video collection

  AdmitPad API: Academic admissions services

  AHDS Identifier Resolver API: UK electronic research data repository

  Archimedes Project Donatus API: Morphological analysis data service

  Articulate Online API: Hosted e-learning service

  arXiv API: Academic research repository

  ASPECT Vocabulary Bank for Education API: Education vocabulary controlled lists

  Black Country History API: UK museum and history information service

  Blackboard Collaborate API: Online learning platform

  Braineos API: Flashcards and learning games service

  BrainHoney API: Virtual learning management system

  British Museum API: Museum linked data service

  CatalogWS API: Academic library

  Cerego iKnow API: Social cognitive learning service

  CollegiateLink API: College student organization information service

  Connexions API: Educational materials repository

  Cornell eBird API: Bird sighting and identification service

  Curriculum U API: K-12 Content Standards Database

  Data.ed.gov API: Education grant data

  Deepdyve API: Scientific and medical journals

  Dipity API: Interactive timeline creation services

  DonorsChoose API: An online charity connecting you to classrooms in need

  Ediscio API: Online Flashcard Learning Service

  Education.com API: School test scores and other data

  Edupedia API: Education wiki

  Engrade API: Online Gradebook and Classroom Management service

  Firmwater API: Learning management system

  Fizber Schools API: School finder service

  Flashcard Exchange API: Online Flashcard Service

  Forvo API: Online word pronunciation guide

  Frog Learning Platform API: Online learning management platform

  Getting Homework Done API: Homework submission service

  Google Research Search API: Search services for researchers

  GreatSchools API: Education data provider

  Haiku Learning Management System API: Online education and learning service

  Howcast API: How-to video search service

  Illinois 2010 School Report Cards API: Illinois public school grade reporting service

  IMS Enterprise Services API: Learning technology consortium

  Instructure Canvas API: Learning management system

  It's Learning API: Web based education platform

  JournalTOCs API: Journal search service

  KISTI API: Topic-centric search service

  Knewton API: Online learning platforms

  LexisNexis Academic API: Academic research repository

  Litmos API: Learning Management System

  MatchCollege API: College search service

  Mendeley API: Academic research paper sharing service

  Museum Victoria API: Online museum collection

  Museumsvokabular API: German museum vocabulary retrieval service

  MyChances API: College admissions prediction service

  Natureserve species API: Biological data service

  NTNU IME Faculty API: NTNU University data

  OCLC QuestionPoint API: Library knowledge base access

  OCWSearch API: University course search service

  olpcMAP API: Education technology mapping service

  OneSchool API: College campus online resource for students

  Open Archives Initiative API: Journal article metadata harvesting service

  Open Domesday API: Online copy of Domesday Book

  OpenDOAR API: Academic research repository

  OpenSesame API: eLearning course management and marketplace platform

  Oregon Education API: Educational assessment data service

  Pays-Lecture API: French media library catalogue

  PSLC DataShop API: Educational research repository

  Quizlet Flashcards API: World's largest flashcards database

  Reciprocal Research Network API: First Nations items research environment

  Rijksmuseum API: Dutch art museum information service

  RIOJA Journal Repository API: Scholarly article data retrieval service

  SchoolTube API: Video hosting/sharing service for schools

  Scopus API: Academic citation database

  SCORM Cloud API: SCORM cloud computing service

  Sherpa Romeo API: Journal publishing service

  SkyServer API: Astronomical data and image service

  Strand Map Service API: Interactive maps for students and teachers

  TeachStreet Classes and Courses API: Local and online class search and community

  The Oxford Celtic Coin Index API: British coin collection images and data

  UC Davis IET API: University directory services

  UC Davis Online Directory Search API: UC Davis online directory search service

  University of Washington Groups API: University organization service

  Western Australian Museum API: Museum data service

  WizIQ Virtual Classroom API: Online learning management platform

  World Register of Marine Species API: Marine animal scientific naming service

  WorldCat knowledge base API: E-resource discovery and linking service

  Worldcat Registry API: Worldcat Registry access

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